15 Kasım 2023

His Birthday


My husband and I have been married for almost two years. I love the man, but we have polar opposite interests. I love to chill on the couch, go to the theater, and drink a bottle of wine. He loves to be outside and work all day, and most of all, to ice fish. I have never gone with him, despite being invited several times. I never understood what would possess a seemingly normal person to wait until it was really cold and run out onto a frozen lake and sit over a hole all day.

But today was his birthday. And since staying in bed all day was not an option (I was informed), I agreed to let him take me ice fishing for the first time for his birthday present. I asked him if I would need to buy anything or get anything, and he said that other than bait, he should have enough equipment for the both of us. I put on my winter jacket and my thick jeans, hoping I was bundled up enough for the cold.

All told, it took us an hour to get to his shack. It was a small blue pup tent, with the floor removed in one half to allow for access to the ice, the other half covered by a thick rug. Inside were two buckets and an assortment of poles and weird flag things that I would later learn were called tip-ups. I sat down on one bucket, while he ran back outside to grab the bait bucket.

Once he came back in, he helped rig up my pole and get me in the water before setting up his own. Slowly, I felt his hand creep up my thigh and rest just below my waist. I smile, knowing now why he brought me out here but not willing to give it up that easy. I shifted over to the side and got out of Bahçeşehir Escort his reach. I heard a brief chuckle before silence resumed. He got up to head outside, and due to the configuration, I had to stand back up to let him out. As he passed by, his hand reached back and copped a hard feel on his way out. I jumped onto the floored section and looked at him playfully.

He came back shortly, and looked at me to stand up so he could get back. When I sat there quietly, he smirked and walked up to me, pushing the bulge of his jeans onto the tip of my nose as he passed. My tongue darted out to lick his jeans before he pulled himself away and back to his bucket. He noticed and looked at me out of the corner of his eye. “You know, it is my birthday…” His voice trailing off.

I smirk, looking down at the hole, “Yes?”

“And I want a blowjob in this tent.”

I look at him playfully, “Now where am I going to get on the ground to do that?”

He motions toward the floored portion and I slowly stand up and saunter over, my ass shaking as I kneel down in front of him. He unzips his fly and pulls his cock out, not wanting to expose too much skin to the cold air. His cock flops out, and I reach up and gently start to play with it with my hand, starting the blood flowing in. I lift up his cock and gently suck on his balls, one at a time taking them into my mouth. I move my mouth onto his cock, his hand reaching onto the back of my head.

I look up and make eye contact with him as my mouth goes down on his cock. I take his hardening Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan cock all the way to my throat, his cold tip brushing the back of my mouth. His hand slides down my back, reaching out for my ass as my head bobs up and down slowly on his cock. His hand slaps my ass as my tongue swirls around his cockhead. His cock is now fully hard and warm. He breathes harder as he grabs my ass and I take his cock in my mouth fully once more.

As I resume sucking, he moves hand back to my head and gently pulls me off to look at my face. He quietly asks “Can I get one more thing for my birthday?”

“What do you want stud?” I ask giggling.

“Your ass.” He says firmly.

I look up at him. “Here? It’s way too cold to pull my pants down for that.” I lean back onto my knees fully.

He smiles, “I’m planning to fuck you hard enough that your cheeks won’t have time to get cold, sweet cheeks.”

I blush as he says that. “You promise?”

“Of course.” He reaches down to grab my chin and pulls me in for a long kiss.

I spin around and rest my elbows and knees on the rug on the floor, unbuttoning my pants and sliding them and my boxers down off of my ass. The cold air instantly hits me and I shiver. He slides down, spreading out my legs a little farther and plunging his head toward my asshole, his tongue swirling my hole a few times getting saliva all over me. His hot breath tickles me and I squirm as his tongue dances over the top and briefly in, before resuming its journey.

Quickly he pulls away and squirts Escort Bahçeşehir a little bit of lube onto my asshole. His cock still hard, he slaps my crack a couple of times with it, hovering above me. I moan out, “please stick it in, I’m getting cold.” He smiles and quickly spanks me, then grabbing my hips. He slowly pushes his cock in, the head pushing past and his shaft slowly driving him deeper inside me. I squirm on his cock at first, moaning with pleasure as he starts to thrust a little.

After a while, he picks up the pace. The thrusts get harder and our skin slaps together, his hand drifting off of my hip and down onto my cock. He leans over and strokes me with his cock in my ass, the hair on his stomach touching my back as he keeps pushing. My moans get louder as he strokes me, and I quickly blow my load onto the rug. He lets go and I start to push back onto his cock, getting him even deeper inside of me.

He starts to moan and I feel him lift off of my back as he gets closer. I move with him as he grabs onto my hips hard and blew his load inside of me. He thrusts into me several more times, blowing his entire load into my ass before pulling out. I crawl forward and lay on the rug. “Is there some way we can clean me up so that your cum doesn’t leak all over my pants on the way home? I feel like you caught your limit out here today.” I chuckle.

He smiles as he zips his cock back up. “I don’t, I didn’t think about that. I’m sorry.” I sigh and say, “Then you get to do laundry this week.” I pull up my pants and boxers and zip up before trying to stand. When I get up, he kisses me again.

“Do we just leave your stuff here?” I ask quietly. He nods yes and unzips the tent door. As we walk out, we see an older couple a few hundred yards away, clearly staring at us. I smile, and kiss my husband again. I bet that they won’t ever forget this fishing story.

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