15 Kasım 2023

Fixing a Flat


The day started out in the upper-70s and the temperature hasn’t even started to rise yet. It’s going to be a very hot day, in more way than one.

My wife’s sister married a manly-man, a former hockey player and party boy. A day laborer named Chuck. He’s never held a job for long and he seems to do the same thing with women. He was caught cheating on my wife’s sister with his dad’s second wife, believe it or not, and they got divorced. I have to admit that it was a bit of a turn on to think of this older woman, Joan, fucking this guy. She really has a sexy, tight ass and I’ve jerked off many times thinking about fucking into that sweet, older, tight ass of hers. Maybe, bending her over the washer or dryer or over something in the garage or some other odd scenario like that. Her bleached blond hair and her gravely, husky voice moaning and groaning as I plow into her shitter and shoot my hot cum deep into her dirty ass.. mmm..

Chuck has a big, hairy gut and I always wondered how he fucked with such a big gut, he must have a long cock to get any of it inside a pussy or ass with his gut hanging over his belt so far. Joan must have seen something in this guy to cheat like that. It’s really a big soap opera with everyone cheating on everyone else.

I sure picked a bad day to get a flat tire, the hottest, most humid day of the year. And, of course, the spare tire that’s hanging under the back of the wagon is stuck up there. The bracket is all rusty and I can’t get it off. I’m struggling with it trying to get the rusty bolts off and I’m sweating so much that I had to take off my shirt. So, there I am, laying in the dirt on the side of the gravel road on my back and sweating trying to get this stubborn spare tire off so I can get out of there.

I’m not having any luck at all, but I am getting horny thinking of all sorts of crazy scenarios that could happen out there in the middle of nowhere on that gravel road in the woods. As I’m lying under the car working on the bolts, I hear a vehicle coming. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Here I am, sweating like a pig, just wearing my gym shorts and no shirt, and I’m all dirty from laying under the car. I’ve been fucked in the ass before so it’s always in the back of my mind. Growing up on a farm, sometimes young, horny guys do things to other guys and I was the one that everyone else was doing it to. That’s probably where my rape fantasy got stuck in my head, from being used as a fuck toy by other guys, and sometimes, older farm hands after high school when I was still living at home and working on the farm. I’d just be working in the barn and a couple of farm hands would corner me and just pull my pants down and start fucking my ass, taking turns at me until they both came in me and then just left me there, lying in the hay all dirty and messy and full of cum. We were all so sweaty that their cocks just went in my tight ass and they just started fucking it. I think that’s where I got my love of being treated like a fuck toy and my rape fantasy came about.

Somewhere along the line they started filling my ass with piss, too. One time, as a punishment, one older guy pushed me over a hay bale and stuck his cock head in my ass and started pissing in me. The other guys looked on with amazement, all jerking their cocks, waiting their turn at me, and then they all did that and things got dirtier and nastier from there.

They’d push me down on the barn floor and stick food up my ass, like hard boiled eggs or squirt reddi-whip in my asshole and then fuck into it like they were punishing me for something, mixing all of that food up with their cocks and adding their cum and piss to the dirty mess in my ass. I think it was just so exciting to have someone to use and abuse and do whatever they wanted to that sometimes things got out of control. I came to love these rape scenarios and looked forward to them, sometimes even egging them on by not wearing a shirt and just wearing my loose shorts like I have on now under this car. One time they poured flour on me after stripping my clothes off and I was all sweaty and sticky and then they’d spank me and fuck my ass when I was all white and covered with flour, like they were fucking a ghost. They always laughed and had maniacal looks on their faces as they jerked their cocks and waited their turns to shove their dirty cocks in me. A couple of the older farm hands had huge cocks and the young guys always loved seeing them fucking into my tight, little ass with those things.

