15 Kasım 2023

Fun at the Rodeo Pt. 02


A few hours later he texted me and said it didn’t look like he could come back, but he’d keep trying to work it out. He asked me to send him the video.

I sent the video as ask and I said, “I hope it works out, my big black cock and me are missing you. Hurry back!”


Caleb said he couldn’t come back, so I texted David and asked him if he wanted to come up and keep me company and we’d see what we could get into. David replied that he was busy, but he could come tomorrow. I gave him the address and told him where the key code was.

Early the next morning I heard noises outside. I got up and saw Caleb getting out of his truck. I went back to bed on my side, acting like I was asleep. I heard him open the door then close and lock it. I was laying on my back when he walked in the room. He knelt beside me sniffing my arm pit. I opened one eye and saw him starting to unbutton his shirt.

He removed it. He next sat on the side of the bed, kicking off his shoes. He stood, unzipping his jeans and taking them off. He lay beside me on the bed getting with his face close to me cock. Caleb took it in his hand giving him access to my nuts. He took one nut in his mouth licking and sucking, then the other. He finally took both in his mouth. I moved, and he froze, thinking I was waking up. He finally went back to working on my nuts.

He let my nuts fall from his mouth, and held my cockhead up taking it in his mouth. I moved again, Caleb stopped, lying flat with my hands at my side, after a bit he started again. He took my semi hard cock in his mouth all the way. Caleb places his body over mine, knees at either of my sides. I felt my cock hardening, crawling down his throat. Caleb was moaning.

He was going up and down, swirling his tongue around my cock, then going back down, taking my whole cock in his mouth and down his throat. I raised my legs off the bed, trapping Caleb’s head between them and rolling us over. Caleb was trapped between me and the bed, his mouth and throat full. You thought I was asleep, but I’ve been awake the whole time.

I raised my groin, pulling my cock from Caleb’s throat and plunging back in, again and again till I started to shoot. Caleb swallowed all my cum to the last drop. I raised up pulled my cock out slowly and let Caleb lick and suck it as I pulled it from the mouth. Caleb slid from under me and we lay down, me on my back and him with one leg and arm thrown over me.

I told Caleb, “I am glad you were able to make it but after you told me you weren’t going to be able to make it I invited a coworker and he’s coming this morning sometime.”

Caleb said, “That’s okay. I would love to meet him, or I can leave.”

I told Caleb, “You can stay. I just wanted you to know.”

I looked at Caleb and told him I could use some breakfast. I headed toward the kitchen after getting my boxers on, Caleb got his boxers and headed for the bathroom, pissing and brushing his teeth. He joined me at the stove as I fixed breakfast. We had eggs and bacon. We sat and ate then washed and dried the dishes.

After everything was clean and put away we out to sit on the deck. I sat in the lounger and Caleb in front of me. We just looked at the view and talked, me kissing and licking Caleb’s neck and ears. I raised my arm and he turned his head, leaned over inhaled groaning as he licked and sucked.

About this time David texted and said he was in town getting gas, let him know if we needed anything. I told him I thought we were good. He said he shouldn’t be too long. We finished up, washed up and put up the dishes.

I heard David drive up on his new toy, a new Harley Davidson, I went to the door, and opened it for him. David came in with a overnight bag on his shoulder. He dropped it saying he was hungry. Caleb walked in the room and I introduced them. David stood extending his hand. Caleb’s hand was totally covered by David’s as he pulled Caleb to him hugging him hard.

I told David we had just finished breakfast, but we’d fix him some Eggs and Bacon. David said he liked Toast too. Caleb told David we could do that. Caleb went to the kitchen, getting the stuff from the refrigerator. The kid knew his way around a stove, he quickly was done, he set the plate on the table telling David it was ready.

David ate quickly, as Caleb was washing the dishes. David slid his plate in the sink before Caleb got done, he looked down at him thanking him for such good service. I told David I liked his new toy, he said he would take us for a ride later. David turned to me and said he needed to shed some clothes. I pointed toward the bedroom and he grabbed his bag.

