21 Kasım 2023

Lola and Joey Ch. 11


He was feeling grumpy! The women in his life were ganging up on him!

His mom was nagging him to finish his degree as soon as possible. In her estimation, she calculated he could handle two courses per term while working. Big of her to decide what he could handle! It was the first thing she mentioned whenever he called or visited.

“It’s important you finish your degree as soon as possible Joey! You never know what will happen. What if you lose your job? You’re a father now. You have to be responsible and think ahead. Plus, if you graduate Laura said your salary would increase.”

It was ridiculous! Why would anything happen to his job? Everyone was happy with his performance. Why did he need more money? When Lola was a professor in a few years, they would have tons of money. Taking two courses per term would make the next year hell! It’s not like he didn’t already have a job and home responsibilities. His mom didn’t care though. She was relentless!

Even his boss Laura got involved, no doubt due to his mom. She said his advancement prospects were null until he finished his degree. Why did he need to advance? His current job was just fine. The only saving grace was Laura said it was okay to spend time on his studies at work if he had spare time and to be honest; he had lots of spare time.

Lola also ‘gently encouraged’ him to finish his degree. “Mom is just worried if you lose your job, Joey. No one else would hire you without a degree, or they would pay you a lot less. I can help. I’ll start getting the girls ready in the morning and walking them to and from Tara’s apartment. I know that takes a while now that we live in different apartments.”

Finally, after weeks of nagging, he begrudgingly enrolled in two evening courses, but he wasn’t thrilled. It would be late by the time he got home from school and Lola would likely be asleep. He wouldn’t get to chat with the girls about their day and read with them before they went to sleep. He would see even less of Lola than before. They only had sex about once a week as it was because they were both too busy or tired.



“Okay girls! Are you ready to help me make dinner?”

“Mommy, why are we doing this? Isn’t dinner daddy’s job?” Catherine asked.

Lola chuckled. The girls were already internalizing family roles. She wondered if they thought all guys did the cooking. “It’s your dad’s job in our house, but your father is busy working and going to school so on the nights he’s away we’re going to make supper for him.”

“I don’t like it, mommy! I won’t get to see daddy all day, and I won’t get to talk to him at bedtime, and he won’t be able to read to us!” Amanda said with a pouty face.

“I’ll miss him too Amanda, but it’s important he finishes school.”

“Why?” Catherine asked.

“He needs the courses for work so that we have money to pay for our apartment, and food, and clothes for you guys, and babysitting money for Tara, and gas for the car and last but not least, Fruit Loops!”

The girls giggled at the mention of Fruit loops.

“Okay, let’s cook! Amanda, stand up on the chair to the left of me. Catherine, stand up on the chair to the right of me. Good!”

“Now listen carefully! This knob controls the front burner. Amanda, turn it half way around for medium heat. If the burner is too hot, it will burn the food. If it’s not hot enough, the food won’t cook. Catherine, this knob controls the other front burner. Turn it all the way round to hot. We want this one hot to boil water. Never put an empty pot on a hot burner, or it will scald it. Fill the pot up with water and then put it on the element. NEVER touch the elements with your bare hands, or it will hurt VERY BADLY and NEVER use the burner unless daddy and I are here!”

“Okay, let’s make our grill cheese sandwiches. Your dad likes them, and they’re easy to make. Catherine, butter the bread and put one piece in the frying pan, buttered side down, then put the cheese slice on top then put the other piece of bread on top, buttered side up. Now wait a bit and then lift the sandwich up with the spatula to see if it’s brown. When it’s brown turn the bread over and cook the other side. You finish the first one Catherine. It will be for you. Amanda, you do the next one which will be for you, and then I’ll do one for me and then you guys can make three for daddy, and I’ll tell him you cooked his supper!”

“Three for daddy?” They both asked, amazed.

“Yes, daddy is bigger, and he likes grill cheese sandwiches a lot.”

“Okay, the water is boiling. Take the pouch out of the box Catherine. What number does it say there?”


“Good girl! Turn the timer to the number fifteen then put the pouch in the water. Good!”

“Now finish your sandwiches while the veggies cook and then you can make your dad’s sandwiches. When the timer goes off, we just cut the bag open and dump the veggies in a bowl with salt and pepper and butter, and then supper is done.”

“This was easy, escort şişli mommy. Why don’t you cook more?”

