13 Kasım 2023

Drunk and Vulnerable at Jack’s Bar


As I walked down the street, I kept replaying the whole scene in my head. I couldn’t believe that my girlfriend of 2 years had broken up with me. And to think, she had been cheating on me this entire time, unbelievable!

The neon sign for Jacks bar was beckoning me as I approached, so I decided that after the day I had, I needed a drink. No, I needed to get drunk!! I’ve passed this bar hundreds of times but have never gone in, so it was about time.

I pulled the door open and walked into the darkness, barely lit by more neon, two tv’s at either end of the bar and a few wall lights. The place was practically empty except for a small group sitting way in the back, so I took a seat at the bar as my eyes began to adjust.

Ordering a shot of whiskey and a beer from the bartender, I stared up at one of the tv’s and replayed the night in my mind.

“Fuck her,” I said to myself, “fuck her and all her stupid friends.”

“Sounds like girl trouble.”

A voice came from my right. I looked over and there sat an older, maybe late 50s to early 60s gentleman, smiling at me.

“Not anymore,” I replied as I picked up my whiskey and gulped it down.

He chuckled and sat there, not saying a word for the next several minutes until he introduced himself as Peter. I slid my empty shot glass away from me as I finished my beer, contemplating leaving as I set the bottle down.

“This ones on me, buddy,” Peter said as the bartender placed another round in front of me. I smiled at him and nodded my head as I gulped down another shot.

We sat for 30 minutes or so, the beer and whiskey slowly loosening my tongue before I said another word. Peter would glance over at me occasionally but left me alone and I appreciated it.

“Peter, thanks for the drinks and for not talking my ear off,” I said.

“I know that look, I’ve been there before,” he said with a smile.

We began to chat about different things, work, sports, fishing, everything except girl problems and he bought us several more rounds.

“Well,” Peter said, “I think I’ll be heading home, can I offer you a lift?”

I sat there for a moment and thought about it, and then stood up. I really didn’t feel like walking home so I agreed and we headed out the door. We walked to peters car and got in, chatting the entire time. I guess we were so caught up in our talk that he never bothered to ask where I lived and I never told him. Before we realized it, he was pulling into his driveway. I actually didn’t mind at all, since I was enjoying his company and didn’t want to be alone. We weren’t far from where I lived so it wasn’t a big deal.

Peter laughed as he got out of his car, when he realized what had happened, and said I might as well come in for a beer and I could get a cab later. I agreed and followed him inside and up the lift. He lived in a nice loft style condo that was right on the edge of the park. As we walked in the front door, the first thing I noticed was the view, floor to ceiling windows that looked out over the park.

“Wow,” I said, “this is some view!”

Peter came out from the kitchen, handed me a beer and led me out on to the balcony. He directed me to take a seat while he went back inside. When he returned, he placed a bottle of whiskey on the small glass table and took a seat as he poured me a shot. We sat there chatting for a bit as we drank, and before I knew it my mind was completely off my break up. I was feeling pretty good actually, and pretty drunk.

I was really enjoying his company. I couldn’t quit figure it out but he was very easy to talk to and had a soothing fatherly way about him that really put me at ease. He seemed to go out of his way to try and comfort me without being obvious about it, and it made me feel like he cared.

Peter went inside for two more beers and left me on the balcony when out of nowhere, the sky opened up and drenched me from head to toe. I stood up and quickly ran inside to the kitchen, trying not to drip too much water as I made my way to the tile floor. Peter was standing there looking at me and as we made eye contact we both began to laugh.

“Oh wow, you’re soaked,” he said. “Follow me, I’ve got a robe you can wear while we dry those off.”

I followed him to his bedroom where he took two robes from the closet and laid them on the bed, allowing me to pick which one I wanted. They were both a little bit short so it didn’t seem to matter which so I took the robe closest to me and went to change in his bathroom. Peter called out while I was changing and told me to just hang my wet clothes over the shower curtain rod.

When I finished, I walked out into his bedroom and saw Peter standing there naked. Totally caught off guard, and a bit embarrassed, I apologized. Peter just laughed and said he decided that he would slip into a robe as well, since it was getting stormy, it was robe appropriate weather. At first this seemed a bit odd to me but then somehow began to make sense.

