15 Kasım 2023

Gym Submission Ch. 02



Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you’re getting into by now. 😉

This story contains Male/Male sex, Male/Female sex and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. While it is fiction, I did use myself and locations I knew as a basis. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It’s always good to get feedback!


It had been a week since I had been pulled into the middle of one of my fantasies. A week since my occasional Bi thoughts turned into a real-life experience. A week since a complete stranger had forcefully taught me that my mouth was perfectly designed for cock. Ever since that night, I’d found myself thinking back to those events. The feeling of a hard cock filling my mouth . . . and my throat. It continued to send a thrill straight through me.

I had been back to my usual schedule at the gym and had seen no sign of the mystery man who I’d had such intimate contact with. It almost seemed like a dream. Tonight I wasn’t much later than normal, but I got a little lost in my latest book and was on the bike longer than I planned. By the time I got done with my sit-ups and such it was getting near closing time.

I grabbed a quick shower, threw my sweats back on and headed for my car. I was passing the front counter when I heard someone call my name.

“Mr Kell, could I see you for a moment in my office?” I turned to see Mark, the gym manager leaning out of an office just off the aerobics area. I could feel my face flushing a little as I remembered the last time he had seen me.

“Sure.” I croaked as I walked over. I paused briefly to admire the lines of people, mostly women, going through the last few minutes of their aerobics workout. I found it almost impossible to keep from staring at the sea of toned asses and legs moving around the floor. I shook myself loose and stuck my head in the office. “What can I do for you?”

He gave me a raised eyebrow and a crooked smile. “Funny you should put it that way, Mr Kell. Please come in . . . and close the door, please.”

While I closed the door I was trying to figure out what was going on. I took a quick scan of his office. Three walls were covered with classy looking fitness photographs of perfect bodied men and women in various poses. One wall was covered with a thick curtain and in the corner was a A/V stand with a TV and VCR setup. I sat down in the chair across from his desk. I couldn’t help but admire the picture above his chair. It was of two men and a woman, all nude in an interlocked pose that displayed miles of skin without actually giving you a peak at anything more intimate than the woman’s perfect breasts.

“Nice picture, eh?”

I was a bit startled for some reason. “Uh, yes it is. It would be nice to have a body like that.”

“Which body?” He asked.

“Well, I . . .,” I was caught off guard. “They are all pretty buff.”

He chuckled. “True, very true.” Mark, picked up a remote from his desk, powered on the TV and started the VCR playing. “I wanted to discuss . . . this.”

I looked at the screen and went cold. I stared at the TV screen and watched as the mystery man from last week held my arms up, and with smooth strokes of his hips, fucked my mouth. It had been video taped?! My life was ruined. My marriage was ruined!

“I take it you recognize the . . . events that took place last week in the locker room?” His voice was neutral.

“Uh,” I swallowed hard. “Y-, yes.” I left it at that as I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Actually you are not the first guy that Gordon has . . . initiated here.” He got up and pulled another tape from a drawer and went to the VCR. He started to hit eject but paused. “I really like this part,” he said staring me straight in the eye.

I glanced back as he turned up the sound. It was muffled but understandable. Gordon had just pulled his cock from my mouth and you could see strands of saliva and pre-cum dripping from the shaft.

On the screen Gordon held the dripping head just out of reach. “Is my cum-slut ready to be fed?” He asked. He pressed the tip to my lips and smeared spit and pre cum around my lips and cheeks.

I could feel my cock hardening in memory of the moment displayed on the screen.

“Yes!.” I heard my voice whisper. “Please.”

“Please, what? Cum-sluts have to tell me exactly what they want if they expect to be fed.” He taunted me. Hearing him call me “Cum-slut” again sent an odd flutter through my stomach.

I knew what was coming but it still filled me with a mix of humiliation and lust. “Please feed me your cum!” My video self pleaded. “I want to taste your thick, hot cum as it fills my mouth. I need to -” I was cut off as he completely sheathed his cock in my throat again. He stroked into my mouth several times and I could hear myself moaning around the shaft stretching Kağıthane Escort my mouth. Then he grunted, bucked and pulled out of my mouth splattering my face with several ropey strands of cum before slipping it back between my slimy lips.

“I can tell you enjoyed that.” Mark said hitting the eject button and swapping tapes. He hit play and turned back to me. With a glance at the lump in my sweats he smiled. “Looks like you enjoyed watching it almost as much.”

