15 Kasım 2023

Explorers Ch. 09


Marcia’s birthday party was strictly a family affair for her eighteenth birthday. Mom and Dad surprised her with a bank account that they had set for her a couple of years earlier. It had a several thousands of dollars in it. It was money they saved and put into “Marcia’s First Car Fund”. Then there were the usual gifts of clothes, CDs and DVDs. Mom gave Marcia a gag gift – a short beach cover up to wear over the bikini she liked to wear while sunbathing.

I gave her a couple of hundred dollars that I had saved and two promises – I promised to help her shop for a car and I promised to help her wash it and keep it clean. I took a lot of pictures of the party for the family picture album.

Late that evening I was in my room getting organized for the classes which I had signed up for at the Community College when there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Marcia pushed the door open. She came over and stood behind where I was sitting at my desk. “Thank you for the neat birthday gifts, Gary.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I especially like your promises.” She put a hand on my shoulder. “I want to give you a hug.”

I pushed my chair back and stood up. My sister put her harms around me and hugged me tight. She was wearing her long sleep t-shirt. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I could feel her nipples through the two thin layers of cloth. I put my arms around her and hugged back. It felt like she didn’t have on a bra. “I love you, big brother.”

We loosened the hug and I looked down at her face, “I love you too, little sister. I don’t know exactly how to ask this, but where’s your bra?”

Marcia blushed a little, “I’m not wearing one. I’m not wearing panties either.”

“Oh! I hope Mom doesn’t find out. You know how she gets on your case when you wear your bikini when Dad or I are around.”

“I know. Sometimes, she’s such a prude.” Marcia grinned slyly, “She’d skin me alive if she knew I slept in the nude.”

“You what?”

“I sleep nude. I wear pajamas down to breakfast and so on so I have some in the laundry every week.”

“You’re pretty sly.”

Marcia smiled, “You remember that time we kissed?”

“Uh, yes. Why?”

“I want us to kiss like that again.”

“Uh, why?”

“Just because.” Marcia put her hand on my cheek. She stood up on her toes and her lips touched mine. Her tongue slipped through my lips. I kissed her back and the kiss turned into a deep mouth probing French kiss. I put one arm around her shoulders and one around her waist. My hand rested on the small of her back. My little sister was definitely not wearing any underwear.

“Whew! That was nice. You’re a good kisser, Gary. Goodnight.” She kissed me lightly on the lips, turned and left the room.

I had a restless night as I lay thinking about my sister’s smooth back and our kiss.

The first day of classes went well. We didn’t get much homework and I had enough time before lunch to do some of it. I stopped by Sandy and Dan’s office to pick up a set of keys for the house that Sandy and I had cleaned. Both of them were in the office. They were looking a something spread out on the desk in the front office.

Sandy looked up as I came in through the front door, “Hi, Gary, how was the first day of classes?”

“Just fine, Sandy. May I have a set of keys to the house that we’re working on? I thought I would do some paint prep this afternoon.”

“Sure, there’s a set in the key safe. I’ll get them for you.” Sandy went down the hall towards their private offices.

“Uh, Gary.”

“Yes, Dan?”

“Er, I wonder if we can get together for another conversation?”

“Uh, like our last one Dan?”

“Er, yes. Like our last one.”

“Sure. Anytime. Whenever it’s convenient for you.”

“When what is convenient?” Sandy returned and handed me a set of house keys.

“Oh, Gary has helped me with a couple of projects at home and I’ve got another project that I want to tell him about and see if he wants to help.”

“I can help you part of tomorrow, Gary, but on Wednesday I’m going to this property auction.” Sandy indicated the papers lying on the desk. “There are several homes and small apartments that we might try to buy through bids. Dan and I are dividing them up and looking at them tomorrow morning. Then the auction will probably run all day Wednesday. But I’ll be able to help you all day Thursday.”

“Any help will be greatly appreciated, Sandy. Well, I better get going, if I’m going to get much done this afternoon.”

“I might stop by the house Wednesday afternoon and see how things are going.”

“That’d be great, Dan, and you can tell me about your new project then too.”

Dan smiled, “See you then, Gary.”

I did a lot of taping windows and some scraping and priming before I locked the house up for the evening.

Tuesday morning I drove to the office and got the truck. Sandy and Dan were just leaving for the tour of the property to be auctioned. When I got to the house I opened all the windows Bayrampaşa Escort then I spread drop cloths in a couple of the rooms and began to paint the ceilings. After lunch I moved the drop cloths into the remaining rooms. Sandy arrived shortly after I resumed work.

