12 Temmuz 2021

Husband’s Boss Fucks Me Like A Maniac


Husband’s Boss Fucks Me Like A ManiacdeleteddeleteddeletedI am 26 years old and my stats are 34-30-32. Today I am going to narrate the story of my first extramarital affair where my husband’s boss fucked me like a maniac! This incident happened almost 15 years back when I was still a young lady.I was born and brought up in a small town in Tamilnadu called Srirangam. My parents, like any other conservative parents, got me married, right after college. My life was that of a quintessential housewife and my small town mentality was of no help to have a social life in Mumbai.After the birth of my daughter, the sex life between me and my husband became almost non-existent. My husband was focused on his career and focused on impressing his boss to get the promotion which would raise our social status. Although I was not happy with my husband ignoring us, I could not do anything to make him a loving husband and a good father.My husband’s efforts were finally paying off as he got invited to the new year party his boss hosts every year at his house. My husband was hellbent on me accompanying him to the party, as his boss wanted me to be there too. Husband was also particular that I dress fashionably for the event.After scouting for a long time, I settled on a transparent red designer saree and a low neck blouse. Although I thought the dress was too revealing and was uncomfortable wearing it, my husband loved it and wanted me to wear it for the party. So naturally, I had no choice.On the day of the party, we left our daughter under the care of my husband’s sister and went to the party. I was uncomfortable wearing the saree below my waist, my husband was particular that I look fashionable wearing it like that.As we entered the party, my husband’s boss ( Mr. Kathuria) walked up to us and greeted us. Kathuria was a 55-year-old man, who was unmarried. He was a fitness freak, with a well-toned body and looked several years younger than his actual age. He was a pleasant man to talk with and I remember meeting him on my marriage day.I noticed Kathuria staring at my belly for a few times whilst chatting with my husband. It made me karşıyaka escort uncomfortable but I did not show it out. After chatting with us for a couple of minutes and complementing my beauty in front of my husband, which my husband didn’t mind, Kathuria went to entertain other guests.While my husband was busy reeling in all the alcohol, I tried to get acquainted with the wives of other employees. As I looked around the party, I was getting a cultural shock seeing all the women dressed in a skimpy manner and older men in the company of a younger lass who was probably their mistress. Soon I was getting bored when I saw Kathuria standing a few inches away from me and signaling me to come near him.I walked up to Kathuria who had 2 glasses of drinks with him. He handed me the non-alcoholic one. We started chatting and he kept telling me that I was ravishing and my husband is lucky to have me.Suddenly his eyes fell on the stretch marks on my navel and he pointed it out to me asking me what were those? I explained to him what stretch marks were and how it has considerably reduced in the past 7 months.Without another word, he put his hand inside my saree and started feeling my stretch marks. Although the touch of a man after a long time felt good, I wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate.“These stretch marks are sexy and you really have a soft belly. I’m not sure if I’ll ever take my hand off”.I honestly had no reaction other than a half fake smile. I liked the attention he was giving me and especially his comments on my stretch marks which my husband seems to hate. He then pulled me closer to him and whispered in my ears, “Dance with me, honey”.By this time, he started making circles around my belly button using his finger, which did turn me on. I was not sure what to do at this moment, as I realized there were a dozen eyes on us. I did not want my husband to see me like this. Kathuria understood my predicament and let me go, “Climb up the stairs and walk into the room on the left, we will have our dance in private”. He walked away as he said those words.I was caught in a real fix. I knew escort karşıyaka that this was a chance to impress Kathuria and get my husband the promotion he so badly wanted, but I also had no idea what would happen if I walk into that room. Also, I knew I had no time to contemplate. So I followed my gut instinct and took the stairs and walked into the room, which was his bedroom.His bedroom was bigger than my whole apartment. It was so posh and decorated with a lot of paintings and other stuff. As I stood there awestruck by the room, I felt a hand on my navel and a kiss on my shoulder. I turned back and before I could react, Kathuria put on a blues song on his CD player and held me. He started swaying with me, holding my navel and occasionally tickling it.After some time, he got really brave and started pinching my belly. A part of me was really enjoying this, but the constant fear of getting caught by my husband stopped me from enjoying fully.“Sir, what are you doing…”, I asked him as I moved away from him.“What can I do honey, your belly is so sexy,” he told me pinching my belly again.“Sir please don’t”.“Don’t order me, honey”. He started pinched my belly again. “Sir, what if my husband…” He put his finger on my lips.“You think Subbu could stand up to me? Look honey, since the day I saw you, I have been having wild thoughts about you. You give me sleepless nights. Today be mine and the promotion will be your husbands. What do you say?”I knew I had no time to think, and the only rational thing to do at that point of to do whatever he says, and I was also enjoying it.I looked at him and smiled seductively. He immediately grabbed me closer to him and started kissing me on my lips and fondling my boobs, which caused the milk to splatter, wetting my bra and blouse. He also started making circles around my belly button using his hands. Then he pushed me to the bed and took a full bottle of wine from the mini bar and poured some of it on my navel and started drinking it.This went on for some time and he gradually removed my blouse and bra and started fondling my boobs and slowly put karşıyaka escort bayan his mouth on it, drinking my breast milk.“Wow, I love your breast milk honey, he said. I was on cloud nine as Kathuria was far better than my husband in foreplay. Kathuria started removing my dresses on by one and removed his too. We both were buck naked for now and the only thing I had in my body was the mangalsutra.I was shocked to see the cock of Kathuria which was almost 9 inches and double the size of my husbands. He signaled to give him a blowjob, which I obliged. He lit a cigarette and started smoking it. I could see he was really enjoying the blowjob as he was moaning softly.After a while, he asked me to stop and went down on me. He first opened my pussy lips and applied some saliva on my pussy. Then he inserted one finger and started fingering me. Gradually, 3 fingers were inserted into my pussy. I was moaning and shouting out of sheer pain mixed with pleasure. My husband never bothered to finger me.A while later, he climbed on top of me and slowly started inserting his cock into my pussy. He grabbed my boobs and started pressing it while inserting his cock into my pussy.As he penetrated inside me, I felt a strange sensation which I have never felt before. I started moaning, “Fuck me harder”, “Please fuck me” etc.He asked me, “Will you be my bitch?”. “Yes master”, I replied politely.He started riding me like a maniac and he never seemed to get tired. “Come on bitch, I am going to fuck you like it’s the end of the world”.I was moaning loudly due to the pain and the pleasure. This continued for a long time and finally, once he was done, he cummed all over my face and made sure I drank every bit of it.“You’re sexier than I imagined honey,” he said as he pressed my boobs. I quickly got ready. He promised to give my husband the promotion, I thanked him and quickly got dressed. I gave him a parting kiss. He took out his visiting card. “Next week, I’ll be in my beach house, if the watchman stops you from entering, show him this card”. He put the card on my navel and smiled.A couple of minutes later, my husband came running to the house to announce that he has got the promotion and from now on, he’ll draw a fat paycheck. I was happy that I could contribute my part for my husband’s success. The phone rang and I picked up the receiver.“Honey, I hope you’re happy and I hope you know how to thank me,” said a familiar voice.

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