13 Kasım 2023

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, But Still…

Adriana Chechik

I am a US civilian working in Afghanistan for the military. I am a logistic support specialist coordination the supplies, material and equipment needed by our military bases. Stationed at a base with a population of nine thousand 9000 serviced members, 90% were males. One would think you would have a good chance about meeting someone for adult fun.

While the Military has a, “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy, was the official United States policy on homosexuals serving in the military from December 21, 1993 to September 20, 2011. The policy restricted military personnel from discriminating against or harassing closeted homosexual or bisexual service members or applicants. The policy barred openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual persons from military service. The policy restricted any homosexual or bisexual person from telling only one his or her sexual orientation. Gay service members could not speak about any homosexual relationships. Officially, the policy was to leave the gay services’ members alone, but there was an always a chance of being discovery. If discovered, it kills any promotion and reenlist denied.

If you were straight and just needed a blowjob or bisexual and wanted to play with a hard one or gay and need the touch of another understanding human being, how do you find someone? How do you find someone who is willing to risk exposure? There are no gay bars, no gay bathhouse, and no adult theaters in Afghanistan. The only means of finding someone who wanted to meet for sex was using adult web sites or using your personal email. Internet services to service members at a military base blocked all pornographic web sites, removing the possibility in finding someone on Adam4Adam or Squirt. Military members did have personal email accounts, and if you had their emails address you could contact someone to meet. The large military bases, like the one where I work, provided wireless Internet services allowing most of the military members to have access to send and receive e-mails.

Cruising spots on the Afghanistan bases did not exist. If you did find someone, there were not a lot of places where you can sneak away for privately. Military members stationed overseas who are straight, bisexual or gay people; all had a basic human need for sex, and the military was preventing any social contact.

How do you find someone who is willing to risk exposure? There are no gay bars, no gay bathhouse, and no adult theaters in Afghanistan. The only means of finding someone who wanted to meet for sex was using adult web sites or using your personal email. Internet services to service members at a military base blocked all pornographic web sites, removing the possibility in finding someone on Adam4Adam or Squirt. Military members did have personal email accounts, and if you had their emails address you could contact someone to meet. The large military bases, like the one where I work, provided wireless Internet services allowing most of the military members to have access to send and receive e-mails.

Most military members to access the Internet was at their workstation using a military nonsecured Internet router. This access was slow, filtered and watched for security reasons. Using this router was not a discrete way of accessing your private e-mail. Another way for military members to access the Internet was using the wireless Internet available in the billeting areas. The military hired a subcontractor to provide a filtered Internet service with no access to any adult web sites. The wireless Internet did allow service members to have access to unmonitored private email accounts. The service member was still not able to access porn sites. Soldiers, Sailors or Marines in transit or did not have a laptop, could use the Internet access provided at the MWR tent (moral, welfare and recreation). A few military members could use their cell phones to access e-mail or had access to contractors’ white-line Internet access not filtered or watched.

The DADT policy was still active in 2010 when I was in Afghanistan. I know that out of the 9000 service members that at least a few wanted or needed to receive a blowjob. I knew risks involved, but I had needs that our weight the risks, and posted my e-mail address on one of the stalls in the bathroom. Men with a magic marker wrote Graffiti and artwork on the stalls’ walls. I could write my e-mail address written in small print and in discrete location, unnoticed except by someone looking. I posted a simple e-mail address short and to the point, BJ4U@ a free service’s provider.

Straight and to the point, the e-mail would tell a stranger what I wanted. I posted this e-mail address in two bathroom stalls in a discrete location. Surprised in less than a week I had an e-mail from a stranger expressing an interest in receiving from me oral sex. His email stated he was twenty-eight, gaziantep escort a service member, good shape and wanted me to give him a blowjob. I responded to his e-mail and told him I was fifty-eight, and that I like, giving oral, asking him when and where we could meet.

