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Enslaving Ev 01 Pt. 08


Ev is my slave in real life. She is a beautiful Asian slut. We are taking a short break right now whilst she concentrates on her studies. This is the continuing story, written by both of us, telling of how we first met …



Slut (14) …

Sold. Sold like a slave. Forced to display my slave body in every imaginable revealing manner. Forced to cum as a trained animal, unable to retain even one ounce of dignity. Oh man, why did I juice so?

I was led by my newest Master, could I really call him that — he was just a boy, or were all males now my ‘Master’ (I still had so much to come to terms with) out of the side door and to his waiting SUV. He opened the back of the van and I stared in shock at a cage. Why should I be shocked? After all, despite being the innocent Evelyn just a short few hours ago, I was now no better than a bitch in heat. And a bitch needs her kennel for transport. He reached up to pull the dildo from the ring gag.

“Climb in, Cunt. At the front you will find a dildo attached to the cage. Take it deeply in your mouth, and remain on all fours for our trip to your home for the next 12 hours.”

I hesitated a moment, but he slapped my slave ass and I knew there was no choice. I climbed in and crawled to the front of the cage, where the dildo slid easily into the ring gag and deep into my slave throat. A day ago I gagged when forced by Mistress Stacy to take a similar dildo into my slave mouth and slave throat, but now it seemed reasonably comfortable. I heard the cage door close and latch. I could not have backed off the dildo had I wanted to. Once again, all three of my slave holes were filled.

Where had this man come from? Where had they all come from, all the people at the auction? Did this sort of thing happen all the time? Apparently so!

The floor of the cage had a rug so that the bars were neither a hindrance nor a major discomfort to my slave knees and chained hands. My eyes began to tear, knowing I was slave to this man for the immediate future and knowing that my Master was spending his time fucking Mistress, my roomie. I began to sob, but had to keep some control to avoid choking or gagging on the dildo.

He said nothing during the drive. I could get glimpses out of the tinted windows, and knew we were driving on a freeway and headed away from the SF area. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. So many cars within feet of our speeding SUV, and the caged slave in the cargo area. My slave neck was beginning to ache.

We pulled into a driveway of a rather large home. My new Master must have a lot of money. I wondered if he acquired it legally or as a result of belonging to a Chinese gang or triad. The clothes he wore at the auction did not indicate wealth. I had yet to get a good look at his face.

He pulled into a garage and I could hear the garage door close behind us. Moments later the back hatch opened.

As he opened the back of the cage, he spoke not harshly, “You better be worth the $4000 I just paid out. I could get eight common whores for the same price.”

“Back out and stand before me.”

I obeyed. Standing before him, head slightly bowed, I felt him loosen the straps of my gag. I opened my slave mouth wide enough for him to pull out the ring. This type of action was becoming second nature for me. I was so scared. I hated the ring gag. My slave jaw hurt and so I opened and closed my slave mouth several times to relieve the muscle strain. As I did, I lifted my slave head slightly to get a look at my temporary Master.


I was nearly knocked to my knees. My slave head rang and I tasted blood.

“Even a stupid cunt knows not to look into the face of her Master. You showed some basic training tonight at the auction, so I conclude that now you were testing me or were simply curious. Curiosity is not becoming a slave. Don’t do it again, slave.”

I managed to stand again before him, making no attempt to wipe any blood that might have appeared on my slave lips. And I was surprised. Master would not know that his young slave had read the stories of Gor, yet I was sure that he had used the common admonition ‘Curiosity is not becoming a kajira’, merely replacing kajira with slave for my benefit. Yet the phrasing was pure Gorean. He knew! He knew about Gor! I am sure that’s what he said.

But I got a glance at him. He was Asian, which did not surprise me considering the clients of Yang’s shop. Maybe mid-30’s. Not particularly handsome, a bit overweight, somewhat less than 6 feet tall, and a face that was best described as ‘hard.’

He released all the chains that bound me. He ordered me to strip. I did so immediately, standing before him moments later with only collar, cuffs, and rings in my various slave piercings. The boots were difficult to get off without sitting, but I balanced myself on one foot and managed. The plugs in my slave ass and cunt added to my anguish. I was not sure I could hold them in without the shorts. I was still not porno izle really used to such implements … not as much as I am now.

