8 Kasım 2023

Sir Cums-a-Lot


My name is Robert and I’m a geek. I don’t have that chiseled build that others write about. My dick is not 10 inches long; it’s only 7 when fully erect. I’m not an attractive guy. I am a programmer complete with the glasses. At 28-years of age, I’d had no girl friends and I’d never fucked. The gods do have a sense of humor though. For some unknown reason I was born with the ability to shoot massive amounts of cum. In my very early teens, I was able to shoot cum about three feet into the air while lying on my back jerking off.

Jerking off was my only release. I had an escort jerk me off once but that turned out to be an awful experience. She was young and not good at jerking cocks, but eventually she did get me to cum and when I did, wow, it was one of my biggest loads ever. She had a short blue dress on and never took it off. She jerked clumsily on my cock while I stared at her bare thighs; dreaming of putting my dick between them.

She had almost given up on me cumming and was visibly annoyed, when suddenly a tiny little jet of semen came out of my cock tip, I knew more was coming and I was too far-gone to care about her approval. She gave a smirk; satisfied her job was nearly done, and continued to pump my cock even faster, which finished me off. Some of that first shot had landed on her wrist and halfway up her arm, but she had no idea what was coming next. Thinking that was the best I could do and expecting only dribbles afterwards, she was careless where she pointed my cock head. My cock flexed again, the second pulse was a massive convulsion. It sent a long, thick stream right into her face and down the front of her pretty little dress.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, letting go of my cock, which then bobbed around wildly. It was too late, my cock pulsed again, recoiling upwards and sending another thick stream of cum onto her face, neck and dress. “Fuck!” she screamed again. I panicked and tried to get my hand over the tip, but it was bobbing wildly and pulsing again. Another smaller stream shot out at her. It landed on her thighs. Then the last shot of spunk hit her on the shins, ankles and feet as she finally jumped out of the chair and stood before me drenched in cum.

“You asshole,” she cried out. Meanwhile my cock finally settled and slumped down, oozing freely into my two hands. “You freak,” she screamed, and ran to the bathroom. About a minute later, I was wiping off with a tea towel as she flew out of the bathroom and stormed out of the hotel room swearing as she left. I felt terrible. I’ve never called an escort since.

Recently, on a Saturday night, my 29th birthday, my life took off in a new and exciting direction. I had a great plan: stop jerking off for 2 weeks no matter how excited I got. Then I would go out to a bar and watch the sexy girls until near closing time. Then, go home and jerk off to one of my many porn videos. So I went out to this bar which always had very nice hotties. I was surprised to see the escort girl that had once jerked me off. She was there with a tall dark haired woman in a very short skirt and big tits; the kind that strained to breakout of bra and blouse. I didn’t think the escort would notice me, and if she did, she would simply go the other way. So, I ignored her completely and sat at the bar. I couldn’t believe it when she came and sat beside. Her friend pressed up between us, nearly choking me with her perfume and the heat coming off her tits was amazing.

“I know you,” the blonde escort said. “This is the guy I told you about; the guy that cums so much. He ruined my dress.”

The black haired woman just nodded and smiled down at me. The blonde said something into the ear of the bigger woman and they left wagging their asses and laughing. This wasn’t new to me and it didn’t bother me at all. But about one hour later they were back and they dragged me out on the dance floor. I was very embarrassed about the dancing thing, but tried hard. The tall one would come right up to me with her arms in the air and rub her tits in my face. Then bring the front of her skirt up so my bulge would ride against her mound, but only for a moment. The blonde escort would get behind me and make it look like she was fucking me from behind. It was embarrassing, but it would have been much worse to leave the dance floor. Then they would switch around and the big breasted one would get behind me and put her arms around me, holding me in place, while the escort would get in front and grab at my crotch while other dancers watched. Finally she finished by pulling down my zipper, which exposed my bulging underwear. What bully bitches I thought and moved quickly for the doors, no less. I was beet red and embarrassed.

I was just getting into my car, when they came out of the club calling out to me. I can’t explain why I just didn’t leave immediately, but I stalled, perhaps hoping for a less humiliating experience. I had no idea, but things would get worse before they got better.

