21 Kasım 2023

I Just Love My In-Laws!


The conversation was not going well. I knew I was losing the argument with my wife, Dawnette. I call it an argument but in truth it was only a discussion regarding the upcoming visit of her parents, Richard and Joyce. You could say we were a lucky couple. In the thirty-six years of marriage we may have had two or three real arguments.

“I’m sorry I have to go to this training Mark. It was a last minute decision and it’s important for my pay raise and promotion. You know they like you more than me anyway.” Dawnette said as she was packing her suitcase.

“They only like me more because I can fix their computer.” I answered back.

“That is the main reason my mom and dad are coming to stay for the week.” Dawnette said with a smile.

“But I have too many things around here that need to get done and I can’t, I won’t babysit your mom and dad.” I replied knowing I had lost the battle before it even started.

I really did like Richard and Joyce. Both of them had a great sense of humor and even though they were in their seventies they were what you’d call low maintenance. Richard and I had many things in common. Hunting, fishing, guns and women were our favorite topics when we were together. Both of us were retired from the same profession. Joyce was easy to look at and even easier to talk to. She always had a smile and liked to use her hands to touch you to emphasize a point or just to touch you. Yes you could say Joyce was one of those touchy, feely people.

Richard stood about 5′ 10″ and 220 pounds. With his shaved head and huge handlebar moustache he would seem threatening to many people. The truth was it was an act. The women would always make a remark about his moustache. Both of us knew what those women were wondering about and Richard would always offer them free rides. Well, only when the wives were gone or out of “earshot.”

Joyce was about 5’4″ and 150 pounds. Her salt and pepper hair was cut short and age had been kind to her. She appeared much younger although at times she didn’t act that way. I always felt Joyce was a bit of a wild woman only being restrained by society’s morals. In all the years I’ve known her I’ve only seen her three or four times in pajamas.

About six months ago Joyce and Richard were staying a few days at our place. The four of us had just come back from having dinner and the minute we got back Richard had made a dash to the bathroom. Joyce, Dawnette, my wife and I were standing around the kitchen island when Joyce made the comment; “I think I’ll go and get out of this bra.”

“I think I’ll take mine off too.” I replied jokingly as I smiled at her.

Joyce laughed and our eyes met as she slapped my arm, turned and walked away. Dawnette retreated to our room leaving me standing alone in the kitchen. A few minutes later Joyce returned wearing a pair of sweats and a loose fitting shirt. The two of us stood there chatting but I couldn’t help letting my eyes wander to her chest. As Joyce talked her body would move just enough to cause the shirt to lie against her chest rather than just hang from her shoulders. When it did, I could see her nipples were erect. I don’t recall what we talked about. I was only thinking how I could get a better view. Joyce wasn’t built like her daughter. Joyce’s breasts were half the size of Dawnette’s breasts but you know what guys say: “Tits are tits.”

Over the years I have had a few fantasies involving my mother in-law. That day fueled the flame and I found myself thinking of Joyce more often while whacking off. After that incident and when the situation was right I would try to use some sort of sexual comment while speaking with Joyce. It didn’t happen a lot. Richard and Joyce didn’t have many things they did that involved one or the other being away from the other. Most of the time when I tried flirting with Joyce it was done in, or around the kitchen area. Whether it was at our house or theirs I found alone time between the two of us was not very often. I found myself wishing she was more aggressive and hoping she would grab my ass or crotch to let me know she viewed me as someone she was sexually attracted to. Well let’s get back to the story.

My conversation with Dawnette, my wife was on a Monday. Her parents would be here on Friday afternoon and would be staying for at least eight days. Dawnette would be leaving on Sunday and would be home on Friday or Saturday. Friday afternoon the In-laws arrived and got settled in. After unloading their truck we sat around and discussed family, politics and weather. Saturday wasn’t much different. I tried to get Richard, my father in-law down stairs to help me with a few things I had to get done before summer was in full swing. He helped me reload some bullets but it seemed he mostly just wanted to talk with me about how he was missing the exciting sex life he once enjoyed with his wife. It was made clear to me that he and Joyce’s sex life was not like it was back when they were younger. I was somewhat surprised şişli escort and asked him if he had thought about trying to add some “spice” to get Joyce interested again. To my surprise Richard informed me he had mentioned to Joyce maybe they should try swinging again. After he made that comment the room was silent. I was at a loss for words and was caught off guard. My mind immediately put an image of Joyce having sex with two guys. Richard must have read my mind or maybe it was the look on my face and he said:

“Oh yeah, Joyce and I enjoyed trying new things and new people. It was fun and I always enjoyed watching her get off.”

