20 Kasım 2023

Double Trouble


My sister, Angela, and I are identical twins. We’re so alike even our parents have trouble telling us apart. When we were kids they used to dress us in different outfits and give us different hairstyles, but since we were about 15 we started buying our own clothes and wearing our hair the same way and have had endless amounts of fun playing on the fact that most people just can’t tell which one of us is which.

Angela and I are the same height, 5’7″, we have the same shoulder length, straight auburn hair and dark brown eyes. Our figures have the same 34D-24-34 curves and we both keep our pussies waxed smooth. The only differences between us are the distribution of a few small moles on our backs and the fact that I have a small scar on my left instep where I stepped on a broken bottle when I was 4 or 5.

There were other similarities too. At school, we’d both achieved exactly the same exam results. We had the same taste in music, the same taste in clothes, we liked the same drinks, smoked the same brand of cigarettes, we both lost our virginity on the same night, albeit we were at different parties. Our sexual tastes were very nearly the same too. We both enjoyed giving blow-jobs and loved having men go down on us. If we were really in the mood and really turned on, there were occasions when we both enjoyed anal sex. We both fantasised about but had never tried sex with another girl. We also fantasised about group sex but, again, we’d never tried. It was that fantasy that revealed our only major difference in sexual tastes. If I was to be part of a threesome I wanted two men, Angela on the other hand wanted a man and a woman. What neither of us realised was that our fantasies were about to come true.

It was July. Angela and I had finished school a few weeks earlier and, in a little under two months time, would be heading off to University. To celebrate, we’d planned a fortnight’s holiday in Corfu. It had taken a fair bit of effort to convince our parents but they finally relented, conceding that we were old enough not to need their supervision. We’d shown them the pictures of the resort in the brochure, showing them, approximately the type of apartment we’d be staying in. Somehow, we neglected to tell them that we’d actually booked a four person apartment and that our boyfriends, Ross and Neil would be coming with us. In their eyes we were still their little angels. Dear only knows how they would’ve reacted if they’d known that their precious daughters were intent on two weeks of sun, sea, sand and sex.

Our resort was a sleepy little village on the north coast of the island. Despite its size it still managed to boast around a dozen or so pubs and one nightclub. The beach, which was about two minutes walk from our apartment’s front door, was a two mile stretch of golden sand. Much to the approval of Ross and Neil, Angela and I had no hesitation about going topless and, when on our third day there Angela and Neil discovered a sheltered cove no more than ten minutes walk down the coast where nude sunbathing was permitted, we quickly dispensed with our bikini bottoms too.

Our days quickly settled into a routine. Seldom rising much before midday, the bulk of the afternoon was spent on the beach, soaking up the sun and having the occasional swim in the clear blue waters to cool off. In the evenings we would go out for a meal, spend a few hours in one or other of the bars before heading off to the nightclub. Getting back to our apartment around about 3am, both Angela and Neil and Ross and I would return to our rooms where each couple spent the next few hours ensuring that they kept the other awake. Angela and I tend to be pretty vocal during sex and it sometimes seemed that we were in competition to see who could be the loudest as Neil and Ross fucked our respective brains out before eventually falling asleep. A quick shag upon waking followed by a shower, or sometimes a quick shag in the shower, followed by an even quicker breakfast as we packed our beach bags and we were ready to start all over again.

The Monday of the second week was slightly different. For a start we were all up and about before 10am. The reason for this being the fact that the nightclub closed at midnight on Sundays. It was Neil who suggested that we hire a boat for the day and do a little exploring. We all agreed, figuring it would make a nice change.

The boat was small but reasonably comfortable. The sea was almost perfectly calm and the light breeze hardly made a ripple in our sail. Neil was the only one of us who had any sailing experience so we let him take charge. Ross pottered about, helping Neil wherever he could while Angela and I laid out our towels on the deck, wriggled out of our swimsuits and lay down to soak up some sun.

Angela passed me the bottle of suntan lotion. “Do my back will you Mand?” she asked

“Sure,” I replied, “then you can do mine.”

I poured some lotion onto my hands and began to apply it to Angela’s back.

“Hmm, that feels good,” sighed Angela as my hands gorukle escort bayan gently rubbed the lotion into the skin of her back.

“Yeah,” I replied, “But I bet you’d prefer it if it was Neil doing the rubbing.”

Angela laughed. “Oh I don’t know Mand,” she said, “your hands are so much softer than his. If you weren’t my sister I’d turn round and let you do my front too.”

