12 Temmuz 2021

Holiday Shenanigans


Holiday ShenanigansNormally I like to write about my masturbatory shenanigans growing up, but I’m throwing this one into the mix as it’s a little bit of fun that’s happened just a recently while on a couple of week’s holidays with my girlfriend. We’re in a long-distance relationship so when we do get to spend time together, especially extended periods like this, we make the most of it without our particular kind of naughty games and mischief, much of which happens outside of the bedroom, and even the apartment.Currently we have a couple of weeks’ holidays together (essentially, we’ve migrated north for the winter!) and among other things we’ve been playing a game of one of us standing at the balcony in full view of the yard and pool from the waist up, looking out at everyone below while the other ducks down behind the balcony wall out of view and rubs, fingers, licks and toys the other to orgasm, and then we’ll swap places and do the same again. This might go on for a couple of orgasms each to one of us riding out 6 or 7 orgasms in a row, completely hidden from the waist down, but every sway and jerk and shudder, not to mention poorly disguised O-faces, visible to anyone who happens to be looking close enough in our direction, but hidden in plain sight from everyone else going about their holidays oblivious to our naughty game. And it’s not like we were out of sight; we were on a first-floor apartment overlooking the pool garden.Mostly when it was my turn standing by the balcony rail, legs apart and leaning against the railing trying to keep my legs from bucking while she was licking and fingering all my sensitive bits, I’d just look around at everyone below, eyeing off couples or other hot people, seeing young and older k**s running and playing around, trying hard not to let my knees buckle like jelly under me. Every now and then I’d catch someone’s eye or see someone looking my way and I’d smile and act normal until the next lick or buzz in just the right spot sends my eyes rolling and my legs wobbly until it all becomes too much and I’m enveloped in the oncoming orgasm rolling through me. Then, still trembling and breathing hard I remember where I am again and look around for anyone who may have seen me. Most of the time no one has, but occasionally I see someone with a look of disbelieving wonder, or shock, or giggling and pointing me out to a friend or partner, just as I jerk and buck as my oversenstised clit is pinched or buzzed, and then the build-up begins again and in another minute or two and I’m swept away from the inside out by the next orgasm, hanging onto the balcony for dear life.Yesterday afternoon we put a different spin on the game. She was down in the pool swimming and going back and forth to the jacuzzi, looking up at me where I was on the balcony leaning on the rail, to the casual observer, without a care in the world while she knew full well that below the level of the balcony I had my Lush eggie vibe buzzing away inside me under my bikini bottoms.I was watching her watching me, my arms on the rail and rolling my hips back and forth in time to the gentle, repeating up-sweep pattern I’d set on my bursa escort phone, really losing myself in the moment and the pleasure, the ever-so-gradual building of an orgasm.I knew that she could see the slow, subtle movement of my shoulders and upper body with each sway of my hips; a naughty secret only she could know. Despite me watching her, my mind and eyes kept drifting away, making me giggle as I caught myself and I could see her smile when I did this, one time even poking her tongue out at me almost making me loose it and breaking my momentum for a moment. I could tell she was just as turned on, her hand occasionally drifting down to the front of her own bikini bottoms or a quick brush and tweak of a breast which I could easily see from my elevated position.Eventually the relentless rhythm of the vibrations between my legs got the better of me and my body began that initial rush to orgasm, my body twisting in addition to the steady thrusting, my face tightening up into that “oh my god I’m going to cum so haaaaaarrrd!!” expression and I came in my bikinis. Exploded more like! My hands gripping the rail, back arched, my legs apart but locked straight, my whole body tensing and gripping the vibrator inside my pussy hard with each spasm.As my orgasm began to ebb and slow the pelvic clenches fell in sync with the rhythmic pattern of the egg that was still doing its thing, my pussy twitching and clit pulsing with residual pleasure each time the pattern reached its peak, drawing it out for what felt like forever until I was sure I was about to build up again but… just… didn’t… until it eventually tailed off leaving me all hot and tingly all over!I leant over the rail again, arms hanging over the edge in exaggerated exhaustion and looked down to see my gf looking back up with the biggest grin and a thumbs-up, her other hand definitely gripped between her legs before grabbing a nearby pool noodle and slipping it between her legs like she was floating around on it, but her legs straight, ankles crossed and swaying back and forth as she paddled about with her arms. Very sly, but still ballsy considering she wasn’t the only one in the pool, other families splashing around and sitting in the jacuzzi and loungers about the place.Meanwhile, the on-going vibrations between my own now quite rubbery legs began feeling decidedly pleasant and sexy again, and I got back into my relaxed pose, leaning on the rail, my hips rolling back and forth behind the safety of the solid balcony, enjoying the feelings of another orgasm just beginning to glimmer deep inside me, my clit hard and pressed against the tail of the vibrator (where the antenna is) as it curled upwards inside my swimmers between my lips.Unable to hurry the steady, sweeping rhythm of the vibrator, I resigned myself to just let it do its magic and enjoy the ride, watching my lover bucking on the pool noodle with increasing intent as she propelled herself around the relatively unpopulated deep end.I was just settling into the slow momentum of my second orgasm when the flaw in my little game was made startlingly apparent when a young and slightly perplexed “Uh, hello!”, from what bursa escort bayan sounded like right next to me, stood me to attention, and there was a girl in her early teens, standing right there on the balcony next to mine looking over the short gap and with a full view of me from head to toe.I must have practically jumped out of my skin because she giggled loudly and I did my best not to look like I’d just been sprung masturbating, but my burning face giving me away completely.