4 Haziran 2021

The Naughty Nymph across the Street


by BrettJ © 2011

Troy Kurtis found that he was settling in very nicely at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. Having lived in New York for most of his life, the young advertising executive found that he didn’t mind leaving the rat race behind when he went home. The only downside was going home to an empty home. He hadn’t planned it that way when he bought the 4-bedroom home, but his girls had opted to stay in New York with their mother. Given all the acrimony between himself and Samantha, he would have thought the girls would have wanted a fresh start, but they were both children of the city. Both girls offered to visit as often as they were able.

He had been out of the dating scene for over 2 decades, having married the second girl he had ever gone out with. Samantha and he had made an instant connection, it was almost like magic. Now she was moving on with her life and Troy knew that he would have to do the same. There was only one problem with that – he had no idea of how to do that.

He supposed that he could go to bars or dances that were geared in the direction of older singles, but neither of those ideas appealed to him. He didn’t have the gift of gab, he didn’t drink and he was a terrible dancer. Troy wanted companionship and he wanted sex. It had been a long time since he’d been with anyone and Samantha’s interest regarding anything sexual had waned greatly over the past 5 years.

Troy supposed there was always the option of hiring a call girl, but he thought perhaps he should wait a while longer and see if he met someone. Weigh his options and see which way the wind was blowing.

Troy poured himself a cup of coffee and saw outside his front window that someone was moving into the house across the street. It was one of the smaller homes on the block and Troy had considered purchasing it himself, as he didn’t need a larger home. It would be a perfect “starter” home for a young couple, he had thought, but it didn’t have a room large enough for him to set up his home office.

He looked across the street and saw a petite young woman who appeared to be no more than 18 years old. She was struggling to help the movers and was lugging in smaller objects. The girl was rather pretty and Troy assumed she was the daughter of the people that had bought the place.

Just as he was about to go over and offer his services, Troy saw the moving van pull away. Okay, so he couldn’t help with the moving, but perhaps he could help with the unpacking or perhaps invite his new neighbors over to dinner. He went upstairs to shower and make himself presentable before going across the street to introduce himself.

It would be nice to have a new neighbor – he hadn’t been able to become friendly with the people on the other side of him, the husband was a lump and the wife was an old busy-body. As he walked across the street, a random thought flitted through Troy’s mind – perhaps the new neighbor might be an attractive single mom raising her daughter? These days, you never knew about things like that. Judging from the age of the girl he had seen, the mother would probably be close to his own 46 years. The daughter was cute, she appeared to be Asian or Hawaiian – he liked that type of woman – so his spirits were lifted a little as he neared the front door. He knocked on the door and the pretty young girl he had seen earlier answered. She was wearing snug denim shorts that looked like she had been poured into them and white crop top. “Hi,” He smiled at her. “I came over to introduce myself; I’m Troy Kurtis, your neighbor across the street. Are your parents around?”

She smiled and giggled slightly. “No, they’re back in San Francisco,” She smiled, holding out her tiny hand. “I’m Kaila Kim, this is my home.”

“Your home?” Troy said, the confusion in his voice showing on his face as well.

“Yeah, I made out pretty well in the divorce,” Kaila said. Her voice was soft and melodic, like the tinkling of wind chimes. “So new neighbor, what can I do for you?”

Troy was finding it hard to believe that this pretty young thing had been married and divorced already, but he continued on. “I came over to introduce myself and see if you needed any help unpacking or if you’d like to come over to dinner tonight,” He smiled.

“I’ve got a lot of the unpacking done, but dinner sounds heavenly,” Kaila smiled. “Please come in, don’t mind the mess. Actually, there is one thing you could do – do you know how to make coffee?”

“Sure,” He chuckled. “Why?”

“I can’t make coffee that’s drinkable, would you like to come in and have coffee – but you make it?” She smiled. She had a lovely smile, sunny and warm.

“Sure, I think I can manage that,” canlı bahis Troy smiled back. He went into the house and made the coffee, showing her how much coffee to measure and how much water to use. “Cold water is best, the colder the better,” He told her as she watched.

