5 Kasım 2023

The Legacy Pledge Ch. 01


Lana fiddled with the key of her dorm room before pushing it open, the simple task seeming like a feat to her tired body. The first month of college had been taxing, far more taxing than she had ever imagined. As her shoulders ached from the newly acquired textbooks which felt like they weighed a ton, she shuddered at the thought of what mid-terms would bring if the first weeks were such hell.

But she was willing to do every second of it. She had worked her ass off in the last two years of high school to get into her dream school. Barron University was both her mother and maternal grandmother’s alma mater. She would’ve felt like a failure if she hadn’t been accepted and now that she was here, she would feel like an even bigger failure if she didn’t succeed by graduating at the expected time.

She slipped her backpack off her slender shoulders and placed it on the floor and was about to collapse on her bed when she saw the dusky pink envelope lying on her checkered bedspread. Picking it up, she turned it over and saw “LANA MURPHY” printed in shimmery letters. This was for her?

“Rache, who sent this?”

Lana had poked her head over the partition that separated her and her roommate, Rachael. The Korean girl who was sitting at her desk looked up at Lana before placing the headphones she had on around her neck.

“What?” she asked.

“This,” Lana said, showing her the cryptic envelope. “Who sent it?”

“I dunno, some blond girl in a Tommy Hilfiger polo,” Rachael shrugged.

“Did she say who she was?”

“Nope,” Rachael replied, before replacing her headphones, signifying that the conversation was over.

Lana sighed and sat back on her bed. She wished that after weeks of sharing a room, her and Rachael had at least a semblance of a friendship, but it was not meant to be. Lana was naturally shy and was having a hard time making any friends as well in her largely male engineering classes. A few guys would spark up conversation with her, but it wouldn’t be too long until their motives were clear.

Even though those who knew her would describe Lana as being humble, she wasn’t blind and she was well aware of her affable looks. She had inherited most of her mother’s features: the thick, wavy chocolate brown hair that fell to her waist, her almond-shaped blue-green eyes and full pink lips. Years of volleyball had kept her body tight and toned but had shaped her curves. But while her mother had olive skin that tanned well, Lana had gotten her Irish father’s pale complexion and light freckles. If she could’ve, she would’ve swopped her looks for a group of friends without a second thought, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Turning her attention back to the envelope, Lana opened it slowly, not wanting to damage it. It was clear that it was made from pricey stationary and she thought that she might want to keep it, no matter what it contained. She pulled out a card that was made from marbled lilac paper and seemed to be scented. Her eyes began to read the text:

Dear Legacy Pledge

The sorority of Sigma Kappa Pi summon you to a night of sisterly bonding. At seven tonight, the key from your past will open the door to your future and a lifetime of loyalty.

Your sisters have summoned you.

Sorority President Aurora DiMarco.

Lana’s eyes were wide as she read the short note. For a second, she was sure they had made an error until she read it again. This was really for her. She remembered her mother talking about being in a sorority but she hadn’t bothered during rush week, thinking that it was not for her. As much as she had her mother’s looks, she didn’t have her charisma and so she pushed the idea of joining Sigma to the back of her mind. But now here they were, summoning her. Her body pulsed with excitement.

The eighteen-year-old didn’t waste any time and began getting ready. She rushed to her corridor bathroom and took her time showering, anticipation consuming her. Her workload was heavy but this was also important. She deserved this, she told herself. When she got back to her room, Rachael was gone and she was a bit glad. She could get ready in peace. She rummaged through her cupboard, trying to find an appropriate outfit. She knew that sorority girls had a reputation of always looking put together and chic, which was so not her. It made her slightly nervous but she picked what she thought would highlight her best features.

Lana opted for a dark green dress with spaghetti straps that fit her like a glove. Her natural, medium sized breasts were pert and didn’t need a bra and the short length brought out the round, perky shape of her butt and long, fair legs. She slipped on strappy gold Jimmy Choo’s, the most expensive shoes she owned and a sixteenth birthday present from her favorite aunt and a knee-length coat.

She gave herself a once over in the full-length mirror she shared with Rachael and liked what she saw. She had blow-dried her hair so it was straighter than usual which added length, and reached to just above her butt. Her make-up şişli escort was minimal with just a swish of mascara and nude lipstick, letting her full, dark eyebrows do most of the talking. She looked good. Looking at the time and Lana estimated that if she called for an Uber now, she’d make it right on time.