In the next email, he responded that my age was not an issue, and he said he worked nights and slept during the day. Most military members lived in tents at this base, row after row of tents each with ten to fourteen people in each tent. People work different shifts, are out on patrol; a tent would be empty during the day. Since he is sleeping during the day and there would be hell to pay if he disturbed, he said that no one came into his tent during the day. Tent’s assignment was units and by rank. He told me his tent number and the best time to meet would be around lunch. Therefore, I knew he was Marine, enlisted staff sergeant or above, working for an armored unit. I reasoned this stranger was staff sergeant having over ten years of service. The risk for this staff sergeant to meet to receive oral was great, and if he thought that his tent was safe to meet, I had no reason to disagree and had no other location to meet.

He suggested if everything were good to meet that, he would leave a mop bucket on a table in front of the tent. Walking by the tent, see the mop bucket and know it was safe to enter the tent. If there were no mop bucket, I would leave and try again the next day. He said the tent was dark during the day, and I would have to count the number of bunks to find his bunk. In the net email exchange, we agreed to meet the next day, at 1100, if the mop bucket was there.

On the next day at 1100, I walked by the tent and no mop bucket. I walked around other tents to make sure I had the right on. Yes, this was the right tent and no mop bucket. Frustrated, I felt dejected, depressed and now hornier. Did he get scared about meeting, did he forget? I would just have to wait. The rest of the day, all I could think about was meeting this stranger and giving him oral.

I was daydreaming about meeting this stranger causing my cock to get hard. Between my legs, I could feel cock swelling with my blood. My office was an open space shared with eight other people. My desk arranged so that my back was to the wall, and the other desks were in front not on the sides. I placed my hand between my legs feeling my cock, now partially hard. I enjoyed touching myself as all men do. A man’s cock is a little addition, normally used to piss few times a day. A man’s cock gets hard many times a day, sometimes for no reason his cock gets an involuntary erection, other times an erection caused by stimulants. My stimulant was thinking about giving a man oral sex and having him cum in my mouth. My sexual tension was high; my cock was hard, and it was not going away unless I did something. I left the office, went to my tent, grabbed my towel and headed to the showers. A few minutes I was relaxed.

The next day I walked by the tent at 1100, the mop bucket was resting on the table. As I entered the tent from the bright sun, I could not see anything. I felt for the bunks. I found the one and counted to the fifth one on the left. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness but could only see shadows. I moved to the center of the bunk and knelt. There was no movement from the bunk. Was there someone there or did I get the wrong one? I could not see, only a little contrast merging light gray to darkness. I reached out with my hand and felt the sheets. I could feel a body under the sheets. There was no movement from the bunk, was he asleep? My hand resting on the sheets, I could feel a warm body underneath. I know now someone was lying in the bunk; my hand was in contact with a body. What part of the body was I touching? By a quick touch, I decide that I was touching a thigh. My hand was on a thigh; I could feel him and I know he could feel me, but not movement. I moved my hand along the top of the sheet and the thigh, moving toward the crouch; I continue to move my hand up his body, there was no movement from the person in the bunk. My hand moved off the sheet and onto naked skin. My touching did not seem to awaken the person in the bunk. In the back of my mind, I did have this fear if this was the right bunk; maybe someone was playing a trick on me? I could reach out, wake this person, and get the stump by a homophobic Marine. When my hand reached his groin, I pictured touching a cock, he moved. My heart jumped, now was the moment to flee, or stay.

I still could not see anything. Slowly, I moved my hand; I felt something, soft, warm and quite familiar. My hand was resting on his cock, still no objections. Every man’s cock is distinctive, a distinctive personality: large or small; cut or uncut; thick or skinny; straight or curved; hairy or shaved; big balls or not; clean out of the shower or with his man scent. In the light, was it pink, flesh, brown or black? His hand touches mine. Was he going to pull my hand away? He takes his cock in his hand and jacks it, pulling on his balls, exposing his cock for better access by resting on his thigh. His cock is bigger but still limp. I know he is awake; I know he knows I am here. He has not offered any objection. I did not feel the need to say anything, as I lower my head. Guided by my mind’s eye where my hand was my mouth contacted his cock. When I had his cock in my mouth, he moved.

