15 Kasım 2023

Gentlemen’s Club Ch. 12


Sorry for the wait (don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way) – here’s a little something while I polish off the next character story.

All characters are 18 or older.


The curtains pulled back to reveal a tall, muscular, blond young man on a haystack (the haystack was actually foam rubber covered with a hay-patterned cloth, but no one in the audience would care, even if they noticed). The one item of clothing he had on was a straw hat, pushed back so his face was clearly visible.

The young farmboy was lying back against the haystack, both hands wrapped around an impressive erection – one hand at the smooth, hairless base, the other directly above, holding more of the hot, fleshy column – the cock was so long that the entire pink mushroom head was uncovered and visible above his clenched fists.

The young man’s arm muscles bulged slightly as he squeezed and relaxed his hands on his hard dick; his strongly muscled, spread legs twitching slightly as he slowly pleasured himself. His hips were canted so that every twitch gave a tantalizing glimpse of his small, round ass.

After a few seconds, during which the audience got a clear view of his bare, smooth body, Farmboy let go of his cock – which kept pointing straight up from his crotch – and reached for a bottle of lube lying beside his hip. He tilted his hips farther up, revealing his pink pucker, and quickly pushed three slick fingers from his left hand up the winking hole while his right grabbed hold of his dick and started a fast up and down stroke. This new pose lasted a whole minute, the wide cockhead visibly darkening and swelling as he probed his own prostate. The freely flowing precum caught the stage lights as it added a natural lube to the tumescent, meaty pole.

Then Farmboy pulled his hand out of his ass and reached into the haystack, pulling out a 10-inch-long corn-cob (a ridged, yellow latex dildo with a green handle) which he began to gradually push in and out of his slick anus. Moans of pleasure had been pouring out his lush, red lips throughout his performance so far, moans that deepened in intensity and increased in volume as the corn-cob penetrated deeper and deeper into his welcoming butt. Within moments all but the handle was swallowed up his wide-stretched asshole, and he began a fast rhythmed dildo-fuck and jack-off.

After a few seconds he changed his position, turning around on his knees to lean against the haystack, pushing his red, throbbing cock down between his legs and humping against the stack. All the while his left hand gripped the corn-cob handle, pumping the dildo in and out in a fast, rough pace.

Farmboy turned his face towards the audience, grimacing in pained ecstasy; his eyes closed tightly as he concentrated on the sensations blazing along his rectum.

Suddenly someone appeared on-stage on Farmboy’s right. The man was tall with broad shoulders; his muscular body was covered in dark-brown curls, and his long hair was caught in a French braid that started on the top of his head and continued till the nape of his neck, dangling a short distance down his back. His upstanding cock was over 9 inches long and was already a dark-purple color as he came on stage. Clearly visible between his high, hard ass-cheeks was a butt-plug with a long-haired, dark-brown tail which reached down to the back of his knees.

Stallion stamped his feet down hard on the stage as he approached Farmboy, the noise causing the boy’s eyes to open wide. With an excited neigh, Stallion bent down to nibble at the half-exposed corn-cob poking out of Farmboy’s raised backside. Soon Stallion pulled the slippery yellow toy out completely and tossed it aside on the stage, moving on to eat out Farmboy’s open hole. The mirror suspended at an angle over the stage gave the entire audience a good look at the thick 5-inch tongue that Kayaşehir Escort Stallion was working in and out of Farmboy’s pliant ass.

A minute later Stallion moved back just enough to aim his rigid dick at Farmboy’s waiting, glistening ass-ring. The entire room held its collective breath as the wide glans slowly eased its way past the twitching pucker, Stallion’s tail flicking from side to side with every mini-thrust he made as he rocked his hips, working the fat cockhead gradually into Farmboy’s expanding, grasping anus.

Stallion took over a minute to push his cockhead completely into Farmboy, his movements firm, slow and gentle. Once the whole cockhead was swallowed by the moaning youth, he grabbed Farmboy’s right thigh and pulled up. Slowly, one degree at a time, Stallion rotated Farmboy on his rigid knob until he was face-up, his shoulders on the haystack and both thighs in Stallion’s big, powerful hands – his only other support was the cock buried partway up his ass, since his feet were several inches off the floor.

Holding Farmboy steady, Stallion slowly pushed farther and farther into his tight-gripping bubble-butt, tail swishing as he humped his hips with increasing force until his curly pubes pressed against the smooth skinned Farmbuns.

As soon as he felt Stallion’s balls press against him, Farmboy wrapped both legs tightly around Stallion’s waist. His abs rippled as he lifted his torso up to wrap his arms around Stallion’s neck, tangling his fingers in Stallion’s mane.