Once naked, Master re-chained my slave ankles, then slave wrists, and connected the chains in a design known as a sirik on Gor! He knew! For sure, he knew! As before, my slave ankles were separated by about 18 inches of chain. A chain ran from slave wrist to slave wrist, about a foot in length, but did not pass through the ring on my slave collar as Mei Ling had arranged. However, he connected a longer and lighter chain from my slave collar, through the wrist chain, and ending at the ankle chain. I was chained and confined as surely as any slave on Gor.

“Follow me, slave,” he ordered, and we entered his home through the garage door. We walked through the thickly carpeted den, a hallway, and finally entered a door that had stairs leading down, into a cellar.

The cellar seemed to be out of the middle ages, I could not believe that I was in such a place, even that such a place existed … I have to admit to weeping a little as we walked, thinking of my family and friends, and Master but feeling excited at the same time. What was wrong with me! It was dark, but lit with electrical torches that simulated a natural flame. Some sort of air system must have been operating, because there was only a slight, somewhat pleasant smell of smoke.

There was also the smell of leather, which I adore. But less delightful were the tables and chairs and chains and cages and whips of all sizes around the room. I trembled with apprehension and fear. If Master and Mistress had not spoken to him before we left, I would be terrified of my life. But I knew I just had to survive another 12 hours or so, and then I could go back to … to … what?

We walked across the room, stopping in front of a wooden dowel hanging by a chain from the ceiling. “Kneel,” and I obeyed, nearly losing my balance because of the sirik.

“Hmmm,” he seemed to ponder the restrictions the sirik placed upon his slave. He released the chain that ran from my collar to my slave ankle chain. He then unhooked the slave ankle chain. Pulling the dowel down from above, he attached each end to my slave ankle cuffs; thus, it became a spreader bar. I would not be able to close my slave knees even if I was so ordered.

He then re-shackled my slave wrists behind my slave back, passing the chain over the butt plug and below my slave ass. He walked away and flipped a switch, and the spreader bar began to slowly rise. I was caught off balance, but fortunately it was rising slowly enough for me to react. My slave ankles were pulled off the ground and I fell forward, unable to keep my balance. I used my slave shoulder to cushion the blow, but because the chain connecting my slave wrists was tucked under my slave ass, I was basically flipped upside down, caught in a tuck position, like a springboard diver executing a difficult flip.

“Noooooooooooooo, pleaseeeeeeeee,” I cried.

“Silence, Slave!” he screamed at me, and I obeyed … I had to.

When I was hoisted about three feet off the ground, with my head hanging backwards, he stopped the rising chain. I swung helplessly, my head at his crotch level. He undid his belt and dropped his pants. He lifted my slave head and simply said, “Suck, slave.” I opened my slave mouth and obeyed.

“Unacceptable, slave,” he said after a few moments, “totally unacceptable.” He reached over and tapped my slave butt plug, causing me discomfort and moved the dildo in and out of my juicing cunt. He punished me not with pain, but with pleasure. I groaned. Then he spanked my ass with a loud SLAP. “I said, ‘Suck, slave,’ and I expect you to obey and show enthusiasm for this privilege!”

I knew he was right (did I really think that?) and that I had been making only a token effort to please him. So I began to suck and caress his cock with more enthusiasm, pretending in my mind that it was the last cock on earth.

“Mmmmmm, much, mmmmm, better, slave,” and he began to tap my slave butt plug with a rhythmic beat. I began to mew in pleasure at each tapping, feeling his cock grow, feeling his pleasure, until finally he came, filling my slave mouth with his semen, my ears ringing with his “Yes, fuck, yessssss!”

His juice dripped from my lips and I was beginning to ache from the position in which I was bound and hung, but I also felt a strange and unfamiliar sense of pride that he was pleased with his purchased slave. He ordered me to clean off his cock and I did so, again showing my enthusiasm for the task he had given me. He began to lower me to the floor until I no longer hung like a side of beef. He unhooked the spreader bar, re-chained my slave ankles, and ordered me to my slave feet. I struggled, with my slave hands still chained behind my slave back, but finally succeeded.

“Follow me.” I obeyed, shuffling along … his slave. I could taste his fresh semen still sliding down my throat.

We passed by a wall amatör porno of whips, chains and gags. In the gloom of the dungeon, my heart beat faster. We approached a chair, similar to a dentist’s chair it appeared, and he ordered me to sit. My first thought was of my fantasy. A mouth brace like Erika’s … dentist chairs always reminded me of that. I obeyed, apprehensively.

