3 Kasım 2023

The Ad She was Waiting For Ch. 02


(This is a follow up of Chapter 1)

– summary of Chapter 1 –

Julie is a female lawyer, addicted to masturbation. She replied to an ad for a position in a law firm where she would have to perform some sex exhibitions as part as her daily job.

She just finished her first session there, then her boss, Clara, made her sign her contract.

– end summary of Chapter 1 –

Julie’s just signed her contract and felt elated. Clara, her boss, brought her to the office of the office manager, a nice redhead: “Ok, so for your shows, feel free to suggest anything: it’s also new for us, we didn’t know how to set it up. This is Eva, she’s in charge of the office details, and yes, she’s part of the hotties obviously. You can go to her with any suggestion, she’ll try to accommodate. She’s very obedient as you will see,” explained Clara.

“Yes, Clara, I will do my best,” replied Eva to this non-question.

This attitude again … is there something BDSM going on here? I guess I’ll find out, thought Julie.

“Ok, I’ll leave you to her care, she will show you to your office and explain how to set up,” added Clara before to leave.

“Great, thanks a lot for everything Clara,” said Julie.

When Clara was out, Eva said: “Let me tell you that you made a huge impression on her. She is not easy to please. Congrats.”

“Well, thanks, I hope you liked my show too!”

“Oh yes, very much so, I’m still shaking a bit.”

“Good, I just hope I’ll still please you all going forward.”

“Oh I’m sure you will, you seem so at ease with this.”

“I would be lying if I said it was totally out of character, but it’s the first time I did that in front of so many people.”

“Good, so let me show you your office.”

Eva leads her to a medium-sized office not far away from hers and explained how to access the essentials on the computer. “Tomorrow morning there’s a company meeting at 9:30 am, I’m sure Clara will introduce you to the whole team. In the meantime settle down and if you have any question you know where I am.”

Julie liked the place: warm colors, it even had a leather loveseat. Like the glass office where she performed earlier, this office also had a wall entirely made of glass. Transparency seems to be the key here, but perhaps it was just for her. Her desk was oriented so that anyone in the corridor could see her legs.

Her sex drive was kicking in, this whole new situation was so exciting!

Since part of her function was to entertain the team she decided right then that it was not going to be only twice a day as requested, she would make an almost continuous show. Her office being that open will help her achieve this.

She saw that the loveseat was not facing the corridor, so she moved it around so that anyone could see her there. She sat in it, opened her blouse, lowered her bra, rubbed her nipples a little, then re-attached the nipples clamps. After playing a little, she put them partly back in the bra but left the blouse open so that anyone paying attention could see the clamps.

She then started to work. Her email already contained quite a few specific instructions, so she went through the mandatory online training material teaching her the procedures she will have to follow in that company. Nothing on sex shows though!

After half an hour, the arousal was going to her. She took off her panty and started rubbing her pussy, still at her desk. A busty redhead in her late forties walked the corridor and stopped in front of her office to take a good look. Julie thought she recognized her from the morning. She leaned on the wall in front and stayed there, enjoying the private show.

This was enough to make Julie climb a few steps: she opened her blouse, pulled down her bra cups, liberating her pinched nipples in their clamps. She retrieved a heavy chain to link the 2 clamps together so that she could pull on both with one hand.

Now she was ready: she opened her legs further, pulled down on the chain with the left hand and started spreading her inflamed and wet pussy with her finger, taking her time first then faster and faster. When the need increased, she couldn’t resist anymore and started tickling her clit, then pinching it. “MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm this feels good!”

She was very close to coming now, she locked her eyes on the redhead, who alternated her stare from her breast to her legs and back to her eyes. She nodded briefly, a sign that Julie took as an OK sign for her to let go. She came almost instantly: “Aaaaaaaaaaa yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh.”

The redhead smiled and sent her an air kiss then continued her journey.

Life is good!

Julie continued working through lunch until around 3 pm: it was time to prepare for show

. She took a few items out of her closet and went to the showroom (that’s what it is, isn’t it?). A few people were already there chatting and smiled at her. One of them was this busty redhead that stopped earlier to see her masturbating in her office.

