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Lost Girl: Julie’s Story Ch. 02


Many, many thanks to Mriceman1964 once again for his help in editing, proofing, commenting and criticising where it was needed, and generally being realistic about where this story went. Without his help and real-world view I would have foundered, so a huge thank-you!

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For those of you who wanted to know, chapter 3 Parts 1 & 2 details the story of how Julie and Mark reunited with their lost family



The girls at work soon picked up on the fact that something had gone terribly wrong between Mark and I; the first and most obvious thing they noted was that he no longer came to see me; after two years of almost daily visiting me for lunch, and collecting me at day’s end, suddenly he was conspicuous by his absence; also, a couple of times one of the girls had come into my office unexpectedly and found me crying, so they knew that we’d broken up, but nothing else. I had taken to closing my office door firmly, I wanted to be left alone to work, I was in no mood to discuss something so personal, and they knew me better than to ask.

Eventually, it was Doreen, of all people, who worked up the nerve to confront me about my misery, to try and get me to talk about it with a sympathetic ear, and try and get me out of my depression.

One afternoon, about a month after it had all gone so horribly wrong, there was a soft knock at my door, and before I could say anything, Doreen had slipped inside and shut the door behind her.

“Jules, we need to talk” she said, before I could say a word. I just looked at her, unable to think of anything I wanted to discuss with anyone that wasn’t work-related.

“Doreen, I’m very busy, is this about work? Because I’m not really interested…” I began, but she cut me off.

“Jules, what happened with you and Mark? You lock yourself in here, you walk around like a zombie, you don’t talk to anyone, and we don’t see him anymore; plus, I know you’ve changed addresses, and we’ve all seen and heard you crying in here. Whatever happened, you can’t keep it all bottled up, and you can’t keep us locked out; we’re your friends, and we’re worried.”

I tried to tell her to mind her own business, and instead the tears started again. Doreen led me away from my desk and sat with me on the little couch in my office, letting me cry while she hugged me and waited for the tears to ease-off.

When I stopped crying, she looked me in the eye. “All right, Jules, now talk to me!” she commanded, and I did, telling her everything, except the one searing fact at the core of the whole story, the thing I knew would disgust her; that Mark was my brother, that I’d slept with him, done things with him that I never dreamed of doing with any man, and he’d abandoned me. Doreen picked up on that gaping hole in my story, and tried to make sense of it from my disjointed account of what had happened, and the more I told her, the more confused and muddled my story became, as I tried to gloss over what had really happened.

“Jules, none of this makes sense, you tell me your mother kicked you out over Mark, and that he left you, why? What did your mother have to do with Mark, and why…Oh!”

I looked at her fearfully, realising she’d just made the connection.

She looked at me quizzically. ” I suppose I should have guessed, I mean, in hindsight, it was right out there in the open; from some angles you even looked a little alike, I just never bothered to look at the two of you; I was too busy looking at him!” she grinned. “You have to admit, he was worth looking at! So what happened, your mother found out, and blew a gasket, yes?”

I nodded miserably, unable to look her in the eye.

“So why didn’t he just give her the finger and take you away? I mean, he was into you in a big way, everyone could see that, it made us all very jealous!”

I started crying again.

“Dor, I don’t know, one minute he’s telling me he loves me, that I’m the one for him, that we’ll always be together, a few minutes later he’s looking through me while she’s screaming at me that she should have got rid of me with a coat hanger, and throwing me out the door, at the same time praising him for being a good boy and apologising to her! I was so scared, and he never even batted an eyelid! The fucker used me, screwed me every way he could, and watched me leave without even a twitch of his fucking eyebrow!”

Doreen was shocked. “Your own mother said that? About the coat hanger…Oh my God, what a thing to say! Oh Jules, why didn’t you say something, anything, I would have been there for you! At least your friend was there for you when it happened.”

I tried şişli escort bayan explaining how ashamed I was of what I’d done, of sleeping with my own brother, that I felt used and abandoned, and lost and frightened, I didn’t want anyone to know, it was such a disgusting thing, that I was horrified with myself for ever letting myself get sucked in so deep…and that I still loved him, even though he’d treated me like a cheap whore.