“Wow, I would have never guessed or thought you two had done anything like that,” while thinking back to the one and only time Dawnette and I had met up with another couple to try the swinging scene.

Shortly after our conversation Richard informed me he was bored and was headed up stairs. Sunday morning arrived and after having breakfast we told my wife good bye. After Dawnette had left Richard and Joyce sat around the house while I went outside and did a few chores. Three hours later I came in and found the two of them still sitting where I had left them. Joyce mentioned Dawnette had called and said she and her cohorts from work were only a couple of hours away from their destination.

“Well I’m going to take a shower and get out of these dirty clothes. What do you two want for dinner tonight?” I asked as I turned to leave the living room.

“Oh I got a roast out of your freezer a few hours ago and just put it in the oven ten minutes ago. It should be ready in about an hour or so.” Joyce answered back.

“While were waiting could you look at our computer and fix it. It’s been doing some weird things.” Joyce continued.

“Sure, I’ll take it down stairs and go through it after my shower.” I said.

My shower lasted a few minutes longer than normal. It wasn’t that I was extra dirty. It was I had a slow and meaningful fantasy of Joyce sucking my cock. I dried off and put on a clean t-shirt and my favorite sweats. I walked into the living room and found my in-laws where I had left them. Richard had turned on the Television to the weather channel. Joyce had her head in her Kindle. As I gathered up my in-law’s computer I asked Richard: ‘Hey, do you want to come downstairs with me and shoot the shit?” I was hoping to maybe learn a bit more of my in-laws swinging days. I knew if I gave Richard a couple of beers I’d have him telling me stories.

“Nay, I’m going to stay right here and take a nap.” Richard replied as he began taking his shoes off.

Setting up the computer took only a minute and as I sat down at my computer desk waiting for it to come to life I thought back to when I had talked my in-laws into getting it. Both Joyce and Richard were “old school” and seem to refuse to use their computer for anything other than card games. This was not the first time I’d had to fix it for them. According to Richard, the one time he tried using the internet he’d picked up a virus. While fixing it I found the virus had come from a porn site. After cleaning the computer I showed Richard a couple of sites I had deemed to be safe for him to watch some porn.

A month later I was once again getting rid of a virus on the in-laws computer. After fixing it the second time I happened to go through their browser history. Titles such as: “Mature wife sucks me off, husband watches wife fuck, wife sucks friends cock.” There were many more but the one that surprise me was: “Transgender sucks my cock and others like it” showed up.

I was expecting to find another virus on the in-laws computer and to my surprise it came to life without any problems. One neat thing with windows 10 is you can go to File Explorer and it will show you recent files that have been used. I opened up file explorer and read the list: Joyce’s folder and a video file labeled “Randy” caught my attention. Randy was Richard and Joyce’s neighbor.

Two clicks of the mouse and Joyce’s folder opened. I clicked the first file and viewed the photo. The photo was of Joyce standing in the hallway of their home wearing her pajamas and a smile on her face. The next photo really got my attention. Joyce was standing with a smile on her face and her pajama top was open with her average size breasts exposed for the entire world to see. I continued through the photos and in a few minutes I was sporting a nice boner. The last five photos were of Joyce sitting in her recliner, naked with a dildoe and vibrator in each hand. The vibrator was buried between her legs and the dildoe was in her mouth. I was hooked! I had to see what else I could find. I grabbed a thumb drive and plugged it in and began copying the photos.

I than turned my attention to the video file labeled “Randy”.

The video came to life and so did my cock! Randy, my in-laws neighbor was the same age as Richard. At 78 years old he was in better shape than Richard and more beşiktaş escort active. Randy stood about 5′ 6″ and weighed around 150 pounds. Randy was naked and feeding his cock into Joyce’s mouth. In the past I had tried to show Richard all the neat functions on his fancy digital camera. One of those features was video mode. At the time Richard didn’t seem interested in it. No sound was coming from the computer and I checked the volume button and found it had been muted. One click and the sound came to life and I damn near leaped out of my chair. Quickly I muted the sound and turned the volume down. Then I made my mistake and grabbed my headphones.