“Alright, horsey – giddyup!” he said, shoving his hips against Stallion’s groin. Stallion began moving up and down the stage, his cock thrusting in and out of the man riding him in time with his pace as he first walked, cantered and then ran back and forth. After nearly five complete laps around the stage Stallion collapsed onto his knees, his back arching farther and farther back as his hips kept up their fast-paced pumping motion, leaving Farmboy sitting-bouncing on top of him, riding Stallion to a loud, messy orgasm. Farmboy stood up as Stallion started groaning, letting the Stallion-dick shoot its heavy load into the air between his legs. Stumbling, one hand gripping his own swollen, purple hard-on, Farmboy sat gingerly back down on his haystack.

As he sat there panting, a new creature crawled on stage on his hands and knees. Unlike Stallion, his body was completely hairless – even the tail attached to the bright-pink dildo up his ass was a hairless, pink piece of latex in a loose spiral shape. The newcomer’s whole body quivered as he moved – despite being slightly shorter than Farmboy, he clearly outweighed him by at least 30 lbs, none of which was muscle. His smooth-limbed, round body moved slowly along the stage as Stallion rolled over and moved off the stage.

Pig went directly to the abandoned corn-cob that lay to one side of the stage. Leaning on his elbows, he took it in both hands and gulped more than half its length down his throat. He then started sucking back and forth on it, taking more of the slippery toy with each gulp – all the while grunting and squealing softly.

Farmboy watched Pig’s round, fleshy ass as it quivered and swayed. Taking a firmer grip around his hard-on with one hand, he slowly eased towards the discarded bottle of lube. Slowly, gently, he rubbed a generous amount of gel onto his cock. Then, still moving slowly and quietly, he stalked into position behind the kneeling Pig.

Licking his lips – partly from tension and partly from excitement – Farmboy lunged toward Pig, pulling out the butt-plug and poking more than half the length of his cockhead into Pig’s exposed ass-ring.

Pig let out a loud “Squeeeee” as Farmboy thrust into him. The plug dangled from Farmboy’s hand, and the audience could clearly see that it was nowhere near as wide as Farmboy’s rigid, dark-red fuckpole. Kayaşehir Escort Bayan But despite the way Pig wiggled his hips vigorously from side to side, he wasn’t able to dislodge Farmboy – he actually seemed to be helping the young man’s cock gain deeper and deeper entrance up his rectum.

Grabbing slapping Pig’s fat rump to make it giggle even more, Farmboy fucked him hard and fast. The audience could clearly see that each of Pig’s ass-cheeks was bigger than Farmboy’s entire butt as Farmboy slammed against Pig over and over again, the chubby ass and thighs rippling with each impact of Farmboy’s hard abs and thighs. Pig’s thick, 6-inch cock was just visible between his thighs and round belly; his hard-nippled pecs hung almost to the floor, swinging with each bucking back-thrust he gave.

“Yeah, piggy! Suuueeee, piggy, piggy! I’m gonna pork ya! I’m gonna pork ya so gooood!!!” Farmboy moaned and grunted through clenched teeth.

A minute later Farmboy pulled out, spraying Pig’s back with cum. Pig collapsed onto one side, his hard dick clearly visible to the audience for the first time – it was at least 2.5 inches across, and was leaking precum in a constant stream.

The exhausted Farmboy moved to lie down on the stage, his body mostly hidden from the audience behind Pig, and another crawling figure appeared.

He was lean and mostly hairless. His shoulder-length black hair was pulled in two tails, one over each ear – matching in color with the 4-inch tail sticking directly up from his butt-plug.

Dog made a bee-line for the white puddle Pig was lying in, wagging his tail as he lapped up the cooling white globs. Soon he moved on to lick the cum leaking from Pig’s ass, Pig helping him by planting one foot on the stage, bending his knees and spreading his wide, full thighs. The stimulation of Dog’s tongue lapping in and out his hole was all Pig needed to let out a heavy load of jizz onto the stage in front of him. Dog immediately pounced on the new creamy mess.

Swallowing a few tonguefuls of jizz, Dog then sat back on his haunches and bent down to lick at his hard, 7 inch dick – the audience could clearly see Dog’s tongue lap at the shiny, dark-red cockhead and vein-etched shaft. After four or five licks, during which Pig rolled over and crawled away, Dog lifted his head and sniff-sniffed his way towards Farmboy.

Farmboy was lying on his back, his left side towards the audience, his left knee bent, giving the stage-right audience a peeking view of his butt-crack. Dog bent his head to the ground, alternately sniffing and licking stray drops of cum from the stage floorboards, his plugged butt wiggling as he made his way towards the prone Farmboy. Suddenly noticing his goal (who had been no more than 2 feet away the whole time Dog had been looking for him), Dog wagged his tail even more energetically, letting out a “Woof” of excitement as he shoved his face between Farmboy’s legs. Dog pressed his mouth and nose deeply into Farmboy’s ass-crack, moving tongue-first into the well-fucked hole.

