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Gloryhole Mother


Jennifer was a woman with a dark fantasy. As a 44 year old accountant who worked in an office building, she dreamed of sucking cock at a nearby gloryhole she discovered online.

Nothing sleazy. Nothing gross.

From what she read, most of the patrons were businessmen who needed a little ‘relief’ during their lunch break. And most of the ‘performers’ were strippers who wanted extra cash, or women who just loved sucking cock and didn’t want to be judged for it.

Some of her nights were spent rubbing herself while reading the salacious details that visitors and performers had posted. She’d rub and rub while reading every word. Then she’d close her eyes and imagine herself on her knees, in a small room, with a hard dick in her mouth.

Often times she’d imagine peeking through the hole and seeing the man unzip himself, wearing nice clean office pants and a classy belt buckle. Office guys were usually her type. The size of the cock didn’t matter, just as long as they were throbbing in her mouth.

Another thing that got her off was thinking about sucking on someone she knew in that gloryhole. But of course, the other person wouldn’t know it was her. She’d think of sucking off her neighbor or a guy friend. Maybe a co-worker or boss. Then later, through the course of her ordinary day, she’d see him again and smile.

Her darkest fantasy came from a wet dream. Her son – yes – her son was someone only to be used in emergencies when she was desperate for a big orgasm. Stress from work can do that to a woman.

The first time it happened was after her son landed a job at a downtown firm, near where she worked. Near the gloryhole place. She shared in her son’s joy, excited that her son was so thrilled at the new job. She shared his glory, as any mother would.

That night, she dreamt of her son with those new pants down. She dreamt of her son putting his hard penis through that round hole. And those lips on the other side? Hers. Ready, eager, and tightly wrapped.

She had woken up with wet panties. After laying in bed for a few minutes feeling the shame of being a mother who had an orgasm dreaming of her son’s dick, she slipped her hand under her panties and made herself cum again. It was all her secret anyway.

In her rationalization, she had earned the right to have such a dark fantasy. She raised him alone for many, many years. She taught him the right path in life. She guided him through college and towards a career. And she had made dozens of phone calls and sent countless emails to everyone she knew in the city, swallowing her pride to get her son a great job.

Yes, she earned this fantasy.


They usually had breakfast around the same time before getting ready for their jobs. While she sat down to eat, she heard her son on the phone, seemingly talking to a boss or some colleagues. She could tell because her son never spoke this formally at home or with friends.

“The Paterson-Royal Downtown restaurant again?” he confirmed to the person on the phone, with excitement in his voice. “Sure, that sounds great. Yes… Thank you… See you then.

Jennifer’s ears were piqued and she nearly dropped her cup of coffee on the floor. It was like a strike of lightning, sending a supercharged feeling straight between her legs, turning her wet instantly.

That fancy restaurant was the gloryhole place she had read and fantasized about online, and judging by the look on her son’s face, he knew it too.

The phone conversation ended and she watched her son come over to the breakfast table to eat. He was in a delighted mood all of a sudden.

“You’re all smiles this morning,” she said coyly.

He nodded. “It’s a work thing.”

“You’re going to Paterson’s for lunch?” she asked, pretending not to know much about it. “I’ve ready about that place on Yelp. They have good reviews.”

“Oh yeah. Their steaks are great. And their customer service is outstanding. It’s a real 5 star place.”

Jennifer focused on her son’s description. Outstanding customer service. That seemed like an appropriate description for getting blowjobs during their hours of operation.

“Maybe you can take me there someday,” she said, testing her son’s reaction. “You can buy me an expensive meal as gratitude for getting you that job.”

As expected, her son seemed startled for a moment.

“That could be fun,” he said after a gulp. “Maybe sometime at night, on the weekends or something.”

Was her son purposely avoiding going there with her during weekday hours? Was he afraid of being recognized by certain patrons or employees?

This practically confirmed Jennifer’s suspects that her precious, hard working son Betturkey was getting his dick sucked at the backroom gloryhole. How exactly is a mother supposed to feel about that? This situation was never taught anywhere.

“Mom? Are you okay?” he asked, staring closely at her.

Jennifer snapped out of her daze. “Yeah, it’s just, I have a busy day. I have a lot on my mind.”

“Oh yeah, me too. Working in an office is a lot harder than I expected. Tons of things going on.”

“Welcome to adulthood,” she smiled, sipping her hot coffee with her son’s penis in mind.


For the next few hours, Jennifer’s mind went back and forth between her job and her personal life.

She sat behind her desk, sifting through papers and documents on the screen. She did her duties as she always did- professionally and thoroughly.

In between, she’d think about her son standing in a gloryhole. She imagined his rock hard dick as he inserted himself through the hole. She wondered what the woman on her knees would look like. She imagined her son’s facial expressions while being sucked.

Oddly, as a mother, she wondered if her son would be a gentleman and thank the woman for the amazing blowjob. The thought of that made her giggle.

She even imagined herself on her knees, sucking off her own son. Her thoughts were drifting into dangerous territory, because if she wanted, she could walk down to that restaurant, talk to the manager, and get behind one of those booths to ‘perform’ on her son. Her pussy was now drenched.