They sat down and talked. He learned that Kaila was of Thai ancestry, that her family had come from Thailand when she was 3 and they lived in San Francisco. She had married young to a musician her parents didn’t like much. “Usual story, I didn’t listen, young love, they were 100% right,” Kaila sighed. “Fortunately for me, he’s doing very well as a sessions artist,” She told Troy. “I got half of his money in the divorce and as real estate here is a lot lower than in San Fran, I was able to afford this place. What’s your story, Troy?”

He normally wouldn’t have bothered telling his story, but something about the pretty girl made him comfortable enough to relate his story. He told her about Samantha and the girls and she seemed to be paying close attention. “Someone let you get away?” Kaila asked. “Is she nuts, if I had a hunk like you in my life, we’d never get out of bed.”

He almost choked on his coffee and Kaila giggled once again. “Sorry, I’m always doing stuff like that. My mother says I need a ‘censor’ button or something like it. But you are a good-looking man, Troy – that’s the truth,” Kaila complimented him.

“Thank you for that compliment,” Troy said. “You make an old man feel good.”

“Oh, stop that,” Kaila smiled, squeezing his hand. “You’re not old, you’re seasoned and there isn’t an ounce of fat on you. Any woman would be happy to be involved with someone as good-looking as you.”

“I’m going to have a swelled head when I leave here,” Troy chuckled. He looked down at his watch. “Listen, I’m having a wonderful time, but if I’m having you over to dinner, I had better get my butt home and start cooking.”

“We could always order take-out and cuddle,” Kaila teased him. He laughed again.

“Lord girl, you come on strong,” Troy smiled. “I’m a good cook and I have the time to make a nice meal – so if you’re hungry, be over at 6:30 and we’ll spend more time together.”

“I’ll look forward to it,” Kaila smiled back, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Troy went home and thought if he were 20 years younger, he might have been skipping home. Now, what to make? He decided to go simple and not too fancy, settling on roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables. He also found a nice bottle of wine and chilled it before Kaila showed up. He then went upstairs to change, deciding he wanted to dress a bit nicer for dinner than he had been earlier.

Kaila showed up a few minutes before 6:30 with a large cake tray laden with 3-layer chocolate cake. “I thought I’d provide dessert,” She smiled. “Before I got married, I was thinking of becoming a pastry chef – I hope this tastes as good as it looks.” For the briefest of moments, Troy that Kaila couldbe dessert, but he kept that thought to himself.

Troy smiled as she walked into his home, but it wasn’t the cake that was putting a huge smile on his face. She was wearing a very pretty, short black dress and heels, her face was now beautifully made up, she had obviously given some thought to how she wanted to dress for their date – although this really couldn’t be considered a date. She was a sexy little thing and looked far more mature now than she had earlier in the day.

The two of them enjoyed their meal and despite the difference in their ages, they seemed to enjoy each other a great deal. Kaila was funny, she was witty and she was – dammit, he had to admit, she wassexy as hell. The cake was delicious and he made a nice pot of coffee to go with it. Kaila insisted on helping him clean up and do the dishes, so it was nearing 11 when they cleared everything away. It had been a lovely evening and he was sad that it was likely over.

“It has been a lovely evening,” Troy told her as she sat on the couch opposite him, legs folded under her.

“Has?” Kaila asked, slightly baffled. “I wasn’t ready to end it, as a matter of fact, I was wondering if I might be able to ask you a small favor.”

Troy believed in being neighborly, so he didn’t think it would be a problem. “Sure, if I can manage it, what do you need?” He asked.

With a wry smile, Kaila said “I haven’t got my bed put together yet, so I was wondering if I could share yours tonight?” Troy was slightly taken aback at what he assumed was a not-too subtle pass. He hadn’t managed to formulate a response before she said “Look, if you haven’t figured it out – you’re a very handsome, successful older man and I’m into older men – I’m intoyou! Now bahis siteleri I could flirt with you for a number of weeks and play little games or I could come right out with it like this and save a lot of time. I want to go to bed with you – I want you to take me upstairs andfuck the living daylights out of me! What do you say, Troy?”