“Boy, you’ve gotten a lot done already, Gary. How about I start painting the living room walls.”

“That’d be great, Sandy. When I finish here, I’ll come help you.”

It was late afternoon, when I finished the last ceiling. After cleaning the roller and sealing the paint cans I went to see how Sandy was doing. She was standing on a step ladder. “I’m just touching up a few spots, Gary. How does it look?”

“I looks good, Sandy.” I stepped over to the ladder and looked up at her.

“There that’s it. Can you take the paint can and brush, please?”

I took the can off the tray and Sandy handed me the brush. I turned and set the can down near the wall and put the brush down in a tray. As I straightened up Sandy started down the ladder. Her foot slipped and she lost her balance. I put my arms out and caught her as she slipped off the ladder. Her back landed against my chest and I staggered backwards with her in my arms.

Sandy clutched my forearms with her hands. When we regained our balance, my arms were wrapped around Sandy just below her breasts. Sandy looked up at me, “Thanks for catching me.” She put her hands on mine. “You have strong hands.” Before I could react, she lifted my hands and placed them over her breasts, then covered them with her hands. “I like having strong young men’s hands touching my body.” She turned inside my arms. “Touching me all over.” She pulled my face to hers and kissed me on the lips. “Let’s hold that thought until Saturday. O.K.?”

We cleaned the brushes she had used, sealed the paint cans, folded the drop cloths and closed and locked up the house without discussing what had just occurred.

After class I grabbed some lunch and went straight to the job site. I decided I’d work as usual since I didn’t know when Dan would arrive at the house. I didn’t want to have any open cans of paint or brushes lying around and drying out while Dan and I had a long conversation so I started prepping the kitchen cabinets. I’d been working about two hours when Dan arrived.

“How’s it going, Gary?”

“Pretty good, Dan. How’s the auction going?”

“That’s one reason I didn’t get here sooner. Most of the places we’re interested in seem to be of interest to other people too and the bidding is going a lot higher than we expected. So far Sandy has only been able to win the bid for a small duplex on the other side of town.”

“That’s too bad. Uh, what do you want to converse about today?”

Dan grinned, “I haven’t had any lunch so I’d rather eat than talk. Do you know where I might find a nice piece of meat?”

I grinned back, “I sure do. Where would you like to eat it?”

“How about here in the kitchen. I can eat right off the counter. I’ve got to get something out of the car. You clean off the counter and lock the front door. I’ll be right back.”

I did as Dan requested. Her locked the back door as he came in. He had a blanket which he folded to cover the counter. “That makes a nice table cloth for the main course. No sense in being uncomfortable.” He started unbuttoning his shirt.

I closed the kitchen door. “No sense in taking chance someone might come by and look into the dining room windows. And let’s put some paper over the kitchen window.” Dan continued to undress as I covered the window. He was nude when I finished.”

“Get your clothes off, Gary. I like us to be nude when we talk.”

I quickly stripped. When I was nude, Dan stood looking at me.

“Turn around slowly please, Gary.”

I did as he asked. When I was facing him again, he stepped close to me and cupped my ball sac in his hand.

“Your nuts feel heavy. I hope that means you have a big load for me” His hand moved to my cock. My cock lay in the palm of his hand. He moved closer and laid his cock next to mine. “That’s a handful of dick.” He put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me to himself. “I like feeling your naked skin against mine.” He kissed my neck and ear. And he next did what I expected him to do. He kissed me on the mouth.

I had kissed Coach several times and it was not unpleasant. Dan’s lips felt almost as soft as his daughter’s or his wife’s. His tongue slipped into my mouth and we touched tongue tips. Dan broke the kiss and hugged me again. “Lie down on the counter.”

He held the blanket as I sat on the counter then laid back. Dan rubbed his hands all over my body, especially my legs and chest. “I don’t know, Gary, but I love touching you. There is something about you that turns me on.” He sucked one of my nipples. He took my cock in his hand and held it while he licked around the cockhead. I had to smile when he slipped his lips over it. Dan fondled my balls and gently rolled then in his hand as he sucked me. His hand alternated Bayrampaşa Escort between ball rolling and holding my cock whenever he changed from sucking to licking. He had just resumed sucking when his cell phone buzzed.