I laughed. “You’re a little slut Ange,” I said playfully.

“If I’m a slut, what does that make you?” asked Angela. “And besides, I wasn’t the one moaning at the top of my voice, begging to have my arse fucked last night was I?”

“Oh, and I suppose you never let Neil do that to you, do you?” I replied indignantly. “And I wasn’t the one who almost got caught giving Mike Williams a blow-job on the school trip last year. Nor am I the one who managed to bed two different fellas on the same night. You’re a dirty little slut Ange. Go on, admit it.”

We both laughed. “Ok, ok. I’m a dirty little slut. Happy now?” asked Angela.

“Sure,” I replied. “My little sis is a slut and sluts deserve to be punished.” I said wickedly.

“Ow!” cried Angela as I slapped her bare arse. I thrust the suntan lotion at her. “My turn,” I said.

“Bitch!” she replied with a smile then proceeded to rub the lotion into my back. I’ll admit it felt nice as my sister’s hands worked the oily lotion into my skin. Although it was inappropriate I found the sensations mildly arousing. I was strangely disappointed when she stopped, saying, “Oh look sis, we’ve got an audience.”

I looked up. Ross was leaning against the mast, grinning as he watched us. Angela poured some more lotion onto her hands. Do you think he’s enjoying it?” she asked. Before I could answer she began rubbing the lotion into her tits. I noticed a prominent bulge in the front of my boyfriend’s shorts.

Sitting up, I poured some of the lotion onto my hands and began to copy Angela. “Yeah. I think he does,” I said as I began to cup and caress my tits with my slick hands. “You do enjoy it, don’t you?” I asked seductively.

“Too bloody right I do!” said Ross “Although…”

“Yes?” I asked coyly.

“I was just thinking it would be even better if you were rubbing each other,” he said with a broad grin.

“What? Like this you mean?” asked Angela, removing her hands from her tits and placing them on mine.

“Erm, well, yeah!” replied Ross as I placed my hands on Angela’s tits and began to rub.

“I think he likes it,” said Angela, nodding in the direction of the growing bulge in his shorts. “I know I do,” she purred.

“Mmm,” I replied, feeling myself getting wet as Angela’s hands caressed my tits, not knowing if it was my sister or the fact that we had an audience that was making me more aroused.

Angela’s tits were soft yet firm beneath my fingers. Her hands, on mine, displayed a gentleness of touch I’d never experienced before. As our hands cupped and caressed each others’ tits I wondered if she was getting as turned on by this experience as I was. Judging by the soft moans of pleasure she was emitting as my hands slid over her nipples I guessed she must be.

Abruptly, she stopped. Leaning forward she whispered, “We relay must do this again,” in my ear.

A contented “Mmm,” was all the reply I could muster.

Angela kissed me. It was no brief peck. It was full and lingering and I responded enthusiastically. Finally Angela broke away and stood up. “I’m going to see if Neil needs any help with the rudder,” she announced. Ducking under the sail, she made her way aft.

Ross stared at me appreciatively. “Fuck Amanda,” he exclaimed, “that was quite a show!”

“I’m sure it was,” I replied, my voice hoarse with desire. “Now get out of those shorts and get over here!” I commanded.

Ross didn’t need to be told twice. Pulling off his shorts to reveal an impressive erection he made his way over to me and sat down, resting himself against the bow. From the soft moans I could hear emanating from the other end of the boat, I could tell that Angela was already relieving her desire. I smiled and moved so that I stood over Ross, one foot on either side of his legs.

There was no foreplay. There was no need. I simply crouched down, reached behind me, took his cock in one hand and guided it into me. “Ohhh!” I moaned as I impaled myself on his prick, relishing the feeling as my pussy stretched to accommodate him.

Ross leaned forward to lick and suck my tits as I rode his dick with a slow movement of my hips. His thick cock filled my pussy as I slid up and down its length. Ross pressed my tits together and flicked his tongue rapidly back and forth over my nipples.

My imagination was working overtime as I ground myself up and down along the length of my boyfriend’s cock. I kept reliving the experience of having my sister caressing my tits and suddenly, in my mind, it was Angela’s mouth that was sucking my nipples as Ross thrust his cock into me from nilüfer escort bayan below.

The response was immediate. My body began to tremble and I began to moan loudly as my unexpected climax claimed me. “Oh fuck, Amanda! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” moaned Ross as I came. My hips began to move faster, swallowing his cock as I pounded up and down along its length. “Get on top of me!” I demanded as my climax peaked, “Get on top and fuck me hard!”

