7 Temmuz 2024

On the Beach Ch. 20


Meg fulfills her DP wish, with her daughter’s and Muriel’s help. Jim lends a ‘hand’.

Events wind down at the beach.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for helping edit this series.



“Jill, were you serious about the men not having sex with us for five days?”

“Yes, mother. I was.”

“But you said doctors no longer believe men have to “save” their sperm and only have sex a few times during those days. I don’t see why we can’t enjoy a little attention from the men. You know I want the best for Muriel, I love the woman to death, but the idea of granting her exclusivity when it comes to the men that seems a bit much. Doesn’t it?”

“Jesus, mom, how big a horn dog are you? You can’t go five days without fucking? Pretend you’re having your period or something.”

Meg blushes deeply. Jill gapes at her mother.

“Oh my God! You guys fuck during your period? Gross.”

“It’s not gross and no, we don’t routinely have sex while your mother is menstruating, Jill. Not that it’s any of your business.” Jill jerks to face her father. “Despite all this…sharing…I guess is the best word, we still have our own lives. Lives, that can, believe or not, function without you constantly trying to poke and prod them into the shape you think they should be.”

Jill’s face falls. “That’s not what I’m trying to do,” she whispers.

Ben sighs and his irritation falls away. “I know, sweetheart. I know. But sometimes your enthusiasm gets the best of you. You’ve always had a tendency to want to manage everything. You can’t though. It’s not even that you shouldn’t. You simply can’t.” He shakes his head. “If your mother and I decide to make love tonight, that’s not betraying Muriel, or you, or anyone else for that matter. It is our decision to make. Ours.”

“But,” her mother begins with a giant grin on her face. “If I decide I want your father and Jim to make love to me tonight, well, that is your business and,” she turns to Jim, “yours as well, of course.”

“Christ, Meg. You really are a slut.” She turns to stare at her husband. “Just kidding,” he says, holding his arms up in the air. “Just kidding, but it is one of the things I love about you.” He looks at her. “You’re really serious about this DP thing, huh?”

“Uh-huh,” she replies with a nod. “If it’s half as intense as it looked with Muriel, I definitely want to try it.”

“But what am I supposed to do?” Jill pouts. “Sing songs, bring your drinks. That’s not fair.”

“Well, if you’ve decided to abandon the all-cocks-belong-to-Muriel rule, there’s still Mark, Bill, and Owen and Muriel herself of course.”

Jill’s eyes pop. “Holy shit, you think we could do it side by side? All of us together?”

“Only if you don’t start barking out directions, baby.” They turn to look at Jim. It’s the first time he’s spoken in some time. He shrugs.

“Can I make one suggestion?” Jill asks, trying her best to look receptive to their wishes.

Jim nods.

“I really do think we should wait. Give Muriel her very best shot at this. The orgy can be a gift to ourselves.” She adds up the days in her head. “Even if we give her the next four days, we still have all of next week to play amongst ourselves. We can do whatever we want then, right?”

Meg frowns, then sighs. “Fine. Fine. Have it your way but it seems to me that the men, and Muriel, are getting the lion’s share of the fun.”

Jill’s face blossoms into a wide grin. “Unless…” She hops up and heads for the door. “I’ll be right back.”

“Jill! Don’t go over there and be a pest!” Meg shouts after her daughter, who, as usual, ignores her.


“Hello? Muriel?” Jill calls softly through the open patio door. There’s no answer. She steps inside, repeats the call.

“Back here. Sssh, honey.”

Jill tiptoes toward Muriel’s bedroom. Her hand goes to her mouth and Muriel smiles at her reaction.

Muriel’s lower half rests atop the folded pillow. Bill, out like a light, has his head on her right shoulder. His leg rests under her butt. It’s wet and shiny, despite their efforts to defy gravity. Owen lies on her left shoulder, also sound asleep. Bill and Owen’s hands lie, fingers intertwined atop her belly. Her fingers run through both men’s hair, Bill’s short locks and Owen’s thick wavy ones.

“Do you have a camera?” Jill asks, barely speaking.

Muriel smiles and nods. “In the front office, should be on the desk,” she mouths back.

Jill hurries to the front of the house. She spots the camera. It’s a point and shoot but it’s a nice one. It’ll do the trick. She hurries back to the bedroom.

“Close your eyes. Pretend to sleep,” she suggests. Muriel complies. Her fingers cease mussing the boys’ hair. Jill takes several shots. Reviews them and smiles. “Perfect. Beautiful,” she whispers and hurries back to return the camera.

“They’re so beautiful,” she whispers to Muriel when she returns. “So are you,” she adds with a smile. “How much longer do you have to stay in bed?” She inquires, easing herself down to sit on the edge of the bed beside her brother.

