15 Kasım 2023

Forced Ch. 11


The first 10 chapters were from my perspective, of Jason Randall. A mid-thirties married guy. The next 2 chapters are from the perspective of my boss, late 30s gay Scott Banks. Enjoy.


Scott’s Perspective: I finished up at the convention and went back to my hotel. Marcus was waiting for me. My balls felt heavy and I wanted to drop a load. This had been a crazy week. I just couldn’t get Jason Randall off my mind.

I ran the last several days over in my head. I never would have imagined everything that had happened. I had only been with the company six weeks. This was going to be my first convention and an opportunity to meet my field sales team. I had spoken to every one of my reps via phone over the last couple of weeks. I had a good idea which reps were the money makers and which ones that would have to go. And Jason Randall was the

rep in the country. By himself, he drove 25% of our sales — and almost 33% of our revenue. The guy could sell and he sold our high dollar solutions. He was my rainmaker!

I was anxious to meet him and wanted to do so prior to Vegas. I had been visiting clients in Salt Lake City, then planning to fly into Vegas. Jason was coming to Vegas from Saint Louis. I figured a central meeting place would be Denver. We could connect there and fly in to Vegas together. The 1 on 1 time would be great. I had some ideas of how I could leverage this guy further and turn this group around.

The day started out well, but the forecast was for snow in Denver. My plane from Salt Lake City boarded late due to mechanical failure — the airlines code for combining 2 flights into one to maximize profits. We left a couple hours late. And then we circled and circled over Denver. I had left a few text messages for Jason and was happy to see him responding quickly. He told me the weather in Denver was grim and they were starting to cancel flights. He was booking a room just in case things deteriorated further. Once I was in the air, we were incommunicado for a couple hours.

The landing in Denver was a bit nerve wracking. The winds were gusty and visibility was next to nothing. We landed very hard and I was tense from the trip. I powered up my phone and got a couple of messages from Jason. Our connecting flight was cancelled and he had moved over to the airport Holiday Inn. I dialed his number and he answered — it was difficult to hear him due to loud background noise.

“Hi Scott — where are you?” Jason asked me.

“I am finally at DIA. We just landed. Where are you…a bar?” I inquired.

Jason sheepishly answered, “Yep. Good company. Even better beer.”

I laughed at his honesty and told him I would be over as soon as I could get a shuttle. That was easier said than done. The airport was packed with people — all stuck there. My luggage was still in the belly of the plane, apparently the ground crew had called it a night. And the hotel shuttle service was slowed significantly due to the weather. A trip that would have usually taken 5 or 10 minutes took almost 2 hours. I wondered if I was going to spend the night in the airport.

As I waited I called the Holiday Inn. No surprise, they were booked. I called my secretary in California and asked her to look into other hotels. She called back quickly and said everything around the airport was booked — the closest she could get me would be Aurora — about a 20 minute drive (in good conditions).

I sent a text to Jason. [Hotels filled. Mind if I bunk w/ you?]

I waited a bit…then called Jason. I got a message — All Circuits Busy. Shit!

The drive to the hotel was wild. Being a California boy, I am not used to the amount of snow we had. There was already about 2 feet on the ground. The van got stuck a couple of times — but we finally made it to the hotel. The lobby was filled with people, and the staff was putting portable cots up for the overflow. This was crazy. I went up to the desk and asked for Jason’s room. They rang up to the room, but there was no answer. I tried his phone a couple of times, but just got his voicemail.

I figured he must be in the bar and headed toward all the noise. It was packed. I walked in and looked around. There must have been 300 people crammed in the place — for sure it was a fire code violation. I couldn’t even make it up to the bar. I ordered a couple drinks from a passing waitress — she looked really frazzled. But the $50 tip I gave her up front kept her loyal to me. I talked with some other weary travelers as I pulled back a total of 4 martinis over about 90 minutes. I was getting a good buzz.

I went for the bathroom and upon entering bumped right into someone. I almost knocked him on his ass — and had to grab him so he didn’t end up on the floor. He was about 6 inches shorter than me — that would make him about 6′ tall. Wow — was he good looking. Soft brown hair, grown longer on top — shorter on the sides. Dazzling hazel eyes you could get lost in. A strong angular face. A strong 5 o’clock İkitelli Escort shadow. His face was tanned and toned. He looked like an athlete. This guy could have been a clone of James Denton, the actor.