I was in tears again, and once again Doreen was there to give me a real shoulder to cry on. Eventually I got myself under control, and I asked her what she was going to tell the others.

She looked at me sideways. “Me? Nothing, unless you want me to. It’s not your fault you fell in love with him, but he deserves to burn for taking advantage of you and your feelings like that. Telling you he loves you to get in your pants is an old trick, all guys do it at some point, and you fell for it, because it usually works, but the fault lies with him, not you; you were his little sister, for God’s sake! He knew exactly what he was doing, and he’s going to burn for it; one day he’ll find out what it costs to do things like this to people like you!” she finished fiercely, eyes blazing, and I could tell just how angry she was.

She visibly calmed herself, and grinned at me. “You’re coming with me, to a place I know not far from here, they do the best cure for what ails you right now — shots, lots of them, followed by more shots! Come on, Jules, get your face on, we’re getting shit-faced! Who knows, we might even find a karaoke Bar and make complete arses of ourselves!”

I didn’t really feel like drinking, but she seemed eager to get me into a bar, and it would be nice to do something other than going back to my place and crying, which was my usual evening pastime these days.

While I fixed my face a little, Doreen went and got her coat and waited for me, calling up someone to meet us at the wine bar she was taking me to. Her friend Steven was already waiting for us when we got there, a tall handsome man a couple of years older than us, with black hair and startlingly green eyes, who hugged Doreen and shook hands with me. We all chatted about the day’s news, the weather, anything neutral, Doreen carefully avoiding touchy subjects like boyfriends, family, relationships, although her friend seemed to be getting more and more handsy with her, and she was just giggling as she fended him off. I remarked that she’d definitely scored there, and she just grinned at me.

“Don’t be silly, Steve’s my brother!” she laughed, “he’s just trying to make me spill my drink!”

Perhaps it was the talk we’d had earlier, or because I just wanted to feel different, but I ended up drinking far too many tequila slammers, and by about 9 o’clock my head was spinning.

“Jules, you can’t go home like this, stay at my place tonight, you’ll be ok there!” was the last thing I clearly remember Doreen saying to me, that and a vague memory of a short cab journey. Doreen and Steven helped me into her flat, where I collapsed onto her big soft couch, and that was it.

I woke in darkness, needing to go to the bathroom, and I wandered out of her sitting room, looking for it. Once I’d finished, I stumbled back down the corridor to find the couch again, while a sound I’d been hearing in the background became clearer in the late night silence, a rhythmic ‘oof…oof…oof’ coming from one of the other rooms.

Still half drunk, I tried one of the doors, it was Doreen’s bedroom, and that was where the sound was coming from. I soon saw the cause of it. Doreen was spread-eagled naked on the bed, Steven above her, pounding himself into her, his thrusts so hard her breasts were quivering and her nipples dancing with the force he was hammering his cock into her, his breathing and the slap of flesh on flesh suddenly loud and distinct in the silence, the only other sound that of air being forced out of her every time he rammed his cock into her, making that ‘oof’ sound. I stopped and stared, mesmerised by the sight of her slim, lithe body being rammed by her brother, his cock sliding in and out of her like a piston, her nipples shaking on her pert up-thrust breasts in time to his cock-thrusts. Even in my emotionally battered state, with the added layer of alcohol on top, I found the sight immensely erotic and exciting, and even found time to envy the fact that she could do this with her brother, something forever denied to me now.

Doreen turned her head and opened her eyes, seeing me in the half-open doorway. Instead of covering up or stopping, she smiled at me and crooked a finger, calling me in. Only half aware of what I was doing, I followed her beckoning finger, moving right up next to the bed.

Doreen reached up to stroke my face gently, then stroked Steven’s face, his eyes meeting mine for a split second before he gave his full attention back to hammering his sister’s pussy with his impressive-looking cock.

“Hello, Sleeping Beauty, come and play with us!” she whispered

She trailed a finger from escort mecidiyeköy my lips down my neck and between my breasts and on down to hook into the waistband of my jeans.

“Take it off!” she whispered, and I obeyed without thinking, mesmerised by the tableau in front of me, undoing the button and pulling my jeans down.

“Everything, Jules, take it all off!” she murmured, and once again, I obeyed without question, pulling my top off and sliding off my underwear, to be as naked as she.