“Hell, tuzla eve gelen escort honey, I’ve stayed here twice as long as usual.” She giggles and the boys’ heads jostle on her shoulders. “Case you hadn’t noticed. I’m trapped.”

Jill rises. “Here, let me help.” She leans over and slips a hand under Bill’s head and lifts it. Muriel is able to roll toward Owen, freeing her right shoulder. Jill pulls the pillow from under Muriel’s neck and lowers Bill’s head onto it. Muriel carefully eases her other arm from under Owen’s head. She moves it gently and rests it on the other end of the pillow. Bill’s leg is still pressed against her bottom. He barely stirs as she eases off the bed.

“Whoa, honey, that’s a pure relief,” she sighs and arches her back. “Oh my,” she gasps and puts a hand between her legs. A frown crosses her face. Jill puts an arm around her shoulder.

“Don’t sweat it. Any tadpoles left in your pussy by now are not worthy of your egg. Come on.”

Jill leads the older woman to the bathroom, runs the water until it’s warm and gently wipes off Muriel’s thighs with a washcloth.

“There you go. All presentable again.”

“Thank you, honey.”

Jill ignores the thickness in the woman’s voice.

“Want to sit out on the deck?”

“That would be lovely.”

“We need towels, Miss Wet Pussy?”

“Towels are out there, smart ass.”

“Speaking of ‘ass’, do you have more than one strap-on?”

Jill doesn’t wait for an answer. She sashays her way down the hall as Muriel appreciates the wonders of the young woman’s bottom.

“Why would I need more than one, honey?” Muriel asks as she spreads a towel out over one of the lounge chairs on the deck.

“Shoot,” Jill sighs. “I was really hoping you had two, maybe an older one you’d hung onto.” She looks at her friend and lover. “No pun intended.” Muriel looks confused. “You know, fake cock, hung, hung onto…never mind,” Jill concedes with a sigh.

“Young lady, what sort of mischief are you contemplating anyway?”


“Your mother? If her and your daddy want to fool around, hell, they can borrow mine.” Muriel smiles. “You know what they say don’t you? ‘Snap on tools are easier to clean’.”

“Not for mom to use. To use on mom.” Jill ignores the woman’s attempt to interrupt. “Both of us, you and me, together. Since you nearly went into orbit, mom is obsessed about getting DP’ed. Obsessed.”


“Not for another three or four days,” Jill says, shaking her head at the older woman. “Until then, your pussy has dibs on any and all sperm still residing inside a man’s body.”

“Oh, Jill, don’t be silly. That’s sweet and I love you for it but…”

Jill interrupts with a wave of her hand. “The final choice is yours but if it was me and this doesn’t work, I wouldn’t want to wonder the rest of my life ‘what if’.”

“Honey, if you imagine this is the only ‘what if’ I have to wrestle to the ground at times, well, it just shows the innocence of youth.” She frowns. “On the other hand, you have a point. Why add to the list?”

“Exactly,” Jill punctuates her agreement with a sharp nod of her head. “Plus, how cool would it be for the two of us to provide mom with her first DP?”

“That’s what you’ve been thinking? The two of us fuck your momma with strap-on dildos?”

Jill hadn’t imagined it possible but Muriel is taken aback.

“Sure. Why not?”

Muriel opens her mouth, closes it, then shrugs. “Why not,” she agrees. “Honey, we don’t need two of those gizmos.”

“I know. We could just use dildos but I thought the idea of actually fucking her was hot.”

“Hang on.” Muriel disappears down the hallway.

Jill hears the sound of a drawer opening. She hears Bill’s muffled voice and Muriel apologizing for waking him. When Muriel re-appears, Jill starts to giggle.

“Your momma will be in between us. She can share this with whoever is under her.”

Muriel extends the two-headed dildo and Jill takes it.

“It’s kinda long. You think it would work?”

“That’s true,” Muriel says with a frown. “When we used it before we were both on our backs, legs over each other’s, pussy to pussy. This monster,” she taps the dildo with one finger, “was stretched out between us.”

“What if the person under mom wears the strap-on? Mom can do that, what do they call it? Reverse cowgirl? She’s on top but facing away, toward that person’s feet. The strap-on is in her ass. That way she can control the penetration. The third person would face her and the two of them can have this thing in each of their pussies, like it was designed for. That would work, right?”

Muriel shakes her head. “I don’t know. Your momma is in great shape but that’ll be an awkward position to hold for very long.”

Jill shakes her head. “Daddy can help her. She can lean against him or something. I was thinking she’d have to lie sort of across the bottom person, not parallel and perfectly on top. Although, I suppose she could lean back on whichever one of us is under her.”

“You planning on having tuzla otele gelen escort your daddy there, too?”

“Sure. And Jim.” Jill smiles. “One of ’em should be more than ready to contribute his sperm to the get-Muriel-pregnant-fund after watching the three of us fuck each other with dildos.”

