15 Kasım 2023

I Lost it at Fire Island


My brother Max and I grew up in one of the most liberal places on Earth: New York City. We’re those typical New York guys who loved to go to the ball games and enjoyed hanging out riding the train anywhere in to the city that we wanted. We spent most of our lives chasing after women, which was especially shocking when he came out of the closet a year ago. It was a week before a Thanksgiving family gathering and Max took it upon himself to call me, his big brother Rusty and his parents and confess to them that he was Gay. He’d been dating a man named Charles for the last year and a half and they were incredibly passionate with one another.

As I said, we did grow up in a very liberal city, so we all embraced his coming out with hugs and understandings, and of course there were the unusual questions from Max, including when we’d get to meet his boyfriend and possible fiancé. I of course loved Max and didn’t mind that he was strictly in to men, even greeting Charles with an enthusiastic hug when he appeared mid-way through Thanksgiving. I guess it was fine we couldn’t go scamming on girls anymore in Times Square, but he was happy and I was happy for him. That next year was smooth sailing up until around spring time when Charles dumped Max, prompting him to not only sink in to a depression, but also recede in to isolation.

He was hesitant to go out there and date again and socialize and we all encouraged him. That year he’d been invited by his friends to go to Fire Island for a weekend to hang out with people in his crowd and party his woes away. Max turned them down cold, but all I could do was insist that he go and give it a shot. Max was a nice looking guy, a bit thinner than I was and seemed kind of smaller beside me. I fancied myself a jock and worked out as much as I could, while Max always laid low. But I was convinced he’d find someone to connect with. Despite his repeated insistence I told him that I’d be happy to drive him over there myself to ease his tensions since I was always better at socializing than he was.

I was confident that with me by his side he could relax. Despite his hesitation he budged and I gave every bit of enthusiasm that I could to make the weekend great for him. The ride there was long but entertaining and before long we’d finally made it to the house where his friend Patrick and eight other men were staying to party and lodge for the whole time there. Playing his chauffeur and bag boy I helped carry his bags in to the house as he was greeted by a group of men, all of whom were partying and drinking well in to the late afternoon. I showed Mecidiyeköy Escort him how open minded and comfortable he could be by introducing myself enthusiastically, and carrying his bags to his room while he met the others.

Max seemed very appreciative with how casually I approached the situation, and didn’t mind showing him that I was secure with his social circle. Truth be told I hoped it would rub off on him for a bit, as he was very pensive when he first arrived. We were there for a half hour before he begged me to stay for a bit longer in case he wanted to high tail it out of there, and for him I stuck it out, sitting mainly in the background and sipping a few beers here and there. It wasn’t long before I was sitting down with Alex talking sports. He was one of the many guests that weekend who a lot of the other guys were chasing after, despite his boyfriend Keith fending them off as best as he could. Alex was a very good looking guy and even then I could understand why he was the most hunted after, as he looked like he lifted, and was often jokingly called the black Vin Diesel by the others.

He was charismatic despite being a lot more humble than his boyfriend and the other guys. When we first met he was coming down from unpacking his bags and was one of the last to get in to the pool in the back yard. Before long we started up a conversation about baseball and spent what seemed like four hours debating our favorite teams. Before long we went up to the second floor where he begged to show me his prize foul ball he’d had signed as a kid. It wasn’t long before Max was following behind asking for me. “Where’d you go?” he asked with a frown.

“I’m just getting away from the noise,” I huffed annoyed.

“I was showing him this,” Alex scoffed tossing it to Max.

“You’re doing good just go down and keep socializing.”

“Told you it was fun here,” he replied.

“You got twenty more minutes of me before I head out,” I explained.

“Here I go,” he sighed rushing off.

“Throwing the boyfriend in to the deep end?” Alex chuckled.

“He’s my brother,” I replied, “He’s reluctant to fit in.”

“Oh,” Alex nodded almost surveying, “I kind of figured…”

“Nah, I’m just here for him,” I smirked.

“I think he’s tagging on to you for another reason.”

“What do you mean?” I grinned.

“Since you got here, you’ve been getting all the looks and glances from the guys.”

“Really?” Rusty asked with a chortle.

“Well, not to be mean but if it came between you and Max, I’d be making a play Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan for you in a heartbeat.”

“Thanks,” I chortled trying to diffuse the tension that Alex could sense.

“Maybe when I’m in Manhattan we could go to a game.”