“Because I don’t want to eat grill cheese sandwiches and steamed veggies every night! Your dad is a better cook than me, and I’m a better cleaner and laundry washer than him.”

“Do all daddy’s cook?” Catherine asked.

“No honey, some do, but most don’t. Nathan’s dad never anything.”

“Why?” both girls asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it was because his dad never helped so he didn’t think he needed to help or maybe Tara never asked him or maybe he was lazy and selfish. Hopefully, Tara asks Nathan to help with some things. Then he’ll grow up thinking it’s normal to help. Men need to be trained young! The important thing is your dad is a good guy and helps.”

“So Tara has to do everything all by herself?” Catherine asked.

“Yes, she does, and it’s even harder when you don’t have a car. That’s why your dad asks Tara if she wants to go grocery shopping with him, and that’s why I ask her if she wants to come along when we go shopping, and that’s why we share meals.”

“Why doesn’t Tara get a man with a car?” Amanda asked.

“She’s tried, but it’s hard. It’s not like ordering a pizza!”

“Why?” both girls asked.

“Well, it’s hard to meet people when you work from home and don’t have a car and have a kid. You don’t get out to meet people. It’s hard to go out at night when you don’t have a car, and she has to get someone to watch Nathan. Also, a lot of men don’t want to take care of another person’s child.”

“That’s sad for Nathan,” Catherine said.

“Yes, it is. Tara also has another problem. She’s too pretty for her own good. Her pretty face and big boobies tend to attract the wrong kind of attention. A lot of men only want to go out with her for one reason which she doesn’t like.”

“What’s that?” Amanda asked.

Hmmm! How to explain! “The men often want to kiss and touch Tara all the time, which she doesn’t like.”

“Ew! Yuck!” both girls exclaimed with crinkled up noses.

“Is that why you and daddy were able to get together?” Amanda asked innocently.

“What do you mean?”

“Because he didn’t want to kiss you all the time because you have small boobies?”

Ouch! The painful truth fresh out of the mouth of babes! “For your information, young lady, your daddy thinks my boobies are just perfect!”

There was silence for a second from the girls. “It’s terrible that Nathan doesn’t have a dad mommy. I would be sad without daddy,” Catherine said.

“Me too honey!”

“Why can’t daddy be Nathan’s dad?” Amanda asked.

“Because he’s already your dad. You already mentioned you’re going to miss him when he’s at school. You don’t want him gone even more do you?”

Catherine paused for a second and looked like she was thinking. “Why can’t daddy see Nathan sometimes?”

“Well, I guess he could, but then you would see less of him. Would you be willing to share your dad a bit so that Nathan could see him once in a while?”

There was a pause, and both girls looked at each other. “Yes.”

Interesting! Lola thought. “How often would you share your dad?”

Both girls thought for a minute and then Amanda said, “It would be okay if daddy saw Nathan once a week.” Catherine agreed.

Amazing! Lola was surprised. “So I could bring this up with your dad? Are you sure?”

Both girls nodded yes.

“Okay then. I’ll bring it up with him. That’s very kind of you to share your dad! Now make your dad’s sandwiches. You do the first one Amanda, and I’ll watch.”

Catherine disappeared and came back with a giant bowl of Fruit Loops. “Look mommy! I made dessert for dad!”

“I don’t think that’s a good dessert for daddy. He doesn’t like Fruit Loops.”

The girls looked at each other and then started giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Lola asked.

“Daddy likes Fruit Loops. He just doesn’t want you to know that he likes them! He won’t buy them because they are junk, but he eats them when you buy them. He said it was a secret! We caught him eating out of the box in our room one day!”

“Hmmm! Is that so!”

“Don’t tell daddy we told you, mommy!” They both said with concerned looks.

“Don’t worry; I won’t,” Lola said and pondered how she could take advantage of the new information without incriminating the girls.


Wow! What a long day. He went straight to school from the office, to study and then had to sit through a three-hour class that didn’t start until six thirty. He was wiped and famished. He’d only had a small snack after work. He wondered if Lola had made anything to eat. There were always leftovers in the fridge, but he was curious if she made anything on his first night back to school. She’d already started walking the girls to and from Tara’s which was a big help, so maybe she’d even ‘burn’ a supper or two for him! There was always hope!

