15 Kasım 2023

Hard On the Trail


– All characters in this story are above 18. –

I’ve been trying out a new hiking path lately. I find I get most of my thinking done when I’m in the middle of a run or hike. Just the freedom on the trail, my music in my ears, the ground pounding beneath my feet. No traffic, no people asking me questions I don’t have answers to.

I had used another trail for some time but lately some of the regulars had started pulling their ear-buds out as they were jogging by and would jog in place. This is the universal jogger sign for, “hi, let’s chat for a second.” I didn’t want to be rude, but I didn’t go on the trail to chat, I went there to get away from chatting.

On this new trail there were no familiar faces. It ran pretty close to home so I didn’t have to venture much further than with the old one. It was perfect, or so I thought. I noticed this man, probably in his 50’s, graying a bit, quite fit, smiling at me as we passed a few times. I thought I recognized him but couldn’t be sure. But as long as he didn’t stop me during my run I paid him no mind.


As the summer months dragged on I found my running pants were just too warm and I switched to my shorts. They had always been a little short on me but I’d toned up a fair amount and now they were riding up my thicker thighs. I’d have to buy some new ones but no time to do that for a few days. For now they’d have to do.

I threw on a muscle shirt that clung to my chest and off I went. Wouldn’t you know it, that old man was there today too. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed except he nearly tripped on the trail in front of me. I don’t know what he was looking at so hard that he lost his footing. I moved to catch him and when he caught his balance he looked up at me with a grin and these eyes… his eyes, the expression. I had seen that expression before, I couldn’t place it. But it made me uncomfortable so I did a stuttering, “hi” and continued on my way.

He was there the next day as well, he didn’t trip this time but he still stared at me, was he staring at my shorts? Maybe they were too inappropriate for public running after all.

The following day he was there and he seemed to slow down. “oh here we go!” I thought, “he’s going to pull out his ear plugs and want to talk.” But he didn’t. As I passed him he nodded. I kept going but felt I was being watched. I looked over my shoulder to see him jogging behind me. He’d turned and was following me.

My heart raced, what did he want? I shook my head at myself and told myself he had probably just reached the end of his run and that I was being paranoid. I ran like that for another 5 minutes, all the while him right behind me. I decided I’d try to shake him. I knew of an off-road path that lead into the woods. It was more of a hiking trail, less of a jogging trail. No way the old man had gone that way. I shot ahead and turned onto the tighter, winding path. “there!” I thought, “Now I can be free. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.” I jogged through the path until it became too rocky and tight to safely jog any more.

As I slowed down I leaned forward to catch my breath. Putting my hands on my hips I leaned down to stretch my spine. That was when I felt it. This prodding on my ass. I whipped around to see the strange old man right behind me, hand on my ass!

Yanking my ear buds out of my ears, “What the fuck, dude!” I yelled, “Get your fucking hands off my ass!”

“Oh you like it a little angry do you?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“oh don’t pretend like you don’t know,” the old man panted, “I know you, you’ve been following me! I wasn’t sure at first until you changed to those sexy shorts you’ve got there.” He reached forward and pulled at my waistband to give them a snap.

I backed up into some bushes. They jabbed at my back but it was better than his jabbing. “What the fuck are you talking about old man?!”

“You, you following me. I switched trails because I just couldn’t handle your hot bod. Imagine my surprise when a few days later I bump into your sweet ass on my new trail.”

That’s how I recognized him. He had been on the old trail. He’d never stopped to talk to me so I hadn’t bothered remembering his face. Big mistake!

“At first I thought it must be a coincidence, but then you show up in those shorts. Who in their right mind wears shorts that short unless they want attention!”

“I’ve been meaning to get new ones, this isn’t what you think!”

“Oh isn’t it?”

“no, it isn’t. I -”

“And then, when I started to follow you, you take me off to a quiet location where no one can find us? Oh you are a dirty little boy!”

“Listen old man I -”

“Call me ‘Daddy’ ”

I shivered, “Listen, I was trying to give you the shake.”

“Daddy!” he repeated as he stepped forward. I could feel his breath on my face.

“This has all been a misunderstanding. I just wanted a run.”

“Oh, no need to run any more. Just present your ass again, Şirinevler Escort I’ll give you what you need.”

I moved to get past him but the old man grabbed my wrist with strength I hadn’t expected from him.

“Let go of me old m–“

“DADDY! Call me Daddy! Or I will do things to you that are unimaginable!”

