15 Kasım 2023

Gary Meets His Adonis


Gary pulled up outside his house, almost dived out of the car, and ran into his house, pausing only to open the front door, shut and lock it behind him. His pace returned up the stairs three at a time, stripping his sweat soaked gym shirt off his back, and discarding it as he ran. He ran into his bedroom, nearly cracking his ankle off the bedside table as he bounced across the bed to close his curtains. As the second curtain was pulled to with his left hand, he was yanking at his shorts and gym briefs, pulling them over his gym shoes, partially tripping as he did so. He crawled to his the pine dresser, opened the bottom drawer, and dug out a Jack Daniels box, squat away at the back. He opened the tin, pulled the contents out, and dropped the tin back onto the other contents of the drawer.

He grabbed the first thing that had fallen out of the box, a tube of lube, and generously smeared it over his fingers, before reaching behind, and rubbing his anus for a moment, before easing his index finger into the sphincter. It was only then that he relaxed a little, both literally and mentally. He thought back to the gym, to the Adonis who had come into the gym, in the tightest muscle shirt and the shortest 70’s style shorts. And god did he do them justice, broad chest, well defined pectoral muscles and a full washboard. As Gary though about those abs, he worked a second finger into his tight hole, and began to thrust lightly in and out, soft movements and at the same time, splitting the fingers with each thrust to ease the tightness.

He thought back to the gym guy, ‘The toned legs below the shorts, the ass that the shorts clung to, oh god I want to taste that ass’ and he sped up his movement, also depending the two fingers, now all the way to the knuckle. In his mind he saw the guy bend over, and he pushed a third finger into his ass, and really started to push them in and out. He used his left hand to start pumping his hard cock, precum glistening on the top long before his had touched it. As he pumped both his hole and his shaft he thought more about the guy, mentally stripping him, the shirt off revealing the chest and abs, the abs still hidden at the lower end by the band of the shorts. His chest was naked, probably waxed with how smooth it was. A single nipple was pierced, a hoop through which bounced as he turned onto a mental treadmill, and then started jogging. Gary could clearly see those tight shorts begin to drop in his mind, initially they were there was a hint of cheek, then half a pair, then the shorts disappeared. Those ass cheeks were tight, defined and muscular, the only movement was the flexing with each step.

Gary couldn’t take any more of this, he needed to cum, and decided to up the stakes. He pulled his fingers out, stopped pumping his cock, and grabbed the butt plug which was also kept in that box. He applied lube to the top and sides of the 4 inch or so shaft, collected the flared base and tunes, in this right hand before inserting in one swift motion. As he did so, he caught the sensitive spot not far past the anus, causing his cock to twitch violently. With his left, he followed the thinner of the tubes coming out of the base, which after a short distance became a wire. He located vibration control at the end of the wire, and turned it half way, causing the plug to buzz, flicking the prostate and the multitude of other nerve endings both internally and externally.

His cock was now straining, almost flicking along with the speed of the vibrations, and Gary started to pump the shaft with his still lubed right hand. He swift increased the pace, and as he did so, he found the other tube from the plug with his left hand. He found the pump, and began to squeeze repeatedly. After two he felt fuller, after four he started to feel stretched. By the 8th pump, the pressure on his prostate was now intense, the vibrations pushing him further towards orgasm. He put another couple of pumps into it so that he wouldn’t force it out, and then grabbed his balls as he masturbated furiously. He tugged and squeezed the soft skin of his scrotum, applying pressure to his testicles, while precum flew from the tip of his cock with each almost violent stroke. He felt his orgasm start, initially his arse tightened around the plug, which had the effect increasing the intensity on his prostate. He could feel his the base of his cock muscle, deep in his perineum started to pulse, his shaft tensing more, before the release of orgasm hit, cum ejaculating over the laminate floor. He released the air valve, the hissing reassuring with the pressure reducing inside him, and then turn off the vibrations. His cock final stopped twitching after this, and while pulling the plug out with a combination of muscle control and his right hand, he ran the index finger of his left hand along the underside of his shaft, from base to tip, taking the last drop of cum onto his finger, then greedily sucking it, pretending it was gym guys.

‘If only’ he thought to himself, before lifting himself, and taking himself off to the ensuite Silivri Escort to shower.