He drunkenly apologized for banging into me. “No problem, buddy,” I replied.

I enjoyed looking at him. His guard was down and I was horny as hell. And I wouldn’t be meeting up with my boyfriend Marcus for 2 more days in Vegas. Damn, this guy was eye candy, though!

I watched my drunken friend turn back toward the urinals. I watched him sway back and forth a bit. Man, he must be pretty drunk. There were two urinals against the wall. I took the opportunity and stood right next to him. He was mumbling, trying to undo his pants and I didn’t hide my interest in him. I don’t engage in bathroom encounters or one night stands — but don’t mind taking in views of the male form when I can.

This guy was so drunk he could barely speak. I admit I was feeling no pain either — the martinis were kicking in full force. I hadn’t eaten since noon today and it must have been close to 10 pm now. But I was nowhere as far gone as my bathroom friend…and I couldn’t help but laugh at every little stumble he made, or when he had to lean right up against me so he wouldn’t fall down.

He finally managed to free his cock and let loose a strong stream of pee. I watched, fascinated. His cock was soft — about 3 inches and cut. Nice looking head. His pubes were slightly darker than the sandy brown hair on his head. He let go of his dick as he sprayed into the urinal — he had to reach up with one hand on the plumbing to steady himself. His other hand reached over and grabbed onto my sports coat, clenching it for support. His urine was almost clear — a good indication of being hammered.

He groaned and he finished up peeing. “Ohhhhhhhhh, feelz good.” he stammered.

I voided quickly and felt my cock start to expand ever so slightly in my hand. I am a show-er myself…my cock usually stays about 5 inches thick and spongy during the day, hanging over my large hairy balls. And speaking of hair — I have it everywhere…with the exception of my shoulders and back. Everywhere else I am covered with thick black curly hair.

I turned towards my friend with my dick in my hand and shook it slightly, knocking off any stray drops of urine before I put it back in my pants. He looked over at me with a goofy smile and looked down. When he saw my cock, his eyes got wide and his mouth opened.

“Hey, Mr. Big Dick, put that away before you hurt somebody with it,” he muttered, then giggled.

He was struggling with his pants. The band of his boxers seemed to be under his balls — which pushed them out slightly form his body. His orbs looked absolutely suckable. Dense hair covered his sack.

“Need any help, friend?” I asked politely.

“You’re not the boss of me,” he said back at me and banged back into the divider to the toilet behind him. I looked up from his crotch and looked up his chest to the logo on his shirt — it was the company I now worked for.


“Guilty as charged officer!” he retorted and saluted me. Dick and balls still sticking out from his middle.

Shit! I was just scoping out one of my employees — and my star guy to boot.

“Hi, I am Scott. Scott Banks,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Who?” he asked with a dumb expression on his face.

“Scott Banks. I AM the boss of you,” I joked. Recognition flashed across Jason’s face and he reached out to hug me…like we were long lost friends. I could feel his cock and balls rub against my upper leg. I felt a forbidden charge go through my body…starting at my cock.

“Whoops — sorry boss man,” he snickered to himself like it was an inside joke. I was getting a kick out of this guy.

“Better cover up, Jason,” I said as I pointed down to his exposed cock and balls.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” he said quietly and pulled himself together.

I walked over to the sink and washed up and Jason did, too. “Let’s go get a drink. You gotta taste this beer. They call it dress lifter or something…” Jason burbled.

“Kilt Lifter?”

“Yeah, those fuckin’ Scotts can make a beer!” he said loudly then turned and walked right into me. I had to grab him to steady him.

“Why don’t I get you up to your room? We have to be out of here early tomorrow and I need you sharp.”

“You’re not the boss of me!” he snorted between laughs. This was now his little joke.

I grabbed his arm to steady him and pulled him out of the bathroom and back into the craziness of the bar. I walked up to the waitress and asked if she knew him.

“Yeah, he’s been here a while. We aren’t serving him any longer.”

“Does he have a tab?” I asked.

“Hang on a sec, hon,” she said and went over to a terminal by the wall. She swiped her card and looked it up. “Jason Randall?”

“Yeah, that’s him,” I replied as Jason acted out his army routine again…”Guilty İkitelli Escort Bayan as charged Maam!”