I swallowed hard, “Daddy,” I gagged a little in my throat as I said it, “Daddy, please just let me go. I don’t mean you any trouble.”

“Oh you won’t be any trouble at all. As long as you do exactly what I want you to we’ll be sure to have lots of fun!”

“Please, don’t, I just want to go.”

“Listen son, you’ve followed me, you’ve flirted with me and now you’ve lead me off into the woods. I don’t run that long for just anyone. I’m going to have my way with you whether you give it to me like you want it or whether I have to take it from you like a little bitch! Now play nice and we’ll all have a good time.”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, how did I get myself into this? I hunched forward in defeat. “Yes, … *gulp* Daddy.”

“That’s right, son. Now first let’s get these clothes off you. Why don’t we step out of these bushes and into the woods. More trees there, unless you want to be seen.”

The idea of being seen by a passing hiker made me blush. So I started walking towards the woods. When we were deep enough into the woods and he had found adequate shelter behind a large boulder he began to take off his shorts. I stared at me until I did the same. He reached forward and pulled off my muscle shirt that was still damp with sweat.

I stood there in my jockies shivering from the cold.

“Awww, my poor boy, want me to warm you up?” He ran his thick fingers down my chest. “Get down on your knees, let me take a look at you.”

I did as he said and grit my teeth as I felt him taking my jockies off. Now I was completely naked and exposed to this creepy old man. His finger trailed down my crack, grazing my ass hole and continued down until it tickled my balls. He cupped the shriveled and cold sacks in his hand. Warming them with his touch, rolling them back and forth like marbles. Gently. A shiver went up my spine. I shook it off.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned, “You like that?”

I was silent.

“Say, ‘yes daddy’ son, it’s better that you be a good boy. Unless you want to be here all day.”

The idea hadn’t crossed my mind. Of course that was my way out of this. The sooner he got off the sooner I was free of him. Then I’d never have to see him again! I mustered all the strength I had and ignored the nausea welling in my gut, “mmmm, yes, Daddy. I like when you play with my balls!” I moaned.

“oh yeah, you like that don’t you!” he got a little more excited as I moaned to him. This was going to be easier than I thought. I knew what men liked, I’m sure even a gay man likes his noises. I just imagined myself listening to my ex-girlfriend. What would I want to hear her say?

My thought was snapped and broken when I heard him spit. Spit?! What was he spitting on. I looked over my shoulder and saw he’d pulled his dick out of his shorts. Please tell me he planned to just stroke off and cum on me. Please don’t tell me he wanted to —- that was it. If I got him fixated on the idea of jerking off onto my body, he would be so obsessed with that visual he might leave my virgin ass alone!

“mmmmm Daddy, stroke your dick Daddy!”

“You wanna see me stroke my dick for you?”

“Mmmm yeah Daddy, I wanna see you stroke your dick! Rub it, Daddy!”

“Oh yeah, you are a hot bitch!” He slapped my ass as he began to rub his dick. It was working.

“mmm Daddy, what a big dick you have. Let me see it cum, Daddy. I wanna see your cum!”

“yeah, you wanna see my cum?” Another smack to my ass.

“Yeah, I want your cum dripping all over me! Please Daddy!” I couldn’t help it, I was feeling so sick I had to close my eyes to shut out the image. That was when I felt something warm and wet poking at my ass. My eyes shot open. “NO!” I screamed. I couldn’t help it. SHIT…

“What do you mean no?!” Oh now he was angry, “You think you have any choice in the matter?” He had only wet his finger and was going to play with my ass. Me and my dumb mouth. I might have given away my plan. “You think you can stop me from playing with your ass if I want to?” And with that his thick finger shoved its way into my virgin ass. It wasn’t as painful as I was expecting. A little sharp, could have used more lube but mostly it just felt like a prodding feeling. “I can stick whatever I want up your ass, you get me?!”


“Yes what?!”

“Yes Daddy!”

“that’s right!” He spit on my ass hole. “If I want to stick a rod in your ass then I damn well will!”

I nodded


“Yes Daddy!”

His finger was pulled out and I sighed, But I sighed too soon. It was replaced by two additional fingers. There were now 3 fingers in my ass. Poking and prodding Şirinevler Escort Bayan and ohhhhhh ohhhhh they found ohhhhh what was that amazing sensation. I squirmed a little. Whatever his fingers were touching was sending warm tingling electric charges up and down my spine. I close my eyes as the sensation made my mouth fall open with excitement.