A mantra eventually formed in her mind: “I deserve this… I deserve this… I deserve this…”

Yes, as a single mother who worked tirelessly to pay the bills and cater to her son’s needs, she did deserve this. She worked so hard that she deserved these great feelings of intense pleasure, no matter how taboo or socially unconscionable.

It was no one else’s business anyway.

That lead into her next mantra: “No one will ever know… No one will ever know… No one will ever know…”

How could anyone find out? The gloryhole system was designed to be anonymous. If she was smart and did everything right, she could get away with this.

By lunch time, she made a last minute cancellation of plans with a few of her colleagues. They were all planning to go have Indian food together. Jennifer found herself with an appetite for something else instead. Something more salacious for her current taste.


It was a 15 minute walk through downtown. Her feet and heels were tired from the brisk walking, but she focused on her plans.

This was her first visit and it was awkward arriving there. She couldn’t be seen by her son and she only had a vague idea of what to do. When she went to the backroom area of the fancy restaurant, she summoned a waiter.

“Hello, can you help me with something?” she asked. “This is a little embarrassing, but I’d like to use the bathroom.”

“Down the hall to your left, ma’am,” the waiter replied.

She shook her head. “No, no. I mean, I’d like to freshen up before having my meal. I have a particular appetite for something. Is this making sense?”

The waiter suddenly understood and Jennifer blushed so very hard.

“Anything in mind?” the waiter asked. “Lunch service will start soon and we are expecting guests there.”

“Yes, I want someone in particular from that group.”

The waiter nodded. “Give me his description. When he arrives, I will make the necessary accommodations for you.”

“Thank you so much,” she said, her face nearly red.

“My pleasure, ma’am.”

Jennifer was escorted passed the bathroom area, behind a secret door where another man seemed to be in charge. There were beautiful red curtains on the wall. There was only one light. The space was narrow and it was very clean.

There were two other women there who seemed to know each other and were talking about a recent episode of a reality show. They were dressed nicely in short dresses and were in their late 20’s.

On the other hand, Jennifer was in her 40’s and she was dressed for the office. It felt embarrassing and she held her head down, hoping the other women wouldn’t say a word to her. Neither of them did.

She checked her watch constantly as the minutes passed. Several times she considered just walking away, which is what any responsible and sane-minded mother would do. It was only logical. A woman like Jennifer – with her career and social standing – should never be in line for anything like this.

But then again, why should her son be allowed to have all the fun? She reminded herself of her mantras. That she earned the right Betturkey Giriş to have a little pleasure and that no one would ever know. She’d get to experience something so intensely taboo and her son would walk out of here a happy young man. Everyone wins.

Despite all her rationals, she still waffled and wavered. She heard some talking in the background and things were happening. It was lunch hour and office employees were swinging by for high-quality meals and perhaps a nice blowjob in between.

As if on autopilot, Jennifer’s feet started moving towards the exit. No matter how drenched her panties were, a big part of her wanted to be a responsible mother and leave before she did something she regretted. Fantasy was one thing, but reality was something else.

“Ma’am, your booth is ready,” a man said, stopping her.

Jennifer turned around to look at him. The sharply dressed man, with his emotionless face, gestured to an open booth.

Much like the waiting area, the booth appeared to be clean as she peeked inside. There was a red pillow on the floor. Red curtains decorated the walls. The lights were dimmed and there was a small hole for a cock to enter.

The other two women went to their respective booths and closed the doors.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said to the man, after a deep gulp.

Her feet moved towards the booth. The man helped her inside. Everything was surreal. This was new territory for her completely. All her life, she had never even stepped foot in a nightclub or anyplace where sex was the sole thing on peoples minds.

Now she was in a booth designed only to give sexual gratification. The man gently closed the door behind her. There was no lock on the door and she could leave at any time.

Jennifer got on her knees. The pillow on her knees was extremely comfortable. She heard talking. A group of men joking amongst themselves.

This was it. When she heard the voices near, her blood rushed. When she heard her son’s voice talking to someone, her clitoris turned hard. So did her nipples.

Her son entered the booth on the other side and closed the door. Jennifer was afraid to look because she was fearful her son might look as well. Then they’d accidentally recognize each other.

The sound of a belt unbuckling and a zipper coming down made her mouth water. This was something out of a dream.

Slowly, her son’s penis made its way through the hole. There was enough light that she could see it clearly. The cock was mostly erect. She noticed every line, vein, and color on her son’s hard penis. Her son was definitely a man now. This was a grown man’s penis. For a moment, she was transfixed by it. Almost proud of it. Her mouth watered even more as she stared closely. The image of her son’s penis was now seared into her memory forever.

“Are you there?” he asked, in a shy and soft voice.

In a split second, Jennifer no longer viewed this as a ‘man’s cock.’ The soft and tender voice made her remember that this was her sweet son, innocent and perfect in every way. But in this booth, she had a job to do.

She opened her mouth and took the tip inside. She sucked on it with her eyes open. Oh yes, she was going to savor this. Before bobbing, she just suckled and gently nibbled on it. She stroked the head of the cock with her tongue. Not just to pleasure her son, but to taste it. Her son tasted pleasant.

