13 Ekim 2021

Rebecca in trouble (part 10)


Rebecca in trouble (part 10)Part TenRebecca opened her eyes, the cock in her face. It was no longer hard, just a glistening, cum covered piece of man flesh. She opened her mouth as she felt him move his hips forward until it was pushed inside her mouth. Her lips grasped it firmly as her tongue began to wash over the surface, sucking all of her and his cum from it. She ran her tongue over the tip, feeling another drop of cum fall out onto her tongue, the salty, heavy cum filling her mouth with his taste. She looked up suddenly when she heard the cell door opening. She looked over, the Commander’s cock falling from her lips. Her brother was led in by one of the guards. She looked down at the bed, not wanting to see her brother’s face. She did not want to see her brother’s face as she lay on the bed, naked, cum on her, the Commander staring at her spread pussy.”Ah, I see your brother is here, Rebecca. David, isn’t it?” The Commander looked at Rebecca, her head hidden in shame. “Good news, I was saving it for the end. You and David will be allowed to leave. The Judge has granted both of you a pardon for good behavior.”Rebecca’s head shot up, a smile beaming on her face. She did not even care if her brother saw her naked, they were both getting out of there. They were finally free. No longer would they take advantage of her body. “Thank you, oh thank you so much.”David smiled as he looked down at his sister. Even though he was excited about getting out, his cock was hard at seeing his sister naked. She had a great body. “Yes, thank you. Let’s go Rebecca,” his hand reaching down to her.”Not so fast, Rebecca. You still have one job to finish before you can go.” The Commander smiled, waiting for the expression on Rebecca’s face.Rebecca looked up and knew what the Commander was talking about. He wanted to fuck her in her asshole. He wanted to make her scream in pain as his big cock forced her tiny asshole open. And then there were the tacks. He wanted to stick her with the tacks as he fucked her asshole.”What is it Rebecca, what do you have to do?” David looked at Rebecca, puzzled.”The Commander wants to fuck my asshole,” she said, her head hiding again in shame.”Can’t we just go now, please,” David begged, but he was hoping the Commander would have his way. His cock wanted to see her get fucked in the ass.”I’m afraid that Rebecca will have to comply. And since you are here now, you might as well stay and watch. I don’t want you to be bored, so maybe your sister will suck your cock while I fuck her asshole. Would you like that, Rebecca? Would you like to suck David’s cock until he cums in your mouth while I fuck you hard in your tight, hot asshole?” The Commander smiled, satisfied that Rebecca’s last time would be memorable.”Don’t make me do that, it’s i****t, please just fuck my asshole and let us go.””Now, now, you don’t want me to talk to the Judge and have him change his mind, do you? Now ask David if you can suck his cock, Rebecca? Tell him to get naked so you can suck it until he cums in your mouth. Tell him you are going to swallow all of his cum?” The Commander laughed, seeing the discomfort that he was creating in Rebecca. The final degradation, having to suck and swallow her brother.Rebecca knew what she must do. She had to get out. “David, take off you clothes so I can suck your cock. And please, cum in my mouth so I can swallow it,” she repeated, disgusted at the act she would have to perform.”I’m sorry, Rebecca,” but David was already taking off his clothes. When he pulled down his shorts, his smooth hairless cock already showed the excitement he was feeling at the opportunity to get a blow job from his sister.”I see that the task is less repugnant for David then it is to you, Rebecca,” the Commander laughing loudly. “He can’t wait to stick his big cock in your mouth and blow his wad of cum inside your hot little mouth.”Rebecca knew that the Commander was right. His cock was as hard as the Commander’s cock.”Now excuse us for a few minutes, you rudely interrupted Rebecca cleaning off my cock and making it hard again. I just fucked her tight little pussy and made her cum. Rebecca, take my cock in your mouth again and get it clean and hard. Show David how good of a cocksucker you are. That’s a good girl, deeper, suck it good,” watching as she slipped his limp dick back into her mouth, her tongue beginning to run over it. “I’ll get your asshole ready for my cock.”Rebecca felt her body turned again, her legs spread, fingers moving over her wet pussy before