She was glad her driver was a woman so she wouldn’t have to deal with the awkward attempts at flirting that she got from men on a daily basis. Her tummy was a wreck with nerves but the excitement was overriding it. The drive was short, just over five minutes and she arrived at the sorority house. She thanked her driver and disembarked before taking in the building before her. It was alabaster white and in the Greek style like she expected, with the Greek symbols above the door.

Ok, Lana, this is it, she told herself. Taking a deep breath and a leap of faith, she walked up to the front door and pressed the doorbell. If felt like an eternity before the door opened. A cute redhead with a cherubic face opened the door.

“Um, hi,” Lana mumbled. “I got this.”

She dug in the purse she was carrying and pulled out her invite.

“Legacy Murphy,” the redhead smiled. She opened the door wider. “Enter the sisterhood.”

“Thanks,” Lana grinned awkwardly before walking in.

The foyer was just as beautiful as the outside, and she was acutely aware of the clinking of her heels on the marble floor.

“Follow me,” the redhead said.

Lana nodded and followed her into the main living room. It looked like a scene from a girly movie with the plush, feminine decor and the girls sitting on the sofas and some on cushions on the floor. Lana didn’t know if it was all in her mind but she felt a sense of calm and comfort come over her, like she was stopping over at her close friend’s for a sleepover.

“Sister DiMarco, Legacy Murphy,” the redhead introduced her.

Lana looked over at the blonde that was sitting on a single armchair, her long legs crossed. Her honey-hued hair was in a sleek ponytail which brought out her supermodel-esque cheekbones and full lips. Lana thought she looked good but felt somewhat underdressed when she took in Aurora’s pearl necklace, pale pink Chanel jacket and red-soled stiletto pumps.

“Lana,” she smiled. “I’m glad you could join us.”

“Um, yeah, me too,” Lana said, wishing she was more articulate. “I mean, thank you for the invite.”

“Sister Boullard, take her coat and bag,” Aurora ordered. As Lana shimmied out of her coat and handed it to the redhead with her bag, Aurora’s authoritative tone was not lost on her. She was probably just three years older than her max, but she oozed leadership and had a gaze that demanded respect. It clear why she was the president.

“Take a seat with the other pledges, Murphy.” Aurora made a pointed gesture to the floor where there was a scatter of girls on cushions and Lana immediately sat at a an empty cushion and folded her legs under her.

She realized then that all the girls that were sitting on proper seats were wearing shiny, silver pins with the sorority insignia. There were two girls on a vintage French settee to the left, three girls on each of the other two sofas and then there was Aurora on the armchair with two other sisters flanking her on elegant chairs.

Lana felt like a kid at an amusement park as she took in everything around her. She wanted to greet everyone but they were silent and she read that as a sign to keep her mouth shut. Instead, she looked around, trying to memorize the faces of the girls around her while also being in awe of the interior. A few minutes went by and the doorbell ding echoed in the deadly silent house. Sister Boullard left Aurora’s side and went to open the door. A few seconds later, a girl in a yellow jacket entered, a clear grin of excitement on her face.

“Sister DiMarco, Pledge Rosendale,” Boullard did her introduction.

“Eliza,” Aurora said. This time her face did not sport a smile. “If I may ask, what time is it now?”

“Um, around seven, I guess,” the girl answered, perplexed.

“I didn’t ask ‘around’ what time it was,” Aurora said icily. “I asked what time it was. Too the minute.”

“Um…” Eliza stammered. She fidgeted with her jacket pocket before checking the time on her iPhone screen. “Seven oh-three,” she read it out.

“I thought I made it clear on your invite to be here by seven, Pledge Rosendale.”

“Yeah, but, I’m basically on time,” the girl said, her cheeks turning red.

“Lesson number one,” Aurora said, turning to the pledges on the floor. “When I say seven, I mean seven. Not seven oh-three, not ‘around seven’, not ‘basically seven’. I don’t have time for pledges who aren’t serious about joining Sigma Kappa Pi. This is not a game.”

“I’m sorry, I–”

“I’ve heard enough. Sister Boullard, show her the door.”