Before I could say anything the new tape started playing. It was from the sauna. Gordon had a young guy bent over a bench and was sliding his cock into the man’s ass. The guy couldn’t have been over 20 years old and built to make a cheerleader drool. What made the scene even more interesting was the second guy, who looked to be the same age as the one getting plugged, squating between Gordon’s legs and avidly tongueing his balls and asshole.

I could hear the first guy gasping with each thrust and groaning to be fucked harder. Gordon grasped the guy’s hips and began plunging his tool as deep as possible with smooth strokes. My own ass clenched as I watched. I knew how good a dildo felt in my ass and could only imagine what a real cock felt like.

Mark interupted my thoughts. “The man has a way with people, eh?” He had seated himself on the edge of the desk a few feet from me. I noticed an obvious bulge in his shorts and immediately looked away, cursing myself. I needed to get a grip on my hormones!

“He’s definately active.” I said trying to keep things light.

“You have two choices,” he stated suddenly, locking my gaze with his. “First, you can just go on home as normal and leave it to my discression what to do with that tape. Or you can get on your knees right now and do everything I tell you to do.” His eyes never waivered and his voice was firm.

“Look, I-“

“Either leave.” He repeated flatly. “Or, On . . . Your . . . knees, slut!” He finished in a commanding voice.

I swear that I made no concious decision, but nevertheless found myself kneeling on the floor staring up at him. “Good choice.” Mark said. He pointed the remote behind me and the lights went out. Only the VCR gave off any light. Then he must have activated another control, because the curtains across the back wall parted to reveal a veiw of the aerobics class. Obviously the mirror that covered the back wall of the studio was a two way mirror!

“I love watching Lisa’s ass while she teaches this class.” He said with a chuckle. Lisa Pankiss, one of the trainers and aerobics instructors, was a woman of medium height with a rock hard body. Attractive face, nice B cup breasts, flat stomach, perfectly toned thighs and calves . . . and the ass of a goddess! “Look here!” He snapped at me. “You have work to do.”

I looked to find he was still sitting on the edge of the desk, but his shorts were off and he was displaying a raging hard-on. It was about 7″ or 8″, slightly shorter than Gordon’s, but was a little thicker. I knew what he wanted and at that moment it was the same thing I wanted. I shuffled over on my knees and took his cock into my mouth.

Damn it felt good to have my mouth full again! I tried to fight the wave of lust that was rising up around me, but in the end I didn’t really *want* to fight it. There were a hundred good reasons to get out of there and never go back. But I didn’t care about any of them. At that moment all that mattered was pleasing this wonderfull cock and sucking it dry. All I wanted was to please him. It was humiliating and at the same time incredibly erotic. I felt so much different than I have ever felt with a woman. Not neccessarily better, just different. It was like a different personality overcame me. I felt completely submissive and passive. I was almost trembling.

The only sound in the room now was the muffled grunts and moans from the video that was still playing and the wet slurping of my mouth. I slobbered on his cock with ever increasing intensity. Soon I was slamming my face onto his shaft with abandon. My hips rocking unconciously with each stroke, dry humping the air. My own cock was hard and throbbing in excitement.

There was no warning. One moment I was coming up for air and the next Mark grunted and began spewing cum like a fountain. Thick strands of semen spewed across my lips and splattered my face before I could recapture his dick and slurp down the rest. As I finished sucking the softening member clean I heard a voice behind me.

“What a talented mouth.”

I turned to see Lisa standing there in her sweatsoaked tights. My eyes were immediately drawn to her lovely hips and thighs. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was on my knees in front of her boss with his now soft cock in my hand and his cum dripping down my cheeks and chin.

“Lisa, this is one of Gordon’s recent finds.” Mark said. “His specialty appears to be cocksucking. His name’s . . .” he chuckled, “I guess we’ll just call him Slut for now.” I felt that thrill again. For some reason I liked being his slut. It Kağıthane Escort Bayan was just a word, but it seemed to ring so perfectly in my ears. And considering how quickly I dropped to my knees for him, it seemed to fit.

Mark stood up, leaving me on my knees. He went over to Lisa and began kissing her hungrily, his hands roaming over her hips and ass. Oddly enough she didn’t move to embrace him, but did return the kiss with obvious lust. Mark broke the kiss and turned to me.

