2 Haziran 2021

The Lap Dancer


It had been over a month. A solid month since they had had sex and John was beginning to wonder if he could even get it up anymore. Not in a literal sense but the temperature at home had become so frigid that he seriously doubted that she even cared for him in that way anymore.

John and Karen had been married for 11 years and their marriage had been a good one. They had survived many tough times and many good times over the years. When they had gotten married John had been employed at UPS as a delivery driver. But that had changed over the years. John had stayed with his job and had worked his way up the corporate ladder. Now John worked as the regional vice president over the southwest region. His new position kept John pretty busy and it had been a few months since he had been home before seven in the evening.

Karen too was frustrated with the way that their sex life had gone. It had started as a few weeks of Karen feeling ill and had spiraled downhill until Karen did not want to have sex because she was so worried about John resenting her that it just put her out of the mood. When they had gotten married John had been everything that Karen had wanted in a husband. He had been a good man, a man that you can take home to the parents and be proud of it. But he had been adventurous as well. John had always been interested in whatever it was that Karen seemed to take an interest in. They had often enjoyed hiking, camping, shopping, even the little things that Karen enjoyed. John had been in a word, too good to be true. The funny thing was that even though he got more comfortable over the years, John never stopped trying to win her heart. He still took an interest in the things that she liked, and always helped her to care for the responsibilities that arose at home. Karen had always worked outside the home as well. This made for a busy lifestyle. Together John and Karen had always managed to get by.

It should be noted that both John and Karen are attractive people. John is a little over average height at six foot and fairly well built. He had put on a few pounds over the last few years but he always maintained that hard edge that made him a handsome man. John had begun to gray a little early at 32 and his temples had begun to salt and pepper. Karen was an attractive woman. At 31 Karen had aged well. It had often been said that she hadn’t aged since she was 23. Karen was about five foot six inches. She had been able to loose all of her weight after each child had been born and she could still turn a head or two during the summer. Her biggest concern was the stretch marks that had “marred” her body from her two children. Karen had long since given up on feeling sexy because she didn’t think anyone would ever find those marks attractive.

Today was a Friday and every Friday was supposed to be date night for John and Karen. It was a tradition that they had established early in their marriage. It was a tradition that kept them both sane through the many years of child rearing and the nose to the millstone lifestyle that had developed. Even date night had become stale as of late. Both Karen and John were beginning to want more, but neither knew how to get there.

Karen tired of what was going on decided to seek help from the only place that she knew how. She decided to call her best friend Erin. Erin was an interesting friend for Karen. Erin was almost everything that Karen was not. She was completely wild, single, and always bragging to Karen about her adventures in the bedroom.

“Hey Karen, whats up? Havent seen you in a couple weeks. I was thinking about calling you just this morning.”

“To be honest with you Erin, I am calling to get some advice from you. I… I don’t really even know where to start.”

“Well the beginning is always a good place to start,” laughed Erin.

“You bahis firmaları know that I have never really been the adventurous type in the bedroom but well it has been over a month since John and I had, well, relations.” The tension in her voice was so thick that Erin could tell that Karen was completely red-faced even over the phone.

“Well you came to the right place, but I don’t really know where to tell you to start. I know you aren’t really all that comfortable with most of the stuff that I get into on a regular basis.” Just the way that she said it let Karen know that she had a huge grin on her face. Erin had always given Karen a hard time about how uncomfortable she was with the subject of sex.

“Really I want to do something that will get Johns attention and wont involve anything that I am going to have to go out and buy. I am really not comfortable going into one of those ‘shops’ that you have told me about.”

“Well let me think about it for a second. What has been stopping you guys from having a healthy relationship?”

“I don’t really know what has been bothering me but I think mostly it is that life has kind of gotten in the way. I think it started about a month ago and the longer it went on the colder things got between us at home. I don’t really even know where to go from here to get things started. I’m not even sure that he still thinks about that kind of thing anymore, not with me anyway.”

“Well from what I have seen when I have been at your house, I don’t think that your problem is that he isn’t interested. I always get tickled with him when I come over. He still ogles you like some sort of teenager.”

“You wouldn’t know it from the way things have been around here for the last month or so.”

“Well then lets try to do something about it. You sure you aren’t willing to stop in at that shop down the street that I was telling you about?”

“No way. I am not really all that comfortable having this conversation with you right now and I have known you for years. But I want to try and do something tonight. It is date night tonight and I want to end this cycle.”

“Ok Karen I think I might have an idea that will help you out but you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone.”

“Anything to get things moving in the right direction.”

“Alright, here’s what you do. When John gets home tonight…”

Later that Evening

John was an his way home from work. It had been a long week and he was looking forward to a weekend with nothing to do. Plus tonight was date night. Even though things had been frigid at home for a while John still enjoyed the time that he was able to spend with his wife on date night. John still treasured those intimate moments when they could just sit there and talk. A good relaxing time was just what John needed.

As soon as John opened the door he could tell that something was up. First thing he noticed was how quiet it was. His house was never this quiet. Both kids were obviously out of the house. John called out to Karen and got no answer. How very strange.

“I guess she just stepped out to get some stuff for a date night in,” thought John as he poured himself a drink and sat down in his favorite arm chair. Suddenly the stereo came to life and one of those new songs that he had heard his kids listening to started playing. John nearly went through the roof. Then he heard Karen start laughing.

“Oh very funny,” said John as his heart rate started to come down.

“Sorry wasn’t trying to scare you. Here let me restart it.”

Karen hit the remote again and the song restarted. John started to roll his eyes, he had always hated this kind of music. Then Karen started doing something that he had never seen her to. She started swaying to the music. Not just swaying but dancing to the music, it was kaçak iddaa something that surprised John.

