15 Kasım 2023

Filled with Cum


This is a fictional story, purely a product of my imagination.

My first encounter with a gay couple went beyond what I had expected. I met them through an hookup site, and after some back and forth with emails, agreed to meet them at heir home. Ted was 38, 5-10, slender with a 7 inch cock. His partner Mike was 42, and a bit shorter at 5-8, also slender, with a nice fat 6 inch tool. They were both very good looking. I had ended up on hands and knees, with Ted doing me from behind, and sucking Mike’s cock as he stood in front of me. It was so hot and exciting, I came with touching myself, shooting cum onto the floor while Ted was taking my ass. The only negative was that Ted didn’t use a condom, and sprayed his load in me. It was my fault, I had meant to bring it up, but got carried away and let it happen. They both assured me they were clean, but it still bothered me.

A couple of weeks passed, and on a Saturday morning I woke up to find I had an email from Mike, asking if I was up for seeing them again. I was a bit hesitant, but the urge to have sex with them again overcame my misgivings. That evening I was on my way, and arrived at their house. Ted answered the door, gave me a big smile, and waved me inside. Mike was waiting in the bedroom, naked with a hard-on. Ted and I stripped, and I got in bed with the guys on either side of me, and we started making out. Like before, I got caught up in the heat and excitement of the moment, and soon I was on my stomach, with Mike between my spread legs, working lube into my hole. I couldn’t see Ted. Next I felt Mike’s body on mine, and his cock probing between my ass cheeks, then pressure as he tried to push it in. The puckered ring resisted, then yielded and stretched around his cock as it sunk in. He let his upper body down on me so I was taking all of his weight, wrapped his arms around me, and started to fuck me with quick Fatih Escort strokes. I forgot about Ted, and everything else, just let myself go and enjoyed the pleasant sensations that Mike’s cock was giving me.

He gave it to me for a couple of minutes, and the combination of his cock bumping against my prostate and my cock rubbing on the sheet soon had me ready to cum. I tried to hold off, but couldn’t, and cum spewed out, making a sticky puddle under me. Mike soon followed, gripping me tighter, pushing it in and holding it while his cock spasmed, and emptied into my bowels. He pushed up off me and pulled out, and I heard him mutter something. I tried to turn to ask him what he said, but hands on my back pushed me back down.

“My turn now,” I heard Ted say, as he took Mike’s place on my back. Okay, they are going to take turns with me, I thought. This was different, but still exciting. I kept my legs spread, and felt Ted push into me. He was bigger than Mike, but my ass was already opened up, and slick with lube and cum. His cock slid in with little effort. Ted ran his arms under my armpits, and grasped my shoulders, giving him good leverage. His face was next to my head, and I could hear his heavy breathing as he took his turn fucking me.

Unlike Mike, Ted gave it to me with long strokes, gradually getting faster and harder, and I just lay there enjoying the ride. Ted was a strong top, with a lot of stamina, but this time it seemed like he wanted to cum fast. He pumped me several times, then groaned in my ear, and shoved it in to the hilt. I knew he was cumming in me too, but since Mike had already done it, I wasn’t going to worry about it. In fact, taking their loads was exciting. I knew it wasn’t smart, but the risk just added to the thrill. Ted got off me, and I felt cum flow out of my ass on down onto my balls. Rolling over, I was shocked to see Fatih Escort Bayan two more guys standing there, naked, and stroking their hard-ons.

“Wha…..what the fuck?” I stammered. Mike sat down on the bed next to me.

“Hey, take it easy, these are friends of ours. Say hi to Bret and Joe. Guys, this is Kevin.” They grinned and waved, but didn’t stop slow-jacking. Bret was built like Mike, but hairy, Joe was short and muscular, and had a real big one, bigger than ted and thicker. It was obvious they were here to fuck me, and as I stared at them, I realized I wanted them to. I wanted them to fuck me, and cum in me. I looked at Mike, nodded, and lay down on my back with my legs spread and up in the air. Bret walked over to the bed, threw my legs over his shoulders, and shoved his cock into my red slimy hole, still dripping with cum. I ran my hands through the hair on his belly and chest, and flicked my thumbs over his nipples.

“Ah fuck…good ass,” he grunted through gritted teeth. He was really going at it, fucking me like a jackhammer. He was hitting my prostate just right, and my cock started dribbling. it felt amazing, I was getting fucked by a complete stranger, and three other guys were watching it happen! Bret closed his eyes, and threw his head back. “Mmmm, fuck yeah,” he groaned as he held his cock in me, giving me a third load. He opened his eyes, grinned at me, and blew a kiss at me as he pulled out. Another gush of cum ran out of my ass and down my crack. I looked over at Joe, who was smearing lube on his pole. He looked at me and winked, and walked to the bed, his cock incredibly hard and pointing straight up. He pushed me back up on the bed, then took my legs and bent them back onto my chest. My ass was wide open, and in this position he could give me the whole thing. Even though three guys had been before him, I felt my ass ring Escort Fatih stretch as he slowly eased it in. Holding onto my legs, he supported himself as he short stroked me, going a little deeper each time. Then I felt his body against my ass, and I knew he was balls deep.

Keeping my legs pinned against my chest, Joe leaned over and put his chest on mine, and gave me a kiss, then started to fuck me. It was pretty fucking hot, being totally under the control of this stud, and taking his massive tool. My cock was hard again, and was being rubbed between our sweaty bodies. Even though I’d already cum, Joe fucked some more out me, and I groaned as my cock twitched and jerked. He was getting into it too, long fast strokes, like a fucking machine, smacking against my ass every time he bottomed out. On and on he went, until he suddenly sped up, 3-4 fast pumps, then he growled in my ear, and drove into me hard as he could, unloading more cum into me. I held him tight while he caught his breath, wanting the fat cock to stay in me, but of course it finally drew back and flopped out. Joe then rolled over and sat up.

“Damn, you’re a hot ass,” he said with a smile, squeezing my shoulder.

Mike helped me up off the bed and to the bathroom. After I cleaned up, I returned to the bedroom, and saw Bret and Joe had left. Mike and ted explained that they were friends that were regular partners of theirs, and that like them, they were clean. I hoped so, at this point there was nothing to do about it if they weren’t. I stayed a while, had a beer with them, and left. When I got home, I found a business card in my pants pocket, with Joe’s name and number on it. Under his number, he had written ‘text me’. What the hell, I thought, and sent a text. He responded right away, and asked if I would meet him for coffee the next day. We met, had a nice chat over coffee, and that was the beginning of our friendship. We do things together in and out of the bedroom, and also include the other guys once in a while. A chance encounter from a hook-up website had resulted in good friends, who also could satisfy a craving for cock they they had awakened.

The End

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