Later that evening, Gary found himself almost aimlessly following his friends into the queue for the third bar of the night. He was out of sorts with himself, despite being flying earlier. After the afternoon release, he pampered himself, shaving and balming his chin, chest and carefully sculpting his pubic area, down to a small patch above his cock. He had planned on a big night, drinks, more drinks, and finishing the night with someone, preferably covered in sweat and sex.

The night hadn’t panned out like that, once in town, he felt deflated, lacking the usual oomph which saw him surrounded by men and women, in the words of Austin Powers, he was missing his mojo. He hadn’t even made some pun about wearing some of the crotch less underwear in the sex shop a couple of doors down, something he would have done at 10 am, never mind following a few beers. One of the girls had noticed his lacklustre demeanour, and put her arm around him as the noise levels emanating from the place increased with a few more being allowed in, edging the group along.

“What’s up? ” Shelly asked, squeezing him as she did.

“Not a clue” Gary answered, the shrug of his shoulders fitting his manner, “I was up for tonight, pimped and pruned, ready to take on the world. Did the chest, the abs, everything. Just feel a little blah now I’m actually out. But no idea why.”

“You got another man crush? You were like this a few months back, one quickie and it sorted itself out.” She quipped, half teasing, half digging for information.

“No, nothing of the sort. Odd fantasy but that’s it. No gossip for you tonight darling. Could be I just went too hard in the gym this morning, and took more out of myself than I thought.”

“Could be indeed. Or maybe it was someone at the gym taking you harder!” she replied swiftly.

“Ha ha. Wishful thinking.” Gary quipped back “You and I are just to dried up hags.”

“I’m married” shelly retorted “well I guess that is dried up.” And both laughed.

“Stop wetting yourselves and get in, you are holding up the queue.” the bouncer called “Evening Shelly, back again?” he added with a smile.

“Yup my favourite place, topless barmen, room to shake my booty and more than enough men to slap the shit out of any grabsy straight bloke who wants to try to get his hands on these puppies.” And with a shake of her cleavage, she overtly wiggled her way through the door, shaking that booty for all to see.

“You the latest squeeze?” the bouncer asked, somewhat protectively.

“No, a friend from work. And often the fake bloke to escape attention.”

“Good, she’s a favourite of mine, glad to see she has others looking out for her. Go on in, and should you need a hand with idiots, just ask for Steve.”

Gary shook Steve’s hand, then walked in, the bar much more packed from the inside. He looked over to a table not far from the bar, and saw all his friends gathered there. Nick, Allan and Ian were stood talking, no doubt continuing the earlier thread of the excitement of the days football. Shelly was gyrating in her normal dancing style, almost dry humping her best friend Jenny. Allan, Jenny’s other half, was so used to seeing this he no longer considered it even erotic, just as night out, although Gary still appreciated the look of two gorgeous women being that intimate to outsiders.

As he approached the table, Nick stretched out an arm, a shot of tequila. “Get this down you and get that party animal out. Had enough of your funk for tonight, so unless someone is kicking you in the balls, cheer up or I will!”

“Ha ha, Cheers” Gary stated, and typically, grabbed the salt pot off the table, shook some into his mouth, then threw the shot of tequila down after it. “Where are the limes?” he asked, about 20 seconds too late.

“Here” Shelly said, pushing her corset supported breasts closer together, a chunk of lime peering out from between them.

“Christ. Ah well” Gary leaned in, deliberately licked the tops of Shelly’s ample cleavage, before grabbing the lime with his teeth, and raising his head. Once the lime was squeezed by his teeth he removed it, placing it in an empty on the table. He leaned in, kissed Shelly on the cheek “You always know who to cheer a guy up. Ever going to admit just how big those really are?”

“A lady never admits these things, although as I’m not a lady, will happen eventually. You need to give me a bit of gossip worthy of it. And before you say it, I’m not interested in the size of your cock.”

“That’s implying I actually know just how big it is” he replied, beginning to turn towards the bar, “I will think of the gossip whilst I go the bar. When I return will be something worth…” he stopped mid-sentence. The gym Adonis was behind the bar. He was instantly hard, his cock straining again the material of his jeans. “Erm I will have the erm”

“So that’s the funk. Silivri Escort Bayan When I go for a cig, come with me, and tell me more.”

“Erm, shit, why can’t I hide anything from you?”