“Hi, I’m Alison.” She introduced herself, and I told her my name and we had a short conversation, all the while trying to ignore the vibrations between my legs and keeping my hips as still as I could but still twitching from time to time despite myself, and acutely aware that I was standing in front of this girl with a vibrator up my vag under my very slick swimmers and hoping the slim tail of it wasn’t blindingly obvious in the pattern print of my bikinis.During this, both her parents, an older teen sister and younger brother all appeared on the balcony to check out the view and say hi-how’s-it-going? to the new neighbour before disappearing inside again (thankfully!!) to change and go down to the pool.Alison stayed to chat, probably curious about the odd lady on the balcony and what she was doing in that odd pose and movements looking down at the pool.She was friendly enough, cheerful and on school holidays with her family and had just arrived in their room. We talked for a few more minutes, until I mentioned I was here with my girlfriend which got a raised eyebrow and curious look. She didn’t seem put off by it, but in my state, it felt like an accidental slip and made me a little flustered and even more hyper-aware of the vibrations inside me and against my clit, and that not a few minutes ago I was well on the way to an orgasm and then, with the whole situation and that momentary mental vulnerability, my body began to betray me.I couldn’t ignore the vibrations, that infuriating regular pattern, and the orgasm that had vanished with the shock of being caught began building again from deep inside me.I looked at her face, then inside to the safety my apartment but I froze. In slow motion, everything flew through my mind at once. A part of me still trying to pretend nothing was wrong, a guilt reflex. My moment of escape passed and the reality that I was about to cum right in front of a girl I’d just met became a certainty. Short of reaching down my bikini bottoms and pulling the eggie out of my pussy, the only way I could turn it off was my phone lying on my bed in the room.It felt like forever, but couldn’t have been more than thirty seconds before the inevitable happened and I came. Legs locked, but this time pressed hard together, hips rolled forwards and back arched yet almost doubled over at the same time as my orgasm wracked through me, nowhere to hide.Once it began to subside again, I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me, hands over her mouth in disbelief. Before I could say anything (much less move!) however, she giggled from behind her hands. “Nooo… Did…? Was…? How…?” was all she could get out.I didn’t know what to say. escort bursa There was no denying it, that I’d just had an orgasm right in front of her, so I defaulted to my tried and true ‘if you’ve can’t deny it, just own it,’ and gave her a naughty wink and put a finger to my lips, nodding and making out like I was letting her into a naughty secret and hoping she’d play along.To my relief she did, and proceeded to try and ask a hundred questions all in the same breath. I could only laugh and say “Yeah, I did.”I moved to lean against the railing because my legs were still shaky and getting mini spasms, and I could feel how damp and slick my swimmers were now, but then I could also start to feel the tail end of my orgasmic twitches syncing with the rhythm of the vibrator again and the pleasure level out, not dying off. I closed my eyes and let out a long, quiet “Ohhh…” and then suddenly I could sense that transition, almost like a pivot or click, when the tail end of my orgasm starts feeling like the beginning of the next one and I knew I was going to cum againI looked across to Alison, almost bouncing on her tiptoes in excitement and curiosity and said, “Hang on a sec, because it’s going to happen again…” She didn’t say a word, almost holding her breath as I braced myself comfortably against the rail and she watched intently as my orgasm slowly built up again, began that rush to the peak of pleasure, then crash like a wave into my body, jerking and grunting and shuddering, watching the girl on the other balcony taking it all in, more than a little flushed all the way to the top of her shirt.I felt my orgasm die down and fade away this time, the vibrations more ticklish then pleasurable now. I held up a finger then ducked inside my room on very wobbly legs to turn the eggie off from my phone, and then all but collapse on the padded chair on the balcony with a very happy sigh.I was wondering just how to explain everything to Alison; from her reaction, I gathered she was familiar with what an orgasm was, even if she couldn’t say the word out loud. But trying to explain a ‘big girl’s secret toy’, let alone one like my wireless eggie vibe was going to be difficult.Fortunately, I was spared this particular awkward conversation when we heard her parents calling her from the pool, making her jump, realising just where she was. She dashed inside with a quick “Cya!” to change and join the others in the pool, but I noted with some amusement that it was quite a few minutes longer than it generally took to change into swimmers before I heard their apartment door open and close and a minute later saw her dash across the grass and jump into the pool.I grabbed my towel and phone and went down to the pool myself a short while later, once I felt like my legs could handle walking again. I dropped my stuff on the lounger next to my girlfriend’s, but not before quickly tapping the vibrator on again on my phone, and eased into the water.Moments later I felt arms hugging me from behind, my girlfriend giving me a peck on the ear, a hand dropping to the front of my bottoms under the water, and a little chuckle when she felt the vibrations down there.I turned around and gave her a hug and a little peck on the lips and before turning and happening to catch Alison looking over at us with a curious smile, biting her lip before turning away again with a quick wave.

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