“Oh brother, aren’t you a funny boy,” she said to Jason. “He’s with you?” she asked me.

“I’m his boss, sorry if he was an ass tonight,” I apologized to her.

“No, he was fine…just got a little worried about him drinking so much. His bill is $68. You want it on his room?”

“No, take it out of this — thanks so much,” I said as I handed her 4 twenties.

“Wait — let me get his credit card,” she replied. She was back in a flash and handed me a corporate AMEX.

“Hey dumbshit — do I need to worry about your expense reports now?” I said and gave him a sideways glance.

“Don’t ask — don’t tell,” he replied, then doubled over in laughter. I smiled. At least he was a happy drunk. Unlike me — who tended to get more negative and mean when shit faced, this guy was a barrel of monkeys.

I led him from the bar and back to the front desk. I asked the clerk to add me to the room, telling her my bags would be couriered over later tonight. Once that was settled, we went up to the room. The elevator ride was quiet as Jason leaned against the railing and the wall. Once we were up on the 5th floor we headed out, Jason taking the lead. Of course he went the wrong way and made fun of himself as we had to double back. Once we got to the room, Jason fumbled with the key card. I finally grabbed it from him and let him into the room.

The room was a single with a large king sized bed, standard Holiday Inn decorations. Jason went right over to the bed and dropped on it spread eagle. I walked in, locked the door and walked over to the TV, turning it on.

I asked him some questions and he just mumbled some answers. He was almost incoherent. I came across the adult channels and selected the Pamela Anderson — Tommy Lee video. That boy sure had a nice big dick. Scary looking dude with all the tats and piercings (he could have been so hot unmarked), but he was hung non-the-less. I pulled my sports coat off my shoulders and started unbuttoning my dress shirt. I looked over at Jason and he was out like a light. He burned out quickly.

He was spread across the bed and I moved over towards him. I grabbed his loafers and pulled them off. Then I reached up his pants leg and pulled off his socks. His bare feet were clean with trimmed nails and light hair above the nails and atop the foot. I leaned up and started unbuttoning his shirt. First the collars, then down the front. A plain white t-shirt lay beneath. I pulled it from his waistband and pulled his arms from the shirt.

Jason’s arms bulged at the biceps. He had great definition and I could make out the veins on his arms, thick ropes hidden beneath his skin. Light brown hair covered his forearms and traveled down to strong hands. Jason’s left hand included a shiny gold band. Hmmm, a wedding ring.

I started feeling like I was stealing candy from a baby. It was so wrong, but my cock was rock hard under my pants. And I wanted to see his cock again. My horniness won out and I reached for his belt.

I unbuckled him and pulled the belt from his dress pants, it was an erotic feeling. I then unbuttoned the top of his slacks and pulled the zipper down. I could see the mound of his manhood in his slacks. I reached up and pulled his white undershirt up. A lightly haired stomach came into view. This stomach was very taut with just the slightest muscles showing under the skin. I pulled it up further to his chest. He had very firm pecs, with a light dusting of hair across his chest. I had to pull his hands over his head and then was able to move the shirt higher still. His pits came into view. Long straight brown hair covered his pits. I could smell deodorant and a musk scent, too.

I pulled the shirt from his body, leaving his arms up over his head. This guy was awesome. He was in great shape. Just the right amount of hair…and a tight body. The lad must work out quite a bit to keep this shape. His nipples were a darker color and looked like pennies placed on his chest. They were flat against his body. I reached down and circled the right one with my finger, tracing around the edge. It responded slightly, with the center rising a bit. Without thinking, I bent down and traced my tongue across his nipple — then suddenly pulled back.

What the hell was I doing? He worked for me! I could get in a shit ton of trouble for this! I stepped back, then went to the bathroom. I turned on the water and splashed some across my face. Get control of yourself. I dried off and walked back into the room. He was a sight to behold. Tall, handsome…no, gorgeous was a better word. Very masculine.

I turned to the TV and watched Pamela give Tommy Lee a hummer. I started getting hard again. Tommy sure did have a nice cock. I turned back to Jason. I called his name a couple of times and even shook his shoulder. No response. Hmmmm, he would never be the wiser.

