8 Kasım 2023

Marsha and Jean


Marsha and Jean — Double Duty Deal and Loving it.

By OneWhoKnows

This is another true story from my past. Only the names have been changed. When my wife and I parted ways I was 35. Once I sort of adjusted to being single again, I started going out dancing. I met some new friends and was having fun. Not wanting to have any more children I had gone to the doctor and had a vasectomy done. I was tender for about four days. He told me to continue using protection for 30 days or until I had ejaculated 25 times before I brought him a sample for him to check. To make sure my system was flushed out with no sperm still swimming around. I took his advice. My sample turned out fine. No swimmers.

It was Saturday night and I felt like going dancing. I had no idea I would meet Marsha. We had fun dancing and agreed to a dinner date on Monday night. She gave me her phone number and her address.

She was divorced and had daughters 3 and 4. She was 22 and lived in the city. I lived in one of the smaller towns a few miles away. She knew I was just recently divorced and that I was 35.

I picked her up Monday night about 6:00 at her apartment. Her mom was keeping the two little ones overnight. We went to one of the nicer restaurants and enjoyed a nice meal and talked a lot. We hadn’t really made any plans beyond dinner. All thru dinner she was sitting tight against me. It was working. She had a skirt and blouse on. I had on jeans and a western shirt. She kept rubbing my thigh with her hand, getting higher and higher. I responded by putting my hand on her thigh and was going to keep going higher till she told me to stop. My hand kept sliding her skirt up her thigh.

Her hand was about 4 inches from my crotch when I discovered that she was not wearing panties. When I rubbed gently she gently grabbed my growing erection in her hand and said, “My apartment is closer than yours.”

She was cute and well built. I was not going to say no. We finished eating and went to her apartment. She explained on the way. “I have a very high sex drive. My husband did not. That’s what led to our divorce. He pays me child support. We’ve been divorced a few months.”

“I’ve had a few dates but the guys my age either can’t satisfy me or they aren’t interested in getting involved with anyone who already has kids. I have a girlfriend that’s in the same situation I’m in. Except she has 4 daughters, 2 thru 6. She’s 24, her name is Jean. Sometimes we baby sit for each other so one of us can go out to try to meet someone. We will never meet anyone if we just stay home.”

“We jokingly made a deal awhile back….. If one of us meets an older guy who might be willing to keep both of us happy, we would share him. We know that an older guy is going to have more experience about how to satisfy a lady and maybe in this arrangement the fact that we both have kids probably wouldn’t matter. Would you like to meet her?”

WHOA! Where did this come from? I guess when young ladies are horny and not being satisfied they might go to unusual methods to get some relief. Soon we were pulling into her apartment complex. I walked around and opened her door. She turned sideways on the seat of my truck which sat pretty high. She spread her knees apart. She didn’t have to tell me what she expected me to do. I slid my hand up her skirt. She was WET! I inserted one finger and then two… pushing deep.

Marsha said, “We need to go to my apartment…. Now!”

I always had a roll of paper towels in my truck for cleaning the windshield. My truck didn’t have washers. I wiped my fingers off on a towel, stuffed it behind the seat and held out my hand to help her get out. We walked to her apartment.

She led my straight to her bedroom and turned the covers down. There wasn’t much foreplay. Both of us just stripped, wasting no time on trying to do a striptease. We shared a tight hug to feel what our bodies being pressed together felt like. A few seductive kisses, me playing with her B cup breasts, her playing with my dick and balls. We spent the next 30 minutes trying a couple of different position. Some slow stroking, some fast with me pounding deep with my balls slapping her ass. She had her first orgasm after only about 5 minutes. Then, with the edge taken off, she was able to really enjoy the next 25 minutes with us finishing together. Her vaginal muscles clamping tightly on my dick and me filling her with spurt after spurt of cum.

I asked, “Any chance you have something cold to drink in your refrigerator?”

She answered, “Only iced tea. Let me see if I can get up to go pour some.”

I stopped in her bathroom to clean up. When I got out to her living room she had two glasses of tea setting on a table in front of the couch. She was sitting on a towel. She knew she was going to drip.