“That’d be great.”

“Alex?” Keith rushed up the steps calling for him, “We’re going to the beach, are you ready?”

“I’ll catch up,” Alex declared sternly.

“Your loss,” he huffed rushing off.

“It’s like having a wife,” he groaned drawing a chuckle from me.

“When we go to the game we have to ditch them,” I laughed.

“I was thinking the same,” he scoffed.

He leaned forward kissing me before I could inch back, and I pulled back for a moment, “I doubt we’ll be interrupted for a while,” he assured me leaning in again. Any other time I probably would have pushed back and rushed off, but I would have been lying to myself if I said his confidence and forward personality didn’t turn me on. Even after I made it abundantly clear I was straight, he pursued me and made a move for me, and after pushing back a bit, he leaned in before I could think twice and kissed me again. It was tough to deny the pleasure of the kissing, and the throbbing hard on I had under my shorts, and it wasn’t long before we were standing in the middle of the empty hall making out like it was our last day on Earth.

Much to my surprise we weren’t interrupted and we made slid over to his bedroom where we kissed and groped. He sat at the edge of the bed sliding my shorts down and wrapped his mouth around my erect cock, not even giving it a chance to fully breathe. He sped up sucking down and grasped my bare butt sucking it with a skill that made me groan louder than I realized. I tore my shirt off and he ran his hands down my chest kissing my abs and pecks. He sat me down along the edge of the bed and knelt down going back to work on my cock as I lay back along the bed moaning and panting in absolute bliss and he slid up beside me fully nude and we kissed passionately as I admired his taught body and impressive erect cock he slyly rubbed along my inner thigh as we folded in to one another kissing passionately. We eventually slid under the covers kissing and jerking one another off and I slid down sucking him off. I took to it more than I thought I would as he gave a heavy sigh guiding my head with his hand and offering long pleasure filled purrs and sighs.

After what felt like an eternity I slid up behind him grasping his toned body, kissing his neck and he turned over on to his stomach. Escort Mecidiyeköy By the time I slid behind him and thrusted my hard cock in to him, it was already moist from the oral, and I enthusiastically entered in to him as deep as I could as he gave a soft grunted moaning softly. I grasped his waist hunching over him and slid my cock as hard and fast as I could as he grunted, bracing the bed and becoming even more riled up by the second. He lifted his hip up to me as I pounded him faster the bed shook against the wall, and I grasped his rock hard cock reaching around from behind him as I pounded apple bottom harder and faster. Finally gaining an amazing rhythm between us, he shook groaning aloud as I stroked him harder and fast and crumbled a bit as he began cumming heavily. He kept stroking him diverting the cum on to the floor as he shuddered groaning and panting aloud.

He submitted to my humping, resting his head in to his pillow as I thrust harder and faster with his hips in my full control. Finally after reaching my peak erection I came harder than I ever have in my life. All I could do was bury my head in to his shoulder crying out and panting heavily I poured into him. He panted underneath me as our sweaty bodies met one another, and he turned kissing me passionately. After finishing off I slid off lying on my back panting in sheer disbelief and he leaned over going back to work on my cock, licking it clean and stroking the final amount of cum I had left in me. He took great amusement in watching me squirm and groan as he sucked me off, almost anxious to keep reminding me how skilled he was at giving head. After a while he slid back lying beside me and we lay under the sheets soaking in the silence.

I lay on the bed almost incapable of moving, and enjoyed the euphoria still keeping me dizzy and mellow.

“Still going home?” he asked lying beside me.

“Oh man,” I chuckled irritated, “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“There’s nothing wrong with what we did,” he insisted, “I like being the power bottom for once. And there definitely wasn’t anything wrong with what you did.”

“I’m not mad about what we did, I just wonder what’s going to happen when my brother finds out I got to fuck the best looking guy here before he did.”

“He’ll get over it,” he scoffed, “Stay for the weekend. I’ll ditch Keith, and we can… get to know each other a lot better.”

“Any hotel rooms available around here?” I hinted as he grinned excited.

The weekend was a new experience for both Max and me, as he spent the time on his vacation meeting new people, and learning how to get back in to the dating game. As for me, we spent most of the weekend in bed fogging up the hotel room windows, and I delighted in disappointing a bunch of young men in Fire Island by hooking up with the hottest guy at Max’s Fire Island vacation getaway and having the best sex of my life.

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