12 Temmuz 2021

Spa Story Part 5


Spa Story Part 5“Hekla, hva? í fjandanum er a? gerast?” (“Hekla what the hell is going on.”) Striding into the seating area a tall muscular youth with blonde hair, demanded an answer. You could understand his bemusement at the debauched scene before him. On the floor was obviously his girlfriend, naked with her best friend, surrounded by adults in their underwear and his girlfriend’s little sister, who to further compound the situation had a cock! Close behind him came another slightly shorter but equally athletic young guy with brown hair, and a slender more feminine looking teen. Both stared aghast at what they saw. Hekla jumped to her feet and went to her boyfriend, speaking rapidly in Icelandic she tried to calm him, Isabella stood and took the other studs hand again talking in a reassuring tone. Freja simply nodded at what was clearly her boyfriend, it was obvious who was in charge in their relationship. After much frantic explaining and just a little teasing with their naked bodies, Hekla and Isabella had explained the situation to the boys. Hekla introduced her boyfriend Jon, Isabella’s, Gunnar and Freja’s, Aron, then explained who all of us were. They looked warily at us, particularly at Caleb who’s massive cock was still resting semi erect on his stomach. The sight of Steve in panties brought a smile to their lips, as did Freja sat between us with her cock poking in the air. Hekla and Isabella told us she had promised them a blowjob when she texted them earlier, that is why they had rushed over. With that Isabella unbuttoned Gunnar’s jeans and slowly pushed them down to his ankles. Hekla did the same thing with Jon, before reaching into his trunks to reveal his limp cock. She quickly engulfed it with her mouth and began to suck on him. Gunnar’s cock was already hard as Isabella freed it from his pants and wrapped her lips around the swollen head. Freja made no move towards Aron, instead looking at him she motioned towards Caleb. Aron understanding the instruction went over to the sofa where Caleb was sitting and knelt down between his knees. Aaliyah instinctively took hold of Caleb’s cock and presented it to Aron, who obediently lowered his mouth to the older guys cock and licked the head before opening his mouth wide to take the bulbous head. Hekla and Isabella had assessed that their boyfriends were now sufficiently aroused by their oral stimulation that they could begin with their plan to have them fuck each other. The first part was to have them accept a blowjob from another man. Holding their jeans as they stepped out, they then directed them to the sofa. Aaliyah stood to allow Jon to take her place, Isabella directed Gunnar to the other side of Caleb. The two girls dropped to their knees beside Aron, they pulled their boyfriends pants down to their ankles, fully exposing their cock and balls. The girls then once again took their boyfriends cocks in their mouths. The two teen guys looked at Caleb’s massive cock being sucked by Aron. They must have suspected that Aron was Bi, but they were clearly disturbed by this homosexual act being performed between them. That said, it did not affect their erections, although smaller than Caleb they were both a good seven inches although Gunnar’s cock was slightly thicker than Jon’s. Now Freja motioned for Steve to take Isabella’s place and Tom to take over from Hekla. Tom knelt beside Hekla immediately awaiting his turn. Steve hesitated, much to my amusement, as if he imagined any of us still thought he was straight and didn’t want this. Realising the game was up he positioned himself next to Isabella awaiting her instruction. Freja beside me whispered in my ear. “We have something in common, look at our gay men,”. Then giggled “Perhaps it is something we have done to them.” This shocked me, had I emasculated Steve so much I had made him gay, it certainly turned me on that he was being such a fag, perhaps I had subconsciously done this to him. Jon and Gunnar knew what was about to happen but were too far gone to resist their girlfriends wishes, and a mouth is a mouth whether it is female or male. Hekla and Isabella stopped sucking, then holding their boyfriend’s shafts directed Steve and Tom’s heads’ towards the glistening cocks. Their eager lips quickly slid over the heads and sank down the shafts. Our men were becoming professional at sucking cock, and although briefly disgusted, the two teens rapidly appreciated their developing skills. Although Tom and Aron focused on the cocks before them, Steve was providing a more thorough gay experience. He slipped his hand under Gunnar’s jersey, rubbing his abdomen, fully appreciating his firm body, his other hand cupping his balls as he worked his mouth and