The lights were out when he got home. Darn. He hoped Lola would nişantaşı escort be awake, but she was a morning person and often went to bed early. He sat in the girl’s room for a bit watching them sleep. They looked peaceful. Hopefully, Lola read to them.

His stomach nagged at him until he got up and scanned the fridge for something to eat. Hmmm! What’s this? A plate and bowl, each covered with plastic wrap. The plate contained three grill cheese sandwiches browned perfectly and some cooked veggies. There was a note. “Enjoy your sandwiches, daddy! We made them!” The bowl was full of Fruit Loops and said, “Enjoy your dessert daddy!” Hmmm! Yummy! What a pleasant surprise! He warmed the sandwiches and veggies and wolfed them down. They hit the spot perfectly, and the Fruit Loops tasted mighty fine with milk!

The refreshing smell of Lola’s coconut shampoo hit his nostrils the minute he entered the bedroom. Lola typically had a shower before she went to sleep which meant she must have gone to bed recently. Maybe she was still awake even though the room was dark.

He got undressed and slid under the covers, snuggled up to her back and whispered in her ear. “Are you asleep?” She didn’t say anything or move, but when he moved his leg, he felt the silky sensation of her nylons. That could only mean one thing! Lola must have planned on some romance. Damn! Why did his course have to run so late! He had an urge to run his fingers over her silky smooth legs, but he didn’t want to wake her up. Oh well! He sighed and laid his arm over her tummy and relaxed to go to sleep.

Lola was wide awake with a big grin on her face!

After the girls had gone to sleep, she had a nap so that she would be awake when Joey got home. Then she had a shower, put her nylons on and got in bed and waited. She heard Joey enter and visit the girls and then open the fridge. Hopefully, he was pleased with his surprise! Then she heard him quietly enter the bedroom and felt the mattress shift as he slipped under the covers. He carefully snuggled up to her and whispered in her ear, but she played possum. His leg grazed her nylons so he must have noticed them, but he didn’t try to wake her up. Eventually, he draped his arm across her tummy, and she felt his body relax.

She was just gearing up though! Sexual anticipation was a wonderful feeling and she been thinking about having a romantic get together with her brother all day. He’d been gently kissing and touching her in her imagination for hours!

She gently shifted her derriere in her ‘sleep’ so that his cock was wedged between her bare ass cheeks and then moved her leg so that her ankle bracelet grazed him. A tiny jiggle of her behind completed her seduction. She eagerly waited for his reaction!

The sensation of Lola’s warm, soft ass cheeks against his cock instantly shifted his body from snooze mode to sexual alert! When the slinky mesh of her bracelet caressed his leg, he went on high alert, and his cock popped to attention. He ran his finger between her legs. She was wet!

It was time to go on a diving expedition! He moved south under the sheet and gently started to kiss and lick and nibble her nylon clad toes while softly caressing her silky smooth legs. Lola ‘coincidentally’ rolled over on her back and her legs fell open.

Yes! He got the signs and was on the move! She loved it when her brother slowly inched his way up her legs with his lips and tongue and teeth! Her arousal grew as he tongued and kissed and nibbled his way up her ankles to her calfs and knees and thighs. The higher he got, the more she parted her legs, still pretending to be asleep. By the time he breached the top of her nylons and planted his lips on her bare skin she was feeling tingly all over, and the hairs on her legs were standing up. It was hard not to squirm as he planted long slurpy succulent kisses on her skin ever closer and closer to her pussy!

She felt him shift and could feel his warm breath on her pussy. He was that close! Then she heard him inhale a few times deeply. That’s what he always did before he dived in. She needed to stop him right now! His mouth on her pussy was like crack cocaine! Once she received a lick, she couldn’t stop! Her clit was so sensitive, and his mouth was so talented that if she let him start there would be no going back. Orgasms from Joey’s mouth were exquisite, intense explosions of sexual energy, but that’s not what she wanted. Not yet! She wanted slow easy, love making for a while. She wanted to feel her brother’s cock slowly, lovingly fill her again and again and again while their tongues softly entwined in endless wet delicious combinations.

She ended the charade and silently pulled his face up and guided his cock to her entrance and pulled him in. The sensation of his cock parting her lips and slowly descending inside her was exquisite! He bottomed out, and they paused to enjoy their joining. She was completely full with her brother, and he was deep inside his sister. There was nothing better than being joined with her brother!