We managed to turn over. Ross began to hammer his cock into me with long, powerful thrusts. The deck of the boat was hard under my back but I didn’t care, I was lost to everything but the feeling of my boyfriend’s cock as it pumped in and out of my cunt. “Fuck me!” I yelled, not caring if Angela and Neil could hear me. “Oh yes! Oh Ross! Oh fuck me, fill my cunt with your cock!” I could tell that Ross was trying to hold back, trying to make the moment last as he thrust harder and harder. His body stiffened. With a final lunge of his hips Ross thrust his cock deep into my cunt and began emptying his load inside me. His hips continued to thrust of their own volition. Each stab of his dick was accompanied with another jet of hot cum. Finally, his energy spent, Ross collapsed on top of me.

We lay there for a while, our bodies still joined as the sun beat down on us. When Ross finally withdrew his cock from my aching cunt I quickly moved down to lick him clean. Once that task was finished, I lay down beside him. Feeling his strong body beside me, the gentle rocking of the boat combined with the warm afterglow of our passion and I fell asleep in his arms.

I dozed for about fifteen minutes before Ross woke me. “Neil thinks it’s about time we headed back,” he said, standing up and pulling on his shorts. I merely nodded and watched as he made his way towards the rear of the boat. A few minutes later Angela came forward to join me. “Did you miss me?” she asked with a wicked glint in her eye as she stretched out beside me.

“No more than you missed me,” I replied.

“It certainly sounded like you were enjoying yourself,” she said.

“Oh, and I suppose you weren’t?” I asked archly.

“Don’t be silly!” she replied. “Tell you what though Mand,” she continued, “that little show we put on for your Ross fairly got me worked up.”

“Mmm,” I replied dreamily, “me too. I kept thinking about it as Ross was fucking me. Made me cum in next to no time”

“Really?” asked Angela. She began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I asked indignantly.

“Oh nothing,” she replied. “It’s just that as Neil was eating me out I kept imagining that it was you. Funnily enough, I came pretty quickly too.”

“Oh great,” I said, trying hard to sound shocked, “now my sister is having lesbian fantasies about me.” Angela looked crestfallen. “Don’t worry,” I continued, my face splitting into a broad grin, “for some reason the notion is strangely appealing.”

“You really think so?” she asked.

“Mmmm,” I replied. I knew I was wet even before my fingers slipped between the folds of my pussy. Angela watched as I lay beside her, rubbing my clit and pushing two fingers into my cunt.

“Would you like me to do that for you?” she asked.

I nodded. “Mmm, yes!” I murmured softly, removing my fingers from my pussy and trembling with anticipation as I waited for Angela to replace them with hers. “Ohh, mmm!” I moaned as Angela’s fingers gently worked their way between my moist labia. “Oh Ange, that feels so good,” I gasped as I spread my legs wider. My clit throbbed as my sister softly teased it between her fingers.

As Angela rubbed my clit, occasionally dipping a finger into the warm, wet confines of my cunt, she took my hand and guided it towards her own smooth pussy. She was every bit as wet as I was. “Oh Mand!” she sighed as my fingers began to explore, “Oh Mand! Oh, mmm.” She turned to face me. I leaned over and kissed her as our fingers worked in unison on each others’ clits. Our passion mounted quickly. The scene was so erotic that I soon felt my body begin to tremble. Angela broke away from our kiss and began to moan softly. I added my moans to hers as our fingers drove us relentlessly onwards.

The end came suddenly. Without warning my body shook violently. My back arched and I had to force back a scream of pleasure as my climax ripped through me. Angela’s body writhed beside me. Her head lashed from side to side as she too tried to suppress the vocal release of her pleasure. We were both breathing hard as wave after wave of orgasmic sensation crashed over us, our fingers still gently teasing each others’ clits as we surrendered ourselves to the experience.

Suddenly it was over. As one, our hands fell away from each others’ pussies and we lay there, basking in the afterglow of our shared release.

Angela found her voice first. “Oh Mand,” she breathed, “that was wonderful.”

Still unable to speak, I simply nodded. My body was warm and I felt an immense bursa otele gelen escort bayan sense of satisfaction as I lay there. Reaching into my bag, I dug out my cigarettes. Passing one to Angela, I took one for myself and lit up, inhaling deeply as I passed the lighter to Angela. We lay there for a while, smoking and chatting about nothing in particular as the Aegean sun beat down on our naked bodies, further deepening our all over tans. It was about an hour and a half later that Ross came forward and advised us that we should put some clothes on as we were nearing the harbour.