“Ahhh did I find your spot?” I couldn’t respond, I was too torn. I was enjoying myself and sickened at the same time. “mmmmm” he moaned “now we can have some fun.” His fingers disappeared and I sighed with relief and disappointment. I didn’t want to do this, but it also felt so amazing. I’d never been touched like that before.

His hand went to the back of my neck and pushed my head down to the ground. That’s when I felt his dick pushing against the opening to my ass. Pushing and pushing it tried to get past the opening. “Relax, son, or this will hurt.”

Relax? How could I relax when this man had me pinned down in the dirt behind a rock and was about to AHHHHHHH with one quick thrust his head was in! The pain, the ripping. I felt this burning tear in my ass hole as he grunted and moaned behind me. I felt his weight slowly shifting onto me as his cock slowly sank into my ass. He kept sinking right until his balls were pushed against mine.

Then quicker than his entrance he withdrew, not all the way but enough to leave a deep empty vacuum feeling in my stomach. I groaned in pain and pleasure. What was this doing to my body. I wasn’t gay, so why did this feel so damn amazing. It was so foreign, so new. I didn’t want to admit it but I was curious if he could find that button again with his thick rod.

Just as slowly as before, I felt him sink back into my gut with his massive cock. It was like he was remembering every inch of me as he entered. I didn’t realize it but I had started to cry. When his balls were touching mine again I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. He reached forward and bit my shoulder. Not hard, softly, he moaned, “tell Daddy what you’re thinking.” That’s when I remembered the plan, get him off quickly and get the hell out of here! To hell with the plan. I wanted this pervert to feel like shit! I wasn’t gay, I couldn’t like this. I forced myself to ignore all the pleasure and try to make him feel bad. Surely he would lose his wood and walk away if I sickened him.

“Tell Daddy how I feel? You wanna know how I feel? I feel like you’re raping my ass, Daddy!”

“Yeah? Good” he moaned

“good? It hurts, Daddy. It hurts. I don’t want it.” I squeaked as his cock rubbed against something inside me. Another tremble up my spine. I fought the pleasure.

“Yeah? But you’re doing it cause you love your daddy.” he swooned in my ear.

“no! I’m doing it because you want me to and it’s the only way you’ll leave me alone.” I couldn’t tell how convincing I sounded as his hand stroked my dick. Wait, how was he stroking my dick. I looked down and realized I was rock hard. How was this feeling so good?

this wasn’t working, he moaned harder and he started to thrust as I spoke. “Tell me more, son. Tell me more!”

“Daddy, please stop! I don’t want this!”

He moaned again

“Daddy, don’t you love me?” I pleaded, hoping this was some deeply seeded sick relationship he had with his own son that he was trying to work out through me.

“Of course, and this is how I show you I love you!” He said, and with that he was gritting his teeth and pounding into me now. His cock pushing new depths into me I was not aware was even possible. “Fucking take my cock” he growled. “Be good and this will be over faster. Stop being such a bitch!” he growled as he pressed his hand into the back of my neck, pushing me deeper into the mud.

Suddenly through the pain I felt that sensation again. Something about how he’d pushed me down had propped my ass up and he was… ohhhh he was hitting that spot again. I moaned. I didn’t want him to stop anymore. I couldn’t fight the pleasure one more second. But clearly me not wanting it didn’t turn him off so I could still fight the idea of being gay. I wasn’t gay. This was just sex. This was just a one time thing. I might as well enjoy it!

“Say it!” he growled as he pounded even harder now. “Say it now!”


“YES!” He growled and with that he was off, holding onto my hips, slapping my ass and pounding into me. Grunting all the while. “Yeah, you like that, you dirty little bitch?!”

“Yes, fuck me daddy! Make me your little bitch!” My hips began to respond, and I noticed my cock was hardening more. What was going on with me? Ohhhh that spot, oh it felt so good! I wasn’t gay! This wasn’t happening. Oh…but it couldn’t stop. my head begin to tingle, I knew I was getting close.

“You’re going to be my little fuck toy! You’re going to take my cock!”

“Yes Daddy, fill me with your cock! I want your cock! Fuck, Daddy you’re so big!” I grabbed onto the rock Escort Şirinevler in front of me tighter as I pushed back with my ass.

“Does it hurt?! Does my big cock hurt your little ass.”

“Yes Daddy but -”

“Yeah, fucking hurt your little ass! Cause you love Daddy! You whimper for me boy!”