“Hey Sir Cums-A-Lot,” the blonde said. “Could şişli escort you please give us a ride home?” She asked with a musical lilt to her voice. As an extra tease, her big girlfriend pulled up the front of her short skirt giggling and flashed me her black panties.

I agreed to take them home. It wasn’t very long and they invited me back to their place. The two lived together in a row house that was actually very well decorated. I couldn’t believe I was being asked to go home with two gorgeous women, that has never happened to me before, so it was out of the car and into the house following them like a lost puppy. Did I mention they were hot? They were really hot. I was blushing and feeling very awkward in their presence, but they didn’t seem to care and led me on a short tour of the house. Watching the short skirts and thighs up close and in the well lit home made me so horny it hurt.

I thought we would sit in the living room and talk for awhile, maybe I could get some more flashes: something to jerk off to later when I was alone, but they insisted that I see the basement. I declined but they persisted. It doesn’t take much pouting from two women to get me to do things and sure enough the raven-haired big girl pulled up her skirt again, so I went along. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, my mouth must have dropped open; there before me was a complete bondage setup, as wild as anything I had seen on the net. There was a tray loaded with dildos, vibrators and things I can’t recall. I felt fear, real fear that they might tie me up and hurt me, I wanted to run, but I was frozen like a deer in the headlights. The big woman with the black hair reached out and grabbed me by the arm with a firm grip. She then started pulling me towards this rack. The blonde escort was there at my other arm before I could resist.

Now keep in mind, I am only five-foot, five, 135 pounds, and not much for muscles. I had an adrenaline rush and almost broke free, but the big woman knew karate or something and kicked the legs out from under me. The two of them crashed down on top of me. Soon the bigger woman had her ass on my face; her panty covered pussy pressed painfully over my nose and mouth. I had never smelled cunt before; it paralyzed me, taking away any effort to fight back. The blonde grabbed me by belt buckle. Then they lifted me up; they were both very strong. The bigger one carried me in a chokehold from behind, while the blonde held my legs. I couldn’t breath, but squirmed wildly anyway.

Soon I was on the rack; a table like platform in the shape of legs and arms. The blonde had me by the nuts and was squeezing just enough to make me comply with all requests, while the big bitch stretched me out and strapped me tightly in place. Then they came at me with scissors and removed every stitch of clothing. I lay naked and cold on this hard rack with my legs spread eagle and my limp cock and balls hanging freely between them. They left me there while they went to get dressed up.

When they returned, I immediately felt a stirring in my junk. My balls had tightened up while hanging in the cool air and I was getting aroused at the sight of them. The blonde had on a black push up bra that exposed her nipples, a cat woman mask, and some stay-up stockings in black. Her hair was in a ponytail. On her feet were those stiletto heels that strippers often wear. Her pussy was shaved and my God it looked great. It had to be the most beautiful shaved pussy I’d ever seen, and after years of browsing Internet porn, believe me, I’ve seen them all.

The black haired woman had her hair down over her shoulders and red glossy lips that looked wet and full. She had a black push-up bra on too and probably the same black shinny panties that had nearly suffocated me earlier. She had thigh high boots on with high heels and something else: a strap on dildo. The dildo concerned me. I could only hope it was to stick into the blonde.

“Well, let’s see if we can get this thing to level you off at waist height”, the raven haired one said. The blonde was behind me cranking the gears that leveled off the rack so all I could see was the floor joists above. Then it started to lower and I could see the big bitch standing between my legs and the blonde beside me, her tits hanging over my face.

“We’re going to have some fun with you, freak boy”, the blonde said. Then she started pinching my nipples.

“Yup, we’re going to see just how much juice you have,” the big bitch said, as she took my balls into her hand.

“First he needs a shave,” the blonde called out.

The big bitch shaved my cock and balls while the blonde rubbed my chest and tweaked my nipples. When the raven-haired bitch had finished with the shaving, she then poured oil all over my cock, balls thighs and even down the crack of my ass, which had also been denuded of hair. She rubbed with expert care all around my asshole and balls, leaving my cock shaft to the last. She inserted her finger into my ass a couple of time and added more oil. She ignored the cock head. Then something happened that has never happened to me before. The blonde lowered her head over my cock and took just the head into her mouth. I had never felt anything like this before and instantly started to swell. Keep in mind; I had not jerked off for more than two weeks.