I spoke, “Tell me about your şişli escort friend Jean. Do you have a picture of her?”

She answered, “Actually we were all at the park a while back and took some pictures. Let me go get a couple of me and my girls and Jean and her girls.”

The first couple of pictures were of her and her two girls. And then one of just her. Nice pictures. The next picture was of Jean and her adorable girls. The four little girls looked like absolute copies of their mother except of course for age. The next picture was of Jean by herself. I thought how in the hell can this lady be lonely. There must be a long line of guys who would love to date her. She was gorgeous. The picture was just from the waist up. Her smile was beautiful. She had blue eyes. Blonde hair with lots of curls. And a magnificent pair of breasts trying to break out of the top she had on.

I asked, “Marsha, How can Jean be lonely when she would probably be the most desirable lady out of any group of 100 women?”

She answered, “That’s the problem. She’s too pretty and too well built. Guys her age are afraid to ask her out. Older guys ask her out and when they find out she has four daughters it’s one date and done. I get more dates than she does, even though I don’t get asked out that often.”

I asked, “So when do I get to meet her?”

She answered, “Her girls will all be in bed by 8:30. She rarely goes to bed before 11:00. That way she at least has some time to herself. We have time for one more round and about 9:00 we will drive the whole block that it is to her apartment. It’s convenient we live close. When we baby sit for each other we just walk back and forth. After I introduce you two I’ll just walk the block home and you two can get acquainted. Be forewarned that she will probably keep you entertained for a while.”

I said, “I want to take you to your bedroom, have you lie down on your back.

I will be happy to use my fingers and my tongue to give you a couple more intense orgasms before we clean up to go meet Jean. I think you’re trying to warn me that I may need some energy left after I meet her.”

Marsha sat on the edge of the bed. Then lay back so she was sideways on her bed with her legs from her knees down hanging over the edge and spread wide.

I pulled a stool over and sat down. I started sliding my hands up and down her smooth thighs, just nudging her outer lips at the top of each stroke. With my fingers on the top of her thighs and my thumbs on the inside I let my hands slide slowly up her thighs to tease her. When I got to her wet pussy I pushed my thumbs as deep as they would go and spread my thumbs apart to give her a full feeling.

I did it four or five times.

I pulled my thumbs out and used my left had to massage her mound and push the hood up exposing her clit. Using my right hand I pushed two fingers deep. This had my thumb directly on her clit. I started rubbing small circles around her love button. Going clockwise a couple of times and then reversing the direction for a couple of times. She was moaning and starting to breathe hard. When I started using my thumb in a windshield wiper motion, pressing firmly and going back and forth across her protruding clit she had a strong orgasm. UUUNGG! AAAAGH! OOOH! Her vaginal muscles were clamping down on my fingers.

After she caught her breathe she said, “I’ve never experienced what you did with your two thumbs spreading me inside. My clit is super sensitive right now. Can we do that again?”

It only took two minutes to give her another strong orgasm. UUUNGG! AAAAGH! MMMMMM!

I left my two fingers deep in her pussy, curling them up to rub her G-spot. I used my thumb to pull one outer lip open and used the fingers on my other hand to hold the other outer lip open. I leaned in and pressed my lips firmly around her protruding clit and sucked hard to make her clit really stick out like a mini-dick. Using my tongue I flicked up and down and side to side. She was out of control. Her heels were digging into the side of the mattress. Her arms were thrashing about on the bed. Her head was turning from side to side. I kept her going, orgasm after orgasm. She was gasping for air. OOOOH! NNNNGH! AAAHHH! ******! ******! She cried out, “NO MORE! It’s too much! Let me catch my breath.”

I sat up straight, catching my breath also. My two fingers were still deep in her pussy. Every time I curled them up and rubbed her G-spot her vaginal muscles would spasm and clamp down. I slowly pulled my fingers out.

After a few minutes she was able to talk. “I don’t know how many orgasms I had because they just ran together, one after another. That was intense!”

I said, “You had…. Four… in less than five minutes.”

When we had cleaned up and gotten dressed we talked a little bit about how their ‘joke deal’ might actually work. It was a little after 9:00.

Marsha said, “Let’s go to Jean’s so I can introduce you.”

