8 Kasım 2023

Her New Church Friend


*All characters are over the age of 18 throughout the entire story.

*This is completely fiction. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

*This was a fun experiment. It has slow build, but hopefully that pays off. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Casey was 18, living it up in her senior year, and loving life when the news came. Her dad got a new job on the other side of the state and they had to move. She wouldn’t be able to finish her senior year with her friends at her Christian school.

They were very active with their church too and she was sad that she would have to say goodbye to her youth group friends.

”We’ll keep up in touch!” They all said. She knew they would try, but it wouldn’t be the same.

When they arrived at their new house, she was excited to see it. The town had been a lot more rural than she was expecting, but their house looked huge! As soon as she got inside, her excitement wained. It was so dusty and drab.

The wall paper looked ancient and gross. The backyard, was unkempt and filled with weeds. Casey’s room was in the attic, which did have a very pretty window, but it needed some TLC before it was going to be a room she felt comfortable in. 

Casey, her mom, and her dad, spent the weekend unpacking as many boxes as they could stomach. Once they got sick of unpacking, Casey helped her mom clean while her dad worked on the roof and did some minor yard work.

Sunday came and they wanted to check out a good church in their area. Their pastor had recommended a nearby 1st Baptist church as it aligned really well with their theology. Casey hoped there were other 18 years olds or early 20s college aged adults she could relate too, but given how small and rural the town was, she was certain it was going to be mostly elderly women.

When they arrived, she was not wrong. The ratio was unbalanced, but thankfully she did see some young adults her age sitting with what looked like their grandparents.

As soon as they walked into the sanctuary they were greeted by a 6’3″ hairy giant! Casey and her parents were all very short, she was only 5′ so this man towered over them. He had a scraggly beard, with slightly long and messy hair. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top and Casey could see thick chest hair peeking out. The shirt hugged his arms nicely. He looked about 36, the same age as her parents, but he made her heart flutter.

“Hi, I’m Luke,” he said in a deep masculine voice, “Welcome to 1st Baptist! I’ve never seen you folks before, so I’m assuming you’re new.”

“Yes, we are,” her dad said, “We just moved in to the old McCutheon place over on East Country Road 980.”

“Oh yeah! I know the house,” he laughed with her dad. “It has seen better days.”

“Yeah,” her dad said, “We hope we have time to fix her up, she’s got good bones.”

“Well its lovely to meet y’all, here’s a bulletin. If you have any questions about the church or the town, give me a holler!” He said. They thanked him and found some empty seats.

As soon as the organist started playing a lovely hymn and everyone took their seats, Luke came up the center of the sanctuary and took a seat right next to Casey. She thought her heart stopped, she didn’t know why he made her feel this way. He leaned over her and whispered to her parents “Y’all took my normal spot.” He laughed. She could smell his deodorant mixed with a tiny amount of musk. It was amazing.

“We’re sorry,” her parents whispered. 

“No worries,” Luke said, “I don’t mind sitting with y’all, gives me the chance to get to know you better. Right kiddo?” He said looking at Casey. She made eye contact with him and he winked at her. She blushed and agreed.

After the service, Luke and Casey’s dad talked forever about the house. Luke was asking about all these things that she didn’t understand and she was sure her dad didn’t understand either, but he wanted to look like a good man so he just kept agreeing. 

Casey and her mom were annoyed. Her mom glared at her dad until he got the hint.

“Well sorry Luke, I think my wife and daughter are summoning me.”

”All good, don’t want to keep the pretty ladies waiting.”

”Well hey,” her dad said as he turned to leave, “We got a good lunch stewing at home, why don’t you join us and take a look at the property.” He looked at his wife for approval and she nodded in agreement.

“I’d be happy to!” Said Luke. “Don’t have a misses myself, so it’s been a minute since I’ve had a home cooked meal.”

‘Thank God,’ Casey thought, she was starving.

Luke stopped at home to change into some comfier clothes and Casey and her parents went home to do the same and get lunch ready. Casey’s dad was frantically trying to make the house look nicer and set out some of his favorite tools to impress Luke. He certainly had a man-crush on him.

Casey helped her mom with the pot roast and potatoes and helped her set the table. 

Soon they heard a knock and Casey went to open the door.

“Well hey there little lady,” Luke said as he patted her şişli escort head. He was wearing a tucked in American flag tank with an unbuttoned plaid shirt over it and a pair of jeans, with a backwards ball cap on. Very rural chic. “Something smells good.”