Breaking the tight suck, she pinched the tip of her son’s dick to hold it straight, then she stroked her tongue across it. It was delicious and she felt it harden even more. When she heard her son moaning already, she knew she was doing something right.

When the cock throbbed as hard as it could go, Jennifer let go of it completely and marveled at her handiwork. She looked at her son’s amazing erection. It was so hard it was nearly twitching. It was shiny from her saliva, her licking and sucking. It looked desperate for a hard suck.

Being an attentive and loving mom, Jennifer felt it was only right to now provide that relief her son to the best of her abilities. The worst thing she could do at this point was to leave her son high and dry.

She opened wide and took in as much as she could, nearly to the back of her throat. When she closed her lips and gave a hard suck, she felt the dick twitching and throbbing in her mouth, and she heard her son moaning.

“God, you’re better than the last woman,” he said.

In her heart, she beamed with pride as she sucked. How she wanted to kiss her son on the mouth and cuddle with him, but his cock was the next best thing. She kept on sucking with all her might, giving amazing pleasure in the process.

Her son’s words rang in her head. ‘You’re better than the last woman.’ It filled her with a strange sense of maternal pride, feeling her son ache and throb between her lips and on her tongue. Yes, she was a better cocksucker than an actual professional who comes here. Was it her desire to please her son that made her so good?

She let the cock slowly slide out of her mouth. “You deserve it.”

Her voice came in a low whisper as she stroked, then she went back to sucking. This memory was now forever seared in her mind. It was time to finish this and move on. She couldn’t keep her son here all day and she had to go back to work as well.

As she sucked and stroked, she felt her son’s body tense. He almost pulled back a little, before she tugged at the cock to bring him back and kept on sucking.

“Mom?” he whispered with a shivering voice. “Is that you?”

Under normal circumstance, she would have died from shame. She was caught. They both knew it. Her voice was distinctive, especially to her son. Her lust had gotten the better of her when she made the mistake of speaking, even in a whisper.

But this wasn’t a normal circumstance by any means. In her current state, she just kept on sucking and sucking. She let her cheeks cave in around her son’s dick from the powerful suction and she bobbed back and forth. The cock touched the top of her throat with each bob.

She did owe her son an answer. She was certain her son was wondering what the hell was happening.

The cock slowly slipped out of her mouth and she stroked. “Do you recognize my lips? These lips have kissed you goodnight your entire life. Do you recognize them? I bet you never imagined they’d be around your hard dick.”

Jennifer smiled to herself knowing how badly she had just teased her son and she deviantly went back to sucking. She went harder and faster this time. The cock swelled and jerked. Yes, there was no doubt about it. However her son felt emotionally about this, his cock needed this.

“Oh god, mom,” he whispered. His voice cracked, as if he was on the verge of tears.

She let the cock slide out of her mouth again. “Enjoy your blowjob, Matthew. In this booth, I’m your Gloryhole Mother. Do you like that? A dick sucking from your own mother. Do you like that? Do you like getting a blowjob from me? Cum in my mouth and show me. Prove it to me.”

This was the endgame. Jennifer fully understood if her son shriveled and shrank because of how depraved this was. In which case, she’d have to go home later and beg her son for forgiveness. She’d be in tears the entire time, too. When she heard her son making whimpering noises as she sucked, she prepared herself for the possibility of the ultimate shame.

Instead, she felt her son’s cock throb and swell to impossible standards. It was ready to burst with cum. She treated it carefully. Yes, her son wanted this badly. She kept on sucking and stroking, until she finally felt her son’s body tense.

Before eating her son’s climax, she deepthroated him to show how much she loved him. It was something she did on rare occasions with lovers. She relaxed her throat and let the cock slide in, stretching her opening. She was on the brink of tears streaming down her face. She made gurgling noises. Her lips even touched the wall as she took it all inside her mouth. That seemed to do the trick.

“Mom, I’m going to cum,” he whispered in a low voice.

Jennifer pulled her head back, on the verge of gagging. Saliva hung down her lips and she slurped it.

“Back of my throat. My outfit is expensive.”

A few gentle strokes of the sloppy wet shaft was all it took. With her lips wrapped tightly once again, the hard cock sprayed her throat, mouth, and tongue with thick globs of cum. Each spurt shot hard and fast. It was hot, salty, and creamy. Did he normally cum this much? Or was this because of her?

She kept swallowing to keep up. The last thing she wanted was to gag, which would ruin her makeup, or anything to drip, which would stain her clothes. So she swallowed, slurped, and sucked. After several more hard spurts, she felt the cock immediately deflate and she used her tongue to swipe the tip of the penis several times to devour everything.

“Enjoy your lunch,” she said, giving a last kiss on his head, moving her mouth away and wiping around the sides of her lips with her fingers.

He pulled back and whispered, “Thanks mom. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Realizing the gravity of what she had done, she got up and left the booth, walking briskly passed all the customers at the lunchtime hour. Her hands and lips were still wet with cum and saliva, but she blended in with all the other working professionals on the busy downtown street. But unlike the other women, she was uniquely a Gloryhole Mother.

The End

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