12 Temmuz 2021

SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 6


SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 6SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales). Volume 6THE DANCE SCHOOL -“1, 2, 3 Aaaannnndddd 4”, wailed Ms Rutherford, the dance instructorRuth had been told this was the place to meet women. At 45, tall and quite attractive, Ruth was the type of woman everybody notices but nobody takes out. Anyway she had bought a monthly pass at Skylight Dance Studio. There were 3 evening classes a week for a month. Some people found a partner only after a few lessons, for others it took the whole month. You paid for a month in advance and there were no refunds. The Skylight Dance Studio was a regular male-female dance studio from 6PM to 10PM. After that it was restricted to women. Everyone knew what that meant. Ms Rutherford put women in touch with each other and was a spotter for those who were looking for somebody special. In other words she was a lesbian pimp.The last hour (10PM to 11PM) was limited to 5 or 6 female couples. The regular dance classes were handled by a male instructor but Ms Rutherford took over at 10PM. That evening, for her first class, Ruth looked around the dimly-lit room for someone her height. There were two other girls, out of the 10 there, who did fit the bill. Ruth was immediately attracted to another blonde her height who walked towards her with a nice smile.“Ruth, this is Emily”, said Ms Rutherford bringing the two women together with her arms.“Nice to meet you. Ms Rutherford told me I would find you attractive. And she’s right”, said Emily in a throaty voice.“So are you. She told me she had someone special… like…. in mind for me”, stuttered Ruth blushing.“Let’s get started”, said EmilyAnd the two women put their arms around each other’s shoulder and waist. Both were wearing a cotton dress with a narrow belt. Neither was wearing a bra but it didn’t matter since both women were quite flat-chested. Emily took the lead in the dance and also in the preliminaries. She pressed Ruth’s chest to hers and both women could feel the other’s small bumps. Emily avoided Ruth’s mouth on purpose, which clearly excited Ruth who moved her hand to Emily’s lower back. Ms Rutherford looked on with satisfaction, having a good feeling about that couple. “I like your perfume”, whispered Emily into Ruth’s ear“Thank you. I don’t know if I smell yours, maybe I should get closer”, whispered Ruth back“Rest your head on my shoulder and you’ll smell it under my arm”, whispered Emily sensuallyRuth did that and could finally smell a mixture of perfume and perspiration. It was Emily’s turn to lower her hand down her dance partner’s back but she went further and covered the top of Ruth’s round buttocks. Ruth hissed in pleasure. Ms Rutherford was watching those two and was getting ready to lead them to the secret door. Emily was getting bold. She took Ruth’s chin between her fingers and moved her head so that she could kiss her. Ruth immediately felt Emily’s tongue between her lips and her teeth. She blushed as she didn’t know how far they could go on the dance floor.Emily gently pinched Ruth’s buttock and Ruth did the same letting her fingers reach Emily’s asscrack through her dress. It was clear to both that neither was wearing panties. It was an obvious silent invitation made by each woman to the other that the dance was a preliminary for sex. The two lesbians were oblivious to the other couples around them, kissing and foundling each other. Emily pushed her small tummy against Ruth’s and the women positioned themselves so that one thigh was rubbing against the other’s mound. Ruth was wet and regretted in a way not having panties since she was afraid she would show a spot in front of her dress. Emily had both her hands on Ruth’s asscheeks and squeezing. They openly tongue kissed as hands were searching for covered flesh. Suddenly Ms Rutherford walked the couple to the end of the room and opened a door. Ruth and Emily stopped bursa escort dancing and walked inside a small room with a bed and a bathroom. Ms Rutherford discreetly took an envelope from Ruth. Ruth was happy to give the woman a few days’ salary for meeting such a partner. It didn’t take long for the two lesbians to get naked and fall into each other’s arms. It had been a long time for Ruth and she was a bit clumsy, elbowing Emily’s head or kneeing her in the thigh. Generally speaking the sex went well, each woman having an orgasm provoked by the other’s tonguing their clit. Emily mounted Ruth like an expert and Ruth screamed her orgasm as Emily was more discreet. After 30 minutes of sex, the two women dressed and checked each other so that nothing showed to be out of place. Emily was vague about their next meeting but Ruth knew they would get together again soon. Ruth walked out of the studio with love in her eyes. “And how was Miss Clumsy ?”, asked Ms Rutherford when Emily sat down in one of the sofas in the dance room.“She was fine. She was hungry. Book me with her in a few weeks again. She has potential.”, said Emily.