”Hi Luke,” she said in a shy manner. “Come on in.”

Luke walked in and instantly made himself at home. He looked around at the house before making his way to the kitchen to grab a seat.

During lunch, Casey and her mom were mostly quiet while Luke and her dad talked endlessly about ideas to improve the house. Every so often Casey would make eye contact with her mom and they would smile and roll their eyes together.

After all their stomachs were adequately full, Casey took all the plates and began doing the dishes while her mom packed up the left overs. The men started a full house tour as Casey went up to her room to organize some of her things. 

She hadn’t done anything!

She started with putting her books away and then moved on to her clothes. She hung up her shirts and started stuffing her dresser. While she was sitting on her bed, folding her panties to put away, Luke walked into her room.

She jumped slightly and tried to cover the stack of panties sitting on her bed with her body. Luke blushed and laughed at the awkward situation.

“Sorry, little lady,” he said, “Just checking out some of the house. Your dad has me excited.” He said.

“Its ok,” she smiled.

”So, you still in school?” He asked.

”Yeah,” she said. “Senior here, but got a bit before I start at the new school.”

”That’s great, I miss my high school years. I was quite the heart throb if you can believe it.” She laughed when he said this. “So how old are you then?” He asked.

“Just turned 18 recently. Glad to finally be an adult.”

“That’s a great age,” he replied as he sat on her bed next to her. “Live it to the fullest while your body is young. My back has been killing me recently and I work hard to keep this fit!” He flexed his arm and she laughed again. He laughed too.

“Maybe you just need a good back massage,” she said. 

He smiled, and said, “That would be amazing right now.” They both paused and he broke the silence and looked at her deeply saying, “You really are just the cutest little thing.”

She smiled when he said this and wanted him to say more, but her dad walked in, “This is my favorite room in the house! So much character.”

Luke instantly switched like a light switch to talking shop with her father. “I agree,” he said. “Honestly, not much in here needs to change, just a fresh coat of paint. Whatever color the little lady wants,” he said winking at her. 

“I agree,” her dad said. “Well I talked with my wife and she’s all in!”

”That’s great!” Luke replied standing up to shake his hand. “It’ll be a pleasure doing business with you.”

“Wait, what’s going on?” Asked Casey.

Her dad sounded so excited as he said, “Well Luke actually works as a freelance contractor and he has some free time currently, so he’s going to be working on the house, hopefully starting Monday?” Her dad switched to a question as he looked over at Luke.

“I’d be honored sir,” he said. “Like I said, I’ve got a very light month so I can get some supplies tomorrow morning and be here around 10 to get started with some basic things.”

“That’ll be perfect,” her dad said. “Casey’s mom and I both start work tomorrow and Casey has a bit before classes start, so you can keep her company,” he said. Her dad looked over at her and said, “Maybe you can even help him out a bit.”

Casey rolled her eyes and said, “If I must.” She was actually happy to help and her dad knew this. She smiled to herself, intrigued by the idea of some extra time with Luke.

The next morning, Casey did not want to wake up. She finally rolled out of bed, still in her pajamas, which was just a big shirt and her panties, she some how found her way downstairs and made coffee. Just as she started sipping, Luke walked out of the dinning room with a paint roller and some white paint on his face. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts with a tattered, paint covered shirt. The sleeves were cut off showing off how big his arms were and the holes in the tattered shirt were just big enough to show off how thick his body hair truly was. 

She jumped slightly when he walked in.

“Sorry cutie,” he said winking at her, “didn’t mean to spook ya.”

“Its ok,” she said as she coughed some coffee out of her lungs.

“I got here a bit ago and didn’t wanna wake you so I was tryin to be quiet. Hope I wasn’t too loud.”

“No,” she replied. “I needed to get up. Need help with anything?” She asked.

”If you don’t mind, just getting a fresh coat of paint in the dining room and living room. I have an extra brush, but could mostly just use the company.”

“Of course,” she smiled at stood up. She looked down and said, “sorry, let me go get into something more decent first.”

He smirked, “Take your time, I’ll be in here when you’re ready,” he said gesturing to the dinning room.