I put them over my ears, plugged them in and turned the mute off. Randy’s voice came through the headphones, along with slurping sounds coming from Joyce.

“Oh wow! This is worth it, she sucks cock so good.” Randy grunted as he was thrusting his hips back and forth.

“I told you it would be. Wait until you feel your cock in her pussy.” Richard said from behind the lens of the camera.

“Well I’ll do whatever it takes to get the chance to feel my cock in Joyce’s pussy. Oh hell, I’m going to cum!” Randy grunted as he began thrusting his hips faster.

“Good, now shoot your wad in my wife’s mouth.” Richard replied with a hint of laughter.

Randy grunted two or three more times and froze. In the video I could see Joyce’s mouth and throat moving. There was no doubt that she was in the process of swallowing Randy’s cum. A few seconds more and Joyce allowed Randy’s cock to slip from her lips and she smiled while looking at the camera.

“Oh honey he tasted so good but I’m still horny.” Joyce said as she wiped her lips with a finger. The video ended.

The video lasted about four minutes. Somewhere in that four minutes I had pulled the front of my sweats down to free my hard cock. I had to see more and click on file explorer, and then opened up the video file folder. The folder contained three files named, Joyce, Randy and Richard with a date behind each name. The date was the same and a bell went off in my head. The date was the day of the Super Bowl last year. I remembered the call I had got from Richard while watching the game. I had to talk him through on how to transfer photos and video from his camera to the laptop.

I double clicked on the video labeled Joyce and it opened to Richard and Joyce’s bedroom. Joyce was on the bed naked with her legs spread wide. Over her voice I could hear the hum of the vibrator she was pushing in and out of her pussy.

From behind the camera I heard Richard’s voice: “Does that feel good in your pussy? Are you going to cum for me? Your pussy looks so wet.”

“Oh god honey it feels good but I need a nice hard cock for a long fuck. Let’s try and get Randy to fuck me.” Joyce said between gasping for breath.

Joyce was now using the vibrator faster and a short time later she tilted her head back, closed her eyes and through clenched teeth loudly announced she was coming. I watch in awe as juice began flowing from her pussy and the video ended.

Only one video remained.

I clicked on the video named Richard and it opened. Much to my surprise there stood my father in-law naked sporting a boner. His cock was longer than mine and Randy’s but not as thick. The surprise was Randy was naked on one knee staring at my father in-laws cock. From behind the camera came Joyce’s voice: “Go ahead just taste it. It won’t bite.”

“That’s right. Just take the head in your mouth and try it. The only way you’re going to get to fuck Joyce is sucking my cock.” Richard said as he placed a hand on Randy’s head.

I watched as Randy opened his mouth and Richard stepped closer. His cock made contact with Randy’s lips. Randy closed his eyes and allowed the head to slip past his lips. Richard pulled his hips back and gently pushed forward. Randy now had a third of Richard’s cock in his mouth. Each time my father in-law moved his hips back and forth Randy took a bit more of his cock. This lasted about thirty seconds and soon my father in-law was standing still with both hands on Randy’s head and Randy was doing all the work.

The video camera moved as I heard Joyce’s voice: Oh honey, that is so hot. I just love watching a man suck cock. I’m getting so horny.”

The video now was of a side view and it panned out to show the two men. My father in-law was looking at the camera with a huge smile and a “thumbs up.”

Randy was still on one knee. He was now sucking with earnest and had my father in-laws balls in one hand. Randy’s other hand was stroking his cock. Richard grunted and now had what appeared to be a firm grip on Randy’s head.

I watched in awe as I my father in-laws cum begin to leak from Randy’s lips. Randy managed to get his mouth off Richard’s cock and he tilted his head down and spit my father in-laws cum on the floor and I heard my mother in-law say: “Oh look honey Randy came too.”