“Good, that’s good, now come up here, Jules, you’ll like it, I promise!” she said softly, a small smile flitting across her face.

I sat next to her and her hand came up and wrapped around the back of my head, gently pulling me down to her, our lips meeting in a soft and tentative kiss, her lips and tongue light and fleeting, different to a man’s kiss, but no less exciting. Doreen tapped her brother on the shoulder and he stopped hammering into her, instead withdrawing and kneeling up and leaning back on his haunches, his body sculpted and shiny with sweat, his chest heaving as he fought to catch his breath, and his cock standing out at least 7 inches, curved and glossy in the dim light from the small bedside lamp.

Doreen moved to lean over me, settling me onto my back as she French-kissed me deeper now, her tongue working against mine, her fingers lightly tweaking and rubbing my nipples. I was falling further and further under her spell, wanting her to do more and more to me, keep on making me feel good, help burn away that core inside me that ached for Mark. Her hand slipped down my abdomen, to caress and lightly touch my labia, one finger gently sliding up and down the crease between them, slowly working its way inside my folded flesh until she was lightly rubbing at my hooded clitoris, making me gasp and shudder with pleasure, filling my head with the wonder of what she was doing, of who was doing this to me.

She moved her lips from mine and lightly kissed down my throat, down to my breasts, to lightly clamp her lips around my nipple, scraping lightly, so lightly with her teeth, rubbing gently with her tongue, and finally sucking to make the pink points stand up firm and rigid against her tongue. She licked and wetted my nipple then moved her mouth off and blew gently on the wet nipple and aureole, the sensation making me gasp as little threads of electricity unfurled through me, making my pussy twinge and seep lubrication.

Doreen kissed all the way down to the apex of my slit, her kisses changing to little stabbing licks as she insinuated her tongue into the furrow where my clitoris hid, making me twitch and shudder, my breath catching. She pulled me around so she could lie properly between my thighs, holding my legs apart as she licked and jabbed with her tongue, tasting me as much as stimulating me, licking my labia as they swelled, and gently forcing her tongue between them to lap and lick at my inner recesses. Her tongue worked its way up until she was softly licking and flicking her tongue at my swelling clitoris, the sensations shooting through my entire body as she excited and worked me up, my juices flowing freely now.

At last, she sucked and licked my clitoris until I began to come, waves of pleasure washing over me, each one higher and more powerful than the last one, until the sensation merged into one huge powerful wave that crashed over me, making me scream in my release, my whole body shaking and shuddering as my muscles spasmed.

As I began to come down, Doreen covered my body with hers, her lips on mine as we kissed passionately, hands groping and fingers sliding and touching. Her kisses moved back down my body, and, as she clamped her mouth on my pussy once again, Steven moved up behind her and once again slid his cock into her, the three of us pumping and straining against each other as we all reached out for release.

I came first, my pussy tortured by her mouth and tongue, my orgasm setting off Doreen, and as she climaxed the constrictions in her pussy pushed Steven over the edge, and he roared like a bull as he blasted his semen into her, the vibrations of her body being hammered being transmitted to my vulva and rolling my climax on and on.

I awoke at first light, Doreen lying next to me with her arm around my waist, spooning against Steven, who had his arm in turn around her. I realised that, for the first time in weeks, I wasn’t waking and looking for Mark, that I actually felt rested, and that I hadn’t dreamed about him; last night seemed to have finally laid that ghost to rest, at least.

I turned my head to see Doreen smiling sleepily at me, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to let her kiss me good morning, a long, sexy wet kiss that had my pussy twitching!

Doreen gently licked and bit at my lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth as her hands once again explored me, her fingers slipping down across my belly to rub and caress my rapidly swelling labia. Her finger slipped inside me, gently rubbing my hooded clitoris, little lightning bolts merter escort shooting through my body as she set my pussy slowly on fire. She began kissing down from my lips to my throat, biting and licking my neck gently, just enough to leave a pink mark, and further on down, to suck and nibble on my nipples, gently to pulling them up again into hard and stiff points, making me gasp and sigh.

