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East End Lovers Ch. 06


Chapter 6 — Maureen and Cliff meet Liz and her son Jim

This is the final chapter of the mother — son series set in London. It can of course be read on its own (the first part summarises the previous chapters) though Maureen and Cliff have had a rich and varied sex life over the previous few years which readers may well find appealing. If any reader is intrigued by the relationship referred to in this chapter between Cliff and his girlfriend’s mother Sue, please take a look at my other story “Cliff and Sue” which sets out how they got together. All characters are over 18 and are fictitious


(Maureen starts off the story)

At the end of the last chapter, I described one of the visits I made on my own to Cliff at college and to keep up our sexual relationship. These visits were infrequent, and over the last two terms of his course in 1978 we hadn’t managed to find any occasion for sex at college as on the only two visits I made his dad decided to come along too. Cliff was at home for a couple of weeks over the Easter holiday, and we managed around 6 or 7 sessions of sex though luck was against us and all these were quite rushed and we never managed the long luxurious sessions we had had in the past when we’d fuck 2 or 3 times in between licking, massaging and spanking.

Cliff graduated with a good economics degree in 1978 and on the basis of this result was confirmed in a trainee economist post in the Treasury. He said it was one of the plum jobs in the country. He wanted to find a place of his own near to work but moved back home with me and his dad in June as a temporary measure.

I think by this time our feelings had moved on. The relationship had started when Cliff was 18 at a time when my husband had given up on sex. Initially I think we were just physically obsessed with each other; I was an attractive 45 year old just coming into her prime, and Cliff was a well-endowed virgin with a good body who was more than happy to learn from me and to give me pretty much what I wanted physically. But then we sort of fell in love and had an intense emotional and sexual relationship in the months before he went away to college. We kept up the sex whenever we could while Cliff was studying, but the long weeks & months without him did change me and left me desperate for comfort, and I started sleeping with other men, mainly guys I met in my work as manager of a doctors’ group practice.

By the time Cliff returned from college we both realised we weren’t in love any more but we still fancied each other hugely. We were I suppose in lust rather than in love — we suited each other perfectly in sexual ways. Our tastes in sex were very similar and we both liked giving and receiving spanking as well as experimenting with lots of positions. I don’t think either of us was in any doubt we still wanted the fucking to carry on – the question was when?

The first few days after Cliff returned home were fraught. We were both desperate to sleep together, but through a variety of circumstances the opportunity didn’t arise. By the Monday, four days after he returned home, I was getting worried as Cliff was starting to fondle me while his dad was around — not that he seemed to notice. Cliff was clearly getting desperate so I decided to give him a little relief. After dinner my husband sometimes put his feet up and dozed off in front of the telly. Just before dinner on the fourth day Cliff was home he had come up behind me in the kitchen and grabbed my tits — I pushed him away of course, but told him I’d give him a treat in his bedroom if his dad did fall asleep after dinner — but this wouldn’t be full sex.

After dinner Cliff helped with clearing up, and as luck would have it his dad was tired and did doze off in the living room. Cliff winked at me and went to his room; I made sure my husband was away with the fairies and followed a few minutes later. Cliff had started without me — he was lying on his bed and had his cock out with the elastic from his underpants under his balls so they protruded at the end of his erection. He did have a lovely penis — a bit over average size, and straight with a gorgeous smooth helmet on the end.

“Have you given yourself a good wash?” I asked.

“Of course ma, just in case of course….”

He was stroking his cock and I sat down next top him and pushed back his foreskin to reveal the helmet, already sticky with his pre-cum. He reached out and felt my right tit. “If dad’s asleep we could risk a fuck if we’re quiet”.

I shook my head. “No, it’s much too risky, and besides when have you ever been quiet when you’re with me?” I laughed and bent done to lick his cock. “I’ll give you your treat and if you’re very good I’ll let you cum in my mouth”. We did of course always lick and suck each other when we made love, but I didn’t like the taste of cum and had only let him cum in my mouth a couple of times, on special occasions. “When did you last cum?” I asked, as I wanted bursa otele gelen eskort to know how much to expect.

