12 Temmuz 2021

Emma and her secret love for cum


Emma and her secret love for cumThe story takes place when I was in high-school, in tenth grade, two years before graduation. Out neighbourhood was big enough, but we were a tight crowd of twenty or so people. We had just two girls with us – Emma and Tonya.Emma was the beauty – if I have to compare her face, it would be a young Natalie Dormer. But with black hair. Tonya was fine, but she wasn’t that cocky and this automatically decreased her prettiness in our eyes. Boys, yeah!Anyway, everybody dreamt to be with Emma. She was eighteen already and was about to graduate that year. But she had a boyfriend, from a school and neighbourhood on the other side of town. But he had a bike, and that was cool.So, while everybody wanted to kiss or sleep with Emma, everybody also knew she was stone-cold if you approach her with affection.I was a skinny boy back then, with well-formed penis with big cock head. I loved to masturbate at home, and I often imagined doing it with Emma. I wasn’t a virgin, but most of the guys thought so. I had a girlfriend, Vicky, for a while, and we slept together, but it wasn’t cool. She was inexperience, so was I, and there was no affection. We just did it because we were kind of alone.While fucking Vicky I found out that I cum a lot. Like a lot. I watched porn hiding from my parents, and I used to saw the male actors cum – and, well, I often had more cum than those.My condoms were quite full, and when I finished on her tits, it was so messy, that she eventually became rather disgusted. Once I messed her hair, another time I sprayed her desk and bookshelf, on the books. It was nice, but she was furious.One thing led to another, I wanted more experiments and she dumped me. Well, shit happens, she was a nice girl, but obviously not my kind. And since we kept it a secret, I was a virgin for the others.This really hot summer we were at a Vince’s birthday party. He lived in a house, while most of us were living in flats. We were the usual bunch in there, tuzla escort drinking white wine and talking shit. We smoked, we drank, and we played some games.By 2AM most of the people went home, while Vince parents were asleep. We were five boys and Emma, so we went in the attic and thought of fooling with the ouija board. But we found an empty bottle of beer, and we began another kind of fooling – truth or dare. You know, the one with kissing and stuff.We played for about 20 minutes, and everybody had managed to kiss Emma with tongue, at least once. She tasted like lemon and wine.Then her last dare was to all of us – she wanted us to masturbate and cum in front of her. She promised us to show her tits.We were kind of shy, but when one guy – Martin – agreed – we were all in.We pull our cocks out and started stroking them. She then removed her t-shirt and bra.I can’t begin to describe you her breasts, but man, they were amazing. Foxy shape, small porn-like nipples. All shiny and a little bit sweaty. It was hot after all.Our cocks were up in an instant. Like someone game a command.So, we began masturbating, watching her tits, and wetting our lips with tongues. Teenagers, you know.But then I stopped and asked her what the first to cum would win. She thought about it for a second and said she would kiss both his mouth, and then his cock head. Game on!We were standing in line in front of her, and she was at about two or three meters in front of us.Vince was first, he had an intense orgasm and released three not so big shoots and a few drops.We were bummed, but Emma said to continue. And so we did.I was kind of disappointed and the excitement had left me.Martin shot second – quite a disappointing load with just a few drops of cum. He had the biggest penis though – 18cm, while the rest of us were 14 to 16 cm. And she liked watching him.Peter was third, two nice shoots and some flowing, halfway to Emma, which was still standing at about two and a half meters from us. With cocky tuzla escort bayan breasts and hard nipples.I watched those nipples and decided to squeeze my balls. It made me very excited, and eventually I was super hard. And then I orgasmed. I shot fifteen, yes 15, sprays. The first five or six reached Emma and my tick semen was all over her. The first one got her chin and was hanging from there, while the rest got her around the tits. She was all in cum. And this, before I manage to aim my cock elsewhere.She didn’t move one bit. She stood there, watching me, cum hanging from the chin, and more cum running from the breasts to the belly button.I was ashamed a bit, I knew I ruined my chance with her. I saw with the corner of my eyes, that the last guy released some puny cumshot next to me.Nobody talked. You could touch the silence.Emma put her hands below the button before my cum reached her underwear, and then used her t-shirt to absorb my which and sticky sperm.She then approached Vince, kissed him, and then kissed his cock.Her reward to the rest of us was a chance to touch her tits. But the rest of the guys were reluctant as my cum was there and they probably still smelled like semen. They probably had some semen!I wanted to do it though, so I got close and grabbed them gently. Then I pushed towards her. She smiled almost unnoticeable. I liked her nipples, liked the space between the breasts, while my cock was next to her pussy, stopped from her underwear and skirt. I was heard, so I wanted more.I met her eyes raised my head a bit, and since she didn’t mind, I gave her one very juicy kiss.The other guys were really awkward, so they went downstairs, after we didn’t stop.She then locked the trap door and pushed me on some very old chair. She said I am the best porn toy she’d seen and that she wanted to play with me.And before I know it, she was on her knees sucking my cock like a hungry bitch. Loudly! I tried to control her head, but she slapped me, so I just gave escort tuzla up and enjoyed.I exploded in her mouth in mere minutes, and she swallowed it. Not a drop outside.Emma then climbed on me, removed her clothes, and while my cock was soft, she kissed me. No more lemon, she tasted like cum. My cum. Salty and a bit sweaty. Amazing! Her tongue reached places in my mouth, where my have never been.She asked if I wanted to fuck her. I had little stamina left, but hell, I wanted. But we had no condoms. I pushed her back and told her it’s not safe.Too late, she grabbed my just erected cock and sat on it. Boy, she had a warm and wet, welcoming vagina.You know these moments, when you say – fuck you – to the whole world. Well, this was one of those.I stood up and took her in my arms. And I fucked her, both relying on my feet to hold us. Hers were locked around my back, her mouth to my mouth. I wanted us to became one. I wanted to fuck her brains out. I was an unleashed a****l.I am close – she said. I was close too. So, when I felt her legs and her arms even more tightly, I knew. Emma came, and I did, too. No condom. My sperm was splashing in her vagina, filling her wet pussy with sticky liquid. She moaned, while I was in heaven.After a while I put her on the ground, she used her right hand to stop the cum from dropping on the floor. She then sat on the chair, opened her legs, and told me to suck it. She wanted my cum out, right now.I obeyed. I sucked her first, then became using my tongue, then my fingers, and then she had a very intense orgasm. She screamed a lot.One final kiss, we grabbed our clothes, and went downstairs. Vince was waiting for us to lock the front door when we leave. He didn’t say nothing. We probably ruined his birthday.Emma continued to date his bike boyfriend, while I was filling her mouth and pussy with sperm. She was on the pill and she loved cum, almost worshiped the white liquid. And I didn’t mind doing some not so ordinary stuff with her, which other guys wouldn’t have liked.This went until she left for the university. But once in a while, when our paths cross, we fuck and suck like it’s the end of the world. She still hasn’t met a guy that cums more than me.

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