reaching for her asshole. She felt the fingers taking some of the cum on her pussy and rubbing it over her asshole, massaging the tiny, dark hole until it was wet and slippery. She felt the cock in her mouth begin to harden as he played with her asshole.The Commander had removed the gloves temporarily so he could lubricate her asshole. He heard her noisily sucking on his cock, her tongue running over the head of it, playing over the tip. His fingers pushed through her wet pussy lips, gathering up his and her cum and pushed it up until he reached her tiny asshole. It always amazed him that it could shrink back down to such a tiny star and then take his large cock. He knew that it would make her scream as he stretched it open again, but that is what he enjoyed. Making little girls scream as he ass fucked them. With her brother’s cock in her mouth, it would make it more difficult, but not impossible. He ran his fingers over the tiny asshole, a dark brown indent, glistening in the light. He played his fingers over it, pushing in at times, watching as it opened, then quickly closed when his finger deserted it. One finger pushed in, her asshole clenching it tightly as it disappeared up to the first knuckle. He twisted it while inside her, feeling her sphincter clamping down on it as his knuckle ground on her anal passage. He felt his cock beginning to grow as she sucked his cock. They had taught her well. It had been less then a week and she could suck a cock better than most whores he knew.Rebecca groaned on the cock that was filling her mouth as she felt fingers stretching her asshole again. One finger was pushed deep inside her, her sphincter trying hard to push it out but losing out to the digit. She felt her asshole stretching open as it pulled out and then return again, this time two fingers pushing relentlessly into her asshole, the knuckles rubbing harshly over her spread asshole as they began to push deeper inside her. The cock in her mouth began to get bigger, her lips stretching wider to accept the cock. It began to push to the back of her mouth.The Commander felt her hot, teenage mouth sucking his cock into erection again. “What a good little cocksucker your sister is, David. You are going to enjoy the little blow job she is going to give you. She has become buca escort quite adept at taking a cock and making it cum in her mouth, haven’t you Rebecca?” He looked up at her, her mouth wrapped tightly around his cock, now hard, her innocent face showing her humiliation at having to perform oral sex on the Commander as David watched. He pushed his hips forward, watching as she accepted the cock fucking her face, his cock pushing to the back of her throat, gagging sounds coming from her stuffed face. “Rebecca loves it when you choke her with your cock,” pulling his cock out, only to push it back into the hot confines of her mouth again, the gagging of Rebecca beginning again. He now had two fingers in her asshole sliding effortlessly in her anal tract, now lubricated sufficiently for his cock. He twisted his fingers inside her, feeling her asshole clench and unclench on the knuckles as they ground on her hot passage. “I like how your asshole fights back, Rebecca,” watching as her asshole clung tightly to the fingers in her gripped tightly onto to them. “Ready to get your cock sucked, David?” He looked at David. He was well endowed and his cock was already hard, watching his sister sexually abused. “Yes, I see that seeing Rebecca naked has made your cock very hard. She is going to have to take care of that for you. She will please you very good.” The Commander pulled his cock from her face, popping out, wet with her saliva and his pre-cum. “Time for your ass-fucking, Rebecca. Now I want you to please both me and David or you will not be released, is that understood, Rebecca?”The cock pulled from her mouth and she knew that it was time for them to further degrade her. She was going to be sodomized by the Commander and at the same time she was expected to perform i****t with her brother, to take his cock in her mouth and make him cum, forcing herself to swallow it. “Yes, I will obey,” she replied, knowing that she had to do these last final acts and then she would be released, her life forever changed after what she had been forced to perform for them.”David, you may join us now. Slip your dick just inside her mouth, only the head. Let her get used to sucking your cock, after all, you are her brother.” The Commander began to arrange Rebecca’s body for his pleasure. “On your hands and knees, doggy style, Rebecca. Such