lips over the erect cock, alternating between licking the shaft, flicking his tongue over the head and taking the whole cock in his mouth. This was the most homosexual scene of the day so far. Three young guys getting sucked off by three guys, one of them, my man, truly worshipping his lover. To watch the show, Isabella had joined Freja and I on one sofa, whilst Aaliyah and Hekla were with Mary opposite. The gay scene before us had done the trick for Hekla and Isabella, who although both having just orgasmed were already touching themselves. I must admit after playing with myself for so long I was now desperate to bring myself off, but this was Hekla and Isabella’s fantasy so we had to help them. Aaliyah and Mary began to work on Hekla’s pussy and tits, whist Freja and I took turns in kissing and playing with Isabella. The three fags were working hard now. Tom and Steve were managing to deep throat the teens, but Aron was unable to swallow so much of Caleb. Instead he worked the head with his mouth and massaged the shaft with his hands. Steve and Tom had their own small cocks in their hand pumping away as they slobbered over the youngsters larger manhoods. Soon Jon and Gunnar bursa escort were bucking, they were close now. In tune with their excitement their girlfriends were soaking, our stimulation of them was only part of the cause, they were anticipating their fantasies being fulfilled. Suddenly Jon grabbed Tom’s head as he ejaculated, pumping his seed into Tom’s mouth. Tom swallowed as Jon held his head firm, unable to contain the quantity of cream he began to gag, until Jon released him, pulling away, cum poured out of his mouth and down his chin. Gunnar seeing his friend cum, now lost control, his balls contracted and he began to release into Steve’s mouth, the cock jerked out of Steve’s mouth and sprayed strings of cum over my man. Tom had been desperately pumping away at his little prick whilst Steve finished Gunnar off, and he had positioned himself next to Steve, so as soon as Gunnar had finished, Steve turned his face to Tom, who slid his cock briefly into Steve’s slutty mouth before squirting his own load over the dirty sluts face, adding to Gunnar’s mess. Gunnar and Jon now leant back their spent shrinking cocks resting on their thighs. Caleb despite already coming twice was getting close. To help Aron, Tom and Steve now took up positions on either side and began licking the shaft whilst Aron sucked on the bulging head. The three of them working in tandem was enough to bring Caleb to climax. His cock popped out of Aron’s mouth and sprayed jolt after jolt of cum over the three sissies, as his emissions subsided they took turns in licking his head and shaft clean, savouring the taste of every drop. This was the final straw for both Hekla and Isabella who both had another orgasm. The three gay boys sat back, admiring their work, the juice of three young studs covering their faces and chests. The strong smell of all that cum, combined with the sweet teen juices on my fingers overwhelmed me, the greenhouse was filled with raw sex and I needed more.At this point although I was ravenous, we all needed a rest. There was a small rest room in the greenhouse, so we took turns cleaning ourselves off and preparing ourselves for more fucking. (Tom once again was most organised, producing a douche from his bag so we could all be completely clean). Those who were naked put their underwear back on, even if anyone had wanted to, It was too warm to get fully dressed. Jon and Gunnar took their tops off to reveal their toned abdomens and chests, leaving just their trunks on. Sitting around on the sofas and rugs we had some more beers and made small talk. The girls described what had happened at the spa to their boyfriends and after that everyone was up for more fun. After an hour or so it was beginning to go dark outside, but Hekla’s parents had still not left. I think I was still the most ravenous, so I suggested that as we had given the girls a show earlier at the spa, it was only fair three teen couples gave us a show. Jon and Gunnar after the queer blowjobs they had received, looked concerned that I was expecting them to fuck, but sensing they weren’t yet ready for that and needed more reassurance about their sexuality, I quickly added “I would love to see you boys fuck your girlfriends.” Freja looked slightly disappointed, but all three boys smiled and nodded in agreement with my proposal. They wasted no time in stripping naked and sliding onto the floor. Interestingly whilst Jon and Gunnar had well trimmed pubes, Aron was completely shaven, I suspected this was Freja’s work, this had the effect of making him look even more feminine. His cock unlike his friends was small, slightly longer