And I did, anything to keep him hitting that spot, if he wanted me to cry I’d cry, as long as he didn’t stop what he was doing. Oh how amazing his cock felt deep in my ass! “Oh daddy, it hurts so much. Make me a man! I want to be a man!” I don’t know where it came from. But as I said it I realized my hand was stroking my own dick. I was getting closer to climaxing. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was somewhere else. Tried to just feel everything that was going on. Ignoring the smell of man surrounding me I just focused on the fullness of my ass, the pounding I was getting. How erotic it all was, way out in the woods, anyone could walk up on us. The idea began to push me over the edge. I screamed out, “Daddy fuck me! Fuck me daddy! I’m your little bitch! Make me cum!”

“Yeah, oh you like that, you cum baby! Cum for Daddy! Then Daddy can fill your ass. I’ll fill your ass and make you mine!”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Cum for Daddy. I wanna hear you beg for me to fill your ass as you cum!”

“OHHHHH DADDY!:” I felt myself about to cum! “FILL ME DADDY! I want to feel your cum! Fill my ass Daddy!” and with that I started to moan as I spurted my load all over the rock. I watched as it dripped down. Before it could reach the bottom I felt Daddy … oh the old man’s dick swelling. Here it came. I braced myself for the blow. But it didn’t come. He was holding back.

“Oh! Tell Daddy you want it! I’m going to fill your ass! And that will make you mine!”

“WHAT?!” I screamed. That was not part of the deal.

“SAY IT!” I saw his hand coming towards my neck. I didn’t want the mud again.

“Daddy, oh daddy! Fill my ass, make it yours!”

“You’re going to be my little fuck toy!”

I looked over my shoulder and suddenly, I knew it was true. This was not going to be the last time I came across this man! Then again, what harm was there. He’d made me feel good. It was just sex. And I was single, this could pass the time between my next girlfriend. Besides, didn’t the sub have all the control? And this had been better than any girlfriend had ever made me cum. I saw his eyes fixated on mine. His teeth grit, hands on my hips and his balls quivering against mine. I smiled, “yes Daddy, I’ll be your fuck toy!”

He moaned, “Yes!”

“Yes Daddy, fuck my tight ass. I want to feel your hot load dripping down my balls.” And I did, at least in the moment.

His cock burrowed into my bowels one final time as I felt his hot spunk hitting my walls. He grunted long and hard as he emptied his balls into my ass and when his cocks flexes slowed he began to slump down over me. His breath on my back he kissed my neck. “I knew you would be a good little boy!” he moaned. He stayed like that until his cock shriveled and fell out of my ass. A few dribbles of cum trailed down my balls.

He was getting dressed and so I knew I was free of him now. My ass was sore and empty without him there. It was like his cock had made this void that without it I felt empty and alone. I shook off the feeling, this was just a one time thing, something to get him away from me so I could get to safety. I pulled my drawers on and felt more of his load spill into them. Leaving a wet spot on my shorts. Shit! I hope no one noticed on my walk of shame home!

He was headed up the trail ahead of me, he looked back and winked. “See you soon!” he said with an overly confident smirk.

Why was he so confident? What a tool. Whatever, if it’s what he needed to think in order to leave me alone then so be it. I pulled my muscle shirt on and started up the trail too. Once my ass felt better I’d start running again. But I’d chose a trail far from home. Maybe one I’d have to drive to before I started running. Sure if I ever got the urge to cum like that again I’d make a run up this trail. If he was there, what was the harm. I had the control in this right? The idea of being the boss over a secret fuck spot made my balls twinge with excitement. But I didn’t have to come back, and I was burning these shorts when I got home!

I unlocked my door and went inside. I went into the kitchen to pour myself some juice. I bent over to reach the container and felt my stretched ass wince. It was both pain and empty I felt as I stood back up. I felt changed. It wasn’t something I’d asked for but in a strange way…I missed it. I shook it off, it was a one time thing. He was a pervert. Making me call him Daddy. What a sick old man! What if I bumped into him again? No, if I bumped into him again it’d be because *I* wanted sex! I knew what trail he used. If I wanted him I’d go for it. I was in charge.

The idea of going back on the trail crossed my mind. What if he wasn’t there next time? What if my absence made him think I didn’t want more? I’d never felt as amazing as I did with his hands on my hips as he pounded my ass.

No need to think about it, it wouldn’t happen. As empty as my ass felt, I knew it’d feel normal in a few days. In a few days the empty lonely feeling would go away.

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