I asked, “Don’t you want to call her before we just show up at her door?”

She answered, “No, She doesn’t like calls after her girls are in bed. Sometimes the phone wakes the two younger ones up. Besides, I want to surprise her.”

I said, “She’s your friend. So whatever you say.”

She replied, “Jean will be happily surprised. Her sex drive is as high as mine.”

It was warm out so no need for jackets. We walked out to my truck. I opened her door so she could get in. She still had no panties on. I drove one block to the other side of the apartment complex. She told me where to park. We got out and headed for Jean’s door. Marsha knocked softly. I was just standing beside her.

Jean answered the door and said, “Come in, please.” We walked in.

Marsha said, “Jean, I’d like you to meet ‘OUR’ new friend. This is Charles.”

Jean looked at Marsha and then at me. “Is this a joke?”

Marsha asked, “You remember the ‘deal’ we made a couple of weeks ago?”

Jean smiled, “Yes, but I didn’t expect it to ever happen. Nice to meet you Charles.” She held out her hand as a greeting.

Marsha said, “That’s no way to welcome our new friend. Kiss him hello!”

I stepped forward, “A pleasure to meet you, Jean.” That first kiss was one to remember.

Jean was in shorts and a t-shirt. I couldn’t tell a lot about her shape but she certainly filled her t-shirt. My guess was about 5 foot 3 and 125 pounds, all in the right places.

Marsha said, “I met Charles Saturday night at a bar. We danced a few times and he asked me to go to dinner tonight. Dinner was nice but the last couple of hours have been marvelous. He really knows how to treat a woman. I’ve told him that your sex drive is as high as mine.”

Jean blushed. “What else have you told him?”

Marsha answered, “Just about our ‘deal’ and what our situations are. Now it’s up to you. Have fun! Goodnight.” And let herself out to walk home.

Jean and I were still standing face to face after that first kiss.

I said, “Let’s share a couple more kisses… than we can talk.”

She didn’t hesitate. The next two kisses were sweeter than the first one had been. Holding her tight proved my guesses about her height and weight were confirmed.

Jean said, “I’d rather talk in my bedroom and not have our conversation wake one of my girls up” She gave me a devilish grin and said, “Let me entice you to follow me to my bedroom.”

She pulled her t-shirt off over her head. I was staring at a marvelous pair of 34D breasts as she did not have a bra on. I wanted to take them in my hands but knew I would be able to do that as soon as we were in her bedroom.

I simply replied, “Lead the way.”

She led me to her bedroom. We went in and she closed….and locked her bedroom door.

She said, “If my bedroom door is closed my girls won’t normally just walk in. The lock is just for safety. If there’s some problem they will knock.”

I said, “It wouldn’t be good if they walked in at the wrong time.”

She moved a straight backed chair that was in front of her vanity over in front of her bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed. She seemed very comfortable sitting there topless.

She said, “Please sit down so we can get acquainted.”

I sat down, trying not to stare at her breasts. She had a beautiful smile so it wasn’t too big a problem.

She asked, “So how much about me did Marsha actually tell you?”

I replied, “Just that you’re divorced. That you have four girls. And that young guys are afraid of you. And about your ‘deal’.”

She went on, “I’ve divorced twice. I have two girls by each husband. My husbands were a lot alike so no one notices any differences between my girls. I’m originally from Las Vegas. My family still lives there. As does my first husband. I met my second husband when he was visiting Vegas. It was a whirlwind courtship and I married him a week after we met. He moved my girls and me here where his office is. The marriage was OK until my last daughter was born. He decided he really wasn’t a family man, trying to raise four girls. It was not an ugly divorce. He still visits all the girls sometimes. He pays me a generous child support. He can afford it.”

I said, “I saw pictures of you and your girls at Marsha’s. They’re adorable.

I certainly didn’t think anything about them having different fathers.”

She continued, “Marsha and I were actually joking about how a ‘deal’ could work. Neither of us thought for more than an instant that it would ever happen.”

I smiled, “And now to EVERYONE’S surprise… here I sit.”