After she changed into an old t-shirt and track shorts, she went down to the dining room and Luke was painting the wall expertly. His strokes were smooth and oddly erotic. His gym shorts looked old and a bit tight on him, they hugged his ass-cheeks nicely. He paused for a minute to stretch and scratch his stomach. His shirt was pulled up slightly revealing his stomach as he scratched. He didn’t have the most shapely abs, but you could tell he had muscle tone under the hair.

He noticed her lurking and said, “Well howdy little lady!” He stopped scratching and his shirt fell back down. She laughed that he tried to use southern words like “howdy” and “y’all” even though he wasn’t southern. She thought it was cute.

”Hey,” she said, “how can I help?” 

“Honestly,” he said, “I’m mostly done with the first coat in this room. If you want, why don’t just keep me company while I finish up, then we can start in the living room together.”

”Sure,” she said, as she took a seat on a dinning room chair. 

“So,” he said, trying to bring up a topic, “Track shorts. Do you run?” He asked.

She looked at her shorts and laughed, “No actually, I’m on the swim team, but we get the same shorts.” She paused, “well, used to be on the swim team, not sure if I’m going to join at this new school or just focus on graduating.”

“Oh really? That’s great! You should join, I’d be at every game.” He belted a deep laugh. She laughed too as he called a swim meet a game.

“You’re really good at painting,” she said, marveling his work. “Your strokes are really smooth.”

”Well thank you!” He smiled, “I’ve got mad skills,” he said as he lined the bottom of the pole with his hips and graciously moved them forward and back to propel the roller.

They both laughed. “Sorry,” he said, “My humor is a bit raunchy sometimes, probably not good for a church deacon.”

”No, don’t be sorry,” she said, “I may be sheltered, but I think it’s funny.” 

“Well I’m in good company then,” he commented. 

Soon he finished and they moved all the supplies to the living room and laid down tarps.

He handed her a brush and said, “Why don’t you start there, and I’ll start here and we can meet in the middle.”

She agreed and got started where he motioned. 

He started painting as well and said, “I’m sure you broke a poor guy’s heart when y’all moved here, right?”

”No, actually,” she said, “I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

”You’re kidding,” he stopped for a brief second and looked at her.

“No, seriously! We’re Baptists, I went to a Baptist School. We didn’t have sex ed or anything. Pretty sure they would expel us if we dated anyone.”

”Ah, yeah, I get that. I was a public kid so I broke so many hearts in high school.” He laughed as he remembered some of his flings.

”So, you’re not married? If that’s ok to ask!” She said shyly. 

“No,” he said, “single as a Pringle.” She rolled her eyes at this dad joke. She wanted to ask more, but he spoke again quickly, “no sex ed even? How do they expect y’all to learn about the birds and the bees?” He asked.

She laughed. “I think they want our parents to teach us, but mine never would. All I know is some rumors from friends.”

”Well that’s a shame,” he said. “Its a great joy in life. You don’t have to, but feel free to ask me anything about it if you want. You’re 18 now, even if you are Baptist, I’m sure you can handle the forbidden knowledge.” He adjusted his crotch slightly out of sight as he said this.

She laughed at this little ashamed at how much of a giggling mess he turns her into. “Honestly, that’d be great!” She said, “Like I know some, but if you could just give me a run down of the mechanics so I know what is true and what were rumors.”

He snickered, “So basically start with the basics, got it.” He said and thought for a moment or two. “Well its very simple, it’s easy to figure out the first time. I didn’t have any of this either, but I figured it out just fine my first time.”

She blushed at the idea of him having sex. “Basically,” he continued, “Men got a willy, women got a flower, when a man gets turned on his willy gets bigger and he puts it in her flower. He just pumps it in and out until bam, he cums! And hopefully, if he’s good, she cums too.”

She thought the way he was simultaneously crass and censored with his words was cute.

“Cums?” She asked. 

“Yeah,” he laughed. “A man’s cock will spurt out his white seed, cum, when he orgasms. That’s what gets a woman pregnant. It fertilizes her egg. If they don’t wanna get pregnant, he’s gotta pull out.”

“That checks out,” she said. “How much comes out?”

“That depends, anywhere from a table spoon to a Dixie cup.” He said.

“Gross” she grimaced. “You don’t like, drink the stuff right?”

“I mean, you can?” He shrugged. “If you really want to drink it sometime,” he laughed. “But no, thats not a necessary part of sex.”

She changed subjects slightly, “So it really gets bigger? Does it fill with blood? A friend told me that one, but I honestly didn’t believe it.”