They’d tie me up to the ceiling and put a hose in my ass and turn it on, shooting Gaziosmanpaşa Escort water in me and filling me up as I was hanging there with my feet just barely off of the floor. Then, as the water was squirting out of my ass they’d grab me by the hips and fuck their cocks into me and laugh. The older guys really liked fucking me, obviously they knew more about it and having any hole to fuck was probably the best thing ever, especially such a tight, young asshole like mine. They’d make me shit and they’d fuck into me at the same time, dirty, nasty things like that. I was really used like a fantasy fuck toy. A couple of really old guys fucked me, too, and I mean, old, like in their 70s. I don’t even know who they were, probably tramps from the railroad yard or something. The other guys probably just wanted to see what would happen. Those old bums really liked pissing in my ass, for some reason and they were really rough with me, slapping my ass and really pounding their dirty, smelly, old cocks into me and pissing on me and on my face. Dirty old men.. I still have a fantasy about being raped and abused by dirty, old, smelly men because of that.

As I’m lying under the car trying to get that damn spare tire off, I hear the other vehicle stop and I see a pair of legs walking over towards the car and I hear a familiar voice, it’s my jerk ex-brother-in-law. He talks so fast and mumbles so much that I can rarely even understand him, but he knows it’s me under there and says something about wondering if I need a hand. I thought that was pretty nice of him, especially with all of the trouble he’s brought into the family the last couple of years with him not being able to keep his dick in his pants, or in his own wife.

I sort of shimmy out from under the car and it’s fairly apparent that I have a hard on with the way that my stretchy gym shorts are poking out in front, and of course, I don’t have a shirt on and I’m all dirty and sweaty. Nice. He looks at me and asks if I need a lift into town to get someone and get the tire fixed. I figure, what the heck, who knows when anyone else will be coming along this road, so I throw the flat tire in the back of his pickup and jump in front and we start driving towards town. It’s a good hour to get there and he seems to be looking over at me more than usual and taking his time driving. I know that he has a hunting shack out in the woods somewhere in this area that he used to meet his dad’s second wife at and fuck the hell out of her before they got caught. I’m wondering what he has on his mind.

We aren’t more than ten minutes from my car and he says that he has to stop at the hunting shack and get something that he forgot there last week. That sounds like a story to me, but what can I do, I have to either go with him or get out and walk the rest of the way into town. So, there we go, down a two-track trail in the middle of the woods back to this cabin thing. I keep thinking of the movie Deliverance and I wonder how long it’ll be before I’m squealing like a pig as someone fucks my ass. I’ve seen him looking at me before, actually, the last eleven years I’ve seen him eying me up at the beach or during family picnics when he was still a part of things.

I can finally see the shack and it really looks like a dump, and with how hot it is out I can imagine how hot it is inside of that thing. He asks if I want to come in and help him carry something back to the truck and I reluctantly agree, after all, he’s helping me and what’s the worst that could happen?

We’re walking towards the hunting shack and he stops and remembers that he left something in the truck and tells me to go on ahead, so I do. When I get to the shack I turn the handle and push the door in and it’s pitch black in there so I just sort of stand there for a few seconds waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, so I can open the shades or something. As I’m standing there I feel a couple of sets of rough, fat hands on my arms and they’re being pulled behind me and I hear Velcro straps being put on my arms to hold them behind my back! My shorts are pulled down and now I’m standing there with my cock hanging out and all sweaty and dirty in the dark with at least two other guys!

I say, “HEY, what the hell?! What are you doing?”

Nobody says a word but all of a sudden, hands start slapping my ass, giving me a spanking as I’m standing there. I try to cover my ass with my hands but someone pulls them up and ties them to a rope that’s on a ceiling rafter so now my hands are up in the air behind me and at least two strangers Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan are spanking my naked ass cheeks! Where’s my brother in law? Is he in on this or were these homeless guys that just broke into this cabin? Fingers are poking into my ass and stroking my hardening cock and they’re spitting on me and on my asshole. What’s happening?

