3 Haziran 2021

The Long Drive to the Beach House


Elaine and I drove the long drive to her parent’s house at the beach nearly every weekend that summer. Elaine would recline her seat enough so she could comfortably put a foot out the window to feel the breeze between her toes and hike up her skirt so other parts could get cool. I was to be on the lookout for big, high trucks that might require her to cover up but rarely did anything larger than a pickup pass by. Elaine dozed and I watched the road, or the silky mound that her white panties covered so tightly.

Elaine and I had fucked on our first date. Since then we couldn’t get enough of each other, but, unfortunately, didn’t get enough opportunities. Just before we met she had moved back home after her roommate left the city. She could barely afford her apartment alone. The fact that she was living at home certainly restricted our activities and I had roommates who always seemed to be in the way. We looked forward to moments we could be alone together and this weekend at the beach was one of those moments. We both knew what was going to happen when we got to the beach.

After a few hours of two-lane country roads, my imagination began showing me a series of pornographic videos in which Elaine and I starred over and over again. I kept looking at the tight silkiness of her panty-clad pussy as she slept and the movies in my mind ran faster and faster. I decided I couldn’t endure waiting. Elaine’s pussy had to be touched. My hand went to her crotch and my fingers skated over the cloth-covered mound.

Her face turned slowly towards me and she smiled. She was thinking about it too.

“You know, I think you are being a little fresh, don’t you? How would you like it if I did that to you. I’ll bet you wouldn’t like it one little bit.”

Laughing, she turned towards me on the seat, and her hand went to my crotch and began to knead my cock into an aching hard-on that had to be pulled out of confinement. Elaine loved making me hard. She was good at it. She liked to see me excited. One of the things I liked about her was the way she laughed at me after she had made me so hot I couldn’t see straight.

I didn’t need to say anything. In a short period of time with Elaine’s encouragement, my swollen penis was freed from its confinement and in her hands. Her hands were expert. She stroked it softly at first, but she was not always gentle. Sometimes she squeezed my cock, pulled on it and, when a clear drop of slipperiness could be coaxed out, twisted its head. She talked to me bahis firmaları in a quiet, levelheaded tone.

“Mmmmm…You feel so good. You have such a nice cock. I love looking at it. The tip is so soft and slippery and yet it’s so hard all over. You know what I’d like…Oh, here comes a car! Do you think he can see I’m holding your big thing in my hand? There he goes! Now….where was I? Do you know what I’d like? I’d like it if you came for me. I think I’m going to make you come. I want to see it all come out of your penis and run all over my hands. I want to see you squirt and shoot it up in the air because that makes me all excited. I want you to squirt it all over me. Would you like to come on my tits with your fat cock? Yes? No, I’ll bet you’d like to fuck me with your big thing, wouldn’t you? You’d probably like to push that big thing up into me, wouldn’t you? You know, my pussy is getting all hot and wet and slippery just thinking about that long thing inside me. No, don’t try to touch me! That’s against the rules. You can’t touch me until you’re really big and swollen. Your cock would have to be really hard before I’d let you put it in. I’d want it to be really hard. Is it getting hard yet? I’ll bet you’re glad I took it out of your pants aren’t you? It must be uncomfortable to have that big dick all squeezed up in your pants like that. I’ll bet you like me jerking you off right here in the car, don’t you. Are you getting ready to come for me? I think you are because you are getting even bigger. Come on, you fucker! Come for me, my big dick. Oooh……I think you are getting harder now aren’t you. I want you to think about licking my slippery cunt. Will you do that? Would you like to stick you tongue in my cunt, Mr. Big Dick? I think you would. You like eating my pussy, don’t you. You know, I think you are going to squirt some come for me aren’t you? Ooooh…I want you to get off all over my tits! I want to see it come out my tits, you fucker!”

Then she leaned over close to me as another car went by and whispered in my ear as I concentrated on keeping the car on the road. “I want you to fuck me now. Would you please, please fuck me up my cunt right now with that big cock. I am so ready to be fucked……..”

I shot off several exquisitely pleasurable gushes, and then managed to get the car off the road before I killed someone.

Elaine was delighted. “Oh, I loved that!,” she said. “You came so hard and there is so much of it. I’m all sticky! I really love to make you squirt it like kaçak iddaa that! You really liked it didn’t you?” She laughed and kissed me with a lot of tongue. Elaine really did really did like to see me come. I did not object.

