2 Eylül 2021

The Bruised Cervix that paid off! Part 1


The Bruised Cervix that paid off! Part 1Shane and Jamie had been good friends of mine since we I entered the military. We were in the same unit in basic training and were stationed together. Since they were married with c***dren they got a nice house on post, while I was stuck in the barracks. They would invite me over for dinners and bbq’s and we would all drink and play games into the night. Most nights if I was drinking I would stay on the couch and they made me feel at home in their family.Shane and I trained and deployed together and came up through the ranks. I loved the guy and still do which makes what happened between his wife and I so difficult to deal with. Maybe telling it to you pervs will help me rationalize the situation. The story really starts with a female soldier I dated for a very short period of time. She was a tiny little blonde from Missouri, pretty face and a tight little body but no ass and tits… hence a short period of time. She was a freak in the sheets though and would suck dick for ever, gotta love the troopers! When I would fuck her I remember I would just shove my cock in her as hard as I could and make her scream… she loved it! I remember the neighbor banging on the door to complain. I answered the door fully erect and he just walked away of course.After one of our long nights of fucking she actually went to sick call because she was having stomach cramps. After some tests we came to find out that she had a bruised cervix. She actually went back and told her NCO (boss) that she would need time off from work because of a bruised cervix from having sex with a well endowed partner… lol!!! Well as anyone in the military can tell you word travels quickly and although I knew she had bruised her cervix it quickly came back that she had implicated me as the “prick” that gave her a profile and everyone on post was aware of the situation. Well of course my friends absolutely loved it. Shane said, “You fucked her so hard you gave her a profile b*o!” Star was nice but because of her not having the discretion to mention my name I was over it… besides she was not going to be able to have sex for a while anyways. A few days later I was at Shane and Jamie’s house. We were eating and drinking and having a good time. Shane thought he would give me a hard time in front of his guest about the indecent and told them the story. He was buzzed and laughing as he told it and everybody laughed of course. Then Jamie said, “Wait… how did you bruise her cervix?”At this point I am starting to get embarrassed but I answered, “Just having sex, I guess” I added, I didn’t mean to hurt her.Everyone was laughing and the topic of conversation was changing but I noticed Jamie was still looking at me with a very specific look. I laughed it off and tried not to pay attention. Nothing more really happened that night but I will tell you that after that moment Jamie started looking at me differently. She started calling me stud and suddenly took a keen interest in my sex life. I would come over and she would ask more questions about who I was dating than Shane. A couple of times she would say, “Have you put any more girls on profile lately?” A couple of months had gone by when Jamie’s sister came out to visit. Shane and Jamie told me that she was a freak, but married. Shane said he was pretty sure she cheated on manisa escort her husband with a neighbor k**. Anyways, When she came to visit they had a bbq on the second night which I came to. I met her sister and I was surprised, Jamie is a full figured woman while her sister was very petite like Star. We were introduced and she did not seem to pay me much attention. She was talking to one of the other neighbors which was disappointing because I love freaky little women. As the night went on we started drinking Tequila. We were sitting at the kitchen table doing shots when Jamie asked Becky what was going on between him and her husband. As if we were not there she began going on about how “over it” she was and how awful he is. She then began talking about how he doesn’t satisfy her and how little his cock is. We all laughed of course. She then showed us with her hands and we all laughed (poor guy). The conversation began being more light hearted and Shane asked her if she was fucking the neighbor boy. Her reply was, “He has a small dick too!” which we all died laughing about. She then went on to say, “I am serious, every guy I have ever been with has had a tiny little dick. Just once in my life I would like to experience a big dick.” Then Jamie blurted out, probably because of the tequila, “Well maybe you should fuck Joe, he has a huge dick.” There was only a few of us at the table but the comment by Jamie did not go over well. Shane, the neighbor and Becky all looked at me with a confused look. The neighbor and Becky because they did not know the background to the statement and Shane because well, no man wants to hear his wife say that about his friend I am sure. Jamie went on to explain the profile story but only she laughed. Shane and Jamie went upstairs to “talk” and never came back down.The neighbor and I continued to sit and talk with Becky doing shots. Becky got up at one point and when she came back she sat down next to me rather than the neighbor. She started complaining about her husband and just talking shit. We eventually were out front while the neighbor and her smoked cigarettes. She was complaining about her husband again reading texts from him saying, “He needs to be more careful with me.” She then walked over to me and put her head on my shoulder and told me how drunk she was. I put my hands around her and held her up. The neighbor started to get the hint at this point and said good night. She said, “I do not want to sleep on the couch. The k**s are going to wake up in a few hours.”I jumped on that shit… I said, “well let’s go get you a bed to sleep on.” She seemed to sober up quickly as she jumped off of me and said, “Let me get my bag.”She was in the house for about five minutes. During this time I decided that if she comes back out with a bag in her hand she is mine for the night. I learned a long time ago when a woman gives herself to you you need to set the tone and I was going to let Becky know what kind of a night it was going to be as soon as she got to my truck.As she walked up I grabbed her and forced my tongue down her mouth. As I grabbed her I picked her up off the ground and holding her by her little ass. I picked her up and pinned her against my truck, as I did she dropped her back and started grabbing me. As she grabbed me she started grunting and groaning maraş escort and I could tell this girl was sexually deprived. She was grabbing my hair and slapping my ass through my jeans but