When he came out he was wearing yellow boxer briefs, Caleb looked at David staring in awe. David looked at us saying he needed a soak Zeytinburnu Escort in the hot tub. As David walked out I took Caleb’s hand and we hung back. I asked, “Again Caleb, I think you know where this going, if you don’t want this it isn’t a problem. Are you okay with that?”

Caleb said, “I am willing to try almost anything Clayton besides he’s a real hunk like you. How many more of you are there?”

Caleb headed out the door as I headed for the toilet to piss. When I got there, I saw David’s shorts on the deck and Caleb’s boxers. David had both arms on the back of the tub and Caleb was sitting beside him. David said they were just getting acquainted as I removed my boxers and climbed in across from them.

We enjoyed the hot tub as we sat and talked. I noticed Caleb’s hand slid over to David’s crotch, Caleb’s eyes widened, and David smiled as he placed his hand in Caleb’s hair. Caleb turned his head and moved it into David’s pit, licking, sniffing and kissing. As Caleb moved closer to David I changed seats, sitting next to Caleb, placing my arms on the back of the tub.

Caleb was in heaven between the 2 of us, both hands full of long fat black cock. I didn’t know how he react when he saw David’s cock. He was turning his head from David and my pits, licking, sucking and inhaling each time. David started standing, eventually sitting on the side. Caleb was stunned by David’s cock, 10 inches of fat black man meat.

David held the back of Caleb’s head as he guided his mouth down. Caleb opened his mouth and David lay his fat black cockhead on his tongue. Caleb closed his lips around David’s cockhead and sucked. I raised Caleb up, bent over at the waist sucking David’s cock as I went to work on his ass. As Caleb started his descent onto David’s cock I worked his ass with 1, then 2, then 3 fingers.

I told David I had taught Caleb to deep throat and he was doing very well but of course I only had 9.5 inches. He would learn to take David’s 10 inches though, that ½” is more than you think along with the thickness. David was encouraging Caleb, “You are doing great Caleb. Keep it up, just relax and let it slide in just like you were taught.”

Caleb was moaning on David’s cock as he took it in, trying again and again. David said, “Caleb, would you like a little help? I promise not to hurt you. We will only do what you want.”

Caleb moaned and shook his head as much as you can with a mouthful of fat black cock.

David told Caleb, “Pull up and take a breath, then go back down 3 times. On the third time I am going to help you.”

Caleb moaned again, starting down. He did it again and finally came up for the 3rd time. Caleb went down and David held his head helping him take that fat black cock all the way. Caleb took it all with only a little bit of gagging. After a few seconds David let Caleb up, he looked at David and said, “I know I can do it and I will not give up till I do.”

Caleb took a deep breath and started down, with no help, taking David’s cock almost all the way to the root. Caleb pulled up looking up again saying, “I think I do need your help David.”

He took David’s cock in his mouth, got a deep breath and as he started down David pushed down hard making his entire cock disappear into Caleb’s mouth. Caleb moaned on David’s cock as David held his head down, saying, “You are so awesome, you are doing great and your tight throat feels so good. Relax, I am going to remove my hand and I want you to stay right there completely still.”

David lifted his hand and Caleb did as he was told. David patted Caleb’s head and told him he wanted his first cum to be in his ass. Caleb moaned as David pulled him off his cock. David took my place while I went to get the lube for him. David lubed up his cock and Caleb’s ass. Caleb looked at me and said, “Clayton, I want to suck your cock while David fucks my ass please. I want you two to meet in the middle.”

I stood in front of Caleb letting him take my cock in his mouth as David placed his cock against Caleb’s puckered hole and pushed. Caleb was moaning on my cock as David pushed gently, easing Caleb’s hole open. David finally got his fat cockhead in Caleb’s ass. Caleb pulled off my cock saying, “Oh fuck David, that feels so good.”

Caleb returned to my cock, taking cock in his mouth and throat as David started slowly working his cock in and out, a little further in on each stroke. Caleb was loving being in the middle of our cocks. David was working more and more of his cock into Caleb’s ass, he still had 5 inches to go. Caleb was coming off my cock far enough to take a breath and going back down to the root of my cock.

David was slapping Caleb’s ass cheeks, Caleb was moaning on my cock as David pushed in more, getting Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan to 8 inches. David stopped and asked Caleb, “You are doing great, you only have 2 more inches. You think you can take it.”