“I did it with Sally just over a week ago and had a wank on the last day I was away. So let’s see, that’s 5 days…”

I should say at this point that Sally had been Cliff’s girlfriend at college — I say “had been” as she was going off abroad to work very shortly and she and Cliff had agreed to finish their relationship. He was going to a farewell party for her in a few days time. We had agreed to tell each other about other people we slept with and I generally did — apart from anything else it turned us both on – though I have to say I sometimes left out some of the juicy bits and I guess Cliff did the same.

“Goodness Cliff, you must be bursting! Right, let’s work on doing something about that — Hmmmm, you’re wet already, you randy boy, are you looking forward to putting this up mummy’s pussy? Are you looking forward to giving me a good spanking and then fucking me hard…? I can see you are but you’ll have to wait for that, tonight I’ll just give you a good cum to help you relax…”

I licked my fingers to provide a little lubrication and slowly started to massage the tip of his penis. He half sat up on his elbows and watched me.

“That feels great, don’t stop, oh no-one does it like you do, I’ve missed you so much, I really need to have you properly, oh, don’t stop, yes just rub me like that, make me cum, I’ll give you such a good licking when we get to go to bed properly, ma, please make it soon…”

“Yes I’ve missed it too and I can’t wait but we need to be careful…. Now let me put this monster in my mouth…”

I started to suck on him and he groaned. I got a bit worried he would be too noisy so I shushed him and carried on. I was of course getting turned on and could feel the heat going between my legs and my lips starting to swell, and I was a bit tempted just to take off my knickers and straddle my son, but I knew better so concentrated on making him cum as quickly as I could.

Cliff didn’t take long — he was young, frustrated and full of cum, and hadn’t had me for months, and I was good at getting the right stroke with my mouth and after a couple of minutes he was saying “Mum yes oh mum, you’re making me spurt, it’s starting to move, all that cum I’ve saved is moving, Oh I love you, I love you, oh please let’s fuck soon, on fuck, fuck I’m cumming…”

And he did, right into my mouth and I tasted the bitter salty flavour of his semen as it spurted out from the tip of his cock, and it seemed to go on and on and then the last spasm was over and his whole load was in my mouth and I was reaching over for a tissue and spitting it out.

Well, it did help to keep him quiet for a few days. We were lucky in that on Thursday his dad had a darts night at the pub and decided to go straight from work. This kept him out of my hair until closing time. Cliff knew he would have me and we both needed to satisfy our desire for each other. I knew he was desperate for me but I don’t think I realised quite how desperate.

Cliff had been at home for the afternoon and I got in around 6.30 — as I’ve said I had a good job managing a local doctors’ practice. Considering I’d started out as a clerk-typist in the docks, this was a great job with real status and good pay. I wore smart clothes and nice high heel shoes. As soon as I was though the door that day, Cliff was on me. He met me in the corridor and gave me a huge hug.

“Oh mum, alone at last, I thought I’d burst… you look fabulous, are you wearing stockings?”

He felt around my thighs to see if I was wearing a suspender belt and groaned in delight when he sensed I was. He started kissing me deeply and I felt the heat go to my vagina and my lips start to swell.

“Cliff, let’s have a bite to eat first darling, then we can go to your room and you can do..”

But he didn’t let me finish.

“No mum, I need you right now and we’re going nowhere until I’ve had my way with you…”

I wasn’t entirely happy with the thought of being fucked standing against the wall but Cliff pinned me to the wall and thrust his groin into my tummy; I felt his hardness and he pulled my blouse out of my skirt, felt up to my tits and squeezed with one hand while moving the other down to my skirt. He rucked up the material until he could get his hand underneath and started to rub my cunt.

“Come on mum let’s just fuck, you’re wet and hot, come on let me get my cock out for you, there that was easy, you make me so hard. Come on push your knickers down, yes that’s it, of your cunt feels wonderful, I’ve missed it so much, I do love you so much…”

With this, he bent his knees, took his cock in one hand and guided the knob to the entrance of my swollen lips — he was deep inside in one thrust and I groaned. It was a trifle uncomfortable and I hadn’t had Cliff’s larger than average cock in me for a while, bursa eve gelen escort bayan but once we got into our stride I started to enjoy being fucked against the wall. He pushed up my bra and let my tits fall out and started to lick and suck on them. He rubbed my clit with his fingers and stepped back to look at the decadent sight of his red wet prick moving in and out of the thicket of my pubic hair while my boobs stuck out from under my bra.