Oh oh, I feel a cockhead on my sweaty asshole, someone is rubbing their hard cock around on my asshole and I can’t lie, it feels really, really good. I feel like such a naughty boy, like I deserve a good spanking for liking such a thing as this, being abused by strangers. It’s bringing me right back to my days growing up on the farm and after high school, having other young guys fucking me whenever they felt like it, just forcing their cocks into me and filling me with cum and piss until they were done using me. The cock head starts pressing into my tight hole, plopping through and pressing in, all the way in! I feel rough skin on my sweaty back and ass cheeks and it feels like fabric, or maybe like hair or something. The guy must be really hairy I think, like Chuck, but it can’t be. Whoever has their cock in me starts pulling it out again and they pull it all the way out and I’m almost relieved that maybe they’re going to stop. But, nope, they ram it back in all the way and then pull it out all the way and ram it all the way in again and keep that up until they finally just start fucking my ass hard and deep. It’s a long cock and they’re bottoming out and really packing the shit up my ass.

Someone else is stroking my cock and the two of them using me like this is a real turn on. I can’t lie, I’ve always fantasized about something like this happening. The cock in my ass speeds up and starts shooting a huge load of hot sperm up my sweaty ass!

“Mmmmm rrrrrrr.. arrrrrhhhgggg..”, is all this ass-raper says while he shoots a load in me that’s almost filling me up. It really feels good, like what I remember being on the farm and having guys cumming deep in my ass.

Before too long they pull out and I can feel cum start leaking out of my abused asshole, but then another cock starts hammering in and out of my slippery hole. The second ass fuck that I’ve had in a few years and it’s within five seconds of the first one! They’re really bouncing off of my cheeks and it really, really feels like Chuck’s hairy stomach, or what I would think that would feel like. I can see why some women (and, men) like big, hairy guys fucking them, it’s haughty, naughty, and dirty. It feels great and that cock is long! It’s bottoming out up my ass and he’s really pulling me back into him as he’s fucking me while we’re both standing up. There is definitely a fat stomach bouncing off of my back as that big cock snakes all the way up my shitter and bounces off me.

My arms are really getting sore and tired being tied up like that and I’m finally let down and am draped over the back of a couch and the fucking continues. I can tell that at least two different sized cocks are going in and out of my poor, little asshole, maybe more. I know that I’m leaking pre-cum all over that couch as they’re pounding into me and all of a sudden there’s a mouth on my cock! I reach out and grab the head and it’s a woman’s face! I can’t see it because it’s still pitch black in there but I can feel that it’s a smooth, face with no facial hair and longer hair. Whoever / whatever it is really knows how to give head. I’m shooting my cum into her mouth before too long and as I do my ass contracts and expands, squeezing the cock in my ass and they start shooting more cum in me.

I feel a set of lips on mine and they’re kissing me and then I can taste cum and cigarette smoke and she’s transferring some of my own cum back into my mouth! What a dirty girl, I need to fuck this one, whoever it is. It has to be Joan with the smoky smell in her mouth. I can see the outline of someone in front of me and it’s definitely a woman and she’s naked! She’s getting on the couch that I’m bent over and she’s sticking her ass against my cock! My hands are free so I grab her by the waist and my cock, even though I’ve just cummed and it’s not rock hard, starts going into her pussy! There’s enough cum still on my cock that it slides right up in her pussy and she starts pushing back against me, so I grab her hips and start slamming her with all my might! BANG, BANG, BANG, the couch is rocking and moving and I’m being fucking in the ass and my cock is buried up this woman’s pussy and we’re going at it like monkeys. I’m reaching out and pinching Escort Gaziosmanpaşa her saggy tits and rolling her nipples in my fingers and she starts bucking with her first orgasm of the day.

I knew that this was my one chance, since it’s a literal fucking free-for-all, so I pull my cock out and I shove it in her ass all the way to my balls! “Uhhhhhhhhh.. mmmmm..”, she says, with a husky, older voice. I think I’m fucking the second wife of my ex-brother-in-law’s dad! She was in her early-60s and my cock was pistoning in and out of her tight, sexy asshole!