“A woman’s charms, darling, a woman’s charms. Now bar. A round of shots of your choice, with something nice for you and a glass of white for me.”

As he approached the bar, Gary realised that he had a one in three chance of being lucky and speaking to the guy, or was that two in three and avoiding all contact so that he could scuttle back to his mates and hide away, hopefully the mini tent pointing down his leg would also disappear. The blonde barman, small yet lithe and wiry walked towards hi, but then served the person to the left. The other barman, a bald man in his mid-thirties and very heavily muscled looked up at Gary, then at Adonis, who shook his head, then announced it was his break. That left Gary face to face with the Adonis, the man he had quite literally lost himself over not 5 hours ago. The man who had inspired the good day, the man-scaping, and clearly was the underlying reason behind the mood he had earlier.

“Can I have six shots of Sambuca, a Cidre and large white wine please.”

“Sure, no worries. Before I do can I see some ID?”

Gary was a little mystified by this, at 28 he hadn’t been asked for ID in god knows how many years. “OK, wasn’t expecting that. Just a sec” and he fished out his driving license from his wallet, handing it to the guy.

“Cheers for this. Wasn’t wanting to check your age, just wanted to know who I had caused to run out of the gym” he said smiling. “Gary, I’m Christian. However all my mates call me Mac. At least I now have a name to put to the cute arse I saw swan out the door.”

From shock, Gary hit full flirt, his earlier melancholy completely dissipated. “Was it you? Was it a meeting? Was it I’d just had enough? Or was it that I had seen you, and just could face looking at you a second time in the gym?”

“Ha ha. I saw the swelling in your gym shorts, if it wasn’t me, was some other hottie in there. No meeting or otherwise.”

“Ok so you got me.” Gary said, now grinning cheekily, “What are you going to do with that snippet of information?”

“I’m due on a break in about 45 minutes, keep an eye out, then go to the toilets. I’ll leave the staff door unlocked so that you can come in.”

“Well ok then. Will see you then>” he was about to walk away when Gary remembered the drinks. He held out £30, too his changed, and then picked up the tray of drinks, without another word being uttered between the two.

Back at the table, Gary announced that it as Sambuca time, and once downed, Shelly announced she was taking Gary for a cigarette. They walked through the bar, deftly bypassing the crowded tables, before walking out into the smokers courtyard.

“You had better pony up with the gossip, like now” she said when they were outside.

“I now have enough gossip to know the depth of you as well as the size of your tits. So first things first. How big are they.”

“Not telling without some form of guarantee about how good the gossip is.”

“Blow your socks off good. And you know I don’t make shit up.”

“34G, yes they are real, and why the sodding hell do we play this game. Hell you have seen them. I’ve even dared you to put one of my bras on playing truth or dare.”

“It’s a bit of fun” Gary replied, and then bent into her, whispering in her ear that had been said at the bar.

“No fucking way!!! Seriously? That sounds like a booty call. Maybe literally, if you swing that far. If not a bit of sucky sucky on a night out anyway.”

“I know. And have you seen him. Fucking Adonis. I mean, I’m not even going to tell you what I did to myself at home. I literally ran out of the gym, immediate erection material. I’m still hard now.”

“No way.” Shelly said.

“Challenge accepted” Gary replied in his best Barney Stinson impression, and grabbed her hand, pushing it against the straining muscle.

“Is that not hurting?” she asked, concerned at the pressure.

“A little, but it’s also kind of exciting. I keep flicking it every once In a while, give a nice sting of pleasure.” And did it to demonstrate. Even in the dim light, Shelly saw her friend cock twitch beneath the jeans, and for good measure flicked it herself.

She looked around, and saw no one looking before dropped her now expired cigarette into the ashtray, and moving slightly so that she was between Gary and the door. Gary followed her movement, turning to face her, and before he could ask what she was doing, she reached inside the top of her corset, and fished out her breasts, with their mirror imaged star tattoos surrounding the nipple. “And despite a love of cock, I know you love tits as much as the next man, that will help some more” she said, easing them back into the corset, carefully concealing the nipples. Now let’s have a drink, stay quiet and help you slip away when its time. I’ll be Escort Silivri your look out man for him leaving.”

