15 Kasım 2023

Girlfriend’s Hairdresser


“Look, honey,” proclaimed Kamron as he held a mirror in front of his client.

“I like it,” she declared with a smile. “How much,” she asked.

“Fifty-five,” the five-foot-nine-inch big booty effeminate hairdresser replied.

“Alright,” she said digging through her purse. “Oh damn. I left my billfold in my other purse. Do you mind if I get Tavares to drop it off when he gets off work,” she inquired referring to her live-in boyfriend that worked at the auto parts factory in town.

“Yeah, chile. That’s fine. What time does he get off?”


“That oughta be fine. Just text me when he’s on the way cause I’ll be upstairs and done shut up the shop by then. But, I’ll come downstairs to get the money.”

“Thanks, Kam!”

“Don’t mention it, Tiffany. I know you wanna get home and get on the road to see your granny.”

“Thanks, love,” she beamed as they feigned air kisses on either side of one another.

Kamron finished his last client at a little after 6:00 and began his routine of straightening up his shop. He was done by 6:45 and figured that was just enough time to rush upstairs to his apartment to hop in the shower. He hated smelling like hair products when he wasn’t working. He finished the wash off quickly then applied Dr. Teal’s Olive Oil Bath & Body Treatment to his wet skin. It made his caramel complexion glisten and feel incredibly soft. He had decided some years ago that he could not live without it. Satisfied with his moisturizing routing, he went to rinse his mouth and then slip on his satin burgundy knee-length bathrobe. Just as walked out of his bathroom, he heard his phone. He checked it to find a message from Tiffany letting him know that Tavares should be stopping by in about forty-five minutes.

Kamron decided he should probably put on some underwear to keep his junk from free-balling when he got his cash from Tiffany’s man. He sent her a text asking her to have Tavares text him directly when he arrived so he would know when to go back downstairs. Of course, Tavares was running late and sent message saying he was going to be another fifteen minutes beyond what Tiffany estimated. Kamron sighed and thought, ‘Niggas.’

Finally, he got the notification that Tavares was at his location. He rushed down the steps to his shop and to the front door. He had never met this man, but only heard his client speak of him. She had declined to mention that her beau was tall, toned, dark-skinned, and slender. Kamron’s heart skipped a beat and his booty hole tingled upon the sight of this slim-built man with deep dark eyes.

“Tavares,” inquired Kamron though the locked door.

“Yeah,” the fine ass man wearing a wife beater, black Timberlands, and light wash jeans confirmed.

Kamron unlocked the door, “Oh okay. Thanks for the bringing by the money.”

“Uhhh, do you take debit cards. I didn’t get to stop by the ATM.”

“Sure! My card reader is upstairs. Come on in. I don’t wanna make you stand out here.”

“Bet,” Tavares replied as he stepped across the threshold.

Kamron locked the door behind them and said, “Follow me.” To the back of the shop they walked and then up the stairs. Tavares could see the Bahçelievler Escort rotund ass do the Jell-O bounce as the beautician bounded up the steps. He also thought the young man smelled quite a bit like a woman. “You can wait in here,” Kamron pointed towards the living room. When he returned Tavares was sitting on the couch holding a DVD cover in hands. “I got my reader. You ready?”

“Yeah, but what’s this,” Tavares quizzed him holding forward the item in his hand.

Kamron giggled, “I forgot that was sitting out. My bad.” He snatched it away.

“You like dick,” Tavares pried.

“That’s kinda obvious, don’t ya think,” hissed Kamron.

“Yeah. I just thought it was weird that you left it out when you knew I was comin’ over.”

“I had no idea you were coming up here. I thought you’d bring cash,” the host retorted.

“You do got a point,” Tavares relented. Then he pivoted the interrogation back on Kamron, “What kinda niggas do you like.”

“Handsome ones,” Kamron huffed showing his annoyance.

“Damn, nigga. You don’t gotta get mad. I don’t hate. I was just askin’,” Tavares snapped back.

“I’m sorry. I was just…”

“Shit, don’t mention it. I see you walkin’ around in that li’l ass robe with all that booty bouncin’. A nigga can’t help but watch.”

“Oh really?”