The quick drenching sobered me gaziantep escort up a little bit but not enough to keep me from inadvertently staring at Peters nakedness. It must have been 10 to 15 seconds before I realized I was staring and looked away. He noticed but didn’t say anything as he tied his robe and suggested we finish our drinks on the couch.

I followed Peter out and took a seat on the couch as he went to retrieve the bottle from the balcony and poured us another drink. He clicked a remote and the fireplace lit up and warmed the room. I leaned back and looked over the couch at him as he picked up our glasses, and couldn’t help thinking about seeing him naked earlier. I was kind of confused about the feelings I was having but chalked it up to the alcohol. I always get horny when I drink.

Peter came and sat beside me and we drank and talked some more. The couch was small so he sat sideways against the arm rest, almost facing me with his legs semi crossed, which left the lower half of his robe wide open. I turned to face him, sitting the same way so I wouldn’t have to keep turning my head, but also so I could catch another glimpse of Peters cock. There was no denying the fact that I was becoming fascinated with it.

I would sneak peeks every now and then as we talked , and then I was treated to an eyeful when Peter stood up to pour us another. His robe fell open as he stood up and he made no effort to close it. When he returned, he handed me my glass and then rested his arm along the back of the couch with his hand just behind my head. His robe still open as he sat there, casually sipping as his fingers began to lightly graze the back of my head.

I was beginning to have feelings that I couldn’t explain. As I looked up at him, my stomach was getting butterflies and my cock was beginning to stir under my robe.

We sat there while his fingers played gently with my hair, all the while acting as though nothing was going on. I had never had a man behave this way towards me and it was confusing and exhilarating all at the same time. I gulped my drink down and my eyes darted back down between his legs where his cock was slowly growing. When I saw the slow steady movement as his cock began to expand, I couldn’t look away.

I quickly realized that my own cock had begun waking up and was creeping out from under my robe. Peters hand went to the back of my neck and squeezed gently, massaging my muscles as he gripped my hair line. I was dizzy from drinks and excitement and he easily coaxed my head downward as he pulled his robe open further.

I was almost hypnotized from the massage and followed his hand downward until my face was in his lap. His cock was fully erect now, and just inches from my face as he continued stroking my hair, completely non chalant about his erection. His hand slid up across my forehead and down to my cheek, his fingers grazing my lips and circled them lightly.

My eyes closed as his fingertip stroked my lower lip, pulling it back gently, feeling the inside of my lip and the tip of my tongue. Without any thought, I lightly kissed the tip of his finger as it passed across my lips. Peter let out a soft moan and continued swirling his finger between my lips, while pushing it in a bit further. Instincts took over and I began softly sucking as he slid his finger back and forth between my lips.

I opened my eyes partly and saw that he had his cock in his other hand, stroking it slowly as I sucked his fingertip. I was getting extremely turned on but still nervous and unsure of what was going on. Peter casually rubbed the head of his cock against my chin and pulled his finger from my lips, letting his cock graze across them instead.

With my heart pounding in my chest, I pressed my lips to his cock and kissed, letting my tongue slip out and taste him. There was a sticky sweetness to him that seemed to coat my lips and tongue, salty and masculine. Peter still had his hand wrapped around the shaft and held it firmly against my mouth while petting my head.

My breathing was becoming faster and my mouth hung open, allowing Peter to press his cockhead between my lips. As he slid it closer, I closed my lips down around the head and gently sucked as warm precum began flowing onto my tongue. Peter groaned and began stroking my face as he lifted himself up to reposition. He pulled one leg up onto the couch along side me, leaning back and spreading wider as he removed his robe.

He tugged at the shoulders of my robe and pulled it over my head while simultaneously applying pressure to the back of my neck, lowering me down between his legs. The fire was the only light in the room so I finally had a good view of his cock, and it was impressive. I hadn’t realized how long he was until now, almost twice as long as mine but just as thick, like one of those obscenely long bananas you see every now and then at the grocery store.

