15 Kasım 2023

Good Neighbor


I did not remember my neighbor’s name. We had lived next to each other for two years and exchanged pleasantries but never visited each other’s homes. We were both in our mid forties, about the same size all around. He was married and his wife would nod and smile at me but I had never spoken to her nor she to me.

I am not unfriendly. I am however very reserved. He was apparently also reserved so there was little chance of a close friendship.

I had a lover that spent most weekends at my house. We had been each other’s “significant other” for years and we were very comfortable in our relationship. My only complaint about her was that she was more than a bit prudish.

She would never take the initiative on a lovemaking session. I at times managed to get her to pay some oral attention to my dick but nothing resembling a blowjob. She would not let my mouth near her pussy; she thought it was too nasty. Threesomes or exhibitionism were absolutely out of the question. The one thing she tolerated and may have actually enjoyed was porn. I had some porn.

A new X Rated movie had just arrived with my Saturday mail. I was home alone and would be until evening so I inserted the disc into the player to preview it. I had just started to watch it when the phone rang. A confusing conversation with the lady about what to set out for dinner distracted me completely so when the doorbell rang it never occurred to me to turn off the movie.

It was my neighbor at the door asking if I had a cordless drill he could borrow for five minutes. I did and went to search for it. When I returned with it I found him staring at the TV. His gym shorts made little effort to hide his rising dick. I watched as his cock became fully hard.

He was embarrassed when he saw me looking at him. I was embarrassed that he caught me looking at him. He mumbled something about the movie and I mumbled something about just getting it in the mail.

I handed him the drill and he glanced at the TV on his way out then briefly stared at my crotch as he stepped away. I was surprised to see that my dick was hard too.

In my college days, many years before, my roommate and I jacked off in the others presence several times. About once a month we would buy a porn magazine and masturbate ourselves through it.

We never touched the others dick but I admit that had he asked me I would have. It dawned on me years later that had I asked him to touch my dick he would have also.

I really enjoyed our sessions even after I began to worry that I liked looking at his dick just as much as I liked looking at the tits and pussy in the magazine. At the end of our junior year he moved in with the girl he would eventually marry. I moved in with the girl I would marry and divorce.

I expected that sooner or later I would satisfy my curiosity about gay sex. I was in fact surprised that at this stage of my life I still had not done so.

My neighbor seemed to be a good guy, a normal guy. I found myself edgy anticipating his return. I decided that if my neighbor wanted to stay and watch the movie it would be fine with me. I left the movie playing.

About ten minutes later he knocks at my door and I let him in. His eyes went to my crotch and took in my hard dick. He said that the battery seemed weak and would I charge it up for him a few minutes, he was almost finished with the job.

I said, “Sure. Is your wife anxious for you to finish the project?”

“She does not know about it. I was just looking for something to do with my day. She will be at her mother’s Yenibosna Escort until late.”

“In that case have a seat while I plug this into the charger. I’ll bring us a beer while we wait on it.”

I had pointed at a double recliner love seat that was directly across from the large screen TV. He had a very stiff dick by the time he sat.

My drill charger had a dial that would tell me how much of a charge there was in the battery. It read that it had plenty of juice left. My neighbor used it as an excuse to return and watch the movie. I was very pleased.

I brought two beers into the living room and almost caught him as he stroked his dick through his shorts.

I sat next to him and we sat in silence, sipping our beer and watching the others dick out of the corner of our eyes. I shifted my body in such a way that the head of my dick slid out into the open through the loose legs of my shorts. I pretended not to notice. My heart was racing. I wondered if he would stay, or excuse himself and go home, or punch me out. He stayed.

If the movie had any scenes of couple’s sex I did not notice. Every scene I remembered was of multiple partners. It was a very good film but I knew my lady would not enjoy it much.

While I was thinking whether I should return it or not I saw my neighbor reach through his gym short leg opening and start to caress his dick. He was now looking at my mostly exposed dick almost as much as he was looking at the screen.

I knew my gay adventure would take place that day.

I took the next step. I got up, walked to the linen closet, got two small towels and walked back to the sofa. As I stood by him my dick was at his eye level. The hem of my shorts was above my dick exposing all of my cock to him. He stared and visibly gulped at the sight.

I gave him one towel and before sitting I removed my shorts. I was naked from the waist down. I sat and concentrated on the movie until I saw him remove his shorts too.

We masturbated slowly. We alternated between watching the movie and each other. I was watching him stroke his dick when he groaned. I turned to the TV and saw a long dick slowly penetrating a red head’s ass as she sucked on a large cock. I groaned. We both increased the speed of our strokes. He came first, barely managing to get his towel in position to catch his cum. I came when I saw his cum pool on the towel.

After we caught our breath I picked up both towels and put them in the washer, but not before running my finger over his cum. I got two more beers and went back to the living room.

I half expected to find him dressed and ready to go. He had his shorts by his side, holding them in one hand. When he saw me sit while still naked below the waist he released his grip on them and accepted the beer.

We toyed with our dicks while we watched the rest of the movie. We each had semis when it ended.

He spoke the first words either of us said since he came in the door. He asked, “Do you have many of those?”

“A few. Here, let me get you the stack so you can look through them while I get us another beer.”

The discs were in a cabinet beneath the TV. I chose to retrieve them by bending at the waist and reaching down for them. I wanted him to take a good look at my ass.

By the time I clumsily managed to get a handful of discs and hand them to him his dick had grown appreciably. I went for the beers after a quick detour to the bedroom for a special bag in the nightstand. I also took off my t-shirt so when I returned to Yenibosna Escort Bayan the living room I was completely naked.

He had separated one movie from the rest. I assumed that was the one he wanted to see next so I took it from him.