Now she kissed and licked slowly further down following the trail of her fingers, until she dipped her tongue in the apex of my slit again, rubbing and teasing my hooded clit, making me writhe and squirm in delight. She slid between my legs, her tongue working at me as I held her head against me, twining my fingers in her hair to hold her where she was pleasuring me most, and Doreen ate me out properly, her tongue teasing and tasting, lapping and stroking, her lips nibbling and nipping until I was in a haze of sexual arousal.

Doreen pointed her tongue and pushed it into me as far as she could, making me gasp and arch my back, the intense pleasure as she wriggled her tongue inside me like nothing I had ever felt before, and when she licked around my anus, I could feel the first stirrings of orgasm, but it wasn’t until she jammed her tongue into my arse as hard as she could that I came, in a great billowing wave of pleasure, my heart hammering as my body spasmed, all my world centred around the sensations flaring out from my pussy, the intense feeling of my juices spurting out of me as I squirted over her mouth and neck, and the talented tongue jammed and wriggling in my tight anus.

I finally came down from my high to see Doreen’s eyes dancing just above the mound of my pussy, and the soothing feeling of her tongue now lapping gently at my tight hole, and the soft fingers gently caressing my tender and sensitive pussy.

Steven was still fast asleep, so we talked in low voices, so as not to disturb him. I had a question about the whole Steven/Doreen thing.

“Tell me Dor,” I asked, “Aren’t you afraid that what happened to me with my brother will happen to you?”

Doreen grinned. “I can confidentlypredict that will never happen, for a very good reason. I love my brother, but I’m not in love with him. This, what we do here, this is helping each other out. Besides, I couldn’t have him even if I wanted him that way; I think his wife would object!”

I must have looked stunned, so Doreen explained further.

“When I hang up for a date, and if Steven’s in town, we hook up, have some fun, then come back here to my place, and fuck each other’s brains out. No strings, no expectations, no recriminations, it’s just sex; it’s great fun, we both know the other’s clean, we know what we like, and there’s none of that ‘you promised you’d call and you didn’t’ business. We just do it for the sex, and great sex it is too, because there’s no guilt or emotional attachments, no ‘I love you’ to deal with. I’m positive my sister-in-law knows, or at least suspects, but she also knows if he’s doing me, then he’s not out chasing some other piece of random skirt and bringing home God knows what!”

I asked her about other guys, and what about ‘Mr Right’?

She grinned. “Sweetie, when Steven’s not here, I only have girls up here, right now there’s only one cock for me, and it’s asleep over there. One day, maybe, I’ll meet a guy special enough that I’ll only want him, then Steven and I will call it a day; so far it hasn’t happened. Steven and I are the best of Friends with Benefits, and I like it that way!”

“And me, Dor, what was I?” I asked her, more to see what she’d say than out of any feelings I may have developed (which I hadn’t).

Doreen smiled slowly at me. “You, Jules, were someone who needed to stop thinking the world has come to a grinding halt. You needed last night to learn that there’s life after Mark, that you can have fun again, and that sometimes it needn’t be about anything except fun — you’re not even twenty yet, for fuck’s sake, these things happen, the world’s full of Mark’s, but that doesn’t have to mean there’s no-one else out there for you. If you keep on brooding and thinking about it and going round and round in your head about what you did wrong, you’re going to end up biting yourself in the small of your back; lighten up and give yourself a chance!”

She smiled gently.

“Who knows, maybe you’ll find him again, and he’ll explain, and it was all a big mistake, he loves you, hearts and flowers etcetera; just…don’t bank on it. In the meantime, have some fun, Jules, don’t waste yourself, this is the best part of our lives, we’re young, free, single and independent, the world’s at our feet, let’s enjoy ourselves a bit! Case in point, you didn’t exactly fight me off last night, or just now, so a part of you already knows that, let it out more often! Sometimes a good, meaningless shag is the best cure of all for what ails you! “

She was making a lot of sense, and I was surprised at hearing this coming from her; she wasn’t the one in the office I would have labelled as a model of maturity, which just goes to show how driven we are by first impressions. But she was right; I loved Mark, even after what he’d done, but I had to move on, I had to find a healthier outlet for myself than moping and crying. Luckily I had Shelagh, and Nia, and now Doreen to point the way.

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