than Steve’s but very slender. It could be described as a feminine cock, if that isn’t an oxymoron. This did however explain Freja’s disappointed look. The girls slipped off their own underwear, and whilst it had only been an hour since I had seen them naked last, their beautiful bodies once again took my breath away. They lay next to their respective boyfriends and began to make out. Compared with all the extremes I had witnessed, this was very vanilla, however it was tender, even a little nervous, perhaps it was because they were exposing more of themselves psychologically in this act than in the lust filled sex earlier. The gentle kissing and stroking was sensual and arousing, my crotch was calling so I started to gently run my fingers over the gusset of my panties. Freja was the first to be penetrated, she rolled onto her back spread her legs, allowing Aron to slide between them and introduce his small member between her delicate moist folds. If I hadn’t witnessed her dominant sexual behaviour earlier, lying on her back now, being gently fucked I could have imagined she was a pure young virgin, being defiled for the first time. Jon was now on his back with Hekla lying on top, her pert tits pressed against his smooth chest, her belly rubbing against his cock. Sitting up on him she slid her wet pussy lips over his shaft, before raising herself slightly and guiding his now wet cock into her welcoming hole. Lowering herself fully she pressed her clit against his trimmed bush and began to gently ride him. Gunnar was spooning Isabella and had eased his dick into her. Watching the teens make sensual, love the rest of us all matched their gentle pace and caressed ourselves through our underwear. Small gasps started to leak from the girls as their passions rose, the guy’s own subtle groans building. Freja and Isabella had both now positioned themselves cowgirl style mirroring Hekla, all three now controlled the pace and their stimulation. Freja had less inside her to stimulate her so she had her hand between her legs rubbing her clit. Their pace increased as did my own stimulation, my panties getting wet beneath my touch. Soon the girls were glistening with sweat as they rode their young boyfriends in the heat of the greenhouse. Hekla and Isabella were almost bursa escort bayan synchronised as they reached orgasm, their faces’ flushed, they shuddered and fell forward onto their boyfriends kissing them as they lay there recovering. Although Hekla and Isabella had orgasmed before their boyfriends could cum, Freja’s tight little pussy had stroked Aron’s small cock to climax, spilling his load inside her. She was clearly not going to cum from his cock, so she quickly pulled off him and moved upwards straddling his face, she positioned her crotch over his face, his mess dripping from her pussy into his own mouth, she lowered her pussy onto his tongue and ground onto his face, his rapid lapping at her cum fulled folds quickly brought her to a loud climax. Jon and Gunnar still had raging erections due to their girlfriends denying them release, this was a combination of their earlier ejaculation and also the girls calculation that if they kept them horny there was a greater chance of their fantasy being fulfilled. Clearly with this in mind Isabella and Hekla whispered in their ears. Initially Jon and Gunnar shook their heads, but the girls squirming on top, of them rubbing their greasy crotches over the boys cocks was too much for them and they acquiesced to the girls request. Hekla motioned for Steve to join them on the floor, he quickly jumped off the sofa and crawled across to the four teens. Aron and Freja took his place on the sofa beside me. My excitement rose as I anticipated Steve having his fourth gay sex of the day. Isabella had Jon kneel in front of Steve, then guided Steve so he could start working on the teens cock, slick from Hekla’s pussy juices. Hekla lifted Steve’s ass into the air, and carefully pulled off his panties, exposing his shaven asshole. Reaching between her legs she took some of her lubrication and smeared it over the pink hole. Jon was ok with having his cock sucked as he had already experienced this and he had rationalised that having your cock sucked by a man wasn’t gay. Gunnar however was now facing the prospect of fucking a man’s asshole. Hekla and Isabella knew they would have to take charge, so whilst Hekla spread Steve’s buttocks, Isabella took hold of Gunner’s pussy lubricated cock and pressed the swollen head against the rim of my mans anus. Steve was relaxed and Gunnar’s cock was no where’s near as thick as Caleb’s, so the teens cock easily slid into Steve. Isabella applying pressure to Gunnar’s back, pushed him deeper into Steve, opening his hole wider