a good girl, always willing to please. That’s good raise your ass up a little higher. Yes, now spread your legs apart,” his knees pushing between her legs, urging them apart. “Further now, let your ass cheeks spread apart, let me see that tiny little asshole that I am going to fuck so hard. Such a lovely c***d you are, so compliant. I have a feeling that David is going to enjoy your charms once you get home. Making you his little fuck-toy for him and his friends. You’d like that wouldn’t you, Rebecca, you like being forced to service all of the hard cocks?”Once again, Rebecca was being used again, forced to perform for their satisfaction. She felt her body being handled, placed into a position of servitude, on all fours, like an a****l, waiting to be serviced by their cocks. Hands moved over her body, spreading her open, all of her orifices ready to receive their hard cocks. She felt her brother’s cock pushed up to her lips, her mouth opening in response, the head of his cock pushed into until she closed her lips over it, trapping it tightly in her hot mouth. She was taught well, her tongue already beginning to run over the head, flicking over the piss slot in it, tasting the hot, salty pre-cum already dripping out. She felt the Commander’s hands back on her ass, her body jerking in reaction, feeling the tacks on his hands again. She was not to be spared. She would again feel the tacks puncturing her flesh, this time while his fat cock was spearing her asshole. She felt her hips raised up, opening her asshole for the assault. She felt the hard, rubbery head of his cock placed against her defenseless asshole, rubbing slowly over it, spreading the cum that glistened on it, beginning to work it slowly into her tiny asshole.The Commander’s cock stood out hard and erect, the tiny teenage asshole spread before him, her body waiting for his sodomizing cock to take her, her mouth hungrily sucking on her brothers cock in her mouth. She had become so submissive, knowing the pain his cock would bring to her asshole or the tacks would do to her skin, yet staying in position, her body ready to take whatever he desired to inflict on her. “Push out on your asshole, you know what to do, Rebecca, make it easier for my cock to fuck you,” grunting as he pushed down on his hips, the head of his cock slowly stretching her asshole. He watched as it slowly spread, the skin almost tearing as it was forced aside by his mighty cock, pushing into her. He felt her body jerk in pain, then her groan as she pushed back with her asshole hoping to alleviate some of the pain. Her knees spread further apart, allowing him greater access to her asshole. “How is her mouth, David, is she doing a good job?””Oh, God, yes, can I put it in farther?” David groaned as he put his hands to the sides of Rebecca’s face, lifting up, forcing her to look into his eyes. He saw the look of complete surrender on her face, the innocent look now replaced with the look of a true submissive, her only position in life to service his cock. Yes, he would use her once they got home. And his friends would also.”Not yet, wait until I get my cock all the way inside her tight ass. Rebecca has a tendency to scream as I push in and I want to be able to hear that. Once she grows accustomed to having such a fat cock in her asshole, then you can fuck her face as hard as you want. She is especially good when you fuck her throat. She likes being forced to take a hard cock down her throat and choke on it. “”MMMMGGGH,” Rebecca moaned through the cock blocking her mouth as the cock suddenly popped into her asshole, the head gripped tightly by her sphincter. She tried to move her hips, but the hands dug into her flesh, the tacks puncturing her skin, holding her into position, forcing her to accept the sodomizing cock. She felt the hands move her hips in a slow circle, her asshole forced to accept the slow fucking of the head of his cock by her sphincter.”Now a little more Rebecca, time to take a little more cock inside you. Your asshole is so hot and tight. I know it hurts, but you must please me. Now fuck back with your asshole, take my cock deeper inside you.” He began to hump his cock into her asshole with short, punching thrusts, tearing into her asshole. He felt her body shudder each time he punched in further, muffled gasps of pain coming from her lips, David’s cock still holding itself tightly in the confines of her hot mouth.The jerking, punching cock in escort buca her asshole hurt. Each time her body was jarred forward, her tits bouncing around as her asshole