15 Kasım 2023

Gloryhole Employee


It had been about a month before the holidays when I lost my job. I had a family to take care of and a wife to answer to. I knew we’d be okay, but I was still trying to figure out what to do. The job market was extremely thin and I wasn’t sure where to turn. After packing up my desk and loading up my car, I decided to stop at a bar for a drink. I needed some time to think about how I was going to break this to my wife. 3-4 beers and about an hour later, I still had nothing. I picked myself up and started walking out to my car. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a XXX Bookstore with bright neon lights and an “OPEN” sign. Trying to avoid going home, I turned and walked towards the store. Upon entering I found a typical adult store layout. The sign on the front said something about video booths and had quotes around the word “video.” As soon as I entered, the employee standing at the counter made eye contact with me and nodded, clearly acknowledging me and presumably sizing me up. I was sure a lot of these places had skeezy customers and the workers had to be careful and observant.

I walked around the store for a few minutes, browsing the porn dvds on the shelves and looking through the assortment of toys. When I got to the dildos, I stopped and looked through them for a bit. I had never been gay or attracted to men, but I did have a few random hookups with guys in college. I was very happily married to my wife, and was extremely attracted to women. My relationship had always been close with my wife and we often told each other everything. My random college hookups however, was something that I was taking to my grave. It was a conversation that I didn’t need to have and I personally didn’t have any concerns with it. I knew I wasn’t gay and just found myself exploring because I liked being sexual. Looking over the dildos, I began to be amazed at the many different sizes, textures and colors. I really thought it was amazing at how the sex toy industry was booming. There had to be tons of money being made. Of course… I was extremely jealous.

I continued walking through the aisles, when I reached the back half of the store and saw a line of about 4 to 5 men standing outside a booth. I stood off to the side for a moment, when the door opened and out walked a man zipping up his pants and tucking in his shirt. He began walking over to the front counter and the next man in line walked into the booth and closed the door. As the man finished tucking in his shirt and approached the counter, I heard him say quietly to the employee…

“This one was just okay.”

Not having any idea what he was talking about, I headed over to the counter as soon as the man left the store.

“Excuse me… What is going on back there?”

“Are you a cop?”

“No, I just am wondering why there is a line to get into that booth, when there are empty booths on the other side.”

The employee leaned a little closer and whispered to me now.

“You can get your dick sucked in there for a very fair price.”

Being surprised at that answer, I raised my eyebrows and made a small smirk in an embarrassed Sefaköy Escort manner.

“Who pays whom in there?”

“We hire workers to perform the service and the customers insert money through a dispenser in the wall. It’s only $20 bucks… We think it’s very fair.”

“Oh, well that does sound very inexpensive.”

After the beers and walking around the store, I was very horny, but never could cheat on my wife like that. I quickly washed the image of purchasing a blowjob from my head. Besides, I didn’t have extra money to spend on something like that.

“How much do the person performing the job get?”

“Well, we typically give them $5 for each one… But from what I understand, tips can be very good.”

The idea of being able to pull in money like that did sound very exciting. The fact that it all would be off the books sounded even better. I suppose if you knew what you were doing, you could really make some good tips.

“I would wait til next week to get one if I were you. We are about to fire the guy in there now. Have had some terrible comments on him.”

“Oh, well… I wasn’t going to get one. I was just curious about it. Sounds like real good money.”

“Yep… Well, let me know if you have any friends interested in a job.”

A lightbulb went off in my head and for a second I started to think about jumping at this opportunity. I had sucked on dicks a bunch of times when I was younger and didn’t find it that bad. If I could turn that into cash, which I could then use to support my family, I couldn’t really think of a drawback.

“Maybe… I could apply for the job?”

“You? You don’t look like someone who would want to do something like this.”

I was still wearing my suit, having just loosened my tie a bit.

“I actually lost my job today and need to find something.”

“I’ll tell you what… He’s got a lunch break in a few minutes, how about you try it out for an hour and if you aren’t any good, it won’t hurt anyone.”

“That sounds like a fair idea.”

On that, the man behind the counter waved me around the side of the counter and asked me to follow him in the back. He knocked on a door and spoke to the individual inside. As I stood there, a man came out, wiping his mouth and taking a drink of water.

“You a new guy?”

“Well, sort of just giving it a try.”

“Whatever… But, let me give you a tip. Just gobble up all that shit. A lot easier than having to wipe off between each one.”

The store employee told me to go into the booth and then started to explain how it worked.

“You can sit on this stool or just kneel down on this pad here. The man will press a button on his side, the red light here will light up and you will push the slot drawer to his side. He will then put his money into the slot and push it through to your side. Make sure you take it out and count $20 before doing anything. Once you have it all, pull the handle and open the hole. As soon as you do that, the guy on the other side will stick his cock through the hole. Anything that happens next is on you. We Sefaköy Escort have our money already, so it’s on you to get any tip you can. You got it?”

“Yeah… I think so.”

