13 Kasım 2023

Electro Encounter


“On your knees” I command as the door closes. You obediently drop down and assume the position.

“Suck my cock.”

You fish out my hardening cock and stare at it.

“You like that pierced cock” don’t you?

“yes sir, I love your hot, pierced cock.”

“Then suck it!”

Taking it into your hot mouth you concentrate on playing with the PA ring with your tongue, moving it back and forth through my cock head.

Although it feels fantastic, I soon take your toy away.

“You can have more of that later. Get undressed and present yourself.”

“Yes sir!” you reply.

After you’ve shed your clothes I inspect the goods.

“Good, you followed my instructions to shave your balls and around your cock” I say. “If the electrodes can’t sit tight against your flesh it burns instead of tingles.”

Grabbing both of your balls with one hand I stretch them down as far as they will go.

“These should do nicely. Just perfect for a little electro play.”

“Oh, please” you moan.


“Oh please wire up my cock sir!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to that” I reply. “But first let’s pay some attention to these nips.”

Releasing your balls, I begin to tweak and chew on your nipples, getting them nice and hard an eliciting a low moan. Releasing them from my mouth I coat them with some lube and place snakebites on them. As I squeeze then release the the snakebite you feel it sucking on your nipple.

“ah… ah… AH…” you moan.

A second pump heightens the sensation as the vacuum increases.

“That should make sure those bad boys are ready for some serious play later” I say as you feel your nipples, swelling bigger than you’ve ever felt them before.

Moving down your body I stretch a cock ring tight around your cock and balls.

“That should keep them at attention for a while” I say. “Better gaziantep escort be sure you’re good and hard before we start.”

I bend down and slide your cock into my mouth, causing another involuntary moan to escape from your lips. Working my tongue around the head to get it good and wet, I move forward and take your whole cock into my throat in one smooth motion.

“Oh god!” you gasp. “Don’t stop.”

I stick out my tongue and lick your balls, making you moan. To make sure you don’t get carried away I grab your balls and stretch them out until you gasp. Taking my mouth off your cock I sit you down for your electro session.

“Ready to have your cock shocked?” I ask with a mischievous smile.

“I’ve been ready since the first time you e-mailed me and mentioned electro. Since then I’ve woken up at night with my hard cock throbbing thinking about it. I’ve driven past my house because I was distracted thinking about it. I’m way past ready already.”

“Good! We’ll start with this electrode. It will make it seem like your whole groin is vibrating.” I say as I lube and wrap a rubber electrode around your balls and the base of your cock.

I lubricate a second electrode that looks like a metal ball on a rubber stick.

“This one will sit right on your prostate. I guarantee you’ve never felt anything like it before in your life” I say with a smile as I slide it into your ass.

“I can’t believe this is going to actually happen!” you say as I hook the electrodes to the power box.

“Oh it’s happening” I reply with a smile. “But first some ground rules. If you want me to stop at any time just say the word ‘stop’ or ‘off.’ If you want me to back off the power say ‘back off.’ ‘More’ should be self explanatory. Are you ready?”

“Damn straight I’m ready – bring it on!”

I flip the switch on.

“Everything feel OK?” I ask.

“I don’t feel anything yet”

“Oh don’t worry, you will. Just let me know if there are any hot spots or places where it stings more than others” I say as I turn up the power. “Let me know when you start to feel it.”

“I’m feeling a little tingle.”

“Now it’s more of a buzz.”

“Wow – that’s amazing!”

“You want more?” I ask.

“More” you beg. “Harder sir… Please shock my cock harder!”

I turn up the power until your cock is bouncing with each jolt of electricity exciting the nerves of your cock and balls. I play with the power and frequency to keep you on edge.

“You like that?”

“Holy shit!” you exclaim as as your brain struggles to comprehend the pleasure washing over your groin.

“Time to up the ante.” I say as I back off the power to let you catch your breath. Meanwhile I prepare to add another electrode.

I take some sterile lube and squirt it directly into your slit and work it down inside your piss hole, running my hand down your cock to force it lower into your dick. After you’re lubed up I line the electrode up with your slit and slowly slide it in until the base is resting on your cockhead.

“If you liked it before, you’re going to LOVE this!” I exclaim. “Ready?”

“Hell yeah” you say as I turn the power back on.

“Aaaaaah” you call as you struggle to catch your breath.

“Want more?”


“Good – I knew you could take it. Let’s see how much of a shock your cock can take. I’m going to slowly turn it up”

Grabbing the power box I reduce the time between shots to zero – just one continuous buzz across your cock and ass. Then I start to turn the power up.

“Let me know if you need me to turn it down or off” I remind you.

“Let… Me… Have… It” you say, each word punctuated by a sharp breath as you have to concentrate on speaking due to the strength of the sensations coming from your cock and ass. “…Harder!”

“Unghhhh!” you gasp as waves of pleasure and pain roll over you as your cock, bouncing with the waves, drips pre-cum. It’s like your whole being is vibrating and buzzing, rendering you incapable of rational word or thought. There’s nothing in the world but your cock – it’s like your entire body’s been turned into one giant cock.

Moving up your body I take a snake bite off and start sucking on your engorged nipple, biting it harder as I turn up the power.

“Aaaaaargh” you moan as you lose yourself in the moment. The buzz in your ass, the zing all up and down your cock, the squeezing in your nuts, and the sharp shots of my teeth on your nipple do their work and you experience an out of body moment. It’s like you’re floating above the scene, awash in pleasure.

Another twist of the knob brings you back to earth as even more power is applied across your prostate and up the length of your cock.

“Ah… ah… ah…” you stutter as your orgasm starts to build. “I’m going to… to…. to… CUM!!!!” you shout as shot after shot of hot cum forces it’s way past the intruding electrode and shoots into the air.

“Aaaargh” you gurgle as I reduce the power back to a light tingle then turn it completely off.

“How was that?”

“Fucking incredible! Even though it’s turned off I can still feel the buzzing as if it’s still going”

“Don’t worry, it will go away. In the mean time get over here and clean my cock. I’m leaking so much I’m making a mess.”

“Instead of cleaning it up, why don’t you work it up my ass?”

“I like the way you think” I reply. “You know I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my cock up an ass while it’s having spasms from an electro onslaught to the cock and balls. Maybe next time we’ll try that.”

“Um – sounds great!” you say as my cock slides into your ass and the PA hits your prostate.

“Sounds absolutely great!”

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