15 Kasım 2023

How It Was Ch. 01


This chapter is solo, but sets the stage for an encounter.

This is a work that is not based on any real persons or events. If you are not of legal age to read erotic fiction, please leave now and do not continue reading. For everyone else, I hope that you enjoy it and have fun. Feedback is always welcome.

All materials presented herein copyright the author.

This is how it was. When I was 18 I found a stash of porno magazines in the woods behind my high school. There were two black garbage bags full of someone’s sexy treasures. Not believing my luck, I dove into this trove of stroke material, sorting through glossy magazines with the pages stuck together, a manila envelope full of Polaroids, and at the bottom of the second bag, a latex dildo and a small pile of pocketbooks.

My cock was aching by the time I got to these last items, and I thumbed through the books idly, until I realized that they were slightly different than the other material. These books were mostly text, but a few black and white reproductions showed men, mostly dressed in blue-collar work clothes, sucking each other’s cocks, and some even having anal sex.

I had never seen anything like this before, but I was riveted. In the small city I grew up in, there was no such thing as an openly gay lifestyle, and any whiff of being a “faggot” would likely get you beaten up. Nevertheless, these little books set me on fire and I knelt in the dirt jerking my cock until my hands were dripping with cum.

Catching my breath, I pulled up my pants and assessed my options. I knew these woods pretty well, so I carried the bags to a hollow created by two collapsed trees, and tucked them inside. After a few moments consideration, I tucked the pocketbooks, the Polaroids, and the dildo into my backpack and walked home. It would Bakırköy Escort be a few hours before my parents got home from work, so I slipped the books under my mattress, and took the dildo into the bathroom. Having washed it thoroughly with hot, soapy water I took it back to my bedroom and laid it on the bed then went through the pictures in the envelope.

The photos were mostly anonymous fragments of torsos attached at the genitals, the same penis penetrating a series of vaginas, some with thick bushes, others neatly trimmed, and a couple shaved bare. These were all quite interesting, but then I came across another set. This time another hard cock joined the first one in a series of mind-blowing images. The second member was slightly larger than the first, with a dark complexion and a hood of foreskin that was pulled back half way over the flaring head. In some of the photos the cocks were held in a burly hand, rubbing together. In others there were close ups of the second meat-stick and the large balls, the last few in the series made my cock rigid again.

This was a sequence starting with a view of the round, dark globes of the second man’s ass, with his cock and balls hanging between his legs. Then, an image of his buttocks spread, exposing his pink, puckering asshole. Another showed the first penis sliding into the second man’s butt. The final image showed the lower part of the second man’s face, his mouth stuffed full of the first man’s cock, and a load of semen dripping down his chin. The face in the photo looked vaguely familiar, a well-trimmed mustache and goatee framing a square jaw and sensuous lips.

Whoever it was, I knew that I needed to jack off again immediately. I pulled off my pants and squirted some lotion into my hand, pumping my dick in my fist, Bakırköy Escort Bayan while gazing at the lewd documents spread on my bed. As my pulse and breathing quickened, I glanced at the dildo, tempting me with its thick, realistic, shaft and testicles.

I opened my mouth and slid the head in. I was immediately lost in a haze of lust, stroking my cock faster as I pumped the dildo into my mouth. Eyes locked on the image of the ass being penetrated, I popped the dildo out of my mouth and rubbed it against my anus. Shifting to my back and raising my legs I pushed the dildo harder until it finally stretched my sphincter enough for the tip to enter my rectum.

I exploded. My cock pulsed hard and the first shot of semen splattered on my chest. I raised my hips and the next four sprayed across my face, into my open mouth, until I was finally spent and the last drops trickled through my fingers onto my pubic hair.

Exhausted and exhilarated, I painfully eased the dildo out of my ass, covered in saliva, and ass sauce, mixed with a little blood. Although I was shocked at my own actions, I had never had such a strong sexual response to anything in my life. Feeling like I had begun a new phase in my life, I wondered what was in store for me.

This question had to be set aside, as I glanced at the clock and knew I had to clean up fast. My dad arrived home just as I finished hiding the dildo in the drawer of my bedside table, and my mom was close behind. Dinner was onerous as we made small talk about our day and my father downed three bourbons while my mother tied into her white wine. The one good thing was that soon after the meal they retired to the living room to watch TV and I told them I was going to visit a friend.

Once out of the house, I made my way back Escort Bakırköy toward the woods to check on my new stash. As I walked through my neighborhood, I saw that someone was moving out of one of the big houses on the next street. The vice principal of my high school was standing on the immaculate green lawn supervising the movers lugging furniture and boxes up the ramp of the moving truck.

I had heard that he was becoming the principal of a school in a nearby suburb, but I didn’t pay close attention to those kinds of things. As I walked by, I was startled to notice the pile of black garbage bags lined up along the sidewalk. I knew black garbage bags were everywhere, but for some reason my brain made a connection between my new porn stash and these bags of refuse set on the vice principal’s lawn.

Of course, I thought, he’s moving and had to get rid of his incriminating materials to prevent his wife or one of his kids from accidentally discovering them. This idea shot a bolt of excitement to my groin as I walked past Mr. Robinson, who watched intently as I passed, but made no comment. I realized, belatedly, that my dick was tenting my Adidas shorts in a pretty obvious way. I could feel my face and neck flush and put my head down as I sped past Mr. Robinson’s house. As I turned the corner at the end of the street, two houses down, I snuck a peek to see if he was still watching. He was standing with his arms crossed, looking directly at me, the way he did before dragging some rule-breaker to his office.

By the time I got to my hidden cache, my breathing was shallow, my mind racing at the idea that the pictures I had been jerking off to all day had been of the vice principal at my school. My plan had been to sort through the skin mags more carefully and bring home any that seemed especially promising, but my little encounter with Mr. Robinson, and the memory of those Polaroids were too much for me.

And that is why my pants were around my knees and my cock was pumping in my fist for the third time that afternoon when Mr. Robinson stepped out of the trees behind me.

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