13 Ekim 2021

Friday the 13th


Friday the 13thI had learned, at the tender age of 12, how much I loved sex. My BFF and I, a girl named Ashley, had opened our own babysitting service when we were 14. Only, babysitting wasn’t the only service we offered :-)I had a client that had hired me to perform, in full drag, for a birthday party. We had agreed that I was to perform with 23 men, all married, and that it was to take place on, of all days, Friday the 13th…Well, the guy that had hired me was celebrating his 50th birthday and had decided that he wanted to film the event. He was a professional videographer and had a business making videos, mostly of weddings. Immediately, many of the men began getting cold feet. All were married. Many were part of the predominant religion here in Utah. And many had no desire to be in a gangbang video with a 14 year old pantyhose cumslut!When it was all said and done, 9 men dropped out, which left us with 13 guys…on Friday the 13th…cue ominous, scary music!The gangbang was set to happen at 10 am, while the birthday boy’s wife was at work. I got out of bed at 7, got in the shower. As I lathered up my body and I started shaving my legs, my cock and balls, my pink little boy pussy, all I could think about were the 13 cocks I was going to be playing with 🙂 I dried myself off, pulled my hair up, and rubbed lotion all over my body. As my hands spread the lotion all over my skin, I imagined that it was hot, gooey, delicious cum. I painted my toenails and fingernails and put on my favorite CD as I waited for them to dry. I lubed up a medium buttplug and slid it in to my hairless boy pussy and pulled up a pair of sheer, suntan pantyhose to keep it in. One of the men that I “babysat” for had a daughter that had been a cheerleader when she was in high school. She had graduated and moved away, but her cheerleader outfit was still in the closet. He let me try it on and when it fit like a glove, he gave it to me. That’s what I put on. I took a curling iron to my hair, trying my best to look like my hero, Farrah Fawcett, and when I was all done, I pulled the medium buttplug out of my ass, and inserted a large buttplug. Then, I put on my makeup. When I was all ready, I went downstairs and my mom said, “Wow! You look fantastic! Those guys aren’t going to know what hit them,” she said with smile. My mom has always been my number one supporter and with that, we both got buca escort in the car and off we went.The house was the very last house on a dead end street. There was an 8 foot high hedge that surrounded the front yard and obscured any view of the house from the street. As we pulled into the driveway, my mom told me to call her when I was ready to be picked up. “Thanks mom,” I said as I kissed her on her lips, our mouths lingering a little too long, our lips a little too open for a mother and son. I walked up the front door, dangerously teetering on my high heels. The door opened and I was greeted by a naked man with a raging erection. “Come in,” he said enthusiastically. The living room was full of naked men, porn was on the TV and most of them were stroking their hard cocks. A guy started waving a camcorder around in front of my face, and the birthday boy stood up and I walked to him and started stroking his cock, singing happy birthday, in my best Marilyn Monroe impersonation. I dropped to my knees and began licking the tip of his pecker. He threw his head back as I wrapped my lips around his tip and then took him gently into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face, the tip of his cock slamming the back of my mouth while his big hairy balls slapped against my chin. One of the men laid on the floor, tore a hole in my pantyhose, pulled out my buttplug, slid under me, and started licking my pink, puckered asshole! Another got down and began sucking on my boy clitty. Two men stood on either side of the birthday boy and I began stroking the two men, while I sucked one, while still another was licking my ass. The birthday boy had me lay on my back on the floor, legs spread as wide as I could. He got down and buried his face into my butt cheeks and began fucking my soft, warm ass with his tongue. Another guy got down to my left side, leaned down over my stomach and began sucking my cock. One of the men had removed my heels and had began to rub his face into my feet and toes. One of the men got on his knees near my head and began fucking my mouth. As the guy worked my toes and the soft, wrinkly bottoms of my feet, another guy started kissing and licking the tops of my feet. Another guy got on his knees and started dangling his cock in my mouth, which I happily began sucking and licking. Another guy pulled off my other escort buca shoe, and began worshipping my left foot as the other two men worshipped the right foot. Another guy came