“Your mother is right. You are an evil child.” Muriel’s face lights up in a smile. “I love it.” She pats the girl on the back of the hand. “I love you too, honey. Jim is a mighty lucky man.”

“Oh Lord, who let the two of you spend time alone, plotting together?” Bill says, yawning, as he walks onto the deck. He leans and gives his sister a one-arm hug. She barely notices when his half-hard, and wet, cock touches her shoulder.

She smiles at him. “I assume you’ve been doing your biological duty and attempting to pass on your genetic material?”

“Yes, ma’am.” He stoops and lifts his sister’s legs. He sits in the middle of the lounge chair, feet on the deck and lets Jill’s legs rest across his lap. He yawns again. “Hetero sex is exhausting.”

The two women chuckle. Bill massages Jill’s feet with one hand. It’s a companionable gesture but Jill has trouble ignoring the way his cock feels against the back of her legs.

“You and Owen seem to be hitting it off, big brother.”

Bill frowns. “Don’t jinx us.”

“What do you mean, hon?” Muriel asks peering at her young friend.

“It seems too easy,” Bill replies with a shrug. “It can’t be this easy. I’m waiting to find out he’s married or has leukemia or something.”

“Hush, don’t say things like that,” Muriel whispers. “I don’t believe in jinxes but I have my own superstitions. Don’t speak of evil out loud, like that.” She tries to smile. “Sometimes, hon, life is as easy as that. I’m not saying you don’t have to pay attention. I’m not saying it’s not always work, but if it feels right, make damn sure you give it a fair try.”

“Ditto,” Bill tells her with a smile. “I could say the same about you and my doltish brother.”

“Who you calling a dolt ya flamin’ fairy,” Mark calls from the bottom of the stairs.

They all jump.

“Jesus, Mark,” Jill gasps. “When did you become a damn ninja?”

Mark punches his brother lightly on the shoulder before bending to kiss his sister’s forehead. He treats Muriel to a longer kiss before dropping to sit on the deck beside her chair. He looks at his sister and shrugs. “The gate was open and concrete and grass don’t make a lot of noise. I wasn’t trying to sneak up on you guys.”

“I know, biggest bro. Muriel was trying to convince our in-between sib here not to freak out if things seem to be going too easy or too fast with the hot, pierced artist of his dreams who lies slumbering in yon bedchamber.”

“Ah, clear as mud,” Mark chuckles. He tilts his head back and lets it rest on his lover’s thigh and looks over his shoulder at her. “Did my brother do me proud?”

“Uh-huh,” she replies, combing her fingers through his short hair. “What’s your hair like long? Is it straight? Curly?”

“If you wish to see I will swear off all future haircuts,” Mark tells her with a smile.

“You could let it grow, like Owen’s,” Jill offers.

“I could,” Mark agrees. “I was actually thinking of a piercing, even before, but now that I’ve seen his, even more so.” He shrugs. “I don’t want to feel like I’m aping his style, you know?”

“I don’t own any patents on body piercing,” a voice says from inside the house. Owen pushes aside the sheer panel and joins them on the deck. Bill rises and kisses him softly on the lips. Jill pulls her feet up to give them room. Owen sits on the lounge chair. Bill opts to join his brother and sit on the deck, leaning against Owen’s legs.

“You really thinking of getting a piercing?” Owen asks after he is settled. He needs the distraction of conversation. He overheard most of the discussion regarding him and Bill. His feelings are whipsawing between elation and terror.

“Yeah,” he turns to Muriel. “What’s that one called again?”

“An apadravya.”

Owen whistles. “That’s a tough one, bro. Takes a long time to heal, too. You don’t even have a tat do you?”

Mark shakes his head.

“I’m not saying not to, dude. Just sayin’ most people start off with nipples, tongue, although the nipples hurt as bad, maybe worse, than the PA.”

“Really?” This from Bill.

“Oh, yeah. It’s an old joke, well, sort of old. Real men have both nipples pierced. If you see a dude with only one, it means he was too big of a pussy to do the second one.” He looks at Mark. “Bro, I’d think about starting simpler. Do your nipples. If you can take that, you can handle anything. Plus, your dick needs to be serviceable for your lady, right?”

Mark nods. “Where did you go? Up in Rhode Island?”

“Uh-uh, Elizabeth City. Gal does excellent work. Think about it. I can give you her number if you decide you want it.”

“Right on.”


“You okay, mom?”

Meg nods and squeezes her daughter’s hand. “Yeah, sweetheart but let me rest a second.”

Meg’s tuzla sınırsız escort head rests on Ben’s stomach. He’s lying on his side across the head of the bed. Meg’s right hand is in his hair. Her left clasps his hand. Jill lies on Meg’s right; Muriel on her left. Muriel’s hair brushes against Ben’s legs and cock. His eyes are glued to Meg’s face. All their eyes are.