She entered the showroom taking great escort mecidiyeköy care of leaving both glass doors open so that they can hear her. She said: “This time we will explore another part of my body, one that gives me so much pleasure.”

She took a quite impressive butt plug out of her bag and said: “Guess which part!” The audience laughed at that but the kinky mood was set nevertheless, and Julie could feel the anticipation.

Julie started undressing, always taking care of slowly revealing her amazing breasts, then playing a little with her extraordinary nipples. She took her skirt off, removed her thong but kept her garter belt, stockings and heels. She knew she looked amazing this way.

Looking at the audience she saw that they also started fooling around themselves or their neighbors.

She lied prone on the sofa, then pushed her ass up so that everyone could see it. She played a bit with her labia, of course very wet, flicked her clitoris for good measure: “mmmmmm it is so wet, I like that. Thank you all for watching.”

After some playing, she focused on the butt plug, putting a condom on it and generously applying some lube. She greased two fingers and started playing with her anal entry, turning around and around, then playfully entering one then two fingers, while moaning more and more: “mmmmmmmmm I love it when I know my ass will take a big plug.”

It was time for the plug to enter the scene. She put the tip on the entrance of her ass, and start playing around with it, slightly pushing, turning, making sure it was all very slippery. She knew that the interesting part for the spectators was now. When the plug will be completely in her, there will not be so much to see anymore.

She moaned and continued this game until the plug started to actually enter an inch. Then she started pushing more while playing with her clit with the other hand: “Mmmmmmm I can feel it stretching me good, it’s so wide …”

For some time she put it in and out, turning it and making a big show of the pleasure she was taking, moaning almost continuously. The audience liked it apparently: the total sum of all movements was going up quite a lot.

She turned the plug around and pushed more until this weird moment when the pain increase for a little while, then disappears to cede to a so welcoming fullness: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeeeeeeeeeeees that’s what I was waiting for.”

She stayed with her ass in the air while playing with her clit and she could feel she was dripping, like each time she had her ass filled in.

She flipped to a supine position but took great care of opening her legs so that everyone could see her plug. She played with the plug, pulling a bit then letting her anus reclaim it.

She passed the point of no return: her nipples were begging for attention, her pussy was dripping and her ass nicely stretched: “ooooooooooo I like it so much when I’m filled and stretched … I can’t stop now …”

With one hand she pulled on the chain between her nipples, away from her body, which made them look even bigger than they were, and with the other hand she started to flick her clit with blurrily fast movements until she was almost there: “yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss it’s coming, it will be big I can feel it!.” She continued a little more until she felt the orgasm starting from her ass, going through her sex and reaching up to her tits. Her whole body contracted, her ass leaving the sofa by a good ten inches: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.”

It lasted a long time, that some in the audience used to reached their own orgasm.

Then there was for Julie a time of total bliss when she forgot where she was or what she was doing, just pure ecstasy.

She opened her eyes and look straight to the busty redhead, who had her hand in her bra and mouthed a silent “wow” for Julie.

The moment was broken, everybody left to resume working.

Julie was still recovering her breath when the redhead came to her and introduced herself:

“Hello Julie, I’m Ann.”

“Nice to meet you, Ann,” replied Julie shaking her hand.

“I’m very impressed by your talents, you’ll have to tell me your story someday.” She had a deep voice and a very nice smile.

“Sure, and you can tell me yours!” replied Julie, not sure if that was expected.

“Ah sure why not?” Ann left her, and Julie knew that this will eventually lead somewhere.

Sometime later when she was working again, her boss Clara came to her office and said: “Look, I like when newcomers have direct feedback so that they know what they have to change.” She had a stern look.

“Oh oh! what have I done?” thought Julie.

Clara then made a big grin and said: “So far so good, your performances are way better than I hoped.”

“Ha you got me, I thought I did something wrong.”

“Intended, I’m a bit of a player. Speaking of which, you will have to reserve an evening to come to my place and meet my husband. He knows what I’ve been trying to do bayan escort and wants to meet the famous Julie. He’s very hot you’ll see.”

This is not an invitation you refuse.

“Sure, with pleasure, just tell me when.”

“Let’s see,” and, looking at her smartphone, “Tomorrow’s Wednesday, doesn’t work, what about Thursday, 7:30 pm?”