“You see,” he said,”you aren’t the only slut.” He began to walk around Lisa as if she were a prize he had just won. “Lisa here is a first class nympho.” I could swear that I saw her tremble a little. “She will fuck or suck anyone or anything I tell her to. Male or female. Isn’t that true, Lisa?” As he said this he roughly pinched one of her hardening nipples.

Her eyes were now half lidded and glazed. “Aahhh,” she gasped, arching her back to offer her breasts. “Yessss.” She said in a breathy whisper.

“In fact, she recently seduced our newest employee, the cute redhead that started a few weeks ago. Took her out, got her sloshed and, if Lisa’s stories are true, practically turned her lesbian.” He looked at Lisa again. “When was the last time you and Karla got together? Hmmm? What did you do?”

Lisa smiled. “Mmmm. At lunch today. She . . . bent me over a box in the storeroom and did me with a strap-on.”

Mark laughed. “You seduce a girl only to become . . . her personal fuck-toy? I guess your destiny truly is to service your betters.” His eyes shifted to me. “Just like our newest cum-slut.”

“Strip!” he barked at her. Then looked at me. “You too!” Both of us immediately disrobed without hesitation. When we were both standing nude I again admired her body. The muscle tone was phenomenal. Her firm breasts, flat stomach, the swell of her hips and the obviously shaved pussy were enough to bring my cock to throbbing attention.

“You see, Slut, Lisa was one of Gordon’s early finds.” He turned to her and ran a finger lightly along her glistening slit making her thrust her hips forward and moan while shifting her legs farther apart to allow better access. “She had only been with us a few weeks when Gordon brought out her true nature.” As he spoke he put his finger, wet with her juices, to Lisa’s lips. She closed her eyes and slurped the entire digit into her mouth with a satisfied hum.

“One day I came in early to finish some work before the rest of the staff arrived and there she was. She was on her back on the bench press, ankles spread wide and securely tied to the bar which had been heavily weighted. She was secured to the bench with a long jump-rope that had been wrapped and crossed around her breasts and stomach. As a final touch the two large wooden rope handles had been inserted deeply into both ass and pussy. In fact all you could see was the rope running out of each hole.”

As he recounted the story I could see his cock begining to harden through his shorts as Lisa continued to suck on his finger as if it were a tiny cock. Her nipples were stiff, her chest flushed slightly and I could clearly see her moist, engorged pussy. My dick continued to bob with each heartbeat and felt as if it would explode. I couldn’t stop thinking about burying my face between her smooth thighs. To feel her wet lips pressed against my mouth. At that moment she was the embodiment of sex.

Mark removed his finger and continued the story while at the same time circling us and surprising one or the other with a soft caress or rough twist of a nipple. “She looked so hot, so . . . *fuckable*.” He said with emphasis. “I could see cum smeared around her pussy, ass and thighs. She had been blindfolded with her tights and was gagged by her own panties. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of my fortune, could I?” He said with a chuckle.

“But first I got my camera and took some pictures, just in case she got self-rightous later. The clicking of the camera must have woke her from her doze, but instead of trying to get free she just moaned and rotated her hips as if willing the wooden makeshift dildos to fuck her. Imagine my surprise when I pulled them both out and both holes began to ooze cum. Though that didn’t surprise me as much as her anguished moan at being so empty.”

He leaned close to her ear. “Isn’t that right? You just hate to be left empty, don’t you?”

“Mmm, yes.” Lisa whimpered. “I need to be filled now. I’m sooo empty.”

“I know you are my sweet. Soon you’ll be filled again. But first I have a job for you.” With a glance at me he leaned in closer and whispered instructions to her. I watched her face change as she listened. When he was done, she turned to look at me with a wicked grin.

She licked her lips seductively and began to walk over to me. Her hips swayed enticingly. She stopped in front of me, hands on hips, legs spread a bit more than normal. I could smell her pussy and it made my heart flutter. Her inner thighs were damp with her juices.

“Is the little slut Escort Kağıthane thirsty?” She asked. ” Would slut like to taste my warm, wet pussy?” I was nodding my head without thinking. “You’ll have to speak up if you want any of this.” She cooed while running a finger the length of her slit and then sensuously licking it clean.