As Angela and I reluctantly pulled on our clothes she turned towards me, a mischievous grin on her face, and asked, “How long do you think it’d take those two to notice if we swapped outfits and pretended to be each other?”

“I thought about it briefly. “Dunno,” I said with a shrug. I thought about it a bit more, an idea forming in my mind. “Supposing we did and supposing they didn’t notice, how far would you let things go before you owned up to not being me?” I asked.

“Hmm, not sure,” replied Angela, “how far would you be willing to let me go?”

“That would depend entirely on how far you would let me go!”

Angela thought about it. “Ok then, would you be happy to let Ross fuck me?” she asked. “Assuming I let Neil fuck you of course.”

“Would you? Let Neil fuck me, I mean?” I asked. The idea was turning me on and I could feel myself getting wet again.

“I would if you would,” replied Angela. The look she gave me was challenging, urging me to accept the dare.

I shook my head and laughed. “Ok then,” I said, I’m up for it if you are?”

Angela responded by pulling off her t-shirt and throwing it at me. “You’re on,” she said, removing her short, wrap around skirt and wriggling out of her swimsuit.

Laughing, I quickly removed my t-shirt and handed it to Angela. I slipped out of my bikini bottoms as she pulled my t-shirt over her head. Neil ducked his head under the sail and glanced forward. Seeing my sister standing there in my clothes as I struggled to pull on her swimsuit he called out, “C’mon Ange! Get a move on. We’ll be there in a minute. Angela and I exchanged grins as I wrapped her skirt around my hips and pulled on her t-shirt. Picking up each others’ bags, we made our way back to join the boys.

As we walked back to our apartment Neil put has arm around my waist. I felt a thrill of excitement run up my spine as he gave my bum a playful squeeze. Ross, I noticed, was apparently also unaware of anything being amiss. He and Angela walked hand in hand a few feet ahead of Neil and I.

Arriving back at our apartment we took it in turns to shower and change before going out for our evening meal. I was last to have a shower. Wandering through to ‘my’ bedroom, my dubious modesty protected with a large beach towel, I found Neil lying naked on ‘our’ bed sporting an impressive hard on. “Someone’s keen,” I said, nodding in the direction of his erect member. “Shouldn’t you be getting dressed?” I chided.

“Thought I’d wait for you,” replied Neil with a wicked glint in his eye.

“You’ll have to wait then,” I said, “I’m starving.”

“You could have a starter before we go out,” he said suggestively.

I smiled at him, my eyes locked hungrily on his cock. It was shorter than the proud specimen that Ross sported but not by much, it was slightly thicker too. I licked my lips appreciatively, “Mmm,” I purred, “I guess I could. We wouldn’t want to keep the others waiting though, would we?”

“You’d better get a move on then,” said Neil, smiling as he sat up and made his way to the edge of the bed.

Without any hesitation I knelt down in front of him. The towel slipped away as I reached forward to stroke his cock with my fingers. “Mmm,” he moaned as my fingers circled his shaft and began to pump slowly up and down. “Fuck that’s good,” he sighed as I worked my hand up and down his cock, slowly increasing the pace with each stroke.

Neil gasped as I gave his balls a gentle squeeze with my free hand. I smiled warmly at him, wondering what Ross and Angela were up to as my fingers rhythmically slid back and forth along the length of his shaft.

Catching Neil’s eye and holding his gaze, I opened my mouth and leaned slowly forward. I flicked my tongue over the tip and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure. I worked my tongue around the head and flicked it lightly over the slit as my fingers continued to slide along his length. “Fuck Ange,” he moaned, “Quit teasing and suck it!”

I looked up at him. “What’s the little word?” I asked with a wicked grin.

“Please,” he said through clenched teeth.

“Please what?” I teased.

“Please will you suck my cock?” he begged.

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” I replied, parting my lips and lowering my mouth towards his cock.

“Ooohhh Ange, mmm!” he sighed as I wrapped my lips around the tip and began to suck his dick into my mouth. I took as much of him as I could into my mouth then began to slide my lips up and down. My fingers still stroked the bottom of his shaft as the rest slid in and out between my lips. As I pulled my mouth back my tongue swirled around the crown, eliciting strangled gasps of pleasure. Pre-cum began to ooze from the slit and I lapped it up eagerly.

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