was punched from within, his fat cock tearing her asshole open as it pushed deeper into her asshole. She could not believe the pain. Each time they sodomized her, her stomach would cramp as they forced their cocks inside her, the Commander not being any different. He was only crueler, punching his cock in, not allowing her asshole the luxury of getting used to having something that big thrust up her behind.”Yes, that’s a good girl, take my cock up your teenage asshole,” punching again with his cock, now over 4 inches of cock pushed inside her asshole. “Four more inches, Rebecca, open up your asshole and take it all.” He punched again, his hands reaching under her, grabbing her pussy with his tack covered hand, pushing the tacks into her tender pussy. Her body jerked up in pain, forcing two more inches of cock inside her. He felt her jerk forward away from the cock, only to meet the tacks again. They pushed into her skin again, her body jerking away in automatic pain response, filling her asshole with all of his cock. All eight inches of cock was buried in her asshole. Her asshole tightened on the sodomizing cock attempting to force the unnatural object from her body.”OOWWGGGH,” she yelled, the cock still muffling her sounds as it felt like a log was being slowly and painfully shoved up her backside. Her body bounced around, shoved forward and back on the cock and the tack covered fingers, the pain racking her body. “AAGGGH,” her stomach cramping painfully as the full eight inches of cock filled her asshole. She felt like she had just eaten a whole thanksgiving dinner, her colon stuffed full of the hard cock, pushed deep inside her, swelling her insides.”Your sister has such a nice tight asshole. It feels like she is going to suck my cock up inside her. Now start fucking her face and do it hard. I want to hear her choking on your cock or I’m not going to release the both of you.” The Commander pulled his cock from her asshole, feeling like her insides were being drawn out with his cock. Her asshole gripped his cock tightly in response to the pain of the withdrawal. He pushed back in again, grunting as he pushed hard to force all eight inches of cock into her asshole. It felt like her asshole was going to squeeze his cock to death as it slid painfully up her backside until it again shoved in deep inside her colon.Rebecca tried to scream as the cock was ruthlessly shoved back up into her asshole in one, giant painful push that left her breathless. David gripping her head tightly, muffled her scream by shoving his cock deep inside her mouth until it banged against the opening to her throat. She gagged as the head of his cock pushed against her tonsils, her throat opening in response, his cock slowly forced farther inside. David pulled her head back again until only the head of his cock was gripped by her lips and then plunged back in again, this time it breached her opened throat and slipped down into her neck. He punched his cock in and out her throat, feeling her gagging and choking gripping his cock as he held her captive on his cock.The Commander pulled his cock out and began to sodomize Rebecca hard and deep, burying all eight inches of cock inside her each time. Her body jerked in pain, his tack covered fingers mauling her pussy lips as he fucked her asshole with his punishing strokes. He smiled as he saw David fucking her face, his balls slapping against her chin as he pulled her face on and off his cock. He was using her mouth just like it was her cunt, fucking it hard and fast, pushing inside her throat each time, her gasping and choking making him harder. He pulled her onto his cock each time, forcing her to take each hard sodomizing stroke, burying deep inside her. “How do you like taking two cocks, Rebecca? I think your David is going to be fucking your face a lot once you get home, I think he is going to make you drink a lot of his cum.” His hips moved back and forth, harder and faster, his cock meeting little resistance. Her asshole had given up all hope of stopping the sodomizing cock, her body limp as he buried his cock deep inside her bowels.Rebecca’s body was a mass of confusion, the pain overwhelming all of her senses as her mouth was constantly banged. Her teeth were cutting into her lips, small traces of blood in her mouth as David smashed his stomach into her mouth as he tried to force his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Her asshole was now just a mass of pain. The cock in her asshole her was tearing up her insides. It now moved at greater speed, the head of his