I’m not gay taksim escort but I think every man has at one time or another thought about what it would be like to suck a cock. The fact that I knew these two men, well I thought I knew these two men did not escape me. The video had only been playing for about five minutes and I hit the back button to see what I had missed based on my mother in-laws last comment. It began playing only this time I concentrated on Randy. As my father in-law was filling Randy’s mouth Randy was spurting his cum on the floor. Then I felt the hand on my shoulder and I spun my chair around.

With headphones on and my cock in my hand I was staring up into the faces of my in-laws. The heat on my face and neck told me I was redder than a solo cup. When I spun around I had pulled the cord of the headphones from its jack and the sounds of the video seemed to be blaring.

“Honey you were right. I thought for sure we’d catch him looking at your pictures.” Richard said with a smile on his face.

“I told you all men have a secret desire to suck cock.” Joyce answered back while unbuttoning her blouse and removing it.

“Well now you know our little secret. Do you want to join our fun little group?” Richard asked while unbuckling his belt.

“Please say yes, your cock looks wonderful. I can’t wait to taste it and feel it in my pussy.” My mother in-law added.

“Honey be a sweetie and unhook my bra for me.” Joyce asked while turning for Richard to unhook her bra.

My mother in-laws bra slipped from her shoulders to reveal her breasts and erect nipples. I sat staring at her chest while she ran her hands over her breasts and she pulled on each nipple. Richard was now stepping out of his pants and his cock was hanging slightly down as I turned my head to stare at it.

“Would you like to fuck your mother in-law Mark?” Richard asked as he reached out and took one of Joyce’s nipples between his fingers.

I was still staring at Richard’s cock and all I could do was to shake my head up and down.

“Good. All you have to do is first suck my cock. Then Joyce is all yours, and believe me she is worth it.” I heard my father in-law say.

“Mark, please get on your knees and let me watch you suck my husband’s cock. It makes me so horny!” Joyce chimed in.

I slipped from the chair in a daze to my knees. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. My head was level with my father in-laws cock as I closed my eyes and somewhat reluctantly parted my lips. Richard stepped forward and I felt the head of his cock touch my lips.

“Just take it slow Mark. You may find you enjoy it.” My father in-law said while placing a hand on the top of my head.

I felt the head slip over my lips into my mouth. His cock felt smooth and somewhat limp as it entered my mouth. Slowly I began to move my mouth up and down my father in-laws cock and I felt it harden. I was amazed at the taste. I swear his cock tasted like cherries. I soon was sucking his cock for all I was worth and in the back of my mind I justified it with the fact I was going to fuck my mother in-law. I finally got the nerve to open my eyes and as I glanced over at my mother in-law I saw see had just removed her pants and panties. Her bush was full but neatly trimmed. The stove matched the chimney. The gray hairs blended well in with her black pubic hair.

As I sucked my first cock I watched my mother in-law sit down in the chair and spread her legs. Just as in the video I watch as she plunged three fingers into her pussy and I heard her say: “Oh I just love getting off while watching a man suck a cock.”

Most of my senses were slowly returning to me. As I was busy sucking my father in-laws cock I became aware that my own cock was twitching and throbbing. Several times I reached down with a hand and gave it a stroke. At one point Joyce reached out and began to slowly stroke it and Richard said: “Not yet honey. He has to earn that first.”

“Do you like the taste of his cock Mark?” Joyce asked while pinching her nipples with her free hand.

I shook my head and mumbled yes in reply.

“You should. I told Richard your favorite flavor was cherry and we bought the cock lube just for you. I even have some on my tits and pussy” Joyce said between moans of pleasure, as she pulled her fingers from her pussy and began to suck them.

My mother in-laws actions must have pushed my father in-law over the edge. With both hands on my head he began to try and fuck my mouth. I knew what was about to come and I placed both my hands on his hips to counter the force. I was not sure what I would do. The entire scene was surreal. Should I swallow or spit. What would or should I do? If I spit it out would I be denied the prize of having sex with my mother in-law? If I swallowed would that make me gay?

These thoughts were running through my mind as I heard my father in-law grunt and say through clenched teeth: I’m going to cum.”

Before he could finish his sentence I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. My eyes widened in surprise and horror as I felt the first of his cum flow from the head of his cock. My only thought was at least it wasn’t coming out in force and flying down my throat.

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