over and started kissing and licking the top while the other licked the bottom, just as the other two men were doing to my right foot. Men began gathering around and soon, I had 4 men on their knees waving their cocks around in my face, I had 4 men (2 on each foot) worshipping my feet and toes, I had a man licking my ass while another sucked my cock, I had my outstretched hands stroking the cock of two men. The 13th guy started caressing and rubbing his hard cock on my pantyhose legs. As I threw my head back and enjoyed all of the attention I was getting, I thought, “Holy shit…I’m having sex with 13 men :-)This did not go on for long before I got my first mouth full of hot cum, one of the men I was sucking. The guy who had been rubbing on my legs eagerly took his place and began sticking his penis into my warm, wet mouth. The birthday boy pulled his tongue out of my ass and slid his hard, 50 year old pole into my tiny little 14 year old hole. Soon, another guy I was sucking bathed my tongue in his cum. One of the guys that was getting a handjob took his place and I began licking and sucking his cock and balls. We had been going for about 20 minutes and 4 or 5 of the men had came. The birthday boy laid on his back and I lowered myself onto his cock. Four of the men gathered in front of men and greedily began worshipping their hard ons with my mouth while I bounced up and down on the birthday boy. A couple of the guys got down and started worshipping my feet and pantyhose toes. Soon, everything became a blur, of hard cocks, of mouths, of hands…all over my body. Cum was all over my face, in my mouth, trickling from my ass and everyone was sprawled out, drained and exhausted, all over the living room. I was on my back, legs spread getting my ass stretched out by some guy, when I felt myself approaching orgasm. The show “family Guy” had just come out and I immediately fell in love with Quagmire. As the waves of pleasure started throbbing in my cock, I said, “Giggity…giggity…giggity…”“GOO!” all the men shouted as the sperm began to launch from my cock and all over my chest and belly. Now, I had joked about doing 13 guys on Friday the 13th, and when I glanced buca escort bayan at my cell phone, I had a message from another guy that I “babysat” for that wanted to know what was up to. I asked the birthday boy if it was cool if this guy and his friend showed up for round 2 and he said yes. I told them to bring beer and condoms :-)I had gone to the kitchen and the birthday boy had handed out a bunch of beers. We had been on break for about 20 minutes when the doorbell rang. Thinking I would be cute, I thought that I would greet the men at the door. My school girl outfit had been removed and I was wearing nothing but pantyhose and high heels. I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing my nudity from the street so I just flung the door open to greet my 2 friends. Instead of my two friends bearing condoms and beers, I SAW TWO POLICE OFFICERS…WITH HANDCUFFS, GUNS, AND UNHAPPY FACES!!!“What the ____”, one of the officers said. “GET INSIDE!” said the other as the first pushed his way inside. “What’s going on here?” the officers asked. The birthday boy told them that they were intruding and asked them to leave. They said that neighbors had called, reporting unusual activity, and what sounded like screams coming from inside :-)Voices began getting raised and the police took me into a separate room and started questioning the men. The first thing they asked was my age. Fortunately I had a fake ID 🙂 The officers were intent on charging me with prostitution, but couldnt’ find anything that would make that stick. But when they saw the camcorder, they asked to see what was on it. When they saw the footage of me, sucking and fucking the 13 men, they put me in handcuffs and charged me with “Manufacture of Obscene Material” and 13 counts of sodomy, one count for each cock. As they began looking around the man’s house, they saw all of his equipment for duplicating videos. “Man, this is a big time operation,” one of the officers said seriously. They informed me that now I was being charged with “Manufacturing Obscene Materials with intent to distribute”. When I told them that the duplication machines weren’t mine, they told me to shut the fuck up. I was taken to jail, booked and released on my own recognizance. At the pretrial hearing, my lawyer protested that the video duplicating machines belonged to the man, whose house we were at, who had a videography business on the side. The charges were dropped.When I spoke to the 2 men that were on there way over when the cops showed up, they said that they pulled up and saw a police car…AND KEPT ON DRIVING!!!And that was the last time I had sex with 13 men on Friday the 13th 😉

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