“Oh you’re a lovely fucker Cliff, just make sure you leave some for later, don’t shoot it all out in one go, oh yes I love your cock inside me, I love you so much. It’s been such a long time without being able to love you properly…”

“Come on ma, can you cum like this, just let me rub you…”

I wasn’t expecting to cum (though I fully intended to have my turn up in his bedroom) though if he’d managed to keep going for longer I might have made it, but his frustration got the better of him and it wasn’t long before I felt him spasming in me and the hot spunk pouring out and he tried and only partly succeeded in stifling a cry of pleasure.

We were both in a state after that and as soon as he’d withdrawn I picked up my things and went to the bathroom. I told Cliff to make an omelette so we’d have at least something to eat and by the time I came down in my dressing gown he was just about to serve up. He grinned at me like a cat who’s just had the cream, and stood in front of me and pulled the gown open.

“Mum you just look better and better — you look totally radiant. And the first thing I’ll do in bed tonight is to return the favour and give you one almighty orgasm!”


(Cliff takes up the story at this point).

I have to admit that I found returning home to my gorgeous mum but not being able even to cuddle her properly the most frustrating week of my life. After I’d had her in the hallway against the wall it almost made things worst and I couldn’t wait for a proper session in bed. Fortunately as soon as we’d finished the omelette mum was ready — she must have been frustrated too, and as soon as she was in my bedroom I pushed her onto her back on the bed, threw open her gown and went down on her pussy.

Though mum had had a wash, I could taste my own cum as I nibbled her clit and labia and sucked her clit in my mouth so I could give it a good tonguing. Mum liked a couple of fingers inside her pussy while I was doing this, and sometimes she also liked a finger in her bum, depending on her mood. This was one occasion she did want some bottom fingering and she gasped as I pushed in my fingers.

“Yes, oh yes, lover, suck me, suck me hard… that’s it, get into a nice rhythm, yes, push your fingers in and out, oh yes you’re good at this, I’ve missed you so much…”.

Mum did sometimes cum when we were fucking, but only when I fingered her while my cock was inside, or when we were in a special position when she was lying more or less flat on top and pressing her pubic bone against me. The drawback with sucking her off was that I couldn’t really talk without breaking the flow, and I did want her to cum as a prelude to intercourse again, so I kept on, alternatively sucking gently, then sucking her clit harder in my mouth between my tongue and my teeth. It was always a challenge to get as much pressure as she could take without going too far and hurting her. This time, she did take a long time but it was worth the wait, as when she came it was a deep, long shudder, with a red flush across her throat and chest which she only got when she had cum deeply and fully.

As she came, her lips and clit became ultra-sensitive and she pushed me roughly away as she cried and arched.

“Oh that’s so good Cliff, no-one makes me cum like that, you really are the best for me… thank you, you’ve a wonderful lover, now just let my pussy calm down and you can come inside…”.

I knelt up on my bed, between her open legs and looked down at her wet swollen labia, a deep red gash surrounded by her neatly trimmed but thick bush of hair. In those days few if any people shaved below, and I always loved my mum’s hair, as it made a sort of thicket I had to negotiate to get entry to her vagina. I gazed down and played with my hard cock.

“I’m glad we still get so excited about each other; you know every time I think of you I get hard and start thinking of all the things we’ve done together. Now I’m back in London, we are going to able to do this more often aren’t we?”

“Yes, of course — if you still want to. I want to lots and lots — but don’t get carried away when your dad’s around, we’ll have to work out the best way to get together. Anyway for now, you can put it inside if you want…”.

Did I want? I bent forward, kissing her gently and deeply, and as I did so I moved my cock to her entrance, separated her lips and pushed into her smooth wet cunt.

“There mum, that’s where my cock belongs, bayan eskort bursa I’ll last a good long time this time, so let me know if you want anything special — how about a finger up your bum, yes that’s good, it’s been a long time since I’ve had my cock up there hasn’t it? — ohhhh goodness, you’re wet and swollen, just perfect to fuck, come on raise your legs so I can get in deeper…”.