As I rested between his thighs, he stroked my cheek and smiled down at me, almost as if he was comforting me during this new experience. His warm eyes made contact with mine as he gently nodded his head, showing his approval. I was trembling a little as I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft and leaned in to place a kiss on the tip. Precum stuck to my lips as I kissed his cock, causing a little shimmering string to break off and land across my chin. Peter reached down and wiped it away before placing his finger to my lips and spreading his precum across them.

I licked his finger tip just before he pulled it away and he rested his hand on top of my head, guiding me down to his cock. I licked all around the head, shaft and underside while holding his cock firmly in my hand, before sliding my mouth down around him. He let out another low groan but held still, not moving a muscle except his hand as he continued petting me.

I wasn’t able to get much of him in my mouth and was afraid he would try to force his cock deeper but he didn’t. He sat there perfectly still, his chest rising as he began to breath heavier, letting me take my time. I began to love the taste of his cock. The texture, firmness and the way it seemed to lightly throb in my mouth. His precum flowed slowly from the tip and it was fascinating me. I’d never seen anything like that before. I stopped sucking for a moment and just watched it dribble from the tip before catching it with my tongue.

After a few minutes, I tried to take him deeper since I was only getting 3 or 4 inches of his cock into my mouth. I took a breath and slid my mouth down about half way until the tip hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag momentarily before I pulled back. Peter just stroked my cheek and smiled as my eyes teared up. I tried a couple more times with the same results until I finally relaxed my throat enough to get most of him in there.

As I practiced on peters cock, getting deeper each time, he smiled down at me and nodded his approval again as he moaned. I quickly got the hang of it and before long, I had his entire shaft buried down my throat. He still didn’t force anything, letting me go at my own pace. I was an eager student, and he was a patient teacher.

He stopped me for a moment and slid himself a little closer, and ran his hand down my lower back. As I continued to suck his cock, he began running his fingers across my ass cheeks, spreading them apart gently and letting his finger run down between them. I immediately enjoyed the way it felt and showed my appreciation by going back to work on his cock, moaning with it between my lips.

Peter slipped a finger along side his cock, and coated it with my saliva and his precum before placing it between my ass cheeks. He slowly, gently slid it down and pressed it against my hole, applying very light pressure as he swirled it around, teasing the sensitive area around my opening while covering it in the slick mixture. As he did this, he began moaning along with me, and his precum began flowing even faster, to the point where it was filling my mouth and I had to swallow.

Swallowing his precum was turning me on to the point that I began slowly gyrating my hips while he teased my ass. I began grinding my hard cock against the couch as I sucked his cock deeper into my mouth, arching my back and giving him better access back there. Precum began to fill my mouth again and dripped off my chin so I reached back and brought his hand to my mouth and let a mouthful of precum and saliva pool into his palm. He moaned again as I licked and sucked his fingers, covering them in the slippery mix.

Peter slid his precum saliva drenched fingers down into my crack and began applying gentle pressure, slowly slipping one of them into me. I let out an “mmmfff” as he slid his finger deeper inside me, moaning louder as his cock began to throb in between my lips. He let out a moan as he pressed his finger up to the knuckle into my tight ass.

I felt his body stiffen and his finger began to gently pump in and out of my ass moments before the first jet of hot cum filled my mouth, followed quickly by another. I was so preoccupied with the amount of cum shooting into my mouth that I was barely aware of the dull pain in my ass from the second finger he slipped in. After the first two forceful jets, his cock became like a tube of toothpaste that was being squeezed from the bottom, slowly but steadily oozing more cum. I had to swallow several times and his cum still leaked from the corner of my mouth.

As peters orgasm began to fade, he gently pulled his fingers from my ass and stroked my back while I swallowed what was left of his cum. He sat there, catching his breath for a moment, petting me as I suckled on his deflating cock. I sat up next to him and he put his arm around me, gently pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine, kissing me deeply. As we kissed, he slid his hand down between my legs and gently tugged on my hard cock, causing me to moan into his mouth.