Caleb pulled off my cock and answered, “I can take it David, give it to me.”

Caleb went back down on my cock, David told Caleb to get ready, he was going to bury his fat black cock in his ass. David took Caleb’s hips in his hands and started pushing his ass off his cock and pulling it back on. We had a good rhythm and David pulled hard, burying his cock in Caleb’s ass, holding it there as Caleb tried to yell but it was stifled by my cock buried in his throat.

After Caleb relaxed a bit David started pulling his cock out. He got it out to the head and pulled Caleb back to him burying his cock again, pulling his mouth off my cock until just my cockhead was in his mouth. We started pushing and pulling Caleb back and forth fucking his throat and ass with our fat black cocks.

David was patting Caleb’s head and told him he was fixing to cum and fill his sweet ass. he told him to fuck his holes and make us both cum. David placed a hand on Caleb’s ass and just lay one on his head, letting him fuck himself, mouth and ass. David and I started shooting at the same time, filling Caleb’s mouth, throat and ass.

David and I eventually softened and pulled our cocks from Caleb. Caleb cleaned both our cocks as we sat on the edge of the tub, licking and moaning. David patted Caleb’s head and said, “I have never had a better welcome. That was awesome.”

I said, “I think we need to get cleaned up. I want to see that motorcycle.”

we soaked in the hot tub and got dried off. We all 3 got shorts on and went to check out the Harley. Caleb climbed on the back and said he had never ridden a motorcycle. David dropped a hand to his shoulder and told him he could be the first passenger, but we needed to get dressed right.

I got on and Caleb climbed on behind me. I told David where my truck keys were if he wanted to go somewhere. Caleb wrapped his hands around my waist as we roared off leaving David behind. We left going away from town roaring onto the first scenic parkway. Caleb reached further down and started rubbing my dick.

We rode a bit and the road flattened out. I pulled off and asked Caleb if he wanted to drive. We changed spots and I gave him a quick lesson. He pulled out and we rode slowly along with me giving instructions. I put both my hands under his shirt working his nipples when the road was clear. I told Caleb to concentrate on my voice as we road along.

I told Caleb to take the next fire road turn, we rode for a while till we had been gone almost an hour. I told Caleb to pull off, we needed to switch driver and we’d head back. When Caleb assumed his back seat, he opened my jeans and run his hands in them, pulling my cock straight up. He was stroking my cock as we roared along kissing my neck and ears when he could.

As we pulled up at the cabin David came out smiling. Caleb said it was awesome rush. David said he had been to town and got some more supplies, including beer and steaks. We lost the jeans and got our shorts. David prepared the steak and potato and damn was it good, he could definitely cook. After we ate we went back to the hot tub. We all crawled in, Caleb came to me first and removed my shorts, then David’s and then his.

Caleb crawled on my lap, sat down facing me raising my arms up and starting to explore, sucking, licking and smelling my pits. David moved in behind Caleb, reached around and found his nipples, tweaking each hard. I pushed Caleb upright and leaned over to nibble on his nipples as David turned his head, kissing the side of his face, licking and sucking as Caleb groaned.

David let Caleb take his fingers in his mouth and suck them. David placed his fingers at Caleb’s puckered hole, starting with 2, then adding another and finally had 4 in Caleb’s ass. David looked at me and said, “I am going to have to get me a hot tub, I love this thing.”

David slid back to his seat pulling Caleb with him, turning Caleb to face him. David reached down and held his big black cock still and lowered Caleb’s puckered hole to his cockhead. Caleb lowered himself onto David’s cock and yelled. I moved in behind Caleb covering his mouth with 1 hand and running the other down his back to the crack of his ass and down to where David’s cock was in his ass.

David was pushing further and further into Caleb’s ass, finally getting balls deep. I placed 2 fingers beside David’s cock and pushed them in alongside David’s cock. Caleb took my other hand from his mouth and was sucking my fingers. David started raising Caleb up and down on his cock and my Escort Zeytinburnu fingers, Caleb was in big black cock heaven pinned between 2 big black men.

David looked at Caleb and said, “We need to get out of here and head for the bed. I feel my cock fixing to shoot and I want you to ride it for me.”

