15 Kasım 2023

From Straight Virgin to Gay Bitch


I was 18 when I lost my cherry. Not in the normal way, not in the boy meets girl kind of way. That didn’t happen until I was 22, and was a total let down compared to my real first. His name was Scott, he was tall, dark and had a tight firm body. My first girl was chubby and drunk and I didn’t quite catch her name. Still before I met Scott I was very straight and have never been with a guy since, maybe I never will but I really hope I do again, as I rate my first sexual relationship as the best sex I have ever had.

My house was always empty after school, my parents worked late and I was often on my own. Most days I invited Scott round to watch TV, as he live around the corner. Things were pretty normal, two guys hanging out having a laugh, as young men do. But it was when Scott brought round a few videos one day things started to get a bit more fun. He had borrowed them from his brother, and he guaranteed me that they were top class porn. I had by 18 already seen more porn than is good for a young man, but never had I watched any with another guy. This at first made me feel just a bit odd, but hell, I thought, why not, I’m not gay, and I don’t think Scott is. So we put in one of the tapes and sat back to see women sucking on huge dicks and such, I had to give it to Scott the videos were grade A filth.

As any teenage boy seeing sexual images on screen, I soon got hard, and could not stop myself from touching it. It felt so good, and by now was so hard that it was pushing against my jeans. Scott spotted this straight away. He was clearly turned on too, and not shy about showing it. He just sat back in his chair, hands behind head with a massive tent pole in the shorts he was wearing. Scott then asked me if I wanted to see how big his dick was to compare it to mine. I could see from his bulge that he had a much bigger one than me. I knew this was getting a little bit gay, but still very quickly said ‘yes O.K’. My, you seem a bit too keen, Scott replied, as he pulled his member out. It was enormous 8 or 9 inches at least and thick, Merter Escort really thick. ‘now yours’ Scott said. I didn’t hesitate to present mine to him. It was a lot smaller but still a good 6 inch. He looked at it for a few moments, then held out his own and said ‘touch it’. ‘what’ I cried. ‘Go on feel it, its nice’ he commanded. So needless to say I grabbed it full palm, and he was right it was real nice. ‘that’s it’ he muttered ‘go on jerk it for me’. I wasted no time in getting stuck in and wanking him off. But soon I felt his hands press firmly on my shoulders. I quite naturally knew this was my que to move the next step, and after giving him a very dirty and sexual look in the eye I dropped to my knees.

His large cock head was pressed on to my lips, as I had a few second thoughts. This lasted about 2 seconds before I opened my mouth wide and forced myself on to his rock hard cock. Any doubts I might have had fell straight away as his throbbing shaft slid in and out of my more than willing mouth. The taste and feel of this perfect male member was divine, heaven on my tongue, I still to this day can not understand why more men straight or not don’t try giving a blow job, its so nice. While I was reaching a state of total bliss from sucking his dick, Scott was getting ready to blow his load. I could feel his rod stiffen and twitch and I could taste his pre cum. He looked down at me and just about stuttered ‘ Oh god, I’m going to cum’. He reached down to pull his pulsing meat from my face but I stopped him and mumbled ‘no! cum in my mouth. I want it in my mouth’ I surprised my self with just how gay I was being, but this was way to much fun to stop and if I was going to please him I might as well do it good and dirty. As I wrapped my lips hungrily back round his beautiful shaft he let it go, it flooded my mouth and ran down my chin. I swallowed all I could and scooped up what was on my chin. I couldn’t get enough, the salty taste was fantastic.

He sat back in his chair looking spent, as I wiped the last Merter Escort Bayan drops of his seaman from my face. He got his breath back and said ‘that was so fucking good. How far are you willing to go for me’ he said in a very dominant manner. I curled in to the chair with him and I told him all the way. ‘so how about I take you up stairs and fuck your ass’ he said with the sort of tone that let you know its an order, not a request. I, in a rather weak act of defiance asked if he was going to return the oral pleasure that I had just given him. I was quickly put in my place as he said ‘no way! I’m not sucking you off. That’s never going to happen, I’m not gay. This is the deal, you play the girls roll and I’m the man, got it’. I got it alright. He then shouted ‘well get up them stairs and get naked on your bed’.

So, I wasn’t going to be getting sucked off, or so it seemed going to cum at all, I was expected to play the submissive receiver and let Scott have his way with me. He was going to be the man and put me in my place and make me his whore for his sexual pleasure and needs. This thought put me off for less than a second, as I rushed up to my room an threw my clothes on the floor. Ok, Scott was clearly being gay wanting to fuck me and it was totally unfair that he wasn’t going to suck me off, but 2 things had gotten me hot for him. First I was over come with lust for him his hot body had my mouth watering and he was so strong and forceful it was making me want to beg for his sex. Second, the thought of being this alpha males sex toy was now my dream come true, to hell with my pleasure, he was with out doubt the dominant one, so it would be best for us both if I just took my rightful place as a bottom. My pleasure was to let a more dominant man use my body for sex, and this felt rather natural to me. I had become ok with this pretty quickly and knew it was my place in this situation and really wanted it to be this way.

Scott came in to the room after me. He had gotten a tub of Vaseline from my bathroom Escort Merter and pushed me on to the bed on my back. With my knees bent and my ass exposed he quickly greased up my hole. Fingering me and stretching my anus. It felt nice and I moaned in pleasure. He pulled my legs apart and moved in between them. ‘your snach is nice and lubed. You had better be ready for this bitch’ he snarled. He then pushed the tip of his cock against my now loosened hole and slowly forced the head in me. I cried out in pain and tried to pull away from him, but he held me down. Slowly he inched the rest of his massive cock into me and stopped. He moved his body down on to mine so we were face to face and kissed me with real passion. He then moved on to kissing my neck and as he did he whispered to me ‘I’m going to fuck your tight little pussy hard. Its going to hurt a bit but by the end you will be loving it and just want more’. With that he started moving his hips, his cock was going almost to the ball in me then all the way to the tip out. And he was right it hurt, at one point so much that I asked him to stop. NO. came the answer. He just kept on fucking me at the same pace. As Scott had not long came he took a very long time to cum again, almost 45 minutes. This was brilliant for me as after about 10 minutes of forceful fucking I was begging Scott to go faster, push harder, go deeper and was loving it more than I could ever have dreamed. I felt the most lucky guy in the world, nothing could top the truly wonderful feeling I felt ( and nothing has, no amount of straight sex is ever going to feel better). Scott after 45 minutes was almost ready to fire another load, this time in to my ass. He quickened the pace a bit and at the point of ejaculation thrust as far in to me as he could, making shore he came deep inside me.

As he pulled out my ass felt empty and I begged him to put it back. He just laughed and said ‘I told you you’ll love it’. He told me I’ll be doing the same for him tomorrow and lots of times after that. Scott kept his word and every day after school was spent with me being fucked like a girl and Scott being my man. This was my place and I quickly came to love it, I don’t think after that day I would have wanted to change rolls, mine was by far the best and deep in my heart knew it was what I wanted.

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