2 Eylül 2021

Shower for a shagging!


Shower for a shagging!Something happened the other day that reminded me of a past escapade in my life.A few years ago I was around 35 part of my job was working for a company that would buy old run down buildings close to town centres to operate as branch offices. Their business wasn’t top class and done on the cheap but we were making money so didn’t care. One property came up on the coast which was pretty remote and I met with the boss to agree what we would be doing. They already had a small office in the town which they had outgrown so he invited the manageress for her suggestions. The building was knackered and had been an office with a flat above.The manageress was older than me probably about 45 short but well stacked. Tight little suit showing off her nice big arse and nice tits almost busting out of her blouse. A little too much make-up but wonderful red lipstick. Her legs clad in black pantyhose her calfs looking hot due to the black high heels. We carried out our inspection and discussed the proposal her flashing her eyes etc. trying to get as much as she could. I liked her naughty look and enjoyed some cheeky chats.Then looking upstairs the client said strip the flat completely and turn it all to offices and staff toilets. She asked if they could keep a shower. Confused he asked why and she said so the woman could get ready Friday evenings to go out straight from work. He laughed and told her she had no chance telling me not to listen to her.However 5 minutes later she whispered to me telling me that if she got the shower she promised she would personally give me a shower when the job was done. Driving home my mind yüreğir escort raced. What should I do? Given the location the boss would never return. Our proposal was accepted with no shower shown but only i knew I had money hidden as something else. Work started and the manageress said I had let her down and that she would have kept her promise. I laughed and said wait until it is finished. I then changed the builder’s work and sneaked in a shower complete with changing area etc.Move on a couple of months and we had finished the builders cleared off at lunchtime and the women started moving in. All women just moving in files and personal things all the desks etc. already in place. My last job was to stay make sure everything was working and that the staff knew how everything worked. The staff were dressed casual for moving in apart from the manageress she was dressed as before following me around giving me the naughty smiles as I went through heating etc etc.All just about done she looked at me and said they were all so pleased and as a promise is a promise I needed to show her how to operate the shower. I still thought I was been teased as I ran the water to get to temperature. But then she said ‘time for your reward’ and she turned to lock the door telling me to undress. Still not believing her she told me again but this time unbuttoning her blouse. Still a little unsure i started to remove my clothes looking at her as she did the same soon down to her underwear she was pretty hot and my cock hard as I took down my undies my hands over my cock to hide it as I put my back to her stepping adıyaman escort into the shower. She quickly followed naked and I felt her hands on my back as she started to soap my body then pressing her tits into my back to rub it in. Her nipples felt so hard and her hands reaching around me down my chest but quickly grabbing my cock and wanking me. I turned round to see her hot body and grabbing the soap I started to return the favour. We continued for a while hands everywhere over each other as I slid my fingers between her body she resisted saying she was a married woman but not for long I soon had my fingers rubbing her soaking clit then sliding my fingers deep inside giving her wet cunt such a finger fucking as she stroked my cock. Then without warning she came. Her knees trembling her nipples so hard and she was screaming out. Wow! Dirty bitch I thought and I turned off the shower wanting to get out and fuck her so hard. We both dried ourselves off and she was saying she had gone too far but I was trying to convince her she couldn’t leave me like this. She said she would wank me off but I said no I needed to fuck. She wouldn’t saying she felt guilty with her husband but I kept on at her as she stroked me.Then she moved away reaching for a robe I thought I had blown my chance but she told me to wait there as she went out of the room . I started to dry myself further thinking I would go but then the door opened and she walked back in but she wasn’t alone. A younger woman was with her (started her was 20 I found out later) ‘Sally will fuck you ‘ she said. Sally was taller than me blonde afyon escort and so slim in her jeans and tee shirt.Locking the door again the robe dropped to the ground she helped Sally strip. So slim her bra removed her tits quite small but her erect nipples were fucking amazing and her pussy shaved unusual for those times. We kissed and I leant her back against the sink top but she bent over and took my cock into her mouth. The manageress said we need to get Sally turned on as she reached into her bag pulling out a vibrator. It buzzed as she switched it into life and parted Sally’s legs her still sucking hard on my cock. She knew what sally liked and my cock fucking her throat deep as she moaned I stopped her before I exploded telling her I had to fuck her. Asking about protection she brushed the question aside sitting up on the worktop spreading her legs to reveal her soaking pink pussy lips and what I can only describe as the biggest clit I have ever seen. I had to taste that fucker and my head was straight in. Fuck me it was almost a cock and it was obviously so sensitive as she bucked around. She begged to be fucked and I didn’t disappoint standing up i approached her and slid my hard cock inside her. Tight fucking hole she had but looking across at the manageress she was sat on the floor watching fucking herself with the dildo telling me to fuck her so hard. Sally wrapped her legs around me pulling me in as I bent to suck those long nipples knowing I wouldn’t last long I grabbed her hips and banged her hard before I admitted I was coming. Sally rubbed her clit now close herself telling me to spunk inside her. I didn’t let her down fuck I shot deep before hearing the manageress say ‘so you like my slutty niece do you? ‘Dirty bitches! I ended up having a night on the town with them going back to Sally’s for the night fucking her again before getting up early the next morning to go home and never see them again

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