12 Temmuz 2021

Gameday Mania (Part 1)


Gameday Mania (Part 1)I remember this as if it happened yesterday. In fact, whenever I think about it I get still get so hot that if I’m fucking my husband I start to orgasm almost as soon as his cock slides into me. If I’m alone and at work I have to go to the ladies room, go into a stall, and masturbate until I cum. At home I will masturbate, use my vibrator or fuck myself with my dildo until I cum. That’s how good that day was. I am not a big football fan but my husband, Ned, is. He and some of his friends will either meet at our house, one of his friend’s houses or the sports bar down the street from our home when the home game that’s being played is on. This particular Sunday it was our turn so I knew for about 3 to 4 hours our house was going to be a “Manday Mania”, with the curses and negative commentary, about the officials and their calls, that goes along with it. It is harmless but can be annoying to those of lesser enthusiasim. Ned knows how I feel so, he was not surprised, that I was going to our gym to work out while the game was on. Now going to the gym is nothing new. Ned and I go to the gym and spend 8 to 10 hours working out each week. In fact, Ned, has a friend, Tom, who usually goes there with us. I am in good shape, at 5’6” tall, 122 lbs, firm and shapely legs, a nicely formed butt and great pecs that support my nice, firm 36 C breasts have caused more than just a couple of men to look at me. I have even been asked by other women “who did your implants?” and when I told them they were all mine, they looked at me admiringly. This alone sparked shooting electrical shocks of pleasure, through me, just short of an orgasm, which made my pussy wet and hungry for cock.Now as for my husband, Ned, he is 6’ tall, and is a “hard body” with a “washboard” set of abs, nicely shaped glutes, well developed arms and legs and, a nice package in front that is well outlined through his stretch work out shorts. Tom, Ned’s friend, is equally hardbodied with one exception. His package looks to be twice the size of Ned’s and I have seen more than one woman staring at it, just as I have. In fact, I have had some pretty hot fantasies about what was behind that bulge in his shorts. Now, Ned and Tom will do an hour of cardio and then hit the “free” weights. They will stand in front of the mirrors and one would spot for the other. Of course they were shirtless and just the sight of their tight abs was exciting enough. I, on the other hand, prefer weight machines but when it comes time for Ned and Tom to do “free” weights I would go to the stepper machine where I could see the front of them in the mirror. I especially enjoyed looking at Tom’s package without worrying about Ned seeing me looking.So, I was off to the gym and working out. I decided on an easy work out so I would be there longer. Of course, with an easy work out the mind can wander and I would catch myself casing out the men’s glutes and, especially there packages, and fantasize about how it would be to feel those hardened cocks, that lie hidden behind those shorts, ramming themselves into and out of my pussy, filling it with their hot cum. After a little over two hours, I went to the showers and then wrapped myself in a towel and went into the sauna. I must have dozed off because I could see myself sitting in the sauna and one of the hardbodies, wrapped in a towel around his waist, sat opposite me. I saw him shift his position a little and his towel came open and there it was. His cock, about half erect, and he was looking at me. I then saw myself lie down on the bench, bending my left leg up and dropping my right foot to the floor exposing my nicely shaved pussy. Next thing I know he is on me and fucking me for all he is worth. That was when I woke up and realized I was still alone in the sauna and had one hell of a sex dream.I then left the sauna, took another shower and dressed to go home. Since I wasn’t planning on going anywhere special I put on a sweat shirt (no bra) a nice pair of panties and loose running shorts. I went out to the car and started to leave the parking lot when I remembered that dream. I pulled into another space, away from the building, and then rolled myself a joint and smoked. The joint hit the spot and actually started getting me a little excited. As I pulled out of the parking lot all I could think of was getting home and jumping on top of Ned’s hard cock and fucking my brains out. I was almost home when I looked at the karabağlar escort clock and saw only about 2 ½ hours had gone by. So, I decided to go into the sports bar and check out the status of the game.When I got into the bar I saw that the game was only halfway through the third quarter and our team was behind 27 to 7. I did not want to go home and be there for what I knew was going to be a miserable time among “the boys” so I ordered a glass of Chardonnay. I finished the first glass and ordered a second. The fourth quarter was just starting but the score was now 34 to 7. I sipped at the glass and began to think about my sex dream in the sauna. My horns came back in a hurry and all I could think about was jumping on Ned’s rock hard cock and fucking myself dizzy. However I knew that “the boys” would still be at the house so I finished my second glass of Chardonnay and ordered a third and then went back to my sex dream. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter and my nipples getting rock hard from what was going on in my fantasy. However, between the pot and the wine and my excited sexual state I must have had some kind of desperate look about me because, all of a sudden, I was brought out of my reverie, when I was “hit” on by some beer bellied, foul breathed buffoon with enough bad body odor he could gag a maggot. I could barely understand what he was saying and I noticed he was looking right at my tits. I looked down and saw that my nipples were sticking through the sweat shirt I was wearing. (That’s how turned on I was.) I quickly finished my wine, paid my tab and left the bar for home.I figured that the game could only last 30 more minutes so I pulled into our garage and closed the door. I was sitting there and my “sex dream” came back and so did my horny state. So, I lit up another joint, and enjoyed another high. I still wasn’t ready to face “the boys” so I turned on the sound in the car, tuned up a “Moody Blues” album (Days of Future Passed) and leaned the seat back and closed my eyes. That was when I got really deep into my “sex dream” and without even thinking about it I slipped my right hand down inside the front of my shorts and found my pussy. First I put one finger in, then two and finally three. I was working my hand and fingers into and out of my pussy at a furious pace and I could feel my orgasm building. I then put my left hand down there and started rubbing my clit as I finger fucked myself. Pretty soon I was having a leg shaking, head thrashing screaming orgasm that lasted for at least two to three minutes. When it finally subsided (the orgasm) I was out of breath and a bit dizzy. I do not know what was with me that day. The pot, the wine, my overactive fantasy world or maybe there was even a full moon. All I know is I was sex crazy that day and I still can’t explain it. Anyway, I was glad I was in a closed car in a closed garage when I had that orgasm because if someone outside would have heard it they would have surely called the police.When I was sure I could stand, I got out of the car and headed towards the door that lead into the house. It was about six steps up, to the living area of the house, and then through the door. My legs were shaky still and my skin felt all tingly and I was still sexually excited. Even the simple movement of walking was causing ripples of small orgasms coming from my loins. So, instead of going immediately to my right and then up six more steps to my bedroom I went across the hall and into the kitchen where I poured myself another glass of Chardonnay and sat down. That’s when I noticed something was a little off. Instead of all the hooting and hollering from “the boys” who were in our “mancave” (our “mancave” is actually the second bedroom and is located in the front of the house, just past the front door) I could hear what sounded like a man and woman talking. No cursing or swearing or bitching about losing the game. I decided to get up and investigate. Now the “mancave” is not as big as the master bedroom but it is of a fair size. There is a widescreen (60 inch) TV that is set diagonally in the corner, catty cornered from the door. There is a small wet bar along the wall to the left of the door and a 6 foot long by about 2 foot wide serving table along the wall to the right of the door. On this table there were several empty bottles of beer, an empty bottle of JD and a half empty bottle of Dewar’s. There was karabağlar escort bayan also empty plastic cups and a ping-pong ball. Across from the TV is a long sectional that goes from a chaise lounge that is against the opposite wall from the door then wraps around towards the front of the house. There is a large padded ottoman that sets in such a way that anyone not on the chaise can rest their feet on. The first thing I really saw was my husband, Ned, apparently passed out on the chaise. Then sitting next to each other, opposite the TV, were Mark, Charley and Frank. I also noticed that, Tom, Ned’s best friend wasn’t there but this was not unusual as Tom’s work often took him out of town on business. However, it was what was on the TV that really took my attention. There was this woman, naked, and sucking and licking this guy’s cock while this other guy, sat on the same couch, just watching. What piqued my attention was the size of the cock on the one with the woman. Now, I have only been with four guys, including Ned, and they all were about the same size. 6 to 7 inches long (Ned is 7) and about 1 ½ to 2 inches wide (Ned is just under 2). This guy was about 8 ½ to 9 inches long and looked to be about 2 ½ inches wide. I was mesmerized by his size and just stared as she went from sucking his cock to finally letting him fuck her and he sure did fuck her. He started by putting her on her back and then burying his cock all the way into her and then doing her doggie style to having her straddle him with her back to him to him then having her straddle him on the floor, riding his cock, up and down. She was also enjoying multiple orgasms and finally she gets up and he stands up with her kneeling in front of him with her mouth open. He then grabs his cock and jerks himself off shooting his cum into her mouth, onto her face and tits. At that time, Mark said “you each owe me 5 dollars, he went 5 minutes longer than you two thought before shooting his load”. (They will bet on almost anything. Not big bets but small friendly wagers.) They all laughed but I could tell they were all pretty excited by what they were watching. Then on the screen a there appeared a different man and woman and two other guys. They were having a conversation and the one guy was telling the other two that he has always wanted to watch his wife get fucked by other guys. This conversation went on for a few more minutes then the “husband” moved to another chair and the two guys got on each side of the woman. In short order they were all naked (except the “husband”) and the guys were eating her pussy, she was rubbing and sucking their cocks and she was sucking one cock while being fucked by the other. Now all this activity just raised my own sexual excitement so I finished my wine and then walked around in front of “the boys”. I could see by the bulges in their pants they all had hardons and when they saw me they all put their hands over their rock hard cocks. I was so horny, I could barely speak, but I now really needed some cock, and lots of it. I was a little worried about Ned so I said “what happened to him?” pointing at Ned. Mark answered and said “the game was going so badly we started playing beer pong. Ned lost so