“Don’t play stupid. Y’all little femboys be switchin’ around dressed all skimpy and smelling like flowers then wanna act shy about wantin’ the ‘D’.”

“I’m not shy,” countered Kamron.

“Well you still ain’t came over here to suck my dick,” Tavares shot back unzipping his pants.

Kamron tossed his phone on the coffee table and dropped to his knees. He crawled over to the rock hard super fat seven inch dick in front of him. He puckered his cherry limeade glossed lips and slid them slowly down the shaft. “Let me see that phat ass while you suck this dick, bitch,” Tavares ordered. Kamron removed his robe to reveal two perfectly globular booty cheeks covered by a pair of magenta mesh briefs. “Oh so yo’ gay ass be wearin’ fishnet panties and shit,” Tavares asked rhetorically while Kamron slobbered all over his tool. “You like that dick,” he asked. Kamron moaned approval. Tavares bent down and began to slap Kamron’s ass gently. “Them muthafuckas jiggle like a bitch,” he delighted. “Can you make that ass clap for a nigga,” he wanted to know.

“Yethirr,” Kamron managed to sound out.

“Come up off that dick and let me see it clap.”

Kamron slowly removed himself from the love muscle and stood up.

“You got anything to drink,” Tavares asked.

“I have some Ciroc,” he confirmed.

“What you got to mix it with?”

“Cranberry juice.”

“Fix us some drinks. I want mine with just a touch of cranberry.”

Kamron disappeared and returned slightly later with two tumblers filled with the French vodka and juice — just a splash for Tavares, a touch more of it for himself.

“You are an eager li’l bitch. Daddy likes,” Tavares signaled his endorsement. “You gon’ twerk it to some music?”

“Oh yes sir.”

“Sir. That’s what I’m talking about, faggot.”

Kamron ran to his bedroom came Bahçelievler Escort Bayan back with his tablet. He put on his hip hop mix as Tavares sipped on his beverage. Kamron took a swig of his and started shaking his ass. “Damn, that ass is phat,” Tavares exclaimed. Kamron gyrated and moved like a stripper working to put herself through college. “Where is the bathroom,” Tavares queried. Kamron pointed to the left as he kept dancing, but took another swallow from his glass.

Tavares quietly rummaged under the sink until he found what he wanted. “Keep twerkin’, bitch,” Tavares bellowed out as he walked back to sit behind Kamron. “Move that big ass back closer to me a li’l bit.” Kamron complied with the order. Soon Tavares was squirting baby oil all over Kamron’s derriere. “I like a phat booty all oiled up,” he confessed. Tavares rubbed it all around each of the juicy cheeks with one hand as he lifted his drink with the other. “Clap that ass, nigga. Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about,” Tavares mused. “Get me another drink,” he commanded Kamron.

The dancing queen of boy hurried there and back. “Drink up and then get back on this dick,” Tavares continued to spew forth directions.” Kamron took three humongous gulps to finish it off. “Whatcha waitin’ for?!?!? Get on it!” Kamron dropped down once more and began sucking Tavares’ tool. “Play with them balls too and wiggle that big ass,” Tavares demanded as he delivered a forceful slap to Kamron’s left ass cheek. Kamron made sure to do just as he was told. Tavares leaned back and savored the blowjob. “Shit, you got some good head! You want Daddy to fuck that ass?” Kamron nodded. “Bend over!” Kamron turned around and stuck his ass in the air.

“You want a nigga to eat that boipussy first,” Tavares inquired.

“Yes sir,” Kamron purred.

“Well lick my ass first then, faggot!”

Kamron swung back around and used his tongue to massage Tavares taint and crack. “Hell yeah, bitch! That shit feels good as fuck!” It was apparent to Kamron that Tavares needed to take a shit when all of a sudden he felt a vibration, heard a rumble, and sniffed a foul order. Tavares reached behind himself and locked Kamron’s head in position. “Smell that nigga fart, bitch. Enjoy that!” Kamron started to struggle but thought better of it. Tavares laughed. “You a real good bitch! Bend over and let Daddy eat that ass.”

Tavares knelt down and catered to Kamron’s hole attentively. He licked it, kissed it, blew on it, and gently fingered it. Kamron was surprised by gently he took care of it. Kamron wailed loudly. Tavares spanked him occasionally until he stopped eating. “I’m ready to fuck,” he announced.