“Ohhhh, your ass is so tight, you’re such a dirty girl, I’m going to fuck your dirty, tight ass so hard.. mmmmmm mmmm.. ohhhh.. your ass is so tight for such a mature, dirty girl… packing the shit up your tight, little ass you dirty girl.”

“Do it”, she says in a raspy, almost smoker’s voice. “Fuck it, fuck into that old ass like you mean it. Stick that thing in me, shove it in me, fuck in me, pack the shit up my ass, I want to feel your cock head bounce off of me as you bottom out up in my old asshole!”

Then I feel more hot cum being unloaded in my asshole and I shoot my load in her asshole at the same time! I pull her tight against me as I start to pulsate and convulse and squirt my second load of cum in her. When I’m done I lean forward and lick her dirty asshole which makes her quiver with another orgasm. She’s really a dirty girl, I can see why Chuck couldn’t help himself.

The spurting cock pulls out of my asshole and another one goes in, just like clockwork. Although, this one isn’t moving, it’s just shoved in me. Then I feel it, someone is pissing in my asshole!

“Hey! You dirty bastards, what’s going on? You’re pissing in my ass?”

Again, nobody says a word and the only voice I’ve heard is Joan’s husky, smoker’s voice. The cock that’s pissing in my ass is really filling me up, so much so that it triggers something in me and I pull her hips back to me and stick my cock in her ass again and start pissing in Joan’s asshole! I pull her back tightly into me and I start filling her sweet, tight 60-year old ass full of hot piss! I haven’t gone in hours and with all of the excitement I really unload on her!

“Ohhhhhhh!!! I’ve never felt that, what are you doing? You naughty boy, filling my ass with your hot piss!”, Joan’s raspy voice groans. It’s really a turn on, and we’re making a mess of that couch for sure but nobody seems to care. My hand is slapping her saggy pussy lips and I can almost fit my whole hand in there so I’m spanking it and she’s cumming again as I’m pissing in her dirty asshole.

It turns out that my ex-brother-in-law did in fact fuck my ass that day, along with two of his hockey buddies from his bar team; two other big, fat, hairy, horny guys. And, Joan was in on it, too. They both wanted to fuck me for years and the planets just seemed to align that day and we all got what we wanted. She really was a dirty girl, I can see how Chuck got in trouble with her. I fucked her dirty ass twice that day and I can’t wait to rape her ass again and piss in it. After getting somewhat cleaned up, we all went and got my tire fixed and that was a letdown after such an exciting day. My wife has no clue what’s been happening the last few months, and that’s a good thing.

We’ve tried to reenact that sexy, “surprise” rape scenario but the first time is always the best. Although, as is usually the case, things are getting dirtier and nastier the more we meet and the more guys that there are that want to fuck my ass. The rape fantasy is still just as strong every time there’s a new guy or two in the mix and they try new things or new positions on me. Just like when I was on the farm and things ramped up to dirty guys giving me enemas and sticking food up my ass and things like that, that’s what happened with our little group.

Sometimes, they tie me up or blindfold me or some new guy will want me to suck his cock as I’m getting my ass raped by his buddy, or two of them will stick their cocks in my ass at the same time. They’ll fuck me in the creek behind the hunting shack or on the muddy shore or in the grass or as I’m tied to a tree. Or, they’ll shake up a warm bottle of beer and stick the beer bottle neck in me and shoot the beer up my ass and then just laugh at me and spank me when I’m all wet and full of beer and then fuck their cocks into my ass as the beer is running out of my hole; dirty, nasty things like that. I love being treated like that, I grew to love that from the farm days. I do the same thing to Joan, but I’m so dirty that I’ll drink the beer out of her ass and, I love it! Slurping at her wet ass, licking out my own cum and piss. I’m just as happy to abuse that sweet, tight, old ass of Joan’s as I am to have a few new dirty, horny guys force their cocks into me and treat me as just a hole to use and abuse. I’m so glad that I had that flat tire that day.

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