“Yes,” I croaked, “I want to taste you. Please.” She just laughed and put her hands on my shoulders, urging my down to my knees. Then, before I could lean in to savor her snatch, she put a foot on my chest, gave me a shove. I ended up sprawled on my back. She quickly stepped over me, spun a round and squated over my face. Her pussy was almost dripping with moisture and the lips were parted as if inviting attention.

She rocked back and lowered her slit to my lips. “Drink me dry, slut. She growled. I immediately grabbed her hips and mashed her pussy against my lips. She was delicious! In moments my face was slippery with her juices as I slurped greedily. I don’t know how long it went before she came the first time. I know she did because her whole body shuddered and she collapsed to her knees with little groans and yelps. She was oozing delicious cream the whole time.

I gave her a few moments to catch her breath before diving back into her divine sex. She responded by spreading her knees wide and grinding her pussy against my mouth. “Yeah, good little pussy slave knows his place. My juicy slit owns your mouth doesn’t it? Worship my pussy and make it cum again!” Lisa continued to urge me on between gasps.

She didn’t need to ask. At that moment her pussy did own me. I truly was worshiping it and the delicious body it was attached to. My hands slid over her smooth hips and thighs. So soft and silky. I moaned as I felt her fingers caress my thighs. Suddely she reached between my legs, grabbed my hips and lowered her mouth to my balls. She ignored my cock completely and licked and sucked on my nuts. Then began to slowly lick down to my ass.

“Ooohhhh . . . mmmm!” Was all I could say as I felt her soft, insistant tongue begin to tickle and probe my rosebud. She became steadily more active, sliding her pussy over my slimy face and attacking my ass with gusto. It was a feeling I had never before experienced. I loved it! Then it got better as she stiffened her tongue and slid it inside me. This brought another long, muffled groan from me.

This went on for a while and I was afraid I’d cum without even having my cock touched. After a while she was tongue fucking my ass with vengeance. A feeling that is impossible to describe. The way she had a hold of me meant that my legs were being pulled back towards me, spreading me wide. This just intensified the feeling of being ravished. Between her body straddling my face and my legs being forced back till they almost touched my stomach, I was at her mercy.

I was a bit dissapointed when she ceased her oral assault on my ass. Though her tongue had to be tired, mine was certainly getting a workout. Then after a minute or so it felt like she was about to start in again, when I suddenly realized that it was not her tongue pressing against my ass.

The head of Mark’s cock was pushing inside me before I had time to think. I couldn’t do or say anything with Lisa’s crotch mashed into my face. The pain wasn’t as bad as I expected, though that was probably due to how relaxed and slippery my ass had become from Lisa’s oral massage.

“Oooooo, that looks so sexy.” Lisa cooed. “I love watching a thick cock stretch open a virgin pussy for the first time.” I wanted to say that it wasn’t a pussy that was being stretched. “Your ass looks so much like a cunt as it takes every inch. I’m sure that after this it will yearn to swallow cock just like mine does.” Mark had stopped to give me a chance to adjust. I could feel his cock-head wedged inside me. Then I felt Lisa’s tongue bathing my ass and his cock with saliva to ease his entrance.

Mark pulled out slightly then slipped the head back in. He did this several times. Each insertion was smoother as my ass opened to accomodate him and Lisa’s saliva decreased the friction. Without warning, he slid the entire length up my ass in one smooth stroke.

I groaned as he filled me. There was pain but . . . then it was gone and . . . uh, I felt sooo full. So amazingly full! Was this what a woman felt like? I wanted to rebell at the assualt on my masculine pride. I should be outraged at being violated. I should be– uh, God! He pulled out and slammed back in with a grunt. It felt like my body was overflowing with cock.

After several more thrusts I felt a jolt of fear. I was being practically raped by a well hung man while his beautiful accomplice sat on my face. But it wasn’t fear for my life or safety. What scared me, was how much I was begining to like it. The feel of his cock filling my ass was starting to feel good. Being completely restrained while my body was used seemed to make it even better. What was happening to me?

“That’s it, take his cock” Lisa rasped. “I love watching him feed your hungry cunt. Watching your virgin pussy swallow cock.” Her voice added to my growing lust. I could feel my body responding. My world now consisted only of her voice in my head, her sex mashed to my lips and that magnificent cock fucking me into submission. Submission? Yes! It felt so right.

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