Lana felt embarrassed for Eliza as she was marched out the house but she also felt glad it wasn’t her. In fact, she felt even more beşiktaş escort privileged to be sitting where she was, knowing that if she had arrived just ten minutes later, that could’ve been her. She looked at Aurora. The young woman was frightening, but Lana was also in awe. She wished she could command a room like that.

Boullard took her seat back next to Aurora and Lana could just feel that something was about to happen. She watched as Aurora stood up, revealing that much like her cheekbones and jawline, her height was also of the supermodel variety. She was lean and slim and where she lacked in curves, she made up for in that striking face.

“Tonight, is the beginning of the rest of your lives, if you choose so,” she began speaking, her voice commanding the room. “I’m Aurora DiMarco, chapter president of Sigma Kappa Pi. This is Marion Boullard, my Vice and Esther Greenberg, my treasurer.”

Marion had bright green eyes that matched her fiery hair whereas Esther had wild black girls that were held back with an Aliceband and round, brown eyes. Aurora continued talking as she introduced each sorority member and their role in the house. Everyone who lived in the house had a leadership position and Lana knew right then that that would be one of her goals.

“You were all hand chosen by us because we saw something in you,” Aurora said. “But that doesn’t mean you’re in. Being a Sigma Pledge is an honor but being a sister is practically a divine gift. Like you just saw with Eliza, we don’t tolerate anything less than perfection. What we says, goes. If you don’t agree with that, I suggest you leave now. Any takers?”

Everyone looked around and but they didn’t say anything.

“Good girls,” Aurora grinned demurely. “Not that you need any convincing, but if you make it through selection period and earn a pin, it will open more doors than you can imagine. Danielle over there, just came back from a paid internship at the state senator’s office this summer. Aimee, she’s on the shortlist for Harvard Law’s scholarship program. My father is the VP of Reckland Tech and he’d love a referral for any competent science interns.”

Lana felt her heart thud at Aurora’s last statement. No bloody way! Reckland had been on her dream list of research facilities to join since she discovered that engineering was her thing. To land a job there, or even an unpaid internship, would be an absolute dream. She would do anything!

“Sister Boullard, Sister Greenberg, want to take it from here?” Aurora said.

“Of course, Sister DiMarco,” the brunette replied first, an ominous smile now also on her face. “Pledges, stand up.”

The freshmen didn’t have to be told twice as they all stood up from their seats. Lana felt her nerves heighten as Esther and Marion got up and began weaving around them like sharks circling blood. The room was silent as the coeds were being inspected like racehorses. Marion stopped at a girl who was standing in front of Lana.

“Pledge, how much do you weigh?”

“I don’t know, around 160 pounds,” the girl croaked.

“160?” Esther scoffed. “This is a sorority, not a dairy farm. Show yourself the door.”

Lana could see unshed tears spring into the girl’s eyes as she shuffled out the room. She personally thought she carried the weight well, and wouldn’t have considered her anywhere near heavy enough to insinuate she was a cow. She could tell that these sisters got a kick out of being unnecessarily cruel and she worried for a second that she may have been invited to be made an example of. After all, she hadn’t even rushed. How did they even know she existed? She tried not to think about it and straightened her posture, trying to look as worthy as possible.

There were now only eleven pledges left. Marion and Esther carried on their inspection and found nobody untoward. They looked at each other and nodded.

“Pledges, shoes and dresses off,” Esther said tersely.

“Excuse me?” came a voice amongst the first years.

“She said, shoes and dresses off,” Marion said calmly. “Now don’t make us repeat ourselves.”

“This is crazy,” the girl said.

“You’re entitled to your opinion. Show–“

“Yeah, I’ll show myself the door. I’m good.”

The older girls’ followed the latest dropout, some of them laughing silently at her squeamishness. Marion cleared her throat and the remaining pledges remembered the order and began stripping. Lana gingerly gripped the zip on the side of her dress and pulled it down. When the cool air in the room hit the side of her chest, she remembered she wasn’t wearing a bra and her breath hitched. She couldn’t do this, could she? Strip down to just her panties in front of a room of strange girls. What if there were hidden cameras in the room? She looked around and the girl to her left was already pushing her dress over her hips and it pooled to the ground. But she was wearing something to cover her breasts!