“Oh, shit! I’d better take that. He straightened up, found his phone in the pile of clothes. “This is Dan. Uh, hello Sandy. What’s that?” He listened for a couple of minutes.

I got off the counter and kneeled in front of him. His hard cock stuck straight out in front of his crotch. I grinned up at him then took his cockhead into my mouth.

“Uh, what are you doing, Gary?” I ignored him and sucked more of his cock into my mouth. “Uh, no, uh, Gary’s fooling with some of the equipment. Er, yes, he does a good job.” I held his cock so I could run my tongue all over and around his cockhead. “Er, yes, he’s doing a great job!”

I stopped playing with Dan’s cock so he could finish his conversation. “Don’t worry about it, Sandy. Why don’t we try to get that older place outside of town. Uhuh. Yes, I know it’s pretty rundown, but its a pretty big piece of property and I think it is zoned so it could be divided into several large lots. Uhuh, yes, I’ll see you back at the office. I’m going to give Gary a hand here. O.K. ‘Bye, Sandy.”

Dan put his cell phone down. “You sure made it hard for me to concentrate. Sucking my dick like that.”

I was still on my knees, grinning up at him. “Let’s spread the blanket on the floor and do a sixty-nine.”

After we spread the blanket out, I got on my back and Dan got on his ands and knees over me. He looked at me, “Play with my asshole and balls while you’re sucking my dick.”

“O.K.” I licked the underbelly of his cock shaft and licked and sucked his balls for a couple of minutes before I pulled his cock down and stuffed it into my mouth. The curve of his cock pretty well fit the curve of my mouth and throat so I was able to almost deep throat him. I gently kneaded his ball sack as I sucked. after several minutes, I took a break to rest my neck. I wet a couple of fingers in my mouth then resumed sucking Dan’s cock. I rubbed my wet fingers around his asshole then slowly slipped both of them in.

Dan sucked harder on my cock as I blew and finger fucked him. I found his prostate and began to massage it. Dan began to moan around his mouthful of cock. His cock got more rigid and it seemed to swell in girth. I worked his cockhead deep into my throat. His balls were almost touching my face. He stopped sucking my cock and he extended his legs so he was almost in a push up position.

He let out a loud groan and shoved his pelvis down driving his cock down my throat. His balls mashed against my forehead and eyes. His cock jerked and shot his warm cum straight down my throat. He held himself there until he stopped cumming then he moved to a kneeling position again. I continued to suck his cock as it softened.

Dan played with my cock and balls until he rolled onto his side. “Gawd, Gary, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more intense blowjob. I can’t remember Laura making me cum like that recently.”

I grinned at him. “I’ve had a good teacher.”

“Seriously, you suck cock as good as Laura and I think you might even be a better cocksucker.” He got to his feet. “Well, I hate to eat and run but I told Sandy that I’d meet her back at the office.” We quickly got dressed. On his way out the door, Dan turned, “I owe you a blowjob to completion.”

I took the paper off the window and worked on prepping the cabinets until it was quitting time.

After dinner, I went up to my room and finished my homework from the day’s classes. I had just finished when there was a light knock on my bedroom door. Marcia stuck her head in, “Hi. You have time to talk?”

“Sure. Come on in. I just finished my homework.”

She came in and sat on the edge of the bed, “I went and looked at some used cars. Boy, are the good ones expensive.”

“Maybe, I can help you look Saturday morning.”

“That’d be great,” Marcia smiled, “I wish I had one now, though.”

“How’s that?”

“Eva called this afternoon and invited me over to swim and sunbathe tomorrow. I’d like to go, but mom is using her car all day tomorrow.”

“I’ll tell you what. If you get up early and drive me over to Sandy and Dan’s office and pick me up after work, you can have my car for the day.”

“Oh, Gary! That would be great. Thank you.” Marcia grinned and clapped her hands.

I grinned back at her, “Just don’t wear your tiny bikini. If Kenny’s there he won’t leave you alone.”

Marcia ducked her head and blushed, “I’m going to wear a more modest one.” She looked at me, “To be honest, I only wear it when I know you’ll be out in the yard where you can see me.”

“I, er, uh, I, uh.” I didn’t know what to say. “May I ask you something, Gary, not as my brother, but as a friend?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Do all guys try to put their hands all over a girl after they’ve dated a few times?”

“I don’t think Escort Bayrampaşa most of them do, there are some guys who are pretty fast and aggressive. Who’s coming on to you that way?”