As I acknowledged his instructions, he walked out and closed the door behind me. I walked over to the hole in the wall and pulled the bench in front of it. Before sitting down I pulled my jacket off, folded it and placed it next to me on the floor. When I looked up, I noticed that the red light was glowing brightly. I pushed the slot over to the other side and within a few seconds, it came back to me. I looked in and saw a folded up $20 bill. I pulled out the bill and placed it into a box on the floor to my right. I then leaned back up and pulled the handle to open up the hole in the wall. I heard a bit of rustling on the other side of the wall and slowly a small, soft cock came towards me. The dick wasn’t anything big, but it did seem thick and clearly belonged to a somewhat chubby white man.

“Give me a good sucking baby and I’ll take care of you.”

I didn’t respond back, but instead leaned in towards the wall and started licking the tip of the man’s cock. Because it wasn’t very long, I knew it wouldn’t be very difficult to suck on his entire cock. As I put my mouth around his head, the dick got harder very, very quickly. It couldn’t be more than a few seconds when I began feeling warm cum shoot into my mouth. I remembered what the other guy had told me and decided to stay where I was. He must have shot 4-5 bit spurts into my mouth when i felt him pull his cock out and back through to his side. I leaned back on my bench and realized I had a mouth full of his hot cum. I looked around, but didn’t see a towel close by, so I began slowly swallowing the cum in my mouth. When I got it all down, I looked back to the wall and saw that the man had slipped another $20 through the hole, which fell to the floor right in front of me. I reached up, pushed the handle closed, I picked up the tip from the floor.

That is all I have to do for $25? That took less than a minute, and the cum didn’t taste all that bad. On that note, the red light lit up again. I pushed the money slot through to the other side and again, a second later it came back to me. I pulled the money out of the slot and pulled the handle back on the wall. When the hole opened up, a hard, thick black cock came through into my booth. I looked it over nervously and placed my hand around the shaft. My hand barely covered half of the cock and I knew the dick needed to be about 8-9″ in length. I began stroking the shaft up and down keeping a very gentle grip as I went back and forth. I often liked to let my own cock enter my hand as if it was a pussy and just make soft contact with my palm. I figured that this guy would probably like the same. As I went up and down, I began licking my lips and leaned in closer. I wrapped my mouth around the big black head and sucked on it like I was enjoying an ice pop on a warm day. I reached up with my other hand and wrapped both around the shaft now as I rotated my head around the black dick. I worked like this Escort Sefaköy for what seemed like 20-30 minutes, taking breaks every so often to lick around his head and shaft and to catch my breadth. It felt like another 5 or 10 minutes passed by as I continued stroking the cock with both of my hands and rotating my head and licking his cock, when I heard a knock at the door and the store employee opened it a bit.

“How is everything going in here?”

I leaned back and turned to acknowledge that I was fine, and started to turn to get back to work. The employee stayed there with the door open watching me and rubbing himself over his pants. Moments later, I head a moan come from the other side and enormous globs of cum came shooting out of his swollen cock head. The first two squirts covered my forehead and face, making it hard for me to see. I quickly leaned in and wrapped my mouth around the cock to try and catch the cum. 4 to 5 more huge globs of cum coated my mouth, quickly filling it, causing me to lean back and choke a little. As I did, about half of the cum in my mouth began to drip out, leaking onto my chin and neck. The man pulled his cock through the hole and I lifted my right hand to try and wipe some of the cum.

“That was fucking hot. He gave you a nice messy facial.”

I turned back to see the employee standing there holding his cock through his pants fly.

“It seems like you may just have what it takes. Crawl over here and let me see for myself.”

I lifted my hand to my face again with the intention of wiping more of the cum off.

“No, no baby… Leave that nice messy black cum right where it is.”

I got onto my hands and knees now and crawled over to where the man was standing by the door.

“Are you going to close the door and come in?”

“No, I need to watch the front… Besides, we will be fine.”

As he said that, he lifted his hard cock to my face and began rubbing it around the cum that I was covered with.

“Oh, that feels real fucking good. Here… Take this in your mouth and give me what you just gave that customer.”

I opened my mouth and took his cock inside. I tasted the previous man’s cum on it made sucking his dick slippery and slimey.

“Let’s see how deep you can get it in your mouth.”

I leaned in closer to him, taking his cock into the back of my mouth and finally into my throat. I began coughing after a second or two could feel the man’s hands on the back of my head.

“Yeah, that’s it… Take it all.”

I coughed again and the man released his hands from my head. A second later he thrusted his cock forward again and put his hands on the back of my head. As he did this, I felt his cum shoot out and spray into the back of my throat and down my throat. I couched again, choking a little, but the man held onto my head.

“Oh, fuck… Fuck… Yeah… Take all that fucking cum.”

I continued choking on his cum, until he finally let go of my head and stepped back. My mouth was empty as all of his cum was shot down into my belly. His cock was now getting soft and limp, but still cummy and slimey.

“You are real good… You are a natural. The job is yours if you want it.”

I smiled, licked my lips and stood up to shake the man’s hand. I picked up my sports coat and couldn’t wait to tell my wife that I got a job that would pay me more money.

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