In fewer than a minute his cock got hard in my mouth, my hand reached to hold his balls. He shaved his balls smooth and no pubic hair. His balls were warmer than the rest of his body. I had my hand around his shaft and could fee the blood pumping and feel the silkiness of his cock. Shaved and smooth, allowing me to lick, kiss, and suck anywhere and not get a hair in my mouth. I still had no sight; my senses reduced to touch, taste and smell. Touching another man’s cock in the darkness has to be one of my exhilarating fantasies reaching reality. I could take all of his cock in my mouth, feeling his erection and his cock become longer. He had more cock than would fit in my mouth. I could feel his hands on my head. His touch was light at first. With his hands on each side of my head, holding it fixed, he started to move his hips up and down as if having intercourse with my mouth. Each time his cock would go deep, down my throat I would gag. Gagging on a cock, having a cock forced into my mouth so far that I gag, I am not sure if I like this. My head held fixed while a man’s cock was fucking my mouth. I could not pull away; his strong hands locked behind my neck, keeping me positioned. The position I was in I could not resist or object. After one or two thrusts, I learned to breathe between his deep thrusts. Sticking out my tongue opens my throat allowing an increase area for him to shove a cock in deeper, allowing me to lick his balls and not gag.

He still held my head in his hands; surprisingly, he pulls his cock out of my mouth and pushes my face down between his legs. His direction of my head with his hands forces me to lick and suck his balls. His nut sack contained his testicles, which fit totally in my warm wet mouth. He like that, moving his legs apart and moving his hips so my mouth would have access from his balls to his asshole. He directed my mouth to the place he wanted me to lick under his balls and continue to his crack where he spread his cheeks and allow my tongue to the rim his tight hole.

He rolled over on his stomach, so I had better access to his hole. As we agreed there would be no talking, we could only feel each other and hear the sounds. His moans and grunts, and my slurpee sound when his cock was in my mouth. We did no talking and could not see each other. I stood and moved to a position where my face was over his ass my body touching part of his body. He lay on his stomach; I was still fully clothed but could feel his naked body and it warmth against mine. He was clean out of the shower, and I did not mind rimming and licking his hole. While I was in this position, he reached out, found my leg moved his hand up to my crotch, began to fondle my limp dick through my pants. He could feel that I was not hard, but I could sense he wanted to play with my cock. I unzipped my pants; unfasten my belt, slipped my pants and shorts to my knees. As I continue to pay attention to his hole, he began jacking cock with a firm tight grip.

He rolled over on his back and directed my head again to his rock-hard erection and continue to move his hips to fuck my mouth. I put my hand between his legs found the moist spot made by my mouth and could slide my finger into his hole to a depth of two inches. He like where I placed my finger and my warm moist mouth wrapped around his now fully erect cock. He speeded up to his pumping action with his cock in my mouth, and each time he would slide his cock in; I would tighten my mouth around his cock. When he would withdraw, I would relax.

This Marine could not resist, and I could feel his cock get hard; the head swelled larger and then I could feel his cum squirting down my throat. He stopped holding my head, stopped fucking my mouth, and his body relaxed. He squirted his cum in the back of my throat I had to swallow.

I have become addicted to cum the moment I tasted a man’s cum the first time. I love the taste and the feel of it in my mouth. I pulled my head back so just the head of his cock, was between my lips. I then placed my tongue on the underside of the swollen gland head. That way, I get the full effect of tasting and feeling his cum jet into my mouth. I then swish it around in my mouth to get the loaded taste treat before slowly swallowing it.

