20 Kasım 2023

Dream Dream Dream

Double Penetration

I stopped short as I passed the room. Tossing my mobile phone in one hand and cocking my head to the side to run the image over my mind. I slowly took two steps backward and stood by the open door.

It was my kid sister’s room, Diana, the light from the hallway was spilling into the gloom and splashing across her bed. I could see one of her legs in the yellow glow, a long, shapely leg interesting enough to have caught my eye. I looked down and smiled wryly. That wasn’t all it had caught. I tossed my phone one more time, my mind rushing way ahead of my actions and then I silently slipped into the room. Everyone was out and we were the only two in the house. Diana was 18 but she was in bed early as she had some kind of school exam tomorrow. I am older than her, 24 and I was home visiting from the City where I work as a Banker. My younger sister had caught my eye in the last couple of years, the tight clothes she seemed to wear when I was around here, and the last time she had come to visit me she had slept in one of my T-Shirts, with no underwear. Over the last couple of days since I had been there she had really seemed to change. The older man in me watched the progression from young coltish girl to sexually active woman with interest and I wondered what to make of the snippets of conversation I had heard around the house.

The room was lit by a bed side lamp. The furnishing was late high school with some teddy bears from her childhood and some boy band posters still hanging up. Our narrowing age gap and the recent developments were accentuated by the expensive make-up on her dresser and the wonder bra on the floor. She was sleeping on top of the covers, which struck me as strange, as the room was not overly warm. I raised my eyebrows and nearly laughed out loud when I realized she was wearing one of my T-Shirts again, an old one which had been washed many times bursa eskort bayan and was way too small for me. My eye traveled over the Nike insignia and remained fixed on the tight curve of her full breast under the material. As I watched she moaned and turned on the bed, I stiffened momentarily and then my eyebrows shot up again as her body fell into the pool of light from the lamp. She brushed her hand over her breast, and then slowly pulled it back, leaving an erect nipple poking through the Swoosh in its wake.

Her other leg had followed her half turn and as a result her legs had fallen open, spread wide as if she was in Labor. The tight t-shirt willingly gave up the battle and rode up to her waist. I swallowed hard as I saw her tight white thong. Again she moaned and this time my body relaxed as I saw her hand reach for her breast to squeeze it briefly as she half arched her back into the caress.

I moved around the bed, noticing the fact that her hand had settled on her breast, the tightness and smoothness of her body, and the growing bulge in my pants. My eyes traveled over her hand, her tight breasts, her chest was rising and falling quickly, her breathing short and shallow. My gaze slipped down her body as I moved along the length of the bed, following the rumpled contours of the t-shirt across her smooth stomach, her belly button just visible under the hiked up material, her smooth, tanned abdomen which disappeared under the tight white panties. My gait slowed but did not stop as I crossed the foot of the bed and slowly moved up the other side. My breath caught in my throat as her legs widened slightly when I passed between them. I could see the tight material stretched hard against her pussy lips, the fine hair clipped and controlled. As I squinted slightly to focus my view more I saw a slight damp patch on her panties. As I passed the foot bursa otele gelen eskort bayan of the bed she rolled over onto her side, her legs held tight together, rolled into the fetal position. Her panties were pulled tight against her ‘pink parts’ and from beneath her I had a clear view of her cunt and arse. I wondered why the material was so tight and as I moved up the side of the bed she rolled onto her back again and I saw why. Her other hand had slipped down to her panties and was pulling against them. As I watched I saw the fingers work slightly and knew the slut was rubbing her clit with the material. I moved up and stopped by the head of the bed, her head was turned towards me, her gorgeous face calm in the light, her lips pouting slightly and her breath coming in ever faster gasps.

I stood there for a while and smiled inwardly as her movements intensified. I could see now that she was pinching her nipple underneath my shirt and her fingers had slipped underneath her panties. As I watched she started to flick and squeeze at her clit and a wide smile spread across my face. Her breath was by now coming in short hard gasps and I almost had time to wonder at myself before my cock was in my hand.

My cock is nice. A good 7 inches in length and a nice wide girth to make even the most used girl breath in deeply when I enter her. I am uncircumcised and fastidiously clean and as I started to stroke my cock I saw the shiny red head of my boner start to protrude. I looked down at my little sister, the 18 year old, lying in bed. She had her head towards to me and I was wanking my cock inches from her face, the thought making my rock hard knob swell with lust.

Diana arched her back and I looked down her body to see her hand working furiously, wanking inside her panties. The damp patch had definitely bursa eve gelen escort spread and I could imagine the sweet taste of her tight cunt as my hand worked on my swollen cock. She pinched her nipples hard and moaned loudly as I saw her fingers pinch her clit at the same time. It was all too much, her movements, the darkness, the secrecy, the smell of her cunt spreading through the air and I began to come.

As I knew she would her mouth opened when it needed to. I didn’t put my cock into her mouth, just pointed it, pointed my swollen cumming cock into the mouth of my baby sister. The thought made my cock swell again as the first jet of cum splashed out of my spasming cock. I watched in awe as most of my wad splashed into her mouth, it landed on her tongue which was somehow hanging out slightly as an offer, then, as my cock swelled during the movement the rest of my cream splashed up over her lips and onto her face. Leaving me grinning darkly as my cum slid slowly down her cheek. I wanked again and was shocked to see her close her mouth and swallow my seed, leaving my second shot of come to splash over her lips. She moaned loudly and I knew she was coming. Her fingers stopped moving on her body as all of her muscles tensed at once. I had one shot left and as she opened her mouth to breath I moved over her, pointing my cock directly into her mouth and letting the last of my lust drip into her taste.

I stepped back to admire my handiwork. As I knew she would she smiled widely and rolled over onto her side, her tongue working her lips to gain every drop of my semen. Again the dark look crossed my face and I moved forward. Watching as the satisfied smile on her face changed to a frown as I wiped my cock clean in her hair.

As I moved to leave the room a thought stopped me. I turned and looked at the ‘sleeping’ form. ‘I am going downstairs to get a drink’ I said. ‘If you want another dream when I come back up. Leave the door open, this one will involve lots of touching though.’ I chuckled. ‘If you want to sleep,’ I let the word roll off my tongue and paused slightly, ‘….dreamlessly, to prepare for your exam. Then close the door.’

To be continued if demanded popularly!!

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