Troy might have been taken aback by the bold young woman’s advances, but he also wasn’t an idiot. He took her hand and she got off the couch and fell into his arms. She had to stand on her toes to kiss him, but the little minx sure as hell could kiss. He still had no idea what she saw in him, but he wasn’t about to be stupid enough to question his good fortune. He led her upstairs to his spacious, neat-as-pin bedroom. Once again, she kissed him before jumping on the bed, bouncing a little when she landed. Kaila wore an impish smile that might have been the sexiest thing she had on.

“Now, DON’T YOU DARE take it easy on me,” Kaila insisted. “I might be tiny and look fragile, but I can assure you that once I get going, I can be a little tigress. When you fuck me, really let me know I’ve been fucked!”

Troy nodded to let her know that he’d heard her. He sat beside her on the bed and they kissed again, her tongue wrapping around his and her body melting into his own. She lifted her arms so that he could slip the dress off over her head. She was tiny, petite near-naked perfection. Her lingerie was very pretty, black and lacy and looked so sexy on her. She moved close so that he could kiss her body and feast on her flesh, Troy did not disappoint. Kaila trembled at his touch, it was one of the reasons she preferred older men – they took their time and savored each and every moment.

She turned her back to him so that Troy could unfasten her bra. He smiled at the sweet perfection of her tits and she leaned close so that he could touch them and take the dark nipples in his mouth. Kaila shuddered, she’d had girlfriends that didn’t touch her this softly. Troy wasn’t mauling her, he was being tender and gentle, just as she had thought he would. With a giggle, she flopped on her back. She arched her hips and slid her tiny black panties down her legs and off, leaving her shaved pussy bare. Now she was naked, save for stockings and heels.

“Not fair, Mister Man!” Kaila pouted. “I don’t have anything on and you’re still dressed!”

“I helped undress you, tit for tat!” Troy grinned. She grinned back, nodded and came close, unbuttoning his shirt and nuzzling his neck with her soft lips. She openly admired Troy’s broad chest and pushed him on his back as she fumbled with his belt buckle and then yanked his trousers off his legs. “Boxers, what a waist of good money,” She sniffed as she tugged them down. “Holy fuck – what a cock!” She gasped. “What are you – 8 inches?”

“9,” Troy admitted, actually blushing.

“Okay, your ex was officially fucking insane!” Kaila purred. She opened her mouth into a wide oval and began to suck his cock and fellate him until his cock stiffened. “Yummeee, I can’t wait to feel this big fucker inside of me!” Kaila purred.

“If you can wait a few more minutes, it’s still tit for tat,” Troy smiled. She was momentarily puzzled and then she got his drift. She lay on her back and let Troy eat her pussy until she was drenched. Once she was wet enough, he came up from between her legs and asked her how she wanted to fuck.

“Every way we can think of and if we come up with some new ways, I won’t object!” Brea giggled. She mounted his cock and slid her tiny, lissome body down on to his large pole. It filled her tiny cunt so nicely, she felt packed with cock. Despite all of that, Kaila was going to give this older stud a great fuck, she had her mind set on that. She began to bounce up and down as his shaft pounded her tiny pussy nicely. His hands were helping her set a nice pace, she wriggled and bounced and took as much fucking as she could. He smiled happily at him, he might have been older, but he certainly didn’t lack stamina!

Troy couldn’t believe this sexy young thing was giving him a run for his money, he’d have to do everything he could to match her. She was vivacious and damn, she wasn’t fragile – she hadn’t lied about that at all. She was most certainly the tigress she had claimed to be and as she extricated herself from his cock, she licked it again. “Just to keep it interesting, ‘kay stud?” Kaila purred. She got on all fours and wiggled her rump at him. “This is my favorite, the guys say I have a great ass. Fuck me from behind and don’t be afraid to slap my ass and pull my hair – I don’t mind it a bit rough.”

