15 Kasım 2023

First Time With Barry


My name is Brent and this is my story. It happened one night back home while visiting an old friend. I’ve known Barry for about 10 years, and we’ve lost touch as of late. We used to work together, golf together, and do alot of drinking together. We had a group of friends that would all go out & during the week and on weekends. Barry and I got along the best because we both didn’t care about consequences, we just drank until we couldn’t drink anymore then go our separate ways on home. We both picked up girls at the bar then took them to our separate homes, and had our fun like most 20-30 year old single guys do.

I’ve since moved a few hours away, and decided one weekend that I would like to again re-live some youth & hang out with Barry again. So I made the phone call & we planned a weekend that we both had off. So, I drove up to Barry’s and we hit some of the old bars & seen some of the old folks. Many beers & mixed drinks were consumed that night, also some good conversation about work, people at work, and failed relationships were had. We both ended up having a really good time that night, but struck on the girl or two we both hit on.

After bar close, we drove on over back to Barry’s for a few more drinks before crashing out. Some more conversations were had about why we were in our mid 30’s and both still single, about which girls at work we slept with, and other things. All this talk led to Barry popping in one of his pornos. We were both sitting on the couch commenting on the movie & drinking our beers down, when for some reason I looked down at Barry’s khakis showing a conseridable ‘tent’. Unfortunately for me (at least I thought so at the time) he caught my glance and called me out on it. I didn’t know what to say. I never thought of Barry in any way other than a friend, and I sure wasn’t physically attracted to him. Anyways, we both just laughed and changed the subject.

After awhile I noticed that Barry was leaning back and had his hand down the front of his pants playing with himself. So, in my buzzed state I decided to play along and do the same. A few minutes later I noticed that he unzipped his pants and Fulya Escort pulled them down past his thighs. He was playing with himself thru his boxers. He again caught my glance, and something just took over in me. I still do this day do not know what happened, but I leaned over and started rubbing the outside of his boxers with him, and also rubbing his belly area. I felt under his boxers and touched the shaft of his hard cock a few times while rubbing his groin area.

After a few minutes of this, he unbuttoned & took off his shirt, then fully pulled off his pants. I turned sideways on the couch & got on my knees and started to kiss & lick his belly area, nipples, and down near his groin area. Then I pulled down the waistband of his boxers and got a good look at his cock. It was pretty much like mine. About 7″ & regular in width…nothing too crazy. After playing with it for awhile, I decided to follow my instincts and lick the head. I knew he liked this by the way he was moaning. I thought to myself that it was now or never so I took his head and as much of his shaft that I could into my mouth, and started giving him what I thought was a sufficient blow job like the girl on the TV was doing. He would gyrate his hips in unison to the bobbing of my head so it wasn’t long before I felt him tense up. He mumbled that he was about to come so I started stroking his shaft & bobbing my head on his cock faster and faster until I felt the first spurt of his load hit the back of my throat. He must’ve spurted about 6 or 7 times, and some of it leaked out of my mouth and down his shaft into his pubic hair. I swalled some just to taste it for the first time, and I gotta say it wasn’t bad. I let the rest all slip out of my mouth, then got off my knees and sat next to him on the couch.

For some reason, we both started laughing hysterically for about 5 minutes. After not saying a word to each other for about 15 minutes, and performing an obvious homosexual sex act between 2 straight guys, I guess we thought it was funny.

After we were done laughing & resting a bit, I suggested that we should turn in. He asked if I wanted Fulya Escort Bayan to crash with him, and I figured why not. The bed had to be better than the couch. So I followed him up to his bed, and we both laid down. I stripped down to just my boxers, and he just stayed naked. After a few minutes of trying to get to sleep I felt him rubbing my back. He rolled over on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him. He started gently kissing my neck and started nibbling on my earlobes. I carressed his back and buttocks & started grinding against him. I felt his obviously hard cock rubbing up against my groin area which was still covered in my boxers. He worked his way down my chest kissing my nipples and my belly area.

After about 5 minutes of foreplay he got on his knees in front of me and pulled off my boxers exposing myself to him for the first time. I lifted up my legs and showed all of myself to him, and felt extremely sexy while doing it. He just knelt there for awhile and rubbed my legs and groin area. He then knelt down and started to lick my shaft and also my balls. I had one leg on his back and one leg off to the side as he continues to assault my manhood. I hadn’t cum yet that night, but for some reason I knew I couldn’t because the best was yet to come. He licked my balls and taint area and once or twice his tongue would skip across my virgin hole, which made me shudder and arch my back and caused shivers to go down my back as well.

Finally I pulled him up close to me face to face, wrapped my legs around him and started to kiss him. I was apprehensive to do this at first, but now in the heat of passion it was something that just happened. We kissed for a while exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. Every once in awhile while we were kissing I felt the tip of his cock brush against my virgin hole, and I knew what I wanted (needed) next. We stopped kissing and I looked him dead in the eyes and it seemed he knew what to do. I spat in my hand & reach down & coated this cock with some fresh saliva. It was quite hot in the room so we were both pretty sweaty as well which also helped. I arched Escort Fulya my back up as he guided the tip of his cock into my hole. It resisted at first as I was quite tense, but after a minute or so of working the head back and forth it finally all the way in as I felt his pubic hair brush up against my taint area, balls, and buttocks.

This was it. My good friend was balls deep inside of me with me on my back in total bliss looking up at him with my legs & arms both wrapped around him. He waited awhile for me to get adjusted to the foreign invader inside of me and for the slight pain that it caused to subside. He whispered, “Are you okay?” and I bit my lip & nodded my head yes. He very slowly started thrusting in and out of me. I caressed his back, and grabbed hold of his butt cheeks pushing him as deep as he could get inside of me. He started picking up the pace, and I was gyrating my hips underneath him matching his strokes. I reached behind my head and grabbed the bed stand and started pushing myself down to meet his strokes which were getting faster and faster. I started to moan and grunt and I think even a few ‘oh-yahs’ escaped my mouth just to let him know how much I was enjoying this and how good it made my entire body feel.

About 5 minutes or so later I heard him moan louder than he had been, and also felt him tense up and I knew what was coming. So I wrapped my arms and legs around him tight as he pumped in and out of me as fast as he possibly could. And then it happened. I heard him grunt and I felt his cock expand to full width inside of me as he starting to shoot his seed inside my virgin hole. I felt a great warmth inside of me as his cock pulsated and grew limp when it was finished. My whole body felt numb and I felt electric shocks hitting my every nerve. I knew that deep down this was something I wanted for a long time but never really knew I did. I nibbled on his earlobes and kissed his sweaty neck and then his lips as we just lay there for a while with his soft cock still inside of me. His cock eventually plopped out and a mixture of his seed and our combined sweat spilt out on to the bed.

He rolled off of me onto his back and I wrapped my arm around him and put my head on his chest….no words were said We slept for a few hours that way before our cravings got the best of us again. I even got to cum a few times myself that night. But that is a different story….

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