Mum raised he legs and I moved my arms underneath them to help her hold them up — I loved fucking her like this, partly because I did get maximum penetration but also because it meant her stockings were rubbing against my body and she could if she wanted wrap her legs around me and squeeze me tight.

And this is what she did that night.

“There Cliff, I’ve got you tight now, there’s no escape until you’ve made me cum again, just rub me gently, yes that’s good, I’ll squeeze your cock with my pussy muscles, there, can you feel me squeeze?”

I could indeed feel her cunt compressing my penis, and for a while we just fucked, me rubbing her clit carefully with a hand, resting on one elbow and using the hand of that arm to caress her arse and finger fuck her bum. I still loved her and I told her so as we started to build up momentum—

“Yes mum, there , is that good for you, its good for me, yes I still love you lots, it’s not just sex, yes, do you like me rubbing you, there, let’s get a bit of rhythm going, see, I’ll rub your clit and your bum together…”.

So as I increased the pressure of my fingers on her clit, I pushed with the finger of my other hand into her bum at the same time. I could feel my spunk starting to stir, and once this started I only had a short time to finish my mum off.

“Mum, I can’t hold out much longer, I need to give you my cum soon, yes It’s starting up my cock now, yes oh yes…”.

At this stage I usually got a bit carried away and it was with a lot of effort that I managed to keep rubbing her clit. It was the right thing to do — telling her I was about to spunk must have pushed her towards orgasm, for just as I felt the first spasm of my semen starting to shoot inside her, a final rub on her clit tipped her into cumming and we came together, me arching upwards as my juice once again entered her cunt and mum crying out in her own spasm of joy as she clutched my bum and dug her nails into my flesh.


(Maureen takes up the story again)

I felt really lucky that evening to have cum twice with Cliff. It may sound a bit corny but cumming with my son was more intense and just better than when I fingered myself or when one of the other guys I went with managed to get me off. He stayed up me until his penis softened and he just slipped out naturally.

I straightened my legs (I loved raising them for him but it did make them ache after a while!) and Cliff gazed down at my pussy and at the trail of cum he had left on my thigh as he withdrew.

We had to clean up pretty sharpish as it was getting on. I felt terrific afterwards and slept like a log — I’m sure Cliff did too.

Cliff stayed at home with me and his dad for a couple of weeks, and we managed to make love often enough to keep us both satisfied, but I knew he wanted a place of his own and to be honest I was glad as it often felt awkward and frustrating living under the same roof with him.

Getting a place in London in the late seventies was very difficult unless you had lots of money. The first place he found was a grotty bedsit just off Camden High Street which he said was handy for the Tube but was rundown and involved sharing a bathroom. Some weeks later, after he had moved out to live there, he told me his ex-girlfriend’s mother Sue had taken pity on him and had offered him her spare room. He could walk to work from there and from he said the flat sounded like a palace. At first I was quite happy. We were managing to get together for sex around once a week and though these sessions were sometimes rushed, they were always passionate and satisfying.

Things changed around a fortnight after Cliff had moved in with Sue as her lodger. He had come round to see me one Thursday — his dad was out playing darts — and our plan as usual in such situations was sex.

I’d been thinking about sex all day and around 5 minutes after he arrived, I took his hand and led him to his old bedroom.

“Come on love, let’s make the best use of being alone, I’m not sure when we’ll manage it next, come on, make love to me, I won’t take all my clothes off, I’ll just remove the important bits…”.

I sat on his bed, raided my bum and pulled off my knickers. Cliff didn’t need to be asked twice and undid his trousers and pushed these and his underpants down to his knees. His cock was growing and I gave him a quick suck to make him hard and told him to put it in me. It was a lovely quick fuck — he rubbed my clit and put one finger right up my arse, and made me cum hard before releasing his cum inside.

As we pulled our clothes back on, Cliff looked at me apprehensively.

“Mum I’ve got something I need to tell you — you know we’ve sort of agreed to be honest about other people we, er, go out with, I’ve got to tell you that I went to bed with Sue…. It wasn’t planned or anything, it just happened, and now I’m her lodger I guess it might carry on…”.

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