We climbed out, got our towels and hopped in the bed. David was on his back, Caleb was astride his lower body. David got a bit of lube working his cock and Caleb’s hole. Caleb held David’s cock up and slid back onto it. David looked at Caleb and said, “Fuck your ass with my cock, let me know you are enjoying it too.”

Caleb started fucking his hole and mumbling very loudly occasionally clearly saying fat and black cock. He was moaning loud and still mumbling as David started to cum, filling his ass to overflow. Caleb was groaning as David finished shooting. I pulled Caleb back and told him I wanted a deep throat blowjob as I pulled him forward and down on my cock.

I pushed Caleb back, so David could see what he did to Caleb’s ass as Caleb drug his cock-up David’s abdomen. As I was fucking Caleb’s throat David was talking about that sweet hole and how his cum was running from it. Caleb was getting into it and moaned on my cock working his throat muscles on it. I pulled out and slammed into Caleb’s throat to get as deep as possible.

I took Caleb’s head in my hands telling him, “I am fixing to cum and I want you to take it all.”

I started fucking deeply and when I started to cum I held Caleb’s head down, shooting multiple shots down his throat. Caleb was moaning, licking and sucking as pulled my cock from his mouth. David turned him around, he slid him back saying, “Clean the cum from my chest that run out of your ass. Get it all so it can mix with Claytons.”

Caleb did as David said licking up all the cum from David’s cock to his chest, talking about how good it tasted. Caleb said both of our cum was so good, he loved both. I worked 4 fingers into Caleb’s ass telling him he was getting very good at accommodating our fat black cocks. Caleb rolled onto his side facing David and buried his face in his armpit with an arm and leg laid over David.

David looked at Caleb and said, “I need a shower. This has been a great afternoon, but I think it is time to get cleaned up and eat. I got food, let’s put some food in our bellies.”

We all headed for the shower, got washed and cleaned and headed for the kitchen. Caleb pulled out Steaks and Potatoes for baking. David headed outside to get the grill going and Caleb and I started the sides, Baked Potatoes and Texas Toast. David got the Steaks done and we got the sides. We fixed our plates and sat down with Caleb between us.

We devoured our food, cleared the table and went outside to sit while Caleb was checking his phone. Caleb came out and said as much as hated to he had to leave early in the morning. Caleb sat between my legs and leaned back on my chest. I reached over and placed a hand on Caleb’s hip. He sighed and lay on my chest.

I looked at Caleb and said, “As much as I like cuddling we got to make the time we got left count.”

Caleb headed for the bedroom and crawled up on the bed on his back with his head hanging off the end of the bed. It is a good thing it was a high bed. I crawled up between Caleb’s legs and place them over my shoulders. I got lube and run my cockhead up and down Caleb’s ass crack. I pushed gently against that puckered hole when I crossed it as David stepped up to his head placing his cockhead in his mouth.

David pushing into Caleb’s mouth as I started pushing into his ass. We were both in rhythm syncing the penetration of our respective hole. David reached to Caleb’s throat with his hands feeling how far his cock was into Caleb’s throat as I fucked that sweet ass, David and I were going nice and slow. We fucked his holes slow, then fast, then rotated our hips hitting new places.

We pulled out and Caleb said, “How fuck, this had been awesome. I will never have as good a time as I have had with the two of you. Now fuck me!”

We started fucking Caleb, ass and face, David reached down and run 3 fingers into Caleb’s ass beside my cock and pulled. Caleb was deep throating David’s cock as I fucked his ass. I was going balls deep, I started cumming, filling that sweet ass again and David started to cum in his throat, letting it run down his throat as Caleb tried to swallow.

We stayed in place letting out cocks soften. Caleb laid back on the bed and we lay on each side facing him letting him get another taste of our pits. We finally nodded off, it had been a long day. Caleb’s alarm went off and we headed for the shower. Caleb took us both deepthroat in the shower, one for the road.

Caleb got dressed and started getting his stuff together. He said he would get breakfast down the road somewhere. He came up to David and I, we stepped forward as he stepped in giving him a kiss on his cheek and fondling that sweet ass. Caleb said as he was fondling our cocks, “This had been great, I hope we can get together again soon.”

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