Again I bent at the waist while I inserted the disc in the player and by the time I sat down at the sofa next to him he had also removed his shirt and sported a raging hard on.

The movie he chose was mostly oral sex scenes, no plots. I had gotten it in the hope the lady would at least consider it but to no avail. I had watched it only once.

I did not find the first two scenes very appealing so I mostly watched my neighbor caress his dick. He did not want to rush to jack off, probably hoping that something better would happen. That was what I was hoping too.

The third scene got our undivided attention. In it a middle-aged wife was being urged by her husband to give his friend a blowjob. Her reluctance was overcome when the friend took out his dick and placed it in front of her face as she sat on a sofa. She reached for it slowly, kissed it, and then swallowed it. The cameraman made sure we saw that the dick was in her throat.

The husband sat on the floor between her legs and raised her dress to her waist. He dove at her pussy while she devoured his friend’s cock. My neighbor and I were moaning by now. We had to squeeze our dicks hard to keep from cumming.

The scene shifted and the three protagonists were now nude in a bed. The two guys were side by side on their backs. The woman had a knee between each of their legs and was alternating sucking their cocks. Each guy had a hand on a tit. We both gasped when she brought their dicks together and tried to stuff both of them into her mouth at once.

My neighbor was frantic. He looked for the towels but I had taken them away. I quickly reached into the bag I had retrieved from the bedroom and pulled out some flavored condoms. I opened a pouch with a lemon-flavored version and quickly rolled it over his dick. The contact between my hands and his cock sent him into frenzy. When I bent over and filled my mouth with his dick he erupted. I could actually feel his cum fill the end of the condom.

He slowly began to come down from his sexual high. I kept his dick in my mouth as it shrank. My neighbor was caressing my face and head.

I sat up and gently removed the condom. After securing the end I placed it on the end table.

When I looked back at him he had a cherry flavor condom out. He knelt in front of me and with gentle touches nursed my cock back to full strength.

He started to place the condom on my dick but hesitated.

He kissed the head of my cock. He licked it.

He put my dick in his mouth and rolled his tongue around the head.

I caressed his cheeks, ran my fingers through his hair.

He started to suck me off. The cherry condom was still in his hand. I was not going to last long and urged him to hurry with the condom.

He dropped the condom on the floor and put his whole body into my blowjob.

My ass was hanging off the edge of the sofa. The hand that had been caressing my balls reached further back and I felt a finger invade my ass.

I exploded into his mouth. It was my second cum and I still flooded his mouth. He swallowed most of it. My dick stayed in his mouth until it had shrunk to nearly nothing and he was still reluctant to release it.

I pulled him up to me and hugged him. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I kissed Escort Yenibosna him back, tasting my cum on his lips.

We had forgotten about the movie.

He got up to take a piss and I took the spent and unused condoms to the trash. I thought about more beer but decided some Cafe DuMond would be better. After I set the coffee brewing I went to take my own piss. As I went by the living room I saw my neighbor on the sofa looking at the contents of the bag. When I rejoined him he had the contents neatly lined up on the end table.

There were more flavored condoms which I explained to him was a failed attempt to get my lady to give me a blowjob.

I thanked him for his gift.

There were three vibrators, a small and two mediums. I told him they were rarely used. The small one was for me. There were two tubes of KY Jelly, original and hot.

The last item was still in its sealed plastic bag, never used.

It was a strapon.

The coffee was ready and I served us each a cup. We drank in silence as the blowjob movie ran its course. My free hand was on his dick. His was on mine.

When the movie concluded I got up and changed discs, again presenting my ass to him. The movie I chose was of anal action scenes. As I returned to the sofa I saw he was again fully hard.

As the second anal scene concluded I grabbed a tube of lubricant and inserted a large dollop into my ass. I squeezed another dollop and covered the head of his dick with it. I got on the floor on my hands and knees.

He sank to his knees behind me and caressed my ass as he lined his dick to my virgin hole. Slowly he sank his cock into my ass.

At first the only pleasure I had was mental, just the realization that I at last had a guys cock up my ass. As the initial discomfort faded away the cock in me started to feel pleasant. He was barely moving his dick in my ass the first few minutes. His caresses told me he loved where his cock was.

When he at last started to fuck me in earnest his pleasure and passion was transferred to me. My dick had become semi rigid by the time I felt his cum shooting up my ass. My biggest surprise came a few minutes later when he pulled out. My ass missed having his cock in it.

We sat on the floor with our backs to the sofa. He kissed me on the cheek and played with my slowly hardening dick while we watched more scenes of anal penetration. He urged me up to the edge of the sofa and quickly engulfed my dick in his mouth. In a very short time he had my cock at full attention.

He dabbed lubricant on my dick and into his ass. He assumed the position I had recently held.

I penetrated his ass slowly, savoring every millimeter of passage. Once I had sunk completely in I reversed directions just as slowly. My second penetration brought a moan from him. He liked my cock up his ass.

His ass squeezed my dick and I suddenly found myself fucking him hard. What little cum I had left shot out of me like a missile. He felt it and began to spasm. To both our surprise he had cum again.

We fell flat on the floor in a heap, my cock still in his ass. After a couple of minutes my dick slipped out of his hole producing a moan of regret from him.

Several minutes later we had recovered enough to note that we had been fucking for nearly four hours. He needed to get home and I needed to clean up.

He wanted to borrow the blowjob movie and wanted to confirm that the threesome was the third clip. He wanted his wife to see it.

My face must have flashed an expression of hope, which prompted him to say, “I have no idea. It’s worth a try.”

As he left we both said “Thanks” simultaneously.

As I gathered the stuff from the bag and cleaned the cum that had come out of our asses two things occurred to me, he did not get the cordless drill, I still did not know his name.

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