”Its true!” He said excitedly. “It really does fill with blood! And it can get quite a bit bigger depending on the guy.”

“Interesting,” she said, “How big do they get?”

”Well, I think average is around 5 inches, but some can get bigger. Mine gets to around 7 inches long or 8 if I’m really aroused.” He paused. “Probably shouldn’t of said that.” He got a bit quiet for a moment.

”No,” she said, “That’s good to know, don’t feel bad.” At this point they were close to done. “Eight inches,” she thought out loud, “That’s sounds very big.”

They got to the middle and were standing close to each other now. She stopped and looked at him and he looked at her.

“It really is,” he said as he winked. 

“I’m home!” Her mom shouted as they heard a door shut on the other side of the house. 

Luke instantly switched again, “We’re in here!” He shouted.

Her mom came in and said, “Wow! It looks amazing! This room and the dinning room look so much nicer now.”

“Well thank you kindly,” he said as he tipped his hat pretending to be southern abain.

Her dad got home soon and he and Luke talked about the day and finished painting the ground floor. Casey helped too, but she was mostly quiet while Luke and her dad talked. Luke stayed for dinner that night and her mom and dad were so in love with the man. Everything he said was so charming. They were under the spell of their new church friend.

The next day was pretty similar. Luke got there way too early and Casey woke up way too late. She passed him on the second floor painting. He was wearing the same clothes as yesterday and she was in her pajamas.

“Well good morning little cutie,” he said. 

“Hold on,” she grumbled, “need coffee.” He just smiled and laughed.

After coffee and changing, she met him in the master bathroom. He was halfway done painting and took a brief break to inspect the plumbing.

“Look at this beautiful Jacuzzi,” he commented pointing to their oversized tub. “That’s a classic, I wish I had one of those.”

“I love it,” she said. “I honestly can’t wait to try it out sometime.”

“Well maybe we can give a try now?” He said and turned the nozzles to check if it worked. 

“That’d be nice,” she laughed, “but you didn’t bring a suit!”

”So?” He winked and she felt her heart flutter. “I’m just joshin,” he said laughing. “I can bring a suit some day and we can give it a test run.”

He handed her a roller and she got started on an empty wall. “So I meant to ask yesterday,” she said, “Why have you not gotten married, you’re like my dad’s age right?” She asked.

“Actually,” he said, “I’m a year older.”

“No wonder you have back pain,” she joked.

”Hey!” He said. “But that’s a good question.” He thought briefly. “I don’t know, I’ve just never found the right woman.” He scratched his crotch in the corner of the room hoping she wouldn’t notice. “Like I’ve been with a fair amount of women, but I just don’t think they’ve been right for me, so I haven’t married anyone yet.”

”I see,” she said, “What do you look for in a women?” She asked.

“That’s tough. Like obviously, I have a type, all men do, but genuinely, that does not matter as much. I want a woman who is cute and funny and keeps herself healthy. A woman that isn’t afraid to get paint on her face,” he laughed as he looked at her. 

She touched her face realizing that she got some paint on her. “Hey!” She said playfully. 

“No, but it is a good quality. Mostly I want a woman who I know will be a good mother to my kids. I’ve always wanted to be a dad, and the Lord knows I’ve been close to having a child with some women, but it just hasn’t felt right, not yet.” He sighed slightly. “But enough about me. What are you hoping for in a man?”

She thought about this well, “I really haven’t thought about this before. I think I’d want a man who is strong and gentle at the same time. Like someone who can protect me, but isn’t afraid to be kind and funny. I definitely want to be a mother some day, so a man who I know will be a good father to my kids. A strong believer, someone who will teach our kids about Jesus.” She finished.

”You sound perfect,” he said.

”So do you,” she blushed. She noticed a bulge in his gym shorts. He noticed it too and quickly tried to change the subject.

“Well this room looks done,” he said, “Let’s move on.”

They moved their supplies and got started on the next room.

“So,” she brought up after a spell of silence, “If it’s ok to ask, how will you know when you’re ready to marry someone?”

”Not sure if I should answer,” he said. “It may come off a bit crass.”

“No!” She said concerned, “It’s seriously fine, you can say whatever you want, I don’t mind.”

“Ok,” he said, “Honestly, if I’m with a women, and I believe in the depths of my heart that I want her to be my wife, I’ll breed her.” He paused for a moment. Casey was silent too. “Sorry,” he said, “I told you it was crass.”

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