15 Kasım 2023

In the Park


It was almost noon and I was close to the park so I decided to eat my lunch at one of the benches. When I finished up I dropped my trash in the trashcan and headed over to the restroom. There were no ulterior motives, I simply needed to urinate.

Stepping inside I was immediately hit with the stench. I considered leaving, but I needed to go pretty urgently and since I was just going to piss… I mean urinate, I took a deep breath and then went inside. Breathing only though my mouth I walked over the wet, stained floors past two urinals that were stopped up from paper towels, cigarette butts and what looked like chewing tobacco.

While I had noticed the door to one of the stalls was closed, I ignored it, figuring it was the source of the incredible stench, and simply unzipped and began to urinate. I was nearly finished when a man wearing a nicely polished pair of shoes and designer jeans stepped to the urinal next to me. After noticing his shoes and jeans, I glanced a bit higher and saw he already was out.

It was immediately evident that he wasn’t there to urinate because he was fully erect. I initially glanced away, but it was obvious he wanted me to watch and, now I’m not gay, but it did catch my attention as he began stroking himself. He was what I’d call large, and I’d not seen many uncircumcised cocks before so I did look back at him.

Mind you, I’m not gay, but simply watching him slide his hand up and down his hard cock, the head slipping in and out of the foreskin was fascinating. Although I had finished urinating, I didn’t put my cock back into my pants, I simply stood there holding it. Oddly, my cock began to harden as I continued watching him.

“You have a nice cock,” the man murmured, between his soft moans.

“Excuse me,” I said, glancing up at his face for the first time.

With a slight smile he repeated, “You have a nice cock,” his dark eyes looked downward. “There’s Etiler Escort an odd beauty to the cut ones.”

“Thanks,” was all I could think of to say. I noticed a single round spot of graying in the short stubble of his beard before I glanced back downward. His hand was stroking up the length of his shaft and sliding out over the head and then turning downward. Releasing himself he’d then reach back to the base of the cock and repeated the motion.

I had just started stroking my cock when he reached his hand in front of me and asked, “May I?”

Now I’m not gay, but I nodded and stepped back from the urinal slightly. He reached down and lightly ran his fingers along the shaft and then lightly over the head of my cock. Then, cupping his hand around me, he slowly began stroking me. He stood there for a few moments stroking me and himself.

He suddenly paused and when I looked up to his face he nodded toward an open stall and said, “Why don’t we?”

I nodded and quickly moved toward the stall, glancing over at the closed door and remembering the stench. The man noticed what I was looking at and winced to me as he held open the empty stall door. As I stepped inside he immediately crouched down, grasped my cock with his left hand and slid his mouth over me. His head began to bob back and forth as he reached down with his right hand and began stroking his cock again.

Well, it had been some time since I had had any sex, so with the incredible suction he applied to my cock and the way he worked his hand up and down my shaft it wasn’t long before I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Looking down I watched as his lips moved back and forth on me, his cheeks drawing inward with the suction. I arched my back and moaned as I came, spurting my cum into his mouth.

Now, before I could reciprocate or even say thanks to him, he stood up and rushed out of the stall. He then ran Escort Etiler over to the stall with the closed door, forced it open and stepped inside.

With the motion of the door opening I was slapped with such a dose of the stench that I simply zipped up my zipper and rushed for the door. I didn’t bother washing my hands or anything, I got out into the fresh air and took a deep breath.

I paused for a short while, wondering what happened to the man but he didn’t come out and since I wasn’t about to go back into the restroom I walked directly back to my car and drove away.


I was about to lay the pen down when I heard one of the officers say, “Could you sign and date that?”

Nodding, I grabbed the pad, signed my name and asked, “The date?”

“The tenth,” he replied.

I wrote down the date and then asked, “Can I go now?”

“Well, I need to get this over to another detective and I need to talk to the DA, but I think we’ve got it worked out why traces of your DNA were found on the body. Give me a few minutes.”

I waited.

After about ten minutes the officer returned and said, “Good news, we’d rounded up a few people and think we may have found your friend.”

“My friend?”

“From the restroom.”

“He wasn’t my friend,” I replied indignantly.

“Sorry, sorry, figure of speech. We found the man and wondered if you would mind looking at a line up?”

“I could try but I didn’t really see his face much, I mean I was looking…”

“I know, I know, you were looking at his…”

“Hey, I’m not gay.”

“No, no, but we can’t very well ask these guys to whip out their… we actually we probably can, but let’s see how you do with the line up as is okay?”

I nodded and then followed him into another room. There was a window covered with a shade on one side of the room. On the other side of the room there was a table Etiler Escort Bayan where one police officer sat with a notebook. Another policeman stood with a nicely dressed woman next to a wall with an intercom on it.

“Are you ready?” the policeman asked.

I nodded and watched him grab the cord on the shade and pull it down. Looking into the room I saw five men, all in nice jeans with fancy shoes. Damn, at first glance they all looked alike.

Focusing, I stared down at the shoes, remembering the fine polished shoes, how odd they looked standing in the piss and filth on the floor. I recognized one pair of shoes, but then noticed there were two others very similar. I looked back up at the policeman and kind of shrugged.

“Take your time. As you know they can’t see you. Do you recall any distinguishing featured, a tattoo or a scar?”

“Scar?” I thought to myself, not a scar but yes. I glanced up at their faces and yes there it was. “Number three,” I said.

“Number three?”

“Yes, yes I am sure of it. It’s the round patch of gray in his beard. He’s the one,” I confirmed as they lowered the shade.

Stepping out of the room I waited until the officer I wrote out my statement for walked up and said, “Okay, you are free to go now, just let us know if you leave town for an extended amount of time.”

“No problem,” I replied.

“Good, let me walk you out,” he said, pointing toward the door. As we walked he said, “You know the perpetrator admitted to having sex with the victim, but that he was fine when he left him. He says he went straight home, says he didn’t see or do anything with anyone else.”

“And yet…”

“Well, he did fit the description in a number of complaints we’ve had from people in the park. Loitering perhaps some solicitation involved. Apparently he picked up men in the park as opposed to bars or other places.”

“Here’s my car.”

“Okay and thanks again for your help. Sorry about having to hold you there, the whole DNA thing kind of threw us.”

“At least we caught the murder,” I replied climbing into my car. As I pulled out of the parking lot I breathed a sigh of relief, glad the police bought my story.

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