He fatih escort bent over, and they started to kiss. A nip and suck and kiss of his lip. A slide of her moist tongue across his and then an entwining together. A pulling of his tongue into her mouth with her lips. The slow dance of lips and tongues went on and on punctuated only by the need for oxygen.

She could kiss her brother endlessly if they were just kissing, but it was a different story when she was kissing him with his cock inside her!

There was a high-performance Ferrari between her legs which was not content to idle, once the key was inserted, and the gas pumped! Every time Joey pumped her, no matter how slow or gentle, there was an irresistible urge to go faster. She could only control herself for so long! The pace of the thrusts gradually increased, and she was revving hotter and hotter. Her kissing became more and more passionate. She couldn’t get enough of Joey’s tongue in her mouth which spurred his lust ever higher. He started to piston into her faster and faster! She became oblivious to the outside world as the pleasure between her legs crowded out every other sensation. One last powerful thrust from her brother and she careened headlong into a massive orgasm. She held Joey in a vice grip until the last spasm of pleasure subsided.

“Oh my God, Joey! What a rush!” She said with a look of utter bliss on her face. They both lay together until the throbbing of their hearts subsided. “I think we were meant to be Joey! We were together in mom, and now we’re together in each other. No one ever made me feel like you do! I never dreamed I would be this close and happy with anyone and now we even have two beautiful little girls!”

He looked at her with an ear to ear smile. “What a fantastic surprise! I’d been dreading today all week, and the day was just as long and tiring as I thought it would be. I was wiped and famished when I got home. Then I saw the food in the fridge, and it hit the spot perfectly! And now this get together with you! Whew! That was a really nice surprise! What a great way to end the day! It’s always a treat kissing and making love to my favorite sister!”

“I’m your only sister!”

“Oops!” He laughed. “Did the girls really make the food?”

“Yes they did, and they were quite excited to help and quite proud of making supper for their daddy. You better make sure you tell them tomorrow!”

“I will. Don’t worry!”

“How were the Fruit Loops?” She asked nonchalantly.

“Fruit loops?”

“Ya. The big bowl of Fruit Loops Catherine left you. Did you eat them? After all, I know how junky you think they are.”

He looked at Lola sheepishly. “Well, I was pretty hungry, and I didn’t want to disappoint Catherine.”

“I see. And you don’t eat the Fruit Loops any other time?”

He just stood there with his mouth open, unable to say anything. Caught him! It was such a treat having a spouse that was utterly incapable of lying!



“From now on, when you get the groceries I would like you to purchase some Fruit Loops, and get the big box please, now that we’re apparently sharing them with someone else. Do you have a problem with that?” She gave him her best ‘arched eyebrow’ look.

He stood there with his mouth open.


“Speaking of the girls, we had a fascinating conversation about Nathan and Tara.”

“What about them?”

“The girls think it’s terrible that Nathan doesn’t have a dad.”

“It is sad but what can we do?”

“Well, the girls thought that maybe you could spend some time with Nathan once a week. They said they would be willing to share you even though they wouldn’t see you as much.”

“Really? They said that?”

“They really did! I was just as surprised!”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m proud of the girls for being so caring but when would I have time to see Nathan? I’m already working and taking two courses and doing all the stuff we do at home. And, what would Tara say? How would we ask her? She’s quite proud. If she thought we felt sorry for her and Nathan, she would probably say no.”

“What if the girls and I always make supper when you’re at school, and what if your lovely sister is always waiting in bed with her sheer nylons and coconut scented hair waiting to be ravished by her brother?”

He got a goofy grin on his face. “Well, that might help a little bit.” There was a pause while he thought. “Maybe even a lot! I must admit, I don’t feel tired at all or hungry anymore! If I felt like I do now, I would have lots of energy to spend time with Nathan. What about Tara though? How would we bring it up?”

“We don’t. The girls and I invite Tara to go shopping, and you agree to watch Nathan while we’re gone. Then we go back to Tara’s after shopping and spend some time which gives you several hours in total with Nathan. You show Nathan a good time; he tells Tara what a good time he had; then you offer to do it again, and we see what Tara says. If she says no, then at least we tried. What do you think?”

“Okay. It’s worth trying, and I must admit, I’m proud of Amanda and Catherine for bringing it up. I’m game! On a different note, that was a significant serving of Fruit Loops, and the sugar hasn’t worn off yet. Can I ravish my lovely sister a bit more?”

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