Lana closed her eyes and pulled the zip all the way down, thinking of Reckland Tech the entire taksim escort time. The thin straps fell away from her shoulders and the dress fell to her waist. She wasn’t sure if it was the cool air or all the eyes, but Lana felt her pink nipples harden as she revealed her naked breasts to the sisters and pledges. Trying not to think about it, she pushed the dress over her hips and it fell to the floor. She bent down and undid her shoes, stepping out of them.

“Well well well, our legacy has some tits on her, doesn’t she, Sister DiMarco?” Marion said as she stepped in front of Lana.

“They’re alright,” Aurora remarked, a smirk on her face.

Lana felt her cheeks burn at the comment, and she looked at the floor. There was no way she could leave now. She felt cemented to the floor, weighed down by her exposure.

“I like what I see,” Marion said, as she took in the bevy of coeds in front of her. “What do you think, Sister Greenberg?”

“I agree,” Esther said. “But I want to see everything. Underwear off, pledges.”

“You heard her!” Aurora barked when the girl’s didn’t move.

Lana tried her hardest not to make any eye contact as she hooked her fingers on the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. When they were over her thighs, gravity did the rest of the work and the black material fell to the floor. She looked up, her eyes locking with Aurora’s for just a second and her pussy throbbed. She diverted her gaze but her heart was still thumping away and she felt a familiar flutter in between her legs.

Lana had never had that reaction from looking at another woman but there was something taboo about being in a room full of beautiful, young, naked girls in a secret meeting while the older women took them in that was getting her off. The more she thought about them watching her, the more her pussy pulsed and she squeezed her thighs, hoping nobody noticed the movement.

Thankfully, her attention was diverted when the lights dimmed a bit in the room, giving the lounge a more intimate glow. Aurora began speaking again.

“Welcome to your first initiation,” she said. “Before we give you a pin, we want to make sure that the perfect little sister knows how to please.”

“And how can you please someone else if you can’t please yourself?” Esther said, grinning at her own joke. She crossed her arms over her chest. “We want you to rub one off until you cum.”

The gasps were audible around the room and Lana’s ocean-colored eyes went wide.

“Anyone got a problem with it, show yourself the door,” Aurora sneered. “Everyone else, get on the floor and get to it.”

Lana looked around, not wanting to be the first person to get down. A girl with a short bob a few feet from her had the honor. She got down on all fours and her small breasts hung, her round ass in the air. Lana watched as she placed her hand in between her pussy lips and began slowly and methodically rubbing. Lana’s own pussy throbbed almost painfully at the sight and she ached to touch herself.

It was all the motivation she needed and she was also on the floor. She lay on her back, using the cushion she had been sitting on to prop her head. Planting her feet on the floor with her knees in the air, Lana’s dominant hand went down to her pussy and her nipples tightened. She was already slick with arousal and her nimble fingers slid effortlessly over her clit. Using her middle finger, she began rubbing her clit.

The feeling set her body alight and she egged herself on as she rubbed her swollen nubbin. When she pressed hard against it, a moan escaped her lips which only made her rub faster. Her fingers were sawing up and down her clit and her pussy was leaking like it never had before. Lana heard another girl’s self-induced whimper next to her and it ignited the flame that was building deep in her cunt.

She felt that itch that would develop deep in her when she was this horny and she knew what she had to do. The coed slipped two fingers into her weeping hole and a feminine grunt left her lips.

“Legacy Murphy is finger-fucking herself!” she heard Marion say. “She’s serious about this. The rest of you need to keep up!”

The validation only fueled the flame and Lana felt her eyelids flutter as she scissored her fingers in and out of her pussy, finger-fucking herself harder than she ever had. Knowing that there were eyes on her made her feel like she was putting on a performance and the thought got her hotter and hotter. Her wrist was a piston, moving back and forth with fervor and she pulled her fingers out to the tip then slammed then back into her hot, slippery channel. She used her other hand and was furiously rubbing her engorged clit as she rammed her fingers in and out her sopping cunt, making her neatly manicured pussy lips glisten with juices.

All it took was one hard press on her clit and Lana felt herself come undone as her orgasm took her. Her eyes were shut tight as her slender legs quivered and she let out an especially loud, drawn out moan. She heard the sisters clapping as they cheered her on and her pale, nubile body shook. She carried on fucking herself with her fingers through her pussy’s contractions until she was able to breath again. Lana was limp and she twitched a couple of times from the residual orgasm which left her panting.

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