until his stomach pressed against Steve’s buttocks. Gunnar overwhelmed by the massaging of Steve’s tight anus began to thrust in and out, the pleasure overcoming his reluctance. Steve was now moaning into Jon’s cock as he sucked harder and faster as Gunnar fucked him harder. Hekla and Isabella were mesmerised by the scene before them, positioning themselves on either side of Steve’s ass, they pulled his cheeks wide so they could see clearly Gunnar’s cock pulling out then sliding deep into Steve. I had slipped my hand into my panties now and was furiously rubbing my clit. It was like a dream, Steve being spit roasted by two young teens. Hekla noticed Gunnar was close, so she reached underneath Steve and started massaging his small cock. His balls had completely disappeared and his limp cock was rocking back and forth with each thrust into his anus. Hekla ran a finger along Gunnar’s shaft, over Steve’s stretched hole then across his perineum, over his shrunken balls then up his small shaft quickly making it hard. Pinching it between her thumb and finger she began to jerk him off. Isabella kissing Gunnar, slid a finger between his legs and stroked his balls, before caressing his perineum and finally pressed it against his anus. Applying more pressure her finger slipped inside up to her second knuckle, she withdrew it, added a second finger then plunged both into her boyfriends asshole. This combined with Steve thrusting his tight hole back burying Gunnar’s cock to the balls was the final straw and he let go, his balls contracted and he began pumping his cum into Steve bowels slumping onto Steve’s back as he came. This in turn combined with the thrusting cock filling his mouth, and Hekla’s massaging was too much for Steve and he let go in her hand, Hekla continued to pump Steve’s cock milking him onto the floor and emptying his balls completely. Steve and Gunnar collapsed on the floor, Gunnar’s cock slipped out of Steve’s used anus, both their cocks dripping cum. Hekla and Isabella looked down at the two naked men and smiled, their fantasy was getting closer to fruition. Jon was the only one not pleased with what had happened as he had still not cum. Luckily for him I was now desperate. I climbed over Steve and Gunnar and took Steve’s place, kneeling before him, I took Jon’s still hard cock in my mouth. Hekla kindly assisted me by undoing the clasp on my bra and freeing my breasts, gently caressing them as she did, she then started kissing her boyfriend and running her hands over his firm chest. Isabella pulled my legs back so I was on all fours, then placing her hands on my hips slowly slid my panties over my ass and down my legs. Lifting my knees in turn she slipped the sodden lingerie off my feet and deposited it on the floor beside her. Running her hands over my back she worked her way down until she was massaging my ass, her touch was sending shocks of stimulation straight between my legs. As I licked and sucked on Jon’s swollen head, my hips gyrated attempting to entice her fingers to my aching pussy. At last I was rewarded when she slipped a finger down the crack of my ass, over my sensitive anus and between the wet folds of my pussy. Her probing fingers slipping into me, then around my sensitive bud. I felt hands on my hips once again but couldn’t turn to look, as Jon’s thrusting cock was taking all my attention as it escort bursa hit the back of my throat causing me to gag. I hoped it was Caleb, since first seeing his magnificent member I had been imagining it’s warm bulk pressing into me and opening my womanhood. The hands spread my legs a little then I felt the firm head of a cock press against my pussy. Isabella was still working my clit and massaging my breasts preparing me for his thick manhood. As it pressed further against me I knew it wasn’t Caleb. It was not the warm smooth, almost velvet like head of a penis opening me, instead this was a cold, hard dildo. I thought Freja was joining her friend but then I heard Aaliyah’s commanding voice. “I’m going to opening you up, just like my man did to your little sissy.