Karen was wearing a blouse and a short skirt. Come to think of it, it was a little shorter than the skirts that she normally wore on date night. Then John noticed that Karen was not just dancing but that she was moving across the room towards him. He started to get up but she pushed him back down. This was her turn to do something for him. When she had set out this evening Karen had been afraid that this idea would totally flop on her and she would end up making a total fool out of herself, but the longer that the music played the more that she was able to get into it. She was starting to have a little fun, and for the first time in a long time Karen started to feel a stirring between her legs. Her heart started to beat a little faster and she started getting turned on.

John was a little shocked at first but as she started unbuttoning her shirt, he started getting into what was going on. John had never seen a woman do a strip show for him and now he realized what the other guys at work got out of it when they went to the strip club. He could already feel his cock getting hard, making his suit pants a little tight.

Karen began unbuttoning her shirt a little. Moving in time with the music she slowly continued unbuttoning her shirt. With every button she could feel herself getting closer to her goal. Getting John back in bed with her. With the last button she flung her shirt to the other side of the room. She had put on her sexiest pair of panties and a matching bra. It was a black set with little roses on it. She had always felt sexy when she put this set on and now she could tell that she was getting turned on because the panties were beginning to feel wet as she dipped down to the floor. Hating to be cold, and knowing that she would be naked Karen had turned up the heat in the house, so as she removed her shirt she noticed that her nipples were very hard, and very sensitive. Her bra rubbing up against them was beginning to get uncomfortable. So it was the next to go.

As Karen threw her bra across the room to join her shirt in a pile on the other side of the room, John felt his manhood twitch with excitement. He couldn’t take it anymore and started to unbutton his belt. That was a cue that Karen had been waiting for. She practically sat down in his lap and started to unbutton his pants. As she unzipped his pants she watched his rock hard manhood spring free of the hole in his boxers. She began rubbing her silky panties up against his cock and instantly John knew that she was already getting turned on too. He could feel the wet spot that was growing in her panties.

John ran his fingers up Karen’s sides and began to circle her perfect breasts. They were perfect. Like a teardrop and they fit in his hands perfectly. He squeezed her breasts lightly as she continued to grind against him in time with the music. He began to work his way towards her nipples and when he reached them he rolled them in between his thumb and pointer, tweaking them lightly. Karen felt a shiver run through her. She never knew why but when John did this it was like a button straight to her core. When he tweaked her nipples she could almost feel it in her vagina. She could feel her wetness spreading and her clit was getting more and more sensitive rubbing up against Johns erection.

Karen got up out of Johns lap and started to move away from her. She was going to let this drag out a little longer before she led John back to the bed room, but John had other ideas. As she started to bend over to give him a better look at her ass, she got a little surprise of her own. John had stood up from the chair while she was turned around and had let his pants and boxers fall to the ground. He grabbed her around her waist, underneath kaçak bahis her skirt and pulled her panties right down. The air caused her to catch her breath as she could feel her nether regions becoming soaked with her own juices. John pulled her to himself and she could feel his penis twitch against her ass as he reached around her, under her skirt and began to rub her clit with his hands.

It didn’t take long for her to cum. She could feel his fingers moving in an almost desperate way as he rubbed her clit faster and faster. She could hear herself starting to moan but she just didn’t care. She was loosing herself in the feelings. Then it happened. She could feel a warm feeling starting in her belly and moving out to the tips of her toes. Her entire body began to convulse and she could feel her legs squeeze together forcing John to move his fingers away from her now super sensitive clit. She could feel her inner core tightening as she stood there bent over trying to recover.

But John was ready himself. As Karen bent over to recover from her first orgasm John guided his cock inside of her now sopping love tunnel. As wet as she was from her first orgasm John had no problems sliding in right to the hilt. It was a sensation that he relished. It was like having himself wrapped in warm liquid velvet and he almost didn’t want to move for a moment. Then he started to move in an out of her. He could feel her body pulling on him almost begging him to stay inside her. He started slowly and began working faster and faster. He wanted her so badly that he could not really contain himself. With an increasing urgency he started to feel his balls contract, but John was not ready to cum yet. He wanted to make sure that Karen got what she needed first, so he stopped and pulled out.

Karen moaned as John pulled out. She did not want him to stop it had been feeling so good and even though she did not usually enjoy him taking her from behind, tonight it had felt really good. John asked her to lay down and she did, not sure what he was going to do. Then John got down on his knees and positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy and slid the entirety of himself inside her. Karen could feel him fill her up and it was just wonderful. To have him so completely fill her and go so deep was just what she needed tonight. John quickly started moving in and out of Karen in an almost frantic manner. Every time that he thrust into her Karen felt him hit that spot right around her cervix that drove her wild. She could already feel another orgasm beginning to build. Every time that he thrust in he hit that spot and his pubic hair was pulling on her clit as he went in. It was a double threat and Karen was not even fighting this loosing battle. Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt every muscle in her body tighten. The inside of her vagina started grabbing at Johns hard cock and begging not to let him go.

It felt like wonderful and she let the sensation wash over her entire body. As Karen started to cum, John could tell in her face. At first it looked like she was in excruciating pain but it quickly gave way to that unmistakable facial expression that she always made when she was having a really good orgasm. Then he felt her orgasm as she started to convulse while still impaled upon him. He could feel her grabbing at his cock with her vagina and it was too much for him. He felt his balls tighten and he started to cum inside her. It was by far the longest orgasm that John could remember. He thought it would never end as he sent stream after stream of cum deep inside her. Near the end of his orgasm he could feel it starting to seep out of her around his softening penis. As he came down from his orgasm John flopped over next to Karen, the love of his life and smiled at her. He could not believe that his wife had done a strip tease for him or that it had led to some of the best sex that they had had in a long time. Sure it was short, but this was just the beginning of the best date night that either of them had had in quite some time.

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