His cock softened in my mouth; he took his cock out of my mouth and rolled over. Dismissed, my services not wanted, and I pulled up my pants, left the tent with a smile on my face. I had the tastes of a man’s cum in my mouth and his cum on my lips. As I walked, I rubbed my face and lips to make sure I had not a sign of what I just did. The taste remained in my mouth for hours, the erotic memory of what I did a lot longer.

That night I got another e-mail saying he wanted to meet the next day. I walked his tent at 1100; the mop bucket was there on the table. My secrete signal said I safe to enter the tent. The tent was as dark as before, counting the bunks to reach the fifth on the left, I moved delicately. This time when I reached down, I found him naked on top of the sheets. He reaches out and feels my crotch; I take this as his signal, he wants play on my cock. I remove my pants and boxers and lay them on a heap on the floor. This was risky; anyone could have to enter the tent I would not have time to dress. I knelt found his cock and began sucking him. I felt his hand on my butt, then move to my crack and a finger slide to my hole. He tried to insert a finger; my hole was dry, and he had no luck.

He let me suck his cock until he was hard. He was jacking my cock while rubbing a finger around my hole. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed on my body to stand. Being manhandled my body so my bottom was in the middle of the bunk. He pulled on my hips to a position with my butt over the edge of the bunk. I did not know what he wanted me to do. I could feel his finger slide up and down my crack until he found my hole. His finger finds my hole, this time he had lube or cream on his finger, which he rubbed around my hole. His finger rubbed the lube around my hole, and his finger explored my hole pushing the lube into my hole. He pulls on my hips back over the bunk, rolls his hips toward me. I loose my balance and start to sit.

Next, I know his cock was right at my hole; he pulled me back by the shoulders forcing me to sit on his hard cock as he enters my lubed hole. He had an average-sized cock, and he entered me without much pain. I did feel the pleasure of his cock in me, and that he wanted to fuck me. He fucked my mouth yesterday, and today he was fucking my hole. Last time to have a cock up my ass was nine months ago. I was enjoying the sensation of his hip thrusting up as I tried to keep my butt stationary. In the middle of, our activity, I got a flash and wondered if he had a condom on. Some people say they can tell the difference, but I never could, bareback or condom, it feels the same to me. I reached around with my hand to feel his cock entering my hole, no condom. He did not use a condom, so I was riding his cock raw.

I did not know what to do, get up and tell him to put on a condom or pull out before he comes. Yes, I would tell him not to cum in me. We fuck in silence. Fucked in the ass is a pleasurable feeling. For a man, the pleasure is intensified resulting in a huge anal climax and loads of cum.

My body was positioned on top of his body allowing me some control, allowing me to sit all the way down on his erection or moving so his cock was almost out of my hole. Each time I rose; he would moan with some pleasure. After sitting on his cock and moving my butt to further his pleasure, I could feel his body tense; now was the time to tell him not to cum in me. I need to stand. As I tried, he held me, so I could not move. Immediately, I could feel his warm cum squirt deep inside me. His cock got limp; I got up, put on my pants and left the tent. I was apprehensive about him cumming inside me. I could feel his cum dripping out of my hole and made a quick trip to the bathroom where I sat, dripping cum. I felt satisfied but worried.

That night I sent an e-mail to him and commented I was worried about him not wearing a condom. He apologies, said that he did not plan on cumming inside me, but he said in his e-mail that it felt so good. I asked if he was tested, and he responded to the Government tests all service’s members for STD, AIDS, and if he was, clean. I responded that as a civilian working for the military, which needs physical, including tests for AIDS and STD, reported I am clean. I told him in our email exchange, the last time I had anal sex was nine months ago having been tested three months earlier. He admits that he only had sex with his wife and never had anal sex before. I felt safer but worried.

We exchanged e-mail to let know me when he wanted to meet. We met once a week for four weeks. The day before our next meeting, I received an e-mail saying another person was working on night shift, and the tent would be available. I keep contact with him over the next few weeks, but the tent was not available; he did not want to meet any other place. I never met him again, never saw his face and would never recognize him should we pass in the street.

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