Usually when I have shot my load I’m ready to take a nap. But this time Elaine had succeeded only in making me horny and eager for revenge. All I could think of was getting on top of her and fucking her until I couldn’t fuck anymore. We needed, I needed, to get to the beach house quickly. Fortunately we weren’t that far away by now. The road began to disappear under the car more quickly. My cock was already getting hard again.

Elaine knew why we were going faster and she wouldn’t let up. With five miles to go we began to reach civilization, more traffic, stop signs, traffic signals. Elaine decided then that she would slip out of her panties. She began to masturbate. She was driving me crazy.

“I need to rub my clit. You made me so hot when you squirted for me. You know how much I want to be screwed, don’t you? You know I want you to fuck me. Can I get you hard again? I want you to be hard because my clit is getting hard and it’s making me feel like being fucked.”

Sticky spots appeared on my pants. No problem with getting hard. My prick ached. She went on in the same quiet, level-headed tone describing to me in detail how good it felt to rub herself, but how much she would rather have something big and hard inside her. Traffic signals seemed to stay red for fifteen minutes.

“When we get to the house, Elaine, I’m going to fuck you. Promise.”

I watched two fingers slid up inside her and make fucking motions.

“I hope you’ll hurry.”

When we got to the house, I could barely get out of the car because I had such a hard-on. Once we were in the house I locked the door, leaned against it, and pulled off my pants. My cock sprang out of my underwear. Elaine’s clothes leapt off her body, and she raced off ahead of me to the bedroom as I struggled to get my shoes and socks off. I was after her.

I found her naked on the bed waiting for me, her legs spread as wide as she could get them.

“Please fuck me,” she begged. She wasn’t teasing any more.

I got on top of her and plunged my aching cock into Elaine’s obscenely wet, wide-open cunt and went all the way up inside her. She began to gasp and arch her hips. She was as hot to be fucked as I was to fuck her. We got to it immediately. I drove into her again and again, happy, kaçak bahis animal fucking. I snapped my cock up into her, and she fucked me back with each thrust. Her hands each held a cheek of my ass and they urged me on by squeezing and pulling me into her. She groaned and humped. There were no words. I drove on relentlessly. I didn’t seem to tire, but got stronger as I went on. Elaine was desperate.

Oh….yes…..do….it….to…..me…..yes….oh….. oh….oh….do…it…..yes…..fuckme…ohyes…….do…..it…..so….hard….yes…..so…..hard…you..cocksucker….do…it……oh..please…..yes…yes.uh…..uh…..oh…..uh……fuck……oh..fuck…me…do….do…..OH fuck…..yes….oh….oh….do it……cocksucker…..fuck me…..fuck… me…….oh…….fuck…me……yes……big….so……big….oh…hard…fuck….oh…fuck……ohyes….fuck..me…..fuck…me….fuck..me….there… oh…do..it….oh….there….yes…oh…oh…oh…. now….OH…OH….uh…uh…….uh…..OHYES..OH….YESSS……I’m……coming……I’m…… going….to…..come….I’m..OH..YES…..OH..YES……I”M…….COM………..ohohohoh…YES…oh YES….ohfuck…yes….ohohohoh………sogood…..OOOOOOOOh

Overtaken by orgasm, she began to make a singing sound as she was swept with pleasure. Most times, Elaine’s climax excited me to going off with her, but this time her pleasure only made my cock determined to take greater revenge. Elaine surrendered herself to me. She lay terribly open and I raped her without pity. I was possessed, and the feelings that came out of me were frightening. I cared nothing for her, only for my thrusting and her openness. I continued to drive up into her, our bodies slapping together, Elaine’s wetness covering her belly. Elaine was making lots of noise but she seemed far away to me. My cock got bigger and harder. I drove on into her again and again while she clung to me.

Then, from a distance, I could feel the pleasure approaching. Like a slow wave it approached, loomed over me and broke, engulfing me. I shot into Elaine over and over again. I fucked her and fucked her again as hard as I could possibly fuck. There seemed too much come in my cock to get it all out of me and into her.

Finally it was over and I lay exhausted, gasping on top of her. I had never before experienced more powerful emotion. I rolled off her, my shrunken penis leaving a sticky snail track across her thigh. We lay together in silence for some time waiting for things to return to normal. Then, surprised to find ourselves alive after such violence, we both started laughing.

“Damn,” Elaine said, “Where did that come from?”

“It’s your damn fault.”

“I’m afraid I love you,” said Elaine.

“It’s all right, Elaine. I love you too.”

The teasing came back. “You know I didn’t get much foreplay.”

Laughing I kissed her and we fell asleep, curled together on a bed I just noticed had no sheets on it.

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