“Ooh yes sir,” cooed Kamron. “Please be gentle at first.”

“Fuck that slow shit, bitch,” Tavares said as he rammed his meat inside Kamron with all his might.

“Owwwwww,” screamed Kamron as he lunged forward.

“Bring that ass back on this dick,” Tavares ordered.

“Ahhhh,” groaned Kamron as stood still.

“Get back on this dick now, faggot,” Tavares requested once more with a rough slap to Kamron’s ass. “Now!”

Kamron willed himself to relax and pushed his rectum Escort Bahçelievler all the way back on Tavares’ girthy cock. “Throw that shit back,” Tavares encouraged him. Kamron soon got used to the width and worked himself into a rhythm. “That’s it, faggot. Ride yo’ dick,” Tavares praised him now beginning to thrust forward himself. “Make them cakes twerk on this dick!”

Kamron cried out, “Fuck me, Daddy!”

“Hell yeah, bitch! You takin’ all this dick now. Them ass cheeks jigglin’!”

“This faggot ass loves that dick,” Kamron said to please Tavares.

“And this dick loves that faggot pussy. Shit faggot, you fuck better than a real bitch.”

“Ooh yes, Daddy! Gimme that big fat dick!”

“All that ass. Got damn, bitch!”

Kamron’s phone began to ring.

“You got niggas callin’ to get this phat ass now,” Tavares laughed. “Tell them niggas this shit is mine.”

“Yes sir,” Kamron sang.

“I’m for real, bitch. All this ass just like a woman. Every nigga in town be on you.”

“No Daddy.”

“Faggot, don’t lie to Daddy. Now, get up and come ride on yo’ dick,” Tavares informed Kamron as pulled out and sat on the couch.

Kamron sat back on the thick prick easily with his hefty caramel ass facing Tavares. He grabbed on to either of Tavares knees and slid up and down this pole. “Ooh wee, bitch,” Tavares howled. Kamron rode him feverishly making Tavares fall deeper and deeper in lust. “Turn around and face me now,” Tavares requested. Kamron hopped up and pivoted to straddle Tavares’ lap. “Look at them boy titties,” Tavares said before he began licking and sucking on them. As he mouth was occupied, he squeezed and spanked Kamron’s ample behind.

“I love the way you fuck me,” Kamron declared.

“That’s cause you a hot horny li’l faggot bitch wit’ some good ass.”

“Thank you,” giggled Kamron.

Kamron bounced on Tavares’ dick as if an acrobatic gymnast on a trampoline. Tavares continued nursing on Kamron’s mammary-like flesh.

“Got damn, I wanna put you in the buck,” Tavares proclaimed.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Kamron replied.

Tavares followed his fuck toy and removed his wife beater. Kamron lay on his back and saw Tavares chest clearly for the first time. “You’re sexy as hell, Daddy,” he confessed admiring the well-toned chest and six-pack abs.

“Thanks, faggot. You sexy as shit too,” Tavares countered. “Now put them legs in the air.”

Kamron tilted back as Tavares mounted him. Tavares pushed inside while he pushed back on the Kamron’s knee joints.

“Oh shit, nigga. Fuck me like a girl,” Kamron begged.

“You like this shit. You wanna be a bitch?”

“Oh yes sir. More than anything,” Kamron revealed.

“You are a bitch with me, faggot,” Tavares assured him.

With that statement he released Kamron’s legs and leaned down to kiss him. The lip wrestled passionately while Tavares slammed his fat dick in and out of Kamron’s juicy and creamy open asshole. Kamron met each thrust with his own gyration. Tavares hammered harder. Kamron threw into the stride.

Tavares pulled his face away from Kamron and yowled, “I finna nut.”

“Nut, Daddy,” Kamron persuaded him.

“Where you want me to skeet, faggot?”

“All up in nasty slutty ass faggot boipussy, Daddy,” Kamron hummed.

“Awwwwww fuck,” Tavares roared. “Here it comes!”

Tavares shot his heavy load deep inside of Kamron’s wrecked anus. His sweaty body collapsed on top Kamron where he quickly fell asleep.

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