“Sure, that works. What shall I bring?”

Julie was thinking about wine or dessert, and to her surprise Clara replied:

“There’s something I’d like, but feel free to decline if it’s not your thing.”


“It’s been a while since I’ve had this very private fantasy and I was thinking you could help me realize it.”

“Ah interesting, what is it?”

“I dream of being taken by my man and by a woman at the same time. A mixed double penetration. It gives me the chills just to think about it. I know it’s weird.”

“I’ve seen and heard way weirder than that. I like it in fact.”

“Do you have what it takes?”

“Sure, no problem I have just what you need and it would be my pleasure.”

“Good, so bring it on and be on time!”

Julie was dumbfounded again by Clara’s ability to switch to a bossy mode, even in such a private subject.


She had indeed what Carla needed.

She brought this marvel back from one of her many stays in Paris. She visited the adult store (they call it sex shop there … so much more to the point) that a friend recommended. It was quite big and much classier than she was used to in the US.

She was welcomed by an impressive athletic blonde girl called Sophie.

Sophie looked at her with a very direct stare and asked: “What are you looking for?”

After a bit of embarrassment, Julie explained: “I’d like to find a panty with 2 dildos inside and the possibility to fix one outside. It must be classy, comfy and resistant, and I need to be able to stay in it for long periods of time. It would be even better if some of it would vibrate on demand.”

“I see, that is quite specific indeed. I can show you some standard stuff that fit your request, but none of it are really good if you want my opinion. Let’s have a look anyway.”

Sophie leads Julie to another part of the store and showed some items that were mostly black vinyl but looked very thin and fragile. Nothing was close to what Julie was looking for.

Sophie paused and said: “Now that I think of it, I may have an idea for you, can you come back tomorrow?”

“Sure, what time?”

“Stop by around 4 pm if that works for you.”

“Ok, I’ll be there, can you tell me a bit more?”

“I prefer not to, but trust me, I think you’ll like it.”

The next day, hot with anticipation, Julie was there way before 4 pm. Sophie greeted her with 2 kisses (it’s France, remember) and introduced her to a 50-ish guy with very strong features but very bright eyes: “This is Marco, he’s a leather artist and made quite a few special commands for us. I already explained what you were looking for, so I’ll let him take over from here. You can trust him, he’s very nice!”

Julie was not so sure, the guy looked a bit threatening, but she decided to trust the tall blonde.

“Come with me to the back room, Julie,” said Marco. She followed him to a surprisingly nice room with sofas and a TV, with a side wall furnished with a workbench and some tools. The atmosphere looked playful but no doubt some hot sex was taking place here some days.

“Here is what I had in mind for you,” said Marco, retrieving a leather harness with quite a lot of buckles and straps. The overall shape looked more like a solid thong than a harness.

Marco explained: “Because it will be customized, you won’t need adjustable buckle fastenings. I will make it very tight, and you want that to work with the external dildo.

“To fix the external dildo there will quite a big metal plate in front, to which you can fit a dildo with a magnet at the base. I’ll build a socket in which you’ll be able to fit almost any dildo of your choice. For the inside ones, we will have to go through some selection: if you want to stay in it for some time, they need to fit you exactly right and be the right material.”

Julie was getting hotter and hotter: she already anticipated coming here since the morning, and now the strong guy with his harness put her imagination in hyperdrive: this could be the toy of her dreams.

“Why don’t you take out these clothes and go on the sofa there, I’ll bring a selection of dildo choices.”

Dripping as she was, it was a relief to be asked to quit her clothes. She did it in a snap without a second thought.

“Oh my, you are gorgeous!” said Marco, looking her up and down. He then reached for a box with a dozen of dildos and plugs and showed them to Julie. He also brought a jar of condoms, like the ones in the entrance of swingers clubs, and some lube.

“These are all remote controlled through an app on a smartphone. They are quite powerful. Don’t go for too big, you wouldn’t be able to walk much,” explained bayrampaşa escort bayan Marco.

“It’s not my first rodeo you know,” replied Julie with a big smile. She looked at the dildos and was surprised to see they were all bigger toward the base, contrary to usual ones. “Why is the base so thick?”