“. Although disappointed it wasn’t Freja behind me, Aaliyah’s dominating presence made me shudder with anticipation. This wasn’t going to be slow sensitive lovemaking, I was going to get fucked hard. Luckily my own masturbation and Isabella’s stimulation had prepared me well as Aaliyah rammed the eight inches into me in one hard thrust. My shocked vagina spasmed in pain, I let Jon’s cock fall from my mouth and cried out. Aaliyah paid no attention and withdrawing the pink shaft all the way out she shoved it home again, her stomach pressing on my buttocks as she bottomed out the dildo on my cervix. Helka lifted my head and thrust Jon’s cock back into my mouth and he began fucking my throat as Aaliyah, slammed into my pussy, spit roasting me. They were treating me like a slut and I loved it. My pussy had been starved of cock for so long. Steve’s pathetic little cock never filled me like Aaliyah was doing now. Jon was close to coming so Hekla pulled him away, turning him round she had him lay down on his back in front of me. I dropped my mouth to take his cock in my mouth again, but Hekla pushed my head lower. I knew what she wanted so iI placed my hands under his ass checks I raised him, exposing his anus. I quickly slipped my tongue around his tight hole tasting his musky scent. With each thrust of Aaliyah’s cock into me my mouth pushed against his ass. I made my tongue hard and pushed forward penetrating him. This is what Hekla wanted, she needed him to be aroused by anal stimulation. As I rimmed and probed his anus, Hekla gently stroked his throbbing cock. Aaliyah was remorselessly fucking me and with Isabella’s stimulation I was starting to peak. Sensing this Isabella stopped and motioned for Aaliyah to stop. As the dildo slipped out of my raw pussy, Jon had reached the end of his patience. He reach forward and pulled me onto him. Lifting me slightly he slipped his rigid cock into me. That was what I needed, smooth, warm man cock, his hot member stroking and caressing me inside. I ground my clit against his mound, controlling the pace now, I felt as if I had regained some control, teasing him by clenching my pelvic floor muscles on his cock. The feeling of control didn’t last, hands were on my back again pushing me down, then I felt cold lube being rubbed around my bum hole. One finger then two or three slipped inside me, opening me. I knew what was coming. I had had a dildo up my arse before when Steve was fucking me, but I knew this would be more. Hekla was kneeling in front of me, playing with her pussy, but that didn’t stop me kissing her boyfriend as he fucked me. Then it happened, I felt pressure on my anus, Jon stopped fucking me and pulled his cock out slightly to allow Aaliyah into my ass. I gasped as the large head pressed harder, I instinctively pulled away, but Aaliyah’s hands were firm and she pressed harder. It couldn’t all fit in me. The head of the dildo was stretching my anus and the pain was almost unbearable, I began panting in panic, I felt as if I was going to be torn apart, then the dildo popped inside and the pain diminished a little. Aaliyah pressed forward, pushing more of the cock into my stretched hole. Jon also pushed back into me, the two shafts separated by the thin wall of my anus. I had never felt so completely filled. I relaxed as I realised I wasn’t going to get ripped open, and began to move my hips slowly. Beneath me and behind me my two lovers began to thrust in and out again in turn, then together. My distended holes accommodating both of them. It was the most intense feeling I had ever had and within less than a minute I had slumped on top of Jon with my first climax. This only encouraged them more and they began fucking me harder. I was almost delirious now, around me there were groans and gasps as people were playing with themselves. I later learnt that all three teens and Mary had orgasmed watching my show. Sweat was dripping onto my back from Aaliyah. Jon’s and my own body were coated in a glistening sheen of sweat as we worked to another climax. This time as I orgasmed my pussy contractions, combined with the stimulation from Aaliyah’s cock rubbing against his shaft in my anus, took Jon over the edge. He stopped thrusting and pulled me down hard onto his cock. His hot seed flooding inside me coating my cervix. Aaliyah had reached her own climax as throughout Isabella had been fingering her from behind. Aaliyah pulled her dildo out gaping my ass, then fell onto my back and pulled me off Jon’s cock onto the floor, his spunk spilled onto his belly and dripped between my legs. Our three soaking bodies in a heap on the floor.With that our sexual exploits for the day came to an end. The girls parents had at last left for the weekend so after recovering and pulling our clothes back on we all moved across to the house. It was getting late and everyone was exhausted from all our fucking. The girls provided us with a quick snack, then directed us to our rooms for the weekend. The three boys and Isabella all went home, the sisters shared Hekla’s Room, Steve and I took Freja’s room which luckily had a king size bed. Aaliyah and Caleb got the master bedroom and Tom and Mary the Spare room. As I sank into the soft mattress I reflected on what an extreme ride we had been on. I began to get aroused again, but exhaustion overcame me and I drifted off in Steve’s arms.

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