many times he passed out so we turned off the game and Charley went out and got this porn movie we’re watching. We’ll turn it off and leave, if you want.” I called Ned’s name out a few times and he never stirred. Realizing that this was an opportunity not to pass up I walked over and got in front of Frank. I kneeled down and then grabbed his hard cock, through his shorts, and said to all of them “if I kick you out now what are you going to do with these?” (Meaning their hard cocks.) I then grabbed Frank’s shorts and pulled them and his underwear off, exposing his beautiful cock. It had pre-cum coming out of it and I immediately licked it up and then started licking and sucking that cock. He moaned and started gyrating and then I heard Mark say “Trudy, let us see your tits.” I stopped and pulled off my sweatshirt and heard them all moan with approval. I then reached over and pulled Charley’s cock out of his pants and noticed that his cock, even though it was almost two inches longer than Frank’s and Ned’s was not as wide. I continued to work on Frank’s cock taking it into my mouth and moving my head up and down on it and at the same time stroking Charley’s hard cock. I then felt Mark, escort karabağlar come up behind me and grab both my tits and start squeezing them and pinching my rock hard nipples. That’s when I heard Frank start saying “oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit I am going to cum!” I then felt his warm, thick cum start pumping into my mouth. I started sucking and swallowing as quickly as I could but some still managed to escape my mouth and run down my chin. I kept sucking on his cock and he then said “stop! Too much!” so I pulled away and then moved over to Charley who had already removed his clothes and was completely naked. I grabbed Charley’s cock with both my hands and was surprised that my hands fit completely around his and even with one hand on top of the other there was still about 2 inches of cock sticking out. I looked up at him and smiled and I was getting hotter and hotter while Mark continued to work on my tits. Charley looked at me and then pointed at my chin. I let go of his cock with one of my hands and discovered I had some of Frank’s cum on my chin. I took one finger and wiped off the cum and then, slowly put the finger into my mouth and licked the cum off. Charley just moaned and then I started to work his cock with my hands and mouth. That’s when Mark let go of my tits and grabbed my shorts and panties and pulled them down and off of me. Exposing my butt and pussy. I also realized that I was now completely naked but I just didn’t care anymore. What I wanted now was, well just about anything and everything that could be done to me to make me cum some more. That is when Mark stuck a finger into my, by now, extra wet pussy, and started moving it in and out, I started squirming as I then felt a second, third and fourth finger start moving into and out of me. This got an orgasm going that I just couldn’t believe. I had to pull my mouth off Charley’s cock and started yelling “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop I am fucking cumming!” with that I had my second major orgasm that day. I then went back to sucking, and licking Charley’s cock and balls, when I felt Mark move my knees apart. The next thing I feel is Mark’s head between my legs and his tongue licking at my cunt and clit. He stuck his tongue into my pussy and then I felt him sucking on it drinking up my juices. I immediately started to have another orgasm, yelling out loud again and having my third orgasm that day. Immediately after that I felt Marks cock press up to my pussy lips and start to enter me. I went back to sucking on Charley and he was starting to gyrate now. Mark started off fucking me slow but then quickly picked up his pace. Pretty soon he was furiously fucking my already stimulated pussy and I started pushing back against him making sure I got every inch of his cock into me. I was still working on Charley when I heard Mark start saying “oh fuuuuuck, oh fuuuuck, I am getting ready to cum so hard. He then grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him burying his cock into me as deep as it could possibly go. I then realized that Mark was cumming as his cock began to pulse and throb inside my now overstimulated pussy. I felt his hot cum being pumped deep into my pussy. I, then, started to have what was the most intense orgasm I had yet and said to Mark “don’t stop, keep fucking me, don’t stop I want to feel you come inside of me!” With that I heard him start moaning and groaning loudly going aaaaaagh fuuuuuck, aaaaaaagh fuuuuuuK! At the same time I was screaming and screeching as wave after wave of orgasm racked my body. I was cumming so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Then I heard Charley grunting and tapping me on the shoulder. I looked at him and he looked down toward his cock. I looked too and I could see that during my orgasm I had grabbed his cock so tightly that the head was swollen and turning purple. I then let go of his cock and his cum just exploded out of him (I guess it had built up a lot of pressure.). I tried to catch as much of his cum in my mouth as I could but there was so much, so fast it got all over my face, my hair and my tits. I felt Mark pull out of me and I rolled out from between Charley’s legs and just sat down on the floor. I took my hand and wiped the cum off my face and looked down as I licked it off my hand. I had cum running down and over my tits and stomach. I also saw a puddle of cum start to form on the floor as it ran out of my hot pussy. I started wiping Charley’s cum off my tits and stomach, with my hands, and licked my hands clean every so often. This drew moans and heavy breathing from Frank, Charley and Mark as they saw me clearly enjoying the taste of their “Man Juice Cocktail”. I also realized we were all nude and that they were starting to get erections again. (End Part 1)

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