Troy nodded to let her know that he’d heard her words, bahis şirketleri he did just as she asked. Gripping her by the hips, he slid his thick cock into her tight love tunnel and began pummeling her again. She was grunting and groaning and swearing like a sailor as she begged for more of his cock. “Give it to me, youbig-cocked motherfucking bastard!” Kaila snarled. “Drill it in deep, fuck my pussy, ahhh yeah, that’s it, fuck my cunt, let me have it! Slap that ass, pull my hair – fucking Christ, what a fucking great prick, let me have it, really let me have it!” She snarled.

Troy was amazed at how hot and nasty she could be. He ran his fingers through her long, jet-black hair and slapped her ass as she had asked him to do. It did indeed seem to spur her on and more obscenities poured from her sweet-looking face.

“Yeah, spank that ass, you fucking son of a bitch!” Kaila growled. “It’s a great ass, I have a fucking great ass. You wanna fuck it? You wanna fuck my hot, tight little asshole? If you’re a good boy, I might let you fuck my ass with your big, nasty cock – DO ME!”

Kaila was the kind of girl that one did not ignore, so Troy made sure to “do her” as hard as he could. When he felt her body tighten and then convulse, he knew that she had cum. He felt his own orgasm was imminent, so he pulled out. Before he could shoot on her back or her ass, she pulled his cock close and swallowed it in its entirety. His load went down her throat and the sweet little thing didn’t spill a drop.

“I think you’ve underestimated what a hot little slut you’re in bed with, lover,” Kaila giggled, licking a few remnants from her lips. “I do it ALL baby, I might just fuck you into an early grave!”

“Yeah, you might just do that, but boy, what a way to go!” Troy smiled as she laid on her back and looked up at him.

“I hope you don’t think we’re done for the night,” Kaila smiled back. “If you go make us some more coffee, I might just be willing to make this an all-nighter!”

It had been a number of years since Troy had experienced that and he wasn’t sure if he could handle it – although he was damned sure he wanted to try! He went back downstairs to make some coffee, bringing it back upstairs with a few small slices of her cake for them both. They drank, ate and talked until both of their batteries were fully recharged!

“Okay babe, nothing wrong with good old Missionary,” Kaila smiled at him as she got on her back. Looking slightly ruffled, still wearing stockings and heels, she had a young, erotic sexual appeal. Troy got in between her legs, slid his cock into her sweet, puffy pink cunt and began to fuck her with smooth, precise strokes. Her legs locked around his back as he fucked deep into her snug pussy.

Kaila certainly wasn’t going to be inactive. She pulled herself as close as she possibly could and dug her nails into his back. “Fuck, oh holy God, fuck the shit out of me!” She groaned. She’d been with men half his age who couldn’t have fucked her this well. He was like a machine and didn’t seem to tire. It was now well past 1 AM and he was still going strong, giving her an intense fuck that was blowing her mind.

Troy was still having a bit of trouble coming to terms with how someone so young could fuck with such amazing skill. He decided not to question it, her generation was a lot more sexually active than his had been and they had learned their lessons earlier. Only an insane man would question their luck at being with someone so young and vivacious, she was the horniest little sex bomb imaginable. Her grunts and squeals and moans escalated until she came one more time, letting him follow in short succession.

The two of them didn’t stop there. They fucked twice more before exhaustion claimed them both. When he got up the next morning, he smelled bacon, coffee – and waffles? He went downstairs to find her wearing one of his robes (it was far too big on her) and grinning. “If you couldn’t tell by my little yelps last night, you were incredible,” Kaila giggled as she sat him down to breakfast. They talked a bit while eating and then Kaila got dressed and went back to her home across the street.

He did as much work throughout the day as he possibly could and also did a some laundry, washing the sheets that had been soaked from the previous night’s efforts. After having lunch, he looked outside and noticed that the lawn needing mowing. He was just about to start that particular job when Kaila ran over from across the street. Once again, she was in shorts and a brief top, but if anything, these shorts were even tighter than the other pair and the top showed a lot more skin. She walked over to Troy and gave him a big hug. Looking up at him, she gave him a cute-but-naughty smile and then, sensually licked her lips. “I just finished putting my bed together,” She grinned sweetly. “Do you wanna come over tonight and help me test it out?”

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