cock now continually forced in and out, pushing aside all resistance on her part. The fingers on her pussy pushed the tacks into her tender, pink pussy flesh and punctured her pussy lips as they clawed at her pussy, pushing her up higher onto the sodomizing cock.”You ready to cum, David, ready to fill your sweet little sister’s hot little mouth with your cum. Don’t choke it down her throat, make it take it in her mouth, make her taste your hot cum. Make her swallow it. Now fuck her face and cum in her. And Rebecca, do a good job on David’s cock, swallow his cum. And don’t forget my cock in your asshole. Tighten down on it and make me cum or it’s another day with us. Now fuck us back, Rebecca.”Rebecca had to get it over with, her body racked in pain as the two of them continued to abuse her mouth and asshole. She felt the Commander remove one glove and fingers reached out and grabbed her clit. Oh, no, he was going to make her cum. Make her cum while he sodomized her and committing i****t with her brother. The cocks continued to abuse her body as her clit was pulled and tugged, the bud now enlarged and hard fingers gripping it tightly. She felt the cock in her mouth become bigger, knowing that he was ready to cum. He kept it buried in her throat, she was unable to breathe except through her nose as she continually gagged on the thick cock. Her asshole felt like it was on fire, the cock burning up and down her anal tract, punishing her passage as she was sodomized with deep, painful strokes. She pushed her asshole back onto the cock, forcing it deeper into her colon, her stomach cramping in pain. His fingers continued to masturbate her, rubbing her clit, forcing her to tighten on the cock in her asshole, hoping to milk the cum from his balls and flood her colon with his hot cream. “MMMMGG,” she could only murmur as she felt the first traces of an orgasm coming over her body as her senses were stimulated beyond reason. “AAAHHHAAA” as she felt the cock pop out of her throat, gasping to grab as much air as possible before her mouth was filled with his buca escort bayan hot cum.David pulled his cock from her throat, holding it in her mouth, her lips tightly enclosed over it. He pulled it out until only the head was contained, her tongue rubbing sensuously over the tip, hoping to make him cum. He reached down and stroked his cock with one hand and watched his sister trying to milk the cum from his balls. “Suck my cum, drink it all my little whore of a sister.” He pumped his cock and it began to shoot inside her mouth, filling her with a full blast of hot, salty cum. “Take it, take my cum,” his hand continuing to pump his cum into her mouth, seeing her throat swallowing his cum as fast as he filled her mouth.The Commander plunged his cock deep inside her asshole, burying it so deep inside her colon he was sure that he was going to tear her insides. He cock began to pulsate inside her, the asshole squeezing the cum out of him as it shot deep inside her, filling her belly with his hot cum.Her body shuddered in pain, feeling like a knife was stabbed deep inside her asshole. She was sure that he had pushed his cock out the other side. Her mouth was continually filled and she gulped and coughed as she tried to swallow as fast as the cum filled her mouth. Her brother’s cock continued to shoot out an inexhaustible supply of cum into her mouth. She felt the cock inside her colon filling her up. She could feel her insides swelling as the hot cum continued to shoot inside her. How could both of them have so much cum? Her body, wracked in pain, filling with cum in both ends, began to cum. His fingers had succeeded in masturbating her to climax. She could not help it. Each time they had taken her against her will, forcing her to do worse things each time, inflicting sexual pain on her body. Yet each time they had forced her to cum. Her body shuddered in orgasmic pleasure, mixed with the pain of being taken in her mouth and asshole. She felt her pussy shooting out cum all over his fingers as he continued to masturbate her clit, her mouth still filled with cum, her asshole gurgling from the mass of cum sitting hotly inside her colon.That’s it Rebecca, cum for David and me, cum while we fill your slutty body with our cum.” He pumped his cock in and out her asshole one last time, hearing his cum sloshing around inside her as he pushed it deep inside her. He pushed his hips up against her ass cheeks, keeping his slowly shrinking cock inside the grip of her asshole. He felt her body finally stop shuddering, his finger now lightly