He stood up and pulled me to my feet, holding my hand as he led me to his bed. Turning me around to face him as he sat me on the edge of the mattress, he kissed me again as he guided me to lay back with my legs hanging over the edge. As he guided me back, he pushed my legs apart and pushed my knees to my chest, and then ran his tongue from my ass to the tip of my cock before sliding it down his throat.

I let out a long groan as he deep throated me for just a moment and then ran his tongue back down into my ass. He gripped my hips tightly and began snaking his tongue into my hole, licking and sucking the tender skin in between pokes as he slid it deeper. My cock was twitching and bobbing up and down on my stomach as he ate my ass the way I used to eat my ex girlfriends pussy.

Involuntary moans escaped my lips as he took me to new heights of pleasure with his tongue. Up until now, I had no idea that my ass could feel so wonderful. He began focusing his mouth on the area just below my ball sack and slid a finger inside me for just a second before pulling out. I heard a flip top cap pop open and then felt something cool being spread between my cheeks and then pressure. I looked down and could see a plug in his hand as he pressed it gently Into me.

He slowly pushed, then pulled back and then pushed again, each time going a little deeper than the last. He began rubbing my belly and kissing it as he told me to breath deep, and exhale slowly. I did as he directed and with one firm push, the plug slipped inside my ass, causing my muscles to clamp down around it and pull it into place.

Peter tapped on the base of the plug several times, sending shock waves through my insides and tightening my grip on it. He pulled a vibrator out and turned in on high before instructing me to lift my ass up and sit with the plug pressed against it. As the base of the plug rested on the vibe, my insides began to hum with the intense vibrations. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I sat there on the edge of the bed, my eyes almost rolling back In my head from pleasure, as Peter brought his cock to my lips. I devoured him, taking his flaccid cock into my mouth and sucking with the fever and devotion of a nymphomaniac. My cock was standing up straight and drooling precum as the plug and vibe stimulated nerve endings that had only just now been awakened.

Peter went back to petting my head as his cock grew hard in my mouth. I began stroking his shaft as I slid his cock back and forth between my lips, tasting his precum as it began to flow again. He laid me back on the bed, took ahold of the plug and began to work it out of my ass. At first my muscles wouldn’t let it go but he eventually coaxed it out as he kneeled beside my face, pressing his cock between my lips.

When the plug popped out, I frowned and immediately felt empty back there. Peter knew this and smiled. He climbed on top of me and pressed his lips to mine while spreading my legs wide. Resting his body weight on me as he kissed me deeply, his cock lined up with my hole. All it took was a gentle push of his hips and the head slipped inside.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me while continuing to push deeper until his cock was all the way inside me. I had to break our kiss as the moans came from deep within me. His cock was hitting so deep, awakening even more nerve endings that were filling me with euphoria.

Once his cock slid to the hilt, he began slowly, gently fucking me. It was passionate and loving, tender and caring as he took my virginity. Our tongues intertwined as his cock nestled inside my body, massaging me from the inside as we moaned and panted together. I began slowly moving my hips in time with his gentle thrusts, letting him know I was ok.

His pace began to gradually increase, as our kissing became more intense and lust filled, until he finally propped himself up and started fucking me like I used to fuck my ex. He went to his knees and pulled me up while wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He took ahold of my ass and bounced me on his cock as I clung to him like a tree. Driving his cock up into me from this position several minutes until he laid back held me on top of him while still thrusting.

He took my body into a bear hug and held me tightly, thrusting up into me as his orgasm began to surface. My cock was pressed between us and the friction brought on my orgasm just as he cried out and released his cum deep into my ass. We both felt my hot cum begin spreading over our stomachs as I felt the warmth of his second load fill my insides, while his long cock pulsed and throbbed against my lower intestines.

Peters orgasm seemed to last forever as his cock throbbed and pulsed inside me. I collapsed on top of him and could feel every spurt of cum as it painted my insides until he finally laid still, holding me to his chest.

We fell asleep together as we embraced. I awoke at one point when a clap of thunder boomed outside. Peter felt me stir and pulled me close to him, snuggling up behind me while wrapping his arms around me. I’ve never felt safer or more comfortable in my life as he kissed my ear and petted me back to sleep.

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