First he unlinked my slave ankles, but locked each slave ankle cuff onto a leg of the chair. My slave legs were wide and gaping, and suddenly I thought of the OPEN position. The only thing less humiliating than the auction was that I was not forced to open my own slave legs and there was only one person staring at my shaved slave pussy.

The plug in my slave ass hurt more than ever as I was forced to sit on it. He checked to see if my slave wrists could be strapped to the arms of the chair without unlocking my slave wrist chains, but they could not, so he unchained my wrists and then strapped each slave forearm to the chair with two Velcro straps. Smiling cruelly he moved the dildo back and forth in my slave cunt. The instrument torturing my pussy moved easily … I groaned.

I began to whimper, afraid to say anything, but he ordered me to be silent. I began to cry. What was he going to do to me?

He told me to open my slave mouth, and I obeyed. Before I knew what was happening, he had placed hard rubber blocks into both sides of my mouth. I could no longer close it, even if I wished. It was eerie, when he began to hum some unknown tune. He seemed to be enjoying his work. Now I really was scared, more than ever before.

He clipped the ring on my collar to the neck rest of the chair, and one final strap was placed across my slave forehead. I was effectively immobile and openly available to whatever he planned.

He looked inside my slave mouth. I was so nervous at this point. I hate to go to dentists! Was he a dentist? What was he going to do to me!

“Hmmmm,” he sighed, and walked away for a moment. He returned with two metal hinged devices. He removed the right rubber block from my slave mouth and inserted the metal device. By turning a screw, it began to enlarge in my mouth, forcing it open even further, until the left rubber block fell free and dropped into my opened slave mouth. He inserted the other metal device and opened it. My slave mouth was forced so wide that it was painful. Fuck, what was he doing? Had Master agreed this with him?

Please let me be back on the beach in the sun … I begged in my mind.

“..aster, …eeeeseee, …ooooo,” I cried. It hurt so bad.

“Shush, slave, shush,” he tried to calm my nerves, but my slave jaws hurt so badly. “This is like being at the Dentist, slave. What a fucking slut you are, you’re fucking soaked.” His words stung me, but it was true … what had become of me in the short time since yesterday.

“Your Master and I discussed something earlier and I will do as he asks. He finds it fascinating that your Mistress, what’s her name, Rika’s teeth are bondaged, but his slave, namely you, are not. It hardly seems fair, don’t you agree? And besides, a lot of things can be done to a slave with braces, especially one with a pierced and ringed tongue.”

Nooooo, I thought, nooooooo, you can’t! I don’t agree! Noooooooooo!

“Do you think it was luck that I won the auction for the right to use your beautiful slut body …” Shit, what was happening? I learned later that this bastard had been pre-selected by Yang and Mistress to perform this work during the time that I was in his possession. What’s more Master had paid more money to ensure that the work was done. He was going to fit a brace to my teeth. Why? My teeth were fucking fine. Shit, I was so scared.

“I had some orthodontic training, so you need not worry. In fact, I see one molar out of alignment, so you will actually benefit from what I plan. You won’t enjoy it, but you will benefit. What more can a slave ask, eh?”

“….oooooo, eeeeeseeeeee…”

“Shush, shush. Blink your eyes if you have had braces in the past. I think you have.” I blinked my slave eyes a couple of times. “Ah, good, then you know what to expect. So let’s get to work. Let me get what is needed.”

He walked away, and I continued to quietly cry. My slave jaws were hurting so badly. Once again, my slave body was being modified against my will.

He returned several minutes later, and placed numerous gleaming metal pieces on the tray. There was no point in wasting my moans. In a short time, my slave teeth would be in bondage like Mistress’.

“What’s this,” he said, as he ran his fingers along my juicing slave slit, intentionally flicking the dildo that impaled me. “You want this, don’t you, slut?”

“..oooooooooooooooooo, …ooooooooooooooooooo.”

“Your body betrays you. If you don’t want this, why are you so wet, so fucking wet?” I could only moan. I could not explain what he saw. I know that when I was young, anal porno the orthodontic experience caused my body to react in an erotic manner. It was happening again. I had no idea why.