“Here’s your share”, said Ms Rutherford has she handed Emily a few bills from Ruth’s envelope“Just relax. Your next trick is in 15 minutes”, said Ms Rutherford ————————————————————————————————————————–THE FLIGHT“Is that your girlfriend ?”, asked Linda“She’s not my girlfriend, silly. We just get together whenever she takes this flight and I’m on duty”, answered RhondaThe two women were middle-age flight attendants with Pan Am. The plane had just taken off from New York and was heading to Heathrow. About a year ago, Rhonda had met Joyce, an attractive woman about 10 years her senior, on that same flight. Joyce had made a subtle move and both lesbians had decided to have dinner in London since Rhonda only flew back a few days later. Of course, it became a habit and every two weeks or so, the two had rough sex (which both liked) at their destination.“Did you see the woman at 32A ?”, asked Rhonda“She’s more my type ”, giggled Linda“No..I mean…the blanket. Did you see her skirt when she got on ?”, said Rhonda getting impatient.“No. Short skirt ? She’s reaching for her own carpet ?”, giggled Linda again“You’re not k**ding. I think she’s exploring an easy way to get in there for later”, said Rhonda who was always horny on those transatlantic flights. “Bridget is in first class and she just told me some young thing just made a pass at her”, said Linda rolling her eyes“Bridget should get 32A to meet this woman and we could get both of them to rub one off”, said Rhonda seriously“Bridget is always saying she is being chased but then she turns you down when you grab her”, said Linda in a huff. “Let me fix 32A up with first class Sapho”, giggled Rhonda who was getting boredThe lady in 32A quickly took her hands under her blanket when Rhonda leaned over the row to speak with her.“We have a nice seat for you in First Class. I’m sure you will be more comfortable and have more privacy”, said Rhonda with a smile.The lady thanked her and just brought her blanket with her. Her skirt WAS very short and Rhonda wished she could have a go at her ass. The lady was a bit surprised when she found out her seat was next to another lady’s in the front row, far left of the first class section. There were plenty of seats around them. Rhonda squeezed her arm when she asked why she couldn’t have a seat far from other passengers. “You’ll thank us later”, purred RhondaBoth women in first class were in their early 30s and obviously wealthy by the clothes they wore. They smiled at each other when 32A sat down. They were experienced enough to catch on quickly on what had been planned for them. They didn’t speak. It was dark . Shoes were off. Both women reached bursa escort bayan under their skirt for their thong which they slipped off. A larger blanket was brought by Bridget. Hands disappeared under it. Legs moved, opened up. The ladies leaned back and use the head-rest. They were alone in a sea of empty seats.“I think they connected”, said Rhonda“I hope they don’t scream”, said LindaThe flight attendants looked from a distance as the two ladies silently masturbated each other. Rhonda counted three orgasms each. Linda said two but she was called to economy and may have missed something. Bridget didn’t count but continued to make eyes at Linda. Rhonda was talking to her special friend and making plans to tomorrow. The last time she went by the row in First Class, the two women were sleeping, a hand still under the blanket. ———————————————————————————————————————— THE SAUNAThe sign was discreet on the board listing occupants of the building. Among insurance brokers, physiother****ts, acupuncture specialists, Swedish massage, and even a palm-reader, one could read “Sauna. Ladies only. 16th floor”. Elaine was a secretary for one of the small insurance brokers in the building. She had taken up a membership at the sauna “for ladies only” a few months ago and she went usually on Friday after work, sometimes another day also. With her white towel well-wrapped around her plump body, she walked into sauna no.3, her usual choice. Elaine was nicely plump, about 45 and a rather plain-looking girl who had been single all her life. She had courageously kept her attraction to other women a secret from everyone, sometimes even from herself. The sauna had only steam rooms and no private rooms or even a lounge. Everything happened in the steam room. Elaine had been more relaxed with the whole thing since she had visited the sauna. She had seen women kissing other women, some even getting much beyond kissing. These were women she would see in the elevator or the hallways of the building. They looked perfectly normal and most smiled at her, recognizing her from the sauna. A few had tried to get things going with her in the steam room, but she had resisted only to be mad at herself when she got home and masturbated trying to remember the woman’s face. Today the room was only half-full, which annoyed Elaine, but on the other hand there was a lady sitting at the far end who had been very nice to her. The woman was quite attractive with her grey hair and was probably nearing 60. Last week, they had talked and the woman had gently placed a hand on her naked knee. Elaine had not moved away like with the other women but it was the grey-haired woman who had