hard. I set her down and told her to get in the truck. I grabbed her bag.We both got in the truck and as I started it she was trying to compose herself. She was fixing her clothes as she looked up at me and said, “You better not have a small dick!” To which I just laughed. I pulled her from her seat to the one next to me and said, “You are going to find out aren’t you.” I then shoved my tongue down her throat. She responded by jumping on my, honestly making it difficult to drive. I decided that we were not going to make it to the barracks and I pulled off the road and drove down towards the rail road tracks. I pulled over and stopped my car. She was all over me but specifically she was paying a lot of attention to the bulge in my pants. She was squeezing my cock through my jeans, repeatedly saying, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” She was a freak! She was biting my lips and my ears, licking my face and grunting like I have never heard any woman… Well maybe in a porno. She then said, “Take em off, I want to see it!” She then leaned back and pulled off her shorts leaving her panties on, the entire time her eyes never left my crouch. Rather than take my pants off I was watching her so she repeated sternly, “Take them off!” I obliged, undid my belt and pulled my pants and underwear off revealing my cock. “It’s beautiful!” she said.She had me hard as a rock! I stroked my cock for a second and then whacked it against my steering wheel. I said, “Is this what you wanted.”She said, “Oh yes!” as she leaned forward and started kissing me. I intermediately grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. She then said, “I want to feel it in my mouth.” As she went down on me. She sucked my cock like a starving person would attack a cob of corn. She genuinely enjoyed what she was doing and I appreciated it. I set my chair back and let her go to work. She was not particularly good at giving head but she had spirit. I politely grabbed her ass and put it on my crouch so she was no longer in a position to suck my cock. As soon as her mouth was off my cock she was talking dirty again which I love! She said, “Are you going to fuck me now?” She put her hands on my cock and said, “Stick it in me!”I pulled her panties to the side and she guided my cock to her pussy. It was then then that I realized her husband must actually have a small dick because her pussy was tight. She tried to sit on it but we could not get past the head. She was apologizing and started feeling bad when I laid her on her back. I tried to find a comfortable position to start working her pussy in but I quickly realized the cab of my truck was not the ideal place for this. She was still kissing on me and begging me to, “put it in.” I decided a needed to get this girl to a bed. As I started driving I decided to take her to a motel near the back gate since it was much closer than the barracks. I drove to the hotel and purchased the room as quickly as possible. The second I got her to the room I used her for the slut that she was. I took off all her clothes and shoved my dick in her mouth, I think she realized my tone changed when we got in the hotel room because her mardin escort attitude changed. She became submissive but almost to the point where I wondered if she was into it. I shoved my cock in the mouth and she pulled her back and looked at me as if to say, easy cowboy. I just kept going for it. After she sucked my cock on her knees for a while I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I flipped her around and started eating her little pussy. And I love eating pussy! You know you are doing it right when they get caught up and forget to suck your cock. I love reminding them to, “put it back in your mouth!” I ate her pussy while she sucked on my cock. I made her beg for it while I felt her pussy swell. I eventually gave in to her requests.I laid her on her back and slipped in between her legs. My cock and her pussy were soaking from the fellatio. She was bucking as I rubbed my cock on her pussy. With my first thrust I knew the foreplay had paid off. On my second stroke I got even more of my cock inside that tight little pussy. And from there on there was no stopping me. I worked that cock in with slow strokes that suddenly got long and hard. She was extremely quiet but I could see in her face she was enjoying every second. Once I worked my cock in I decided I was going to give her the dick she had dreamt about. I reached my arms under her legs and pinned her knees to the side of her boy. Right away she could feel the pressure and position change. She squealed. She begged, “Easy!” but it was too late. I wanted her to feel every vein in my cock as I thrust my manhood deep inside her. I remember leaning back and looking at her and I don’t know if she was experiencing more pain or pleasure but she was not stopping me. I held her knees tighter and tighter to her body as my strokes became deeper and more passionate. After a while I thought about changing positions but I thought, nah I have all night for that. So I fucked her as hard as I could while she screamed until I pulled out and came all over her and the bed. The look on her face was most likely shock at that point. We didn’t say much but she decided to take a shower. While she was in the shower I got some drinks from the vending machine. When she got out of the restroom I let her have some 7up and I asked if she was ready for round two. She replied, “Again?”I opened her robe and began playing with her breast which were a good size but full and firm. I moved my hand down to her pussy and realized it was still wet. That made my dick hard instantly. I set her on the dresser and began sliding in between her legs. I could tell she was trying to say something so I starting kissing her more passionately as I slide my dick back into her pussy. This time her pussy was more prepared. I started slowly fucking her and the motion was knocking the dresser against the wall. As I increased the thrusts the sound of the dresser knocking against the wall got ridiculous and we both laughed. I carried her to the bed and after a few second I flipper her onto her knees. She seemed hesitant at first, but I took control and shoved my cock back up her pussy. We fucked 3 more times that night and into the morning and I tried to use that time as effectively as possible for both of us. She was a dirty talker but when I got my dick in her she was quiet until I would start fucking her hard, then she would just scream at the top of her lungs. I fucking loved it!Later in the day I dropped her off at Shane and Jamie’s and went back to my room to sleep it off. I went to PT Monday and found that Becky had left early, I guess she got what she came for.

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