They’re closed but not clenched. Her breathing is slow and steady. So is her voice when she speaks. “A little further,” she whispers.

Her right leg is draped over Jill’s legs. Jill’s hand is under her mom’s leg, holding the base of the smallest dildo in Muriel’s collection. The head has just penetrated her mother’s sphincter. Jill pushes slowly, feels her mother tense and stops. Meg’s leg relaxes. Jill pushes again. The dildo slides in slowly and soon the base is pressed against Meg’s bottom.

Muriel leans over and kisses her.

Without prompting, Jill works the dildo in and out of her mother’s ass. She checks it, no blood, just lube. She does this a few times and then lets the dildo slip entirely free. Meg gasps. She gasps again when Jill re-inserts the toy. She gasps, not from pain, not this time, but because the sensation is still so new to her.

Muriel toys with her breast. Ben whispers nonsense in her hair. Her hand no longer clenches at his.

“Okay, next one,” Meg whispers.

“You sure, babe?” Ben whispers. “Yes,” she says, squeezing his hand.

Jill leaves the dildo in her mother’s ass, holding it in place with the back of her hand as she lubes up another rubber cock for her mom. Underneath Meg’s bent left leg, Jill eyes the slightly longer and thicker dong hanging from the harness around Muriel’s waist. The pale fake cock looks good lying on Muriel’s tanned skin.

She lets the dildo slid from her mother’s ass, checks it for any blood and lays it on the towel at the end of the bed. She leans over Meg’s belly, trying to see better what she’s doing. She presses the head of the larger dildo against the pink rosebud and pushes. She’s surprised at how easily it slips inside.

“Um, that feels good,” Meg purrs. “Amazing really.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Jill replies. “I always thought that was just more patriarchal bullshit but then, wow.” She works the dildo as she whispers against her mom’s skin. Muriel fondles Meg’s breast.

“I think I’m ready to try, Muriel,” Meg murmurs, rubbing her head against her husband’s belly.

“You sure, sweet one?” Muriel whispers. Meg nods. She takes her hand from Ben’s head long enough to caress Muriel’s cheek.

“Jim, honey, I might need some help,” Muriel says to the young man at the foot of the bed, watching, rapt, silent. Jim moves to stand beside Muriel.

“Help me lift her bottom up, hon.”

Jim puts a hand under Meg’s bottom and lifts. Meg helps as best she can with her legs. Jill steadies her with one hand. Muriel scoots underneath her dear friend and steadies the head of the strap-on against Meg’s back door.

Jim feels Meg relax her legs. He supports her as she lowers her weight. The dildo starts to buckle. Muriel steadies it with her hand. Jim lowers her a bit more, then more. Meg gasps. The head of the dildo disappears. She lets her weight press the toy home.

“Oh my God,” she pants as her full weight rests atop Muriel’s legs. “Oh, sweet Jesus.”

Jill swivels toward the foot of the bed. She manages to get her left leg under her mother’s right. The left is trickier. In the end, she lets it rest atop her mom’s leg. Jill’s bottom presses firmly against Muriel’s thigh. She can feel the muscles tighten as her, and her mother’s, lover begins to move her hips, moving the dildo buried deep in Meg’s ass.

Jill picks up the other dildo. She rubs one of the heads in her mother’s slit. She won’t need lube for this part. She tries to lean forward. Jim puts a hand behind her back and helps. Jill spreads her mother’s pussy and presses one end of the dildo home. She can feel it ride over the dildo in her mom’s ass. Jill lies back on the bed. She flexes the dildo, rubbing it over her own pussy and then letting it straighten out to enter her. She’s too close. It presses hard against her cervix. She gasps and arches her back.

“You okay, baby?” Jim asks, eyes concerned.

Jill lets her hips move toward the bed, feels the pressure, raises them, lowers them. “God, yes. I’m okay.”

“Whatever you’re doing baby girl, don’t stop,” Meg gasps. It dawns on her that she need not do a thing. She rests against her husband as Muriel tenses and relaxes her butt and thighs, causing the dildo to move in and out of her ass, not a great deal, but enough, enough to keep the sensation of being full of cock alive. Jill’s hips rise and fall, pressing the double-headed dildo in and out of both of their cunts.

Jim watches, breathing heavy, cock pulsing, stunned. He keeps his hands away from his cock. If he touches it, he’s gone. He bends over the bed, meets his love’s pussy as it rises towards him. Jill gasps as his lips close over her clit. She holds the position until her legs start to shake and then rests back on the bed. Jim turns his attention to Meg’s pussy. He tongues her clit; the dildo tastes vaguely medicinal somehow. It doesn’t matter. Meg’s response is worth it. The taste of her pussy is worth it. He feels Jill move. Her turn. He sucks and nips at her clit. Meg. Jill. Back and forth.

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