6 Eylül 2021

Led Astray and I LOVED IT!!!


Led Astray and I LOVED IT!!!We all say “I was led astray” and last night,it was my turn….Went out last night with my future sister in law and some of her friends,drinks were flowing,wine was good the men looked good and the girls well,who doesn’t enjoy a group of beautiful 40 somethings with wine in there systems???Well I have never been with a woman but my lesbian friends tell me “Every woman is attracted to other women whether she knows it or not.”I aren’t going to lie,I know I am attracted to women,I go to the gym with friends we do classes,go for a swim,Jacuzzi,sauna etc and all the time after finishing class I check them out in the changing rooms as they undress,as they unpack there costumes and put them on,in the pool,in the sowers after the swim and as we dress I enjoy seeing there naked bodies and yes I have gone home after and masturbated on many occasions.So to last night we were all laughing and joking and all becoming more and more drunk,the night draws to a close I knew my future sister in law has slept with females and in the taxi on the way back to hers were I was spending the night I asked what its like to with a woman out of curiousity,undoubtedly the taxi driver thought he was in luck getting a live viewing….he was wrong,but we went in sat on the sofa and she said that it is fantastic and something every woman should try once….and my curious side took over and I lent in for a kiss,she didn’t pull away instead she kissed me back and I felt her hands on my back unzipping my dress……we stood up my dress undone,she took my hand saying the words I will never forget “It’s easier if I show you what its like to be with a woman” and led me upstairs.We reached her room and she expertly slid my dress off as I laid on her bed in my bra and knickers starring at her as she lifted off her top,and undid her trousers as they fell around her ankles I got a glimpse of her beautiful tanned body that when she has joined me and friends at the gym that I have admired ordu escort and lusted over,finally I was going to get my wish and I was going to find out just what its like to experience a woman.She stood looking down at me laid in my underwear,her slim beautiful tanned size 12 body looked perfection as it always did but I could feel my pussy moistening more then it ever had all those times I had seen her body because this time I was going to get to touch it,she took the final few steps towards her bed wearing just her matching bra and thong,I felt like her eyes were fixed on my rapidly wet knickers clinging to my pussy.she straddled me,I loved feeling her long slender legs on my hips,she reached behind her and ran a finger over the material of my wet knickers and pushed her fingers in,I felt her finger now encased in the material of my knickers enter me just slightly but enough to bring out the first gasp of pleasure that I would get to feel last night (I could of never of predicted just how many gasps I would give induced by her,and even now I couldn’t guess just how many I let out) as quickly as she entered me she removed her finger and slipped it inside her mouth with a pleased sound,she liked what she tasted and she lent forward and kissed me,I could taste myself as she slipped her tongue inside my mouth while she undid my bra releasing my breasts in a instant (her brother,my future husband could learn many things not least how to undo a bra without fumbling or breaking away from a kiss).She admired my breasts for a few seconds taking in every inch of them,all 36jj of them….her eyes lit up as she just said “I’ve wanted this for a long time,now its my turn to get to enjoy them” and with that she was devouring my nipples I could feel them hardening between her teeth,I knew that if I was going to get my chance to taste her soon I was going to have to act,I could tell she was wet and I took my chance and flipped her now she was under me and I moved mersin escort my legs so they were either side of her hips mirroring the position I had found myself in and like her I reached behind me,I felt how damp the material of the purple thong was but this is were my mirroring stopped,I pushed the material to one side and entered her as she let out a groan as I slid two fingers in and out of her three or four times before I removed them and ran them over my lips then sank then in to my mouth,it was a taste I had never known but I knew fully that I wanted more but first I wanted her to know the delightful taste she had between her legs and we passionately kissed our tongues danced in unison,as it was my turn to undo her bra,her breasts no longer encased in her bra just as I had seen them many times before but it was like I had never seen them before,so up close her pert tanned breasts looking so perfect,whilst lacking the huge size of mine her beautiful 34d’s looked like the greatest thing’s I had eve aid my eyes on….but they were to be enjoyed later I kissed her again before kissing my way down her slender,slim body until I slid off the bed,my feet touching the floor and I sank to my knees,and I knew what I wanted and just how I wanted to satisfy her.I pulled the thong down,leaving strands of moisture clinging to the material stretching from her pussy like I had seen so many times in porn but this was so much better this time I knew it was my turn and without waiting any longer I ran my tongue along her pussy lips,it was like my taste buds had never worked until that second and I was in ecstasy as I began to go down on her my tongue savoring entering her time and time again as I listened to her groans and moans before I felt her hands on the back of my head and I was in heaven I knew that I was satisfying her,I felt like I had her juices all over my face as she pushed my head closer and deeper towards her push before finally I felt a rush of her malatya escort cum as I tried to gather as much as I could on my tongue so I could enjoy as much of the best taste I had ever experienced in my life as I begin to lick up the run off as it flowed running down from her pussy between her arse cheeks and I knew what I had to do,I sank my tongue between those perfectly crafted buttocks sinking my tongue in her arsehole as I rolled her legs up over my shoulders,I had found myself many times the person with the legs over the other persons shoulders but now it was my shoulders been rested on,as I savored her tight arsehole probing,the time for gentle was gone,I felt her juices rubbing off my face onto her cheeks…again she climaxed this time even more then the last.She had a glint like i’d never seen she was a woman unleashed as she grabbed me by the hair and forced me on to her bed once more,seems she had to decided gentle had no place in this experience and I felt myself giving into her control,as she forced my hands above my head….I hadn’t seen the handcuffs but I felt them as she clamped them shut with a giggle.I laid,my hands above my head in just a very wet pair of knickers,that changed as she forcefully pulled them down,seems she had waited long enough to make me cum as her tongue savored my pussy like I had never felt,I was literally moaning her name in minutes and I felt my cum running,gushing between my arsecheeks….but instead of lapping up she walked to her wardrobe I watched as she reached inside and pulled out a very large black strap on and a even bigger double ended dildo,I knew why she hadn’t cleaned me up….that was her lube!!!She was soon fucking me harder then I hard ever been fucked as I literally screamed her name and just on the edge of yet another orgasm I felt her pull out and then slowly inch back inside me….only this time up my arse,she slapped my arse as she forcefully pushed deeper and deeper with every push against the tightening of my muscles in my arsehole each time spanking me harder telling me I’m her dirty little bitch and that she wants to fuck me whenever she see’s fit and she will because i’m her little whore to use….and then I heard myself saying the words “Yes Mistress”

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