Jean went on. “Marsha and I agree that we are not interested in a threesome. We are neither one interested in any girl on girl action. We were just day dreaming about a solution. A man who can keep us happy until we find someone to share life with. It’s hard for young ladies like us with children.”

I answered, “I’m divorced. I’ve had a vasectomy. I’m in good health. I would love to try keeping you both satisfied. I hope you won’t be disappointed.”

Jean stood up. She said, “I think it’s time for us to get naked and get better acquainted.”

She was busy removing her shoes and socks and her shorts and panties. I was doing a quick strip for the second time tonight. We sort of just looked each other over.

I said, “Let me explore your body a bit.” I took her in my arms and ran them up and down her back, stopping with one hand on each butt cheek. I gave them a one minute squeezing. I turned her around pulling her butt tight against my hard-on.

I reached up and spent a couple of minutes exploring and squeezing her marvelous breasts and down to her small light patch of bush.

I told her, “Back up to the bed, sit down and just lie back.”

I gently spread her knees so she was in the same position Marsha had been earlier. Without a word I started rubbing the insides of her thighs and gently rubbing up over her mound. Her outer lips were responding by starting to swell and turn pink. I started the first long lick as far down as I could. I licked a few times and dipped my tongue into her opening. She was biting her lower lip to be quiet. I took one more long lick and stopped directly on her clit.

I settled my lips around her clit and started flicking my tongue up and down then side to side. I sucked hard on her clit. She exploded in a fierce orgasm. AAAAGH! MMMMM! UUNNGGG. DAMN! She had lifted her heals from the side of the bed and had them hooked behind my shoulders, pulling me to her. When she finally lifted her heals up off my shoulders I was able to sit up straight.

I stood up and held my hands out to her. She grabbed my hands tightly. I pulled her up to a seated position. She wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her lips on mine. We played kissy face and tongue battle for a couple of minutes.

She finally spoke in a very soft voice. “Oh, my God! I really needed that. I also reeeaaallly enjoyed it!

I said, “I enjoyed it just as much as you did. I love to pleasure a fine lady and you are certainly all of that.”

I asked for the second time tonight. “Any chance you have something cold to drink in your refrigerator?”

She replied. “I think I have two beers left.”

I stepped back so she could get up off the bed. She slipped a sheer night gown on and headed for her kitchen. She came back with two cans of Coors. She took her night gown off and sat back down on her bed. I sat down on the stool. We talked just a little as we drank our beer and cooled down.

She said, “I never imagined that our crazy idea could ever result in how I feel right now.”

I said, “After while I want to share an intense fuck session with you. I may not last very long. Twice in one night is a challenge.” I was sure she understood what I had said.

We talked some more. She told me I ‘should’ come see her any night I was in the city after 9:00 and had some free time. Don’t call and wake my girls up. Just do a small double/double knock. I’ll know it’s you.

We enjoyed a fast and frantic 10 minute romp on her bed. It was hard and deep. Her orgasm and my climax were right together. I gave her what was left in my balls. I was drained! She was completely satisfied.

I got dressed and she slipped her night gown back on. She walked me to her door.

She said, “I’m VERY HAPPY that we met. Maybe under strange conditions but I hope we continue our new friendship.”

I said, “My pleasure to meet such a beautiful, sexy young lady. I hope to see you again soon. We can continue this wonderful ‘deal’ of yours. Goodnight, Jean.”

She replied, “That sounds fine. Goodnight, Charles.”

We shared a long, sensual goodnight kiss. I headed for my truck to go home.

This strange ‘deal’ lasted about four months with me visiting each of them once or twice a week. Marsha and I went dancing a few times before returning to her apartment for a fun session. Jean and I did go out for a nice dinner once. Every man in that restaurant was looking at Jean… dressed to tease, wondering what I had that they didn’t. I had Jean!

Jean was happy to just stay in and play. She wanted to move back to Vegas when she and her family could arrange to do it. The move finally happened.

Marsha met a fireman a couple of years older than she was. He fell in love with her. A year later they married and he adopted her two girls. Ten years later they were still doing fine. Marsha and I still talked on the phone every few months just to keep in touch. A strange but wonderful memory! I hope you enjoyed the story. I appreciate your vote.

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