taken her hand back after Elaine had not reciprocated. This time Elaine walked directly towards the lady and sat next to her giving her a big smile. The lady smiled back and touched Elaine’s cheek gently with her hand. They were both silent. A couple was kissing on the other bench facing them. Elaine and the woman looked at each other and put their hand in front of their mouth to cover their smile. The two other women were opening up their towels and touching each other’s tits. Elaine turned towards her friend and found herself only a few inches from the woman’s face. Noses touched. Lips opened slightly. The women took the lead and moved her lips so that they touched Elaine’s. Finally tongues met, mouths opened and a real tongue-kiss marked the first lesbian activity that Elaine had ever participated in. The woman lifted the bottom of her towel up to her tummy and uncovered a black triangle of pubic hair partially hiding two uneven rows of pink cunt lips. Elaine swallowed a few times, bit her lower lip and with one swift movement raised her own towel to show her pubic area and cunt. Both women opened their legs escort bursa slightly and at the same time so that knees touched. The older lady rested her head against the wall and let her left hand slowly move along Elaine’s thigh until she touched her pubic hair. Elaine imitated her but more slowly, her hand shaking a little. Fingers moved to separate the pubic slit, feeling the wetness at the same time, and then moving upwards until their fingers felt the hard knob out of its hood. Elaine had done this many times to herself but never to another woman. “Oh baby….”, whispered the older woman“I’m yours….”, whispered ElaineAfter the two women had given each other pleasure, they wrapped their towel around their body and walked out of the steam room together.That day, during her walk with the older woman towards her apartment, Elaine felt that after all these years she was on the verge of a new life. When the two women were finally holding each other naked under the sheet, the woman whispered “Elaine ?”“Yes”, answered Elaine, very surprised” How did you know my name ?”“A lucky guess…or maybe you just looked like someone I once knew”, answered the woman blushingThen both lesbians began to rub bodies together with passion as if they had waited for this moment for decades. —————————————————————————————————————-THE CARD GAME “Do you remember when Mom invited her women friends over for a card game ?”, asked Leslie“Do I ever”, answered Monica with a big laugh“I guess she was lonely and finally free of her husband”, mused Leslie“I don’t remember their names but there were three or four regulars”, added Monica“I remember one who was tall and blonde and had a new hairstyle every time she came over”, remembered Leslie.“Although we were ordered to bed before they arrived, we always peeked from the top of the stairs when one or the other arrived”, said Monica“We were just awful weren’t we ?”, said Leslie“We could hear the blonde one walk up the stairs to go to the bathroom across from our room”, started Monica“Our room door was always open since you couldn’t sleep with it closed”, added Leslie“I used to lie on my back, push the covers back down to my knees and raise my nightie above my panties. There was enough light from the hallway for someone to see us. And you were naughtier”, said Monica laughing“I was very naughty since I was the one closer to the door. I used to pull off my panties and lie on my stomach with my nightie raised so my ass was visible”, said Leslie putting her hand over her mouth. “The blonde or another used to stand there in the doorway and we could hear her heavy breathing ”, said Monica“Didn’t mother come up with one of her friends once or am I just hoping she did ?”, asked Leslie“She DID”, cried Monica, “Once we heard her whispering to her friend in the doorway. The woman had told her she was lucky, or something. And we could hear clothes being ruffled. Do you recall that ?”, asked Monica“Oh my God yes”, cried Leslie, and then they BOTH went in to the bathroom and stayed there awhile”.“We were sound asleep when the card game finished…so we didn’t hear much more”, said Monica“Didn’t I tell you I saw and talked to one the ladies a few years ago ?”, said Leslie very seriously“NOooooo….you didn’t”, screamed Monica“Mom was long gone and I had a chat with this lady who was pretty old”, began Leslie“So ? So ? What did she tell you ?”, asked Monica screaming“Not much. Just that what we figured happened, happened”, answered Leslie“No great surprise there but it’s good to have a confirmation”, said Monica“Did you know Mom was a pisser ?”, said Leslie unable to hold back her laughter“No ? Really ?”, said Monica a bit uncomfortable “I guess we know who she passed it on to”. “I’m all wet and sticky”, said Monica as she yawned, got out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom. “So am I. Where are my panties ?”, asked Leslie“I don’t know. You have a habit of taking them off and leaving them lying around”, laughed Monica“Oh by the way, that woman remembered I had a nice ass”, said LeslieTHE END

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