touching her sensitive clit. He looked up and saw her face red from the face fucking that David had inflicted on her, cum dripping slowly from the corner of her mouth, unable to contain all of it. “Keep your cock in her mouth, push it deep inside, don’t let it fall out. We have one more little treat for our little girl.”Rebecca’s body began to slump, exhausted from the ordeal they subjected her to. Her hands no longer supported her body, David’s hands holding her head keeping her upright, the Commander keeping her hips erect, her asshole still speared on the deflating cock inside her asshole. Now what, what did was the Commander going to do to her now?”We are going to fill you with our piss, Rebecca. I am going to give you a piss enema and David is going to piss in your mouth. I want you to swallow it or it’s another day with the Judge. You don’t want that, do you? Just do this little job and you both can leave. Nod your head if you agree?”The Commander waited patiently as it slowly sank into Rebecca what would be required of her. She had to get out of here, now. She nodded her head, David’s cock still sitting on her tongue.”That’s a good girl, Rebecca. It wouldn’t be so bad. David will go real slow and only piss a little at a time in your mouth. Give you a chance to swallow before he fills it again. I’m going to fill your colon with my piss and mix it with my cum. Now, David, go slow or Rebecca will choke to death on your piss. Feed her a little at a time.”Rebecca felt the hot piss of the Commander first. She could feel the hot piss burning her anal passage, already raw from being sodomized so hard. Her stomach began to gurgle as she was slowly filled with the hot liquid. She felt David begin, shooting a short blast of piss into her mouth. She almost vomited as the foul tasting liquid bathed over her tongue. She swallowed quickly, but as soon as her mouth was empty, David pissed again. He was having a hard time containing the short bursts of piss. He filled her mouth again, this time she gagged as she swallowed, almost vomiting her brother’s urine. Again, his piss filled her mouth, this time more than before, her cheeks bulging to contain it all.”Such a piss slut you are Rebecca. Look at you, your cheeks puffed out, full of your brother’s piss. I can feel my cock sloshing around inside your asshole, bathed in the hot piss and cum inside you. Swallow now, David’s got some more. Young people can hold a lot of piss. I think you will be full by the time you are finished. Now swallow, that’s good, now David fill her up again,” watching as David strained as he pissed in her mouth again, this time even more. Some ran down the corner of her mouth. The Commander shot another load deep inside her asshole, bathing her irritated anal walls with the salty, burning liquid. They both finally finished filling her teenage body with their piss.They let her slump to the bed, her head hanging over the edge and she vomited on the floor, forcing her mouth to again taste the urine as it now poured out instead of in. The Commander pulled his cock from her asshole, watching as her asshole clamped down, trying to stop the liquid filling her asshole from coming out. The Commander got to the door and was leaving just as Rebecca lost all control and the hot piss shot from her asshole, spraying over a foot behind her in a steady stream of piss and cum.”You both can go now. You better hope you don’t end up her again. And if you tell anyone what happened here, I will guarantee that you will not be seen alive again. David, clean up your sister and both of you get out of here,” slamming the cell door as he left.David helped his sister into the shower and cleaned her up. Her body was still too exhausted to do much of anything. As he dressed her, he thought of her naked body, her hot lips around his cock, her tongue pulling the cum from his balls into her mouth. “Rebecca, if you don’t want me to tell your friends what you did in here, you are going to have to obey me. Do you understand what I mean, Rebecca? I’m going to make you my own little sex slave. You are going to fuck me just like you fucked these guys. If you don’t, all your friends will find out what a whore you are. Now let’s go home and Mom and Dad, they will be expecting us. And maybe tonight after bedtime, I will have a chance to fuck your sweet little pussy. When we get home, I’ll find new ways of punishing your lovely asshole and titties. My friends sure will love giving me a hand. Would you like that Rebecca?”THE END

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