“Ohh, yeah! Good doggy!” Farmboy moaned, his left hand rubbing up and down his stomach and pecs, his right reaching down to tug gently at his reviving cock.

Dog made a sloppy meal of Farmboy’s ass for two or three minutes, stopping ever so often to give his own straining Dog-dick a couple of licks before going back to sucking and slurping Farmboy’s spread butt.

During one cock-licking break, Farmboy started calling out, “Here, boy!” whistle, whistle, “C’mere, doggy!” Dog responded by crawling around so his precum-dripping prick was directly over Farmboy’s face, with his own mouth landing squarely around Farmboy’s hard-on. The two were roughly the same height, fitting easily into a hungry sixty-nine. Their energetic sucking and humping caused them to roll around on the stage; sometimes one of Escort Kayaşehir them lying on his back with the other kneeling over him; sometimes both on their sides in a tight, head-bobbing circle of rutting young males.

They were so engrossed in their mutual blow-jobs they didn’t notice as a big, heavily muscled black man stomped onto the stage. The newcomer had a large metal ring through his nose above a handlebar mustache, with two matching tit-rings clearly visible against his curly chest-hair and a slightly smaller crescent attached to the tip of his raging, ebony, 10-inch rod. A scraggly tail bounced against the back of his thighs as he headed straight for Farmboy, who happened to be on top at that moment.

Unlike Stallion, Bull wasted no time in shoving his full length into Farmboy, causing the young man to rear his head back with a pain-filled shout. Seeming not to care about the man beneath him, Bull grabbed Farmboy by the hips and immediately began a harsh, fast-paced fucking, thrusting his whole shaft in and out, in and out, in and out – leaving only the pierced, mushroom head inside the crying, moaning Farmboy.

Dog kept sucking on Farmboy’s dick, sometimes moving to lap at Bull’s dick as it shoved its brutal way out of the dark-red, gaping asshole before slamming back in. Every brutal shafting made Farmboy groan with pain and arousal.

Bull’s thrusts came so hard and deep, Farmboy stumbled forward a step. Bull followed, moving after him with an even harder thrust, which caused Farmboy to stumble another step forward. This started a fuck-walk around the stage; the bent-over Farmboy moving at the end of every in-thrust, pulling his pliant ass off the invading Bull-cock before quickly being filled once again as the rutting Bull stepped forward to re-seat his straining dick. Meanwhile, Dog curled up to one side on his back in a self-sucking ball, both hands gripping his own ass-cheeks with several of his fingers burrowing alongside his tail-plug into his butt-hole as he deep-throated himself.

Slowly fuck-walking around the stage, Bull and Farmboy got to the left edge of the stage and took two steps back towards the center when suddenly Farmboy let out a high-pitched squeal and shot a load of jizz. Gripping his hips tightly, Bull picked the young man up and rotated the yelling Farmboy like a sprinkler, spraying all the tables closest to the stage with the next six cum-shots.

Dog immediately uncurled and began lapping Farmboy’s fresh cum off the stage, tail wagging enthusiastically as he licked and slurped at the hot mess.

Even after Farmboy’s orgasm eased to weak streams and dribbles, Bull kept holding him in the air; his hard, fast pounding not missing a stroke. Farmboy’s legs now kicked in the air as Bull’s cock thrust-thrust-thrust-thrust into him, his head jerking from side to side and delirious moans flowing from his drooling mouth.

Laying Farmboy in a hands-and-knees position with his head towards the audience, Bull continued to plow into him for a few more hard-drilling minutes before letting out a loud roar. Pulling his spasming Bull-dick out of Farmboy’s thoroughly pummeled asshole, he showered not only the nearby tables, but several nearer the center of the room with ten powerful shots of Bull-juice.

* * *

Five sweaty, naked young men stood on the stage, taking their bows to the sound of thunderous applause.

In the wings, Roy Masters threw his boss a smirk, “See, Alex, I told you Zack would fit in just fine. Owen told me that ten members have already asked for private sessions with him, and this is only his first performance!” He had asked Owen Cavanough, the head of the host/waiter staff, to keep track of such requests, just so he could show them off to his boss – now and in future.

Alex Filbert threw his hands in the air in defeat, “Yeah, yeah, Roy, you don’t have to rub it in. I was wrong about our members only wanting their performers ripped or slender – so sue me.” Alex shook his head, reflecting on his assistant’s almost-uncanny ability to spot potential in the most unlikely places. “I have to admit, if he wasn’t your cousin I never would have let him on stage.”

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