The next half hour flew by, Gary wasn’t sure what was said by who. He kept his back to the bar, watching for any sign of change through Shelly’s reactions. She flicked her hair to one side, swiftly followed by a nod of her head towards the toilet. He took this as his sign, and made his excuses, heading towards the toilet. He called in, relieved himself, and freshened up. He then walked across the corridor, and went through the staff door. The door was quite stiff, creaking as it opened, and closing slowly. It opened into what looked like a small corridor, and before doing anything else, he turned and flicked the security lock over, before taking the few steps to the corner. Once around it, the staff room was quite large, for some reason he was expecting something more dingy. He looked over the two brown leather couches, one was for at least three people, the other, a corner for about 5. He looked round and couldn’t see Mac, but didn’t want to shout out, either for desperation or in case someone else was around. It was also quieter than he was expecting, and he thought he could make out the sound of a shower, and then thought better of it, more likely a bit of background fuzz from the shots. He looked around the room again, a large screen TV, small kitchenette, quite the setup, when he heard a door go. For a moment his heart raced, was it someone coming in, then he saw Mac appear through a door he hadn’t seen behind one of the couches. Mac was in a towel, top naked, most of his left leg exposed. Gary silently apologised to him, his fantasy early did the man no justice. At the bar, he had deliberately not started. Now it was all he could do not to drool. His brown hair now almost black, wet from a shower, stull with a slight curl gave him a slightly boyish look, that the face and body denied. Piercing green eyes, a chiselled jaw, wide muscular chest with rock had pectorals. A pair of small pert nipples, stood proud on top of a pair of shiny silver bar piercings, and held in place by a six pack. Or was it 8. Hell it could be 10. His skin was flawless. The only body hair Gary could see was on the calf of the exposed leg.

“Enough for you?” Mac asked? “No?” he added when Gary didn’t, or couldn’t answer, “Well how about now?” he said, as he dropped the towel. Beneath the towel was the hardest cock that Gary had seen this close up. He could see the veins straining and pulsing. It wasn’t the biggest, however at a guess it was a good 7 inches long and plenty wide. It was also flawlessly smooth. Not a hair, or stubble, anything, anywhere. Gary couldn’t stop himself, “My god, you are more beautiful than I imagined.”

“Ah so the admission finally comes does it now?”

“Yes ok. I ran, I went home, and I fucked myself over you. I don’t care if it’s what you want to hear or not it’s the truth.”

“And for telling the truth, there is a reward now, and another later. Come here.”

Gary did as he was told. Mac knelt, quickly undid the belt, then the buttons of Gary’s jeans. Seeing the erection straining against the material, and the commando nature, he pulled them down Gary’s thighs slowly, dragging the rough material over the sensitive head of Gary’s cock. Once they were down far enough down for Mac to see more than the base, he leant in and started to kiss the smooth, freshly shaved skin, the short trimmed bush tickling his bottom lip, and continuing to inch the jeans down slowly. As more of Gary’s cock emerged, Mac started to run his tongue up and down the length, from base to jeans and back again.

Gary felt the rougher material of the seams started to run over the head of his penis, and then slowly start to slip round, no foreskin to stop the seam scraping against the highly sensitive urethral opening, causing him so shudder slightly in anticipation. He was expecting his cock to spring free at any moment, flap upwards and break the moment with a comedy slapping sound. It never happened. Expertly Mac ran his tongue in to the base of the jeans fly, pushing Gary’s cock back away from the material, and with a final yank, his jeans were round his knees. Mac pulled back slightly, allowing Gary’s cock to straighten and extend to its full length. He ran his tongue around the head, once, twice then with the third, he took it into his mouth. Gary gasped with pleasure. It was some time since he was this aroused. This afternoon’s solo fest was dwarfed by it. Already he was trying to hold back his orgasm. He could feel it approaching with the speed of a Japanese Bullet train.

Mac didn’t change his pace if he had realised this. Still slowly working the head with his tongue, slowly sucking on it, occasionally mixing it with adding pressure by pushing his tongue onto, and almost into, the sensitive opening.

Gary reached forward, and started to massage Macs hair whilst trying to control himself. He was trying to think of anything but the Adonis in front of him, however he was failing miserably. He ran his hands over Mac’s ears, tugging at the lobed, and gently caressing the soft tissue behind them that he liked to be teased and pleasured so much himself. He closed his eyes, and started to relax and enjoy rather than worry about lasting. He was enjoying this too much.

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