“Oh, just one of the guys I dated several times in the past school year. Don’t get me wrong. I like making out and even some heavy petting with the right person, but he is always trying to get his hands inside my blouses and pants. And he wants me to put my hand in his pants and play with his thing.”

“Hmmm. I can tell how to make him stop, but he would never speak to you again.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, it would hurt him.”

“I don’t want to hurt him. I just want him to stop when I tell him to.”

“Tell him you’ll hurt him. Like knee him in the groin.”

“Oh.” Marcia sat quietly for a minute. “How did you learn about girls, Gary?”

” Just like you did about boys. Dad talked with me, just like I’m sure mom did with you. Then there were the health classes in school. And the fooling around with your friends and experimenting on dates.”

Marcia grinned, “Well, I’ve seen lots of pictures in magazines and I’ve seen a couple of porno videos at some friends places, but I’ve never seen a real live man without his clothes on.”

I was trying to figure out how to respond to her when my telephone rang. “Hello. Hi Kenny. Can I call you right back? I’m talking with my sister.”

Marcia stood up, “I’ve gotta go.” She came over and put her face next to mine. “Hi, Kenny.” Then she kissed my cheek.

After she left the room, I turned back to the phone, “What’s going on?”

“You doing anything Saturday afternoon?”

“Matter of fact, I am. What’s going on Saturday?”

“Uh, nothing. I was hoping you could come over.”

“I’m all tied up Saturday.”

“Gawd, Gary, I’m so horny, I’m desperate. I need a blowjob and to suck a cock soon or I’ll go nuts.”

“What about Sunday? I’m not doing much on Sunday?”

“I can’t. Mom, Eva and I are going to grandmother’s for most of the week.”

“I’d love to suck you off, Kenny. You know that, but there’s no way I can do it on Saturday. I guess you’ll just have to take the situation in hand.”

Kenny laughed, “I’m doing that already and you know that it’s not the same thing.”

I laughed, “Yeah, I know. Let’s get together as soon as you’re back.”

“O.K., Gary. I’ll have a big load for you.”

We talked a few minutes more before hanging up.

Sandy spent part of the day helping me with painting. She brought a digital camera with her. She took pictures of each room and the exterior of the house. She commented that she should have taken pictures at each house earlier. It would give them before and after pictures and would help document cleanup, renovation, improvements, and expenses. We confirmed the plans for Saturday afternoon. Sandy said that I didn’t need to bring anything, just myself and I should come over around two or three o’clock, rather than four o’clock as we had discussed earlier.

Friday’s classes went well and I spent the afternoon at work finishing up the kitchen cabinets and most of the other woodwork in the house. After dinner, I called Lana. I wanted to see if she might want to hang out on Sunday afternoon. Laura answered. She said Lana was still at work. Her summer intern job at the newspaper had her working at all hours and almost every day. We chatted about the job working for Dan. Laura said she had to run but she would give my message to Lana and I should come over and visit.

On Saturday morning Marcia and I got up early and visited several used car dealers. Marcia took a couple of cars for test drives. A couple of the dealers didn’t seem too eager to let us have a certified auto mechanic take a look at their cars, if we decided to make an offer, so we crossed them off of Marcia’s list of dealers. We stopped for a small pizza and beer on the way home.

I changed into a t-shirt, shorts and sandals and drove over to Sandy’s. I pulled into the driveway at her house. The garage door was open. She was inside and she was lifting a large box up onto a high shelf. I got out of my car, “Let me help you with that, Sandy.”

Hi, Gary.” She set the box down. “That’d be appreciated.” Together we lifted the box and slid it onto the shelf. “It’s times like these that I wish I were taller.”

I smiled at her, “I like you just the way you are.”

She smiled and touched my hand, “You’re sweet. Let me show you around.”

I followed her through a garage side door and in to the yard. Sandy was wearing a sport bra and tight short shorts. She was large busted and she had sort of a stocky build but she looked solid and good enough to eat. I knew her butt was tight and solid because I’d spent some time pressed against it as we wrestled mattresses and box springs up the stairs and out of the basement of the house we were currently working on.

She stopped in the middle of the yard. I looked around. The yard was surrounded by a high and solid board fence and there were numerous little islands of planting of bushes, flowers and vines. In one corner of the yard was a flagstone patio with a table and benches, a couple of Adirondack chairs. A rather large gas grill sat in one corner of the patio and a hot tube was recessed in the ground in another corner.

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