I moved up Escort İkitelli the bed on my hands and knees, then sat back on my haunches. I slowly reached to his waist and pulled his dress pants down further. His boxers moved down a bit, too — leaving the top of his pubic hair showing. I pulled his pants from his body. His legs were muscled and covered in dark brown hair. I looked up his body again. The pubic hair showing was pretty straight — dark brown in color and plentiful. I thinned out as it went up his stomach. I couldn’t help myself and pulled his boxers slowly down his body. When the base of his cock came into view, I drew in a deep breath. I slowly slid his boxers lower and I watched more and more of his cock appear. I could see most of the stock, then the line for his circumcision, then the flared head came into view — then it popped out. It looked like it was sleeping, laying down across his balls. I pulled the boxers lower, down to his knees.

His pubic region was covered in hair. I could see his cock, and some of his nut sack. I lightly touched his sleeping cock and brushed against it with the back of my hand — moving it to the side. Just that simple touch sent a charge to my cock. I reached down and cupped his sack, pulling it up from between his legs. It was large and soft and very warm. I could feel his orbs in the sack. They felt potent in my hand.

I finally exhaled and sat up again, taking in the view of the body before me. Stunning. I wanted him so bad, but couldn’t take him against his will. That would be rape. I looked up to his sleeping face. I reached up with a hand and gently traced his hair, then down to his face. I traced around his eyelids. I moved up and smelled him. He just smelled so clean and fresh. I traced down his face and chin, smelling around his neck and into his pits.

My hand began a lazy exploration of chest… fondling… stroking… circling the rigid peaks of his nipples. I caressed the hollows of his throat, and then into his pits…hot…lightly damp, my fingers covered by his silky hair. As my touch continued ever downward, stroking his stomach…my cock began to ache. I needed release.

I gasped when I moved lower to find his cock responding, it was heavier than before — now filling with the blood of lust. I reached out and slowly touched his growing manhood — slowly and gently stroking his cock. His body was responding, shuddering underneath me. I moved further down his legs and pulled his boxers completely off his body with my spare hand, keeping my other hand on his expanding penis. I then moved up and spread his legs apart charting a course between them. I looked up and saw his balls hanging before me, in a dense forest of dark brown hair. I lifted them up and looked under them. I could just make out a dark furrow, between cheeks and covered in hair. Man, would I ever like to explore that part of him. I was humping my hard clothes covered cock down into the bed below me.

I scooted up further and worked his cock and balls. His cock was now fully hard. I can only describe it as one of the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. It was about 6 ½ inches long. A straight column of straight flesh topped in a perfectly flared and broad head. It looked so healthy and vital. Manly. I leaned in and took in his scent and before I knew it, had placed his cock in my mouth. I drove straight down to the base of his cock, his pubes tickling my nose and chin. I swallowed all of him to the root. His taste was intoxicating. The more I got of him, the more I wanted.

I heard a moan from above, followed by “Ohh, God…oh please…”

I pulled away quickly and looked up. Jason’s mouth was open yet his eyes were closed tightly. There was a stillness in the room.

“Suck my cock,” he said plainly and I moved back in. I swallowed his penis again, moving up and down. His hips started thrusting up into my mouth. I guess the boy wasn’t as straight as I thought. Guess he was on the down low. With that I moved my hands, spreading his legs further apart. I reached one hand down to his balls then the other even further down. I could feel the hairy cleft of his ass and moved my hand back behind his balls…into his furrow…until I hit paydirt. I felt his warm pucker, hidden in a forest of hair. I moved my hand up to my mouth and spit onto my fingers, then moved them back to his puckered star. I gently moved my fingers around his asshole. He was spreading his legs further apart — granting me access to him. I slowly pushed my index finger forward and it slowly pushed into Jason’s ass.

Jason groaned and pushed down on my finger, moving it further into his body. “Ohhhhhhhhhh……yes….ohhhhhh.”

His cock was already giving off a ton of precum and I was licking it up like crazy. His taste was driving me crazy. I felt his cock grow in my mouth and throat and then he jabbed his cock fully into me and grunted — then came like a shotgun!

The first couple of blasts shot right down my throat, but I pulled back to savor some of his taste. The next several landed right in my mouth and on my tongue, and I swirled his cum through my mouth. He tasted so tangy and hot. Again, I couldn’t get enough. When he was done, I pulled back…cleaning every last drop of his cum from his cock and laid it on his stomach.

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