For the next hour, he fitted and bonded metal sleeves to my slave teeth, top and bottom. The pain in my slave jaw throbbed. Each sleeve had a metal bracket and soon he was wiring the brackets together, tightening each one tighter and tighter. I was no longer thinking coherently. The pain was too intense. I whimpered and moaned in vain. It was like I was a teenager once again.

“Now let’s see. Your Master had this idea…” his voiced trailed off as he grasped the stud ring on my slave tongue. He pulled it out slightly as I made a slight protest, and hooked it to something on one of my lower front slave teeth. “Try to release your tongue, slut.” I tried, but there was no chance. My tongue was held outside my open mouth, like a panting bitch in heat.

Finally he announced himself finished. Tears of appreciation creased my slave cheeks, as he released the metal devices that held my slave mouth open. It took several agonizing seconds before I could move my slave jaws up and down.

I could feel the roughness and sharp edges of the braces on my slave lips. It brought back memories from nearly ten years past. I hated the braces, yet I loved the braces. I could not explain why. But now my slave tongue was locked to my braces. I had been effectively gagged, without any exterior evidence.

He moved the dildo in my slave pussy back and forth. I began to moan … the only way left to express my need.

He released the strap on my slave forehead.

“You ready to be fucked again cunt?”

I did not know what to say or how to react. I just moaned in a noncommittal way.

He released the lock on my slave collar, and one by one freed the straps that held my slave arms and slave legs. He pulled out the dildo from my dripping slave pussy and ordered me to open my mouth wider and though tongue-gagged, to clean off the dildo with my slave lips. I obeyed, although all he did was effectively wipe the juice off it and onto me.

He had me stand on unsteady legs, and reattached the chains. I was soon shackled once again in a Gorean sirik.

“Come with me.” I followed, totally defeated. My gaping slave pussy begged for a master’s cock, the plug in my slave ass a constant reminder that all my slave holes belonged to him, for now. My slave teeth ached, and my slave tongue was trapped.

Zhen Hua stood back to admire his slut. He had fitted a brace to my teeth … fuck, I could still not believe it but of more immediate concern to me was what he would do next. I had a tongue stud and ‘slut’ earrings both glued onto my body. I was due to go back to real life after the weekend — what the fuck would I do?

Although I wished that I could not see time passing, there was a clock on the wall and I knew that I had only been with my new master for 2 hours. It was 2 a.m. and I was his until 12 o’clock midday. What would he do to me?

I looked at him and he smiled as if an idea had occurred in his mind. That thought scared me. Moving towards my exposed slave body Zhen Hua took a key and unlocked the Sirik, removing all chains and cuffs from me. Now I really was naked.

Then he unhooked my slave tongue from my new braces. I gagged when he did this after having so much work done to my mouth only to feel a freedom of movement there for the first time in a while.

“Stunning,” he commented on seeing me as he no doubt wanted to. I held myself proudly, displaying my slave tits and the swell of my slave hips, accentuating my slender slave waist.

Zhen Hua beamed again. “Beautiful. Quite lovely. Before I fuck you I must record your beauty.”

“Record my … what do you mean?”

His smile became cold.

“Nothing to worry about, bitch!” He pushed down on my shoulders.

“Now! On your knees and crawl over to me!”

I tried to argue. Damn him! But the demanding tone in his voice frightened me; and my heart missed a beat. He sounded as if he was talking to an animal, as though he didn’t expect to be disobeyed. Who the hell did he think he was?

Yet, in my bewilderment, I found myself obeying his command. I knew he wanted to laugh at me, yet I was totally unable to find the strength of will to resist.

I dropped to my knees and crawled like an animal to his feet. Knowing I was unable to disobey my new Master.

“Kiss my feet!”

Reminiscent of the way that I had kissed Rika’s shoes in the boat house I scrabbled for his feet to kiss his toecaps.

Then Zhen Hua peeled off his shirt and unfastened his trousers. The smile was still on his face as he dropped his trousers and stepped out of them. He had no underwear on and he took hold of his huge erect manhood, caressing it with his left hand, causing it to pulsate and swell even more.

Although I had seen it before, indeed sucked on it, I couldn’t take my eyes of the monstrous thing in front of my face. Despite being on the verge of penetrating me somewhere the large man picked up a remote and pressed a switch. I saw a bright light as his video camera flashed into action … pointed directly at us!

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