“I built already a couple of these: my previous customers loved it when the base was bigger: it means that when you sit down or press on the base you get an extra stretching of your pussy and ass.”

“I see, interesting!.” She selected quite a large dildo but not too long, put a condom on it, and lied down on the sofa. She started wetting it against the length of her slit, then pushed it inside her.

“Mmmmmmmm this one feels good! I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop!”

“You don’t have to, feel free to let it go,” replied Marco with a hungry look.

Julie pushed it further until it was almost fully inside her. The last inch was interesting: since the dildo was much wider at the base she had to apply quite a bit of pressure to put it in all the way. It stretched her quite more than she was used to. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn” she moaned, “can you turn it on please?”

Marco took her smartphone and fiddled with the controls. All of a sudden Julie felt the toy vibrate quite powerfully. “Wow, that’s amazing!”

Julie was already riding high, her excitation going up a few notches. Thinking about the double penetration that will follow, and about this poor guy starting to sweat, she turned around and exposed her ass, then offered: “why don’t you put one of these condoms on and plug my ass with your own tool?”

Marco grinned at this and let go of his jeans. His penis jumped right off of his boxer before he could take it off as well. The size was impressive, especially the girth. “Are you sure?” Marco said.

“Oh yes, I’m sure. Just be gentle.”

Marco put on a condom and spread a generous amount of lube, then moved behind Julie on the sofa. He started inserting the head of his impressive penis. He approached her but didn’t move further.

“Come on, I mean it!” said Julie.

He came closer, took her legs in his hands to drive them higher, and presented the tip of his penis at the entrance of her ass.

Julie took hold of his penis and positioned it at the entrance of so ready ass.

He waited a bit, then started pushing steadily until the sphincter let go and allowed it in with a plop.

“Mmmmmmmm thank you, it feels sooooooo good!”

“You have no idea how good it feels for me, gorgeous,” replied Marco with a grin. He continued pushing his penis into Julie’s welcoming ass.

He withdrew a bit then pushed back up in a single long movement.

When he reached the bottom and his body slapped into hers, the dildo was also pressed all the way in. Julie couldn’t hold it anymore, with the vibrating dildo stretching her fully and this big guy in her ass: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I’m comiiiiiiiiiiiing, this is soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood!”

Marco didn’t stop, on the contrary. He started pumping his big cock inside the nicely lubed ass, taking Julie by the hips to allow better control. Julie continued to come, with waves after waves of pleasure originating from her pussy and ass, while Marco continued pumping her with more vigor.

After a couple of minutes, Marco shot his load in her ass: “Aaaaaaarghhhhhhhh, you are so good!”

They both took some time to breathe, then Marco slowly withdrew from the welcoming ass. “You should try an ass dildo now that you are well prepared!” said him with a grin.

“You’re right, I feel prepared indeed!” replied Julie with a grin.

Julie went to the box and selected one, with the same overall shape as the other one, slightly smaller. She wrapped in a generously greased condom and inserted it. She needed both hands to keep them in though, so Marco suggested she put the leather thong to keep them in place: “you will need to try it on with all the tools, to be sure the sizes of everything fit. Let me put the dildos in the harness.” Julie reluctantly extracted both and handed them over.

Marco fitted them within, which seemed not such an easy operation. He then loosened all the straps. Julie put it on, until the dildos were knocking on her holes, then wiggled and pushed to make them enter.

When Marco started to tighten the side buckles, Julie started to feel some kind of plenitude that went way beyond the simple fact of having two dildos inside her. As if this harness was making her complete. The final buckle was on the crotch: when Marco strengthen that one, the feeling amplified even more, with the two dildos stretching her open much more.

“Wooooow, this is much better than I dreamed, you understood exactly what I needed!” said Julie.

A huge smile appeared on Marco’s face: “I’m so glad you like it but wait for the final one, it will be lighter but even better fitted.”

“Oh, man, you are making me so happy!” exclaimed Julie, and she closed in on Marco and gave him a soulful french kiss.

“Why don’t you put back some of your clothes and tried to walk a bit in it, you can go back to the store while I clean up my mess here.”

Julie just managed to put her jeans back on when Sophie, the shop owner, entered the room with a young pretty girl.

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