2 Ağustos 2021

First meeting part 1


First meeting part 1The taxi pulled up in front of the hotel,inside the cab was Kathy a female who was in anticipation of what that evening was going to bring her, she was there to have her first sexual encounter with a man much older then her 35 years,she had met him online and had persuaded her to at last meet,she wasn’t sure if this was going to be a good thing as she had been told by her friends that older men were no good in bed,but he had persuaded her to turn up.The cab door opened and out got Kathy,she was petite,but her body was just right,he had told her to dress slutty that night, so she put on a gold alter neck top,black pencil thin skirt and hold up black stockings and heels, it was cold when she stepped out of the cab showing that she also had no bra on as her nipples began to show through the material of her top. Walking slowly up the stairs she turned around to see the taxi leaving,there was no going back now,so she put her bag over her shoulder and walked into the foyer of the hotel. looking round she could she found the entrance to the bar,looking in she could see that it wasn’t too crowded but was mainly all males in there, she stepped into the bar and could then see it looked as if all the males were undressing her with their eyes, she actually felt this thrilling and walked briskly past them and smiled.Looking about she noticed the man she was planning to meet,he was in his mid 50s and wearing a open neck shirt,trousers and shoes that looked new. malatya escort He Glanced up and noticed Kathy,stood up and went towards her,she looked him up and down and then smiled nervously,he kissed her cheek and introduced himself properly,lightly shaking her hand he said ‘ Kathy,great to meet you at last,I’m the elusive Andy you’ve been seducing online these past few weeks’ this brought a wry smile to her face and sort of broke the ice between them,they both walked to the bar and Andy ordered the drinks,a pint for himself and turning said to Kathy ; vodka and coke if I remember correctly’ Kathy smiled and nodded yes.Sitting down they began to chat about things in general for about an hour,then Kathy moved over to Andy and whispered in his ear, are you planning on fucking me tonight or not, turning his head he answered her,’Of course I am and I’ve booked a great room on the 6th floor for that’, good she said as I’ve come fully prepared for what you wanted and done all you asked of me, moving slowly back in her chair she hitched up her skirt to prove to him she had no thong on either,at that moment another man come past and glanced at Kathy, he gave a great big smile and went to the bar,’ did you just see that bloke’ she asked Andy, ‘I’m sure he was looking at my tits, go up there and find out can you.’Andy stood up and went to the man at the bar and started talking to him, after about 5 minutes both returned to Kathy,looking mardin escort at them she wanted to know what was going on,Andy sat down again and introduced the other man to Kathy, and said his name was Ted Andy also then said to Kathy that this man was looking at your tits and would like to actually see them, Kathy looked shocked but also in a way she seemed flattered that 2 older men wanted her. ‘Oh he does does’ she said Kathy, ‘well I’m not sure as I thought it was just going to be me and you tonight Andy’. Andy looked at Kathy and began to explain things more to her,’Kathy’ he said ‘you know you’ve always wanted to have one of your sex sessions filmed,well Ted here said he would do that for us as long as he got to look at your tits’. Kathy looked now a bit shocked,she wasn’t expecting Andy to remember this and was unsure if she wanted to be filmed on the first meeting,she sat there for a few minutes contemplating on whether to go ahead with it all or call for a taxi and just go.After several minutes she had decided,’okay ‘she says let’s do it’,but it’s on my terms this time’. Turning to Andy she asks him to go to the bar and get some more drinks, then turns to Ted, ‘so Ted you want to see my tits do you. well these are the rules, you’ll get to see them but your only filming me and Andy fucking each other,but if you get really lucky I might ask you to get your cock out so I can take it in my mouth and suck it hard,but it’s only elazığ escort a might,how does this sound’. Ted thought for a while then agreed.Andy returned with the drinks and all 3 sat together chatting for a little longer, when they had finished the drinks Kathy stood up and said’ okay boys time to get this party started’ she turned and movered towards the lift, both Andy and Ted got up and watched as her ass wiggle in the tight skirt she was at the moment wearing. They all reached the lift and got in and Andy winked at Ted, all of a sudden the lift stopped and they both fell forward their hands finding Kathys tits at the same time, Kathy smiled, ‘okay I know you boys can’t wait to get them so I’ll help you, Andy come behind me please and untie this top,’ Andy did as he was asked and untied the top, Kathy then removed it and stood there with her big round breast exposed,her nipples were like bullets sticking out,’okay you 2 get sucking they need some attention’, with that said they both went for a nipple each, Kathy pulled ted back,’ not so fast Andy gets these pups first, you have to wait,’ Andy sucked and squeezed each breast for a few minutes then the lift started up again. Kathy just stood there topless not even bothering to cover her naked boobs up, they reached the 6th floor and all got out,walking along the corridor they found the room before anyone could see Kathy.Opening the door with the key card they all stepped in,the room was dark except for a little lamp on in the corner of the room, getting in there fully Andy switched on the light to show the large king sized bed and a whole load of cameras round it, Kathy couldn’t believe her eyes,it seems as though Andy had planned this for ages and it was going to happen that night.To be continued:

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