Then the dark haired one started to finger fuck me in the ass. While oiling up my balls with her free hand. The blonde was busy with my cock head just applying suction and her free worked on my nipples. I was so shocked and over whelmed by the sensations that I went from hardon to soft off and the blonde got pissed off with that.

“Don’t you go soft on me when I’m sucking your cock, freak boy”. She said in an excited high-pitched voice.

“I’ll fix him”, the raven-haired bitch said and I suddenly felt incredible pressure on my asshole. Oh my god, I thought, she’s going to fuck my in the ass with that dildo.

The blonde moved her head toward my face and glared at me while tugging slowly and just as poorly on my cock as she had once before. I was soft, but horny and couldn’t understand why my dick had failed. I was genuinely afraid of my ass getting fucked, but had no control over that fact. The raven-haired bitch pushed the dildo into my ass and it began to hurt. Then she pulled back slowly, which felt better and again she resumed her pushing forward getting a little deeper each time. Meanwhile my cock was being stroked and the blonde was staring at me with the Cat Woman mask on.

“Get it up freak boy”, she demanded.

“You like that?” the raven-haired bitch said as she picked up the pace, pushing into my ass and pulling out again. I couldn’t believe the odd, yet amazing sensation this created. Never during any of my jerking episodes did I ever come close to this sort of experience. Eventually the big bitch had a stead rhythm going and made full strokes in and out fucking me hard like in the porn movies. The blonde kept at her tugging and slowly my cock started to come back around. As it got hard, she turned the job over to the big bitch and moved around behind me. Now the table started to lower at the end with my head. The raven-haired bitch continued to fuck my ass and jerk my cock, but a little slower as she was very busy with both tasks.

Again a first time experience occurred. I could see the blonde with her pussy and tits behind and above me. I watched spellbound as she moved forward over my face so all I could see was her cunt. Her fingers moved down between her legs and she started to pull at the smooth, soft folds of skin that over lapped her hole. Her clit was small and hidden under a very smooth hood of flesh. She played and pulled at her cunt showing me every bit of it. First her hole was exposed to me as she pulled the lips apart, then her little pink clit as she pulled back on the hood that covered it. Then she massaged the whole thing, before sliding a finger into herself.

The big bitch was getting pretty excited too. I didn’t realize at the time, but with each thrust into my ass, the dildo must have been rubbing back onto her clit, because her breathing was getting quite loud and there was some occasional soft moaning too.

The blonde was getting wet and a long string of her lube dangled down onto my cheek. She scooped this and more out of her hole and smeared it all over my lips. Then, she lowered her cunt onto my face and said,

“Start licking freak boy.”

I did my best, thinking that if I made her cum, she would be pleased and maybe let me go. Boy was I wrong. I did what I saw in the porn on the Internet. She responded well starting to move her cunt around slowly and pressing her clit down onto my mouth and tongue.

My cock was very hard and I could feel that 14 days of cum building getting closer to release. My ass felt very strange almost like it too was welling up to cum. The raven-haired bitch suddenly stopped everything and went down on me, sucking very hard at my swollen head.

I got a hold of blondie’s clit and sucked equally as hard on it, almost as if in reprisal for the treatment of my poor ass and now almost painfully sucked cock head. I was surprised that she came so quickly. She groaned loudly and her thighs stiffened around my head. She then pressed down hard in me completely cutting off my airflow. Then a long Aaaaahhhhhh sound as she convulsed again. Then she lifted off me quickly.

“You’re not supposed to make me cum you freak!” She screamed in a high pitch shaky voice, panting noticeably.

She reached between her legs and pulled out more of her juices and smeared these on my face, then slapped my face, repeating herself again and again as she stormed around the table, pulling the big bitch off my cock. Then the table started to move again. My legs were going up and my head was going down. It stopped when my head nearly touched the floor.

A few seconds passed and then the raven-haired one knelt by my head. She moved forward and her soon her wet and pungent pantied crotch was at my nose. The blonde had grabbed my cock and was pulling slowly on it. So slowly in fact that it would be impossible to cum. My nostrils were filled with the aroma of wet hot cunt and the occasional whiff of perfume. I had been brought right to the brink of cumming, but was not being allowed to cum and it tormented me terribly.

The raven-haired bitch then pulled her panties aside and exposed a marvelous looking cunt. Her swollen lips were very wet and mashed together, while a larger than average clit peered out begging to be licked.

“It’s time for me to cum now. Make it snappy,” she said. I complied.

The blonde continued working my cock just fast enough to keep it rock hard, but not enough to make me cum, although there were a few moments when I thought it would go off on it’s own. The raven-haired bitch’s bald cunt oozed and flexed as I sucked and licked at her large clit. She moaned and whined sometimes pulling my chin into her sloppy meat and mildly suffocating me. For a big woman she whimpered like a little girl. When she finally popped, her cum ran down my forehead and into my eyes. She bucked hard on my face smearing it good with girl juice. At this moment the blonde stopped stroking me and let my cock hang hard on its own. The big chick got off me and flopped down on the floor while blondie wedged a pillow under my head so my chin was on my upper chest and I couldn’t move my head in any direction as clamps with pads came tight on both temples.

There I was: almost cumming without anyone touching me, my face coated in drying cunt juice and the eye of my cock head pointing right at my face. I couldn’t see either of the women at this point and could only hear a buzzing sound start up. I assumed the blonde might have turned a vibrator on herself, but instead I felt the wicked thing slide into my ass. It must have been one of those curved ones because of how it felt. She worked it vigorously in there, showing no mercy. I think she was working the prostate over and then the raven haired one came into view. She had her bra off now, her massive tits sticking out with large puffy nipples rubbing against my waist. She looked at my cock and my face as if lining the two up and then grabbed the hard throbbing thing in her right hand.

“Make him shoot his load on his face”. I heard the blond call out from behind my raised ass.

The raven-haired woman stared at me smiling and expertly tugged at my cock. The blonde may have been a neophyte at jerking, but the big bitch was amazing. She looked right into my eyes with this sly smile, I’ll never forget. She jerked fast and steady at my cock as the cum boiled and prepared to shoot out. I knew when it came my face would be covered in it. I wanted to cum very badly, but not on my face. I actually tried not to cum, but the raven-haired bitch’s gaze and fabulous tugging put it all out of my control. I was absolutely helpless as my cock exploded, sending an enormous stream of hot cum onto my face and mouth. The orgasm was so intense, my eyes shut involuntarily and I had no control of any muscle in my body. I was hit with another blast from my own cock. This time, cum landed right inside my mouth. I didn’t dare open my eyes as they too got coated with my spunk. The raven-haired bitch was laughing as my cum continued to shoot out onto my face, mouth and into my hair. Finally it stopped shooting and only a few smaller globs fell onto my cheeks and chin. The incredible jerking ended. I hadn’t even noticed right away, but the vibrator had already come out of my ass too.

The table like rack then leveled off. The blonde came around and whispered in my ear.

“Now you know what it’s like to get cum on you when you don’t want it. Well, freak boy, does it taste good”?

“Yes”, I garbled through a cum filled mouth, not sure what else I could say. And the two disappeared to shower and change, while stayed there, cum from three people drying on my face and running into my hair and ears.

They came down stairs and helped me off the rack and out into my car, giving me a kiss each before waving good-bye. When I got home, I washed up and was soon overcome with the images and thoughts of those two getting me off. I jerked myself off into the sink thinking about them. I was so surprised in the morning when I got in my car and noticed a note on the passenger seat. It said:

Hey Sir-Cums-A-Lot, how about we do it again? Have you ever fucked a woman before? We could try that if you’re a good boy.

At the bottom of the paper there was a phone number and the note smelled of perfume. All the way to the store and back I dreamt of that experience and longed to visit them again. And I did see them again and each time I was humiliated and abused but allowed to cum. I even had a chance to penetrate the blonde and felt the unbelievable sensation of her hot wet cunt wrapped snuggly around my cock head. The